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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: March 18th, 2009 – Part 1

Posted in IRC Logs at 3:55 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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schestowitz George Bush Idiot Quotes < http://www.youtube.com/… > Mar 18 00:33
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/watch… Mar 18 00:40
schestowitz *LOL* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Btye… Mar 18 00:45
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schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/watc… Mar 18 00:53
schestowitz Palin doesn’t know what “doctrine” means and says she can see Russian from Alaska… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrzXLYA_e… Mar 18 00:55
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schestowitz hehe. this is priceless. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=… Mar 18 01:00
schestowitz gn Mar 18 01:00
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/watch… Mar 18 01:02
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zer0c00l Microsoft Bizspark: more detailed news who are all in http://blogs.livemint.com/blogs/incubat… Mar 18 02:30
oiaohm MS normal battle. Mar 18 02:37
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oiaohm http://www.mantecabulletin.c…  Just for fun. Mar 18 03:18
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twitter Ever wondered why no one was p0wning Windoze powered automatic teller machines?  Well, they are doing just that http://it.slashdot.org/articl… Mar 18 03:50
twitter AIG fat cats refuse some money so they can keep their ill gotten loot.  http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/aig… Mar 18 03:57
twitter more than 75 AIG people got more than a million buck “bonuses” with tax payer money. Mar 18 03:58
twitter refusing bailout money is not the same as taking the money back, it’s deliberate harm. Mar 18 03:58
twitter Uncle Sam should put all of those assholes into the usual civil service government employee pay scale. Mar 18 03:59
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Omar871 Hey all. Mar 18 05:27
*zer0c00l (n=student@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 18 05:30
zer0c00l lol today the lab technician told me about some “kataa” virus (they call the virus by its executable name) and asked us to backup all the data from doze machine Mar 18 05:32
zer0c00l so far the virus has corrupted 10 undergraduate students project/research work Mar 18 05:33
zer0c00l all hail windoze Mar 18 05:33
zer0c00l long live viruses Mar 18 05:33
zer0c00l :D Mar 18 05:33
Omar871 zer0c00l: ;) Mar 18 06:12
zer0c00l :-) Mar 18 06:13
zer0c00l yeah Mar 18 06:13
zer0c00l omar871:just came to know that a girl lost her project presentation ppt Mar 18 06:14
zer0c00l because of virues Mar 18 06:14
zer0c00l she searched a lot and the symantec antivirus kept warning her about virues Mar 18 06:14
zer0c00l *viruses Mar 18 06:15
*Omar871 has quit (“Leaving.”) Mar 18 06:16
zer0c00l “ahh what happened to the ppt i copied in that thumb drive? “ Mar 18 06:16
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schestowitz Hey Mar 18 07:20
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/watch… Mar 18 07:24
schestowitz IBM’s submission for the LF videos contest: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/03/… Mar 18 07:26
schestowitz Almost half of hour in BN just moments ago :-( Mar 18 08:18
*ZiggyFish (n=brendan@123-243-163-103.static.tpgi.com.au) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 18 09:14
ZiggyFish it’s fun it to be a PHP developer :( Mar 18 09:16
ZiggyFish isn’t it? Mar 18 09:17
schestowitz Yes, php is fun Mar 18 09:17
ZiggyFish ;) Mar 18 09:18
ZiggyFish At the moment I’m the only PHP developer where I work (was working with someone else, but haven’t seen him in 2 weeks) Mar 18 09:19
ZiggyFish involved in 4 projects at once Mar 18 09:19
schestowitz 4 at once might prove distracting Mar 18 09:20
ZiggyFish yes, it is Mar 18 09:20
ZiggyFish because I’m now the only PHP developer, I have to my normal work, plus the other guys work as well Mar 18 09:21
*ZiggyFish now catching up on the Linux news Mar 18 09:23
ZiggyFish I’m liking the new gnome 2.26 Mar 18 09:24
*oiaohm (n=oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 18 09:26
schestowitz Did you know that Jeff Waugh left GNOME pretty much? Mar 18 09:29
schestowitz Maybe just stepped off his spokesman role, I’m not sure. Mar 18 09:30
ZiggyFish If I remember he’s the one pushing for more mono in gnome? Mar 18 09:30
oiaohm vala project kinda upset lot of the mono pushes in GNOME.   vala has very much the same code style as C# but generates native binaries. Mar 18 09:31
oiaohm Now if .net binding in KDE go the same way its a complete loss for MS. Mar 18 09:35
oiaohm Performance issues was way vala got off the ground. Mar 18 09:36
ZiggyFish the problem with vala is the amount of arch it’s supports Mar 18 09:37
ZiggyFish I love this article Mar 18 09:39
ZiggyFish http://www.ubuntuproductivity.com/journa… Mar 18 09:39
schestowitz Yes, it’s a common style…. Mar 18 10:02
schestowitz Many articles posing as anti-GNU/Linux but doing the opposite. Mar 18 10:03
oiaohm This kind of making fun of anti-GNU only really started in the last 2 years. Mar 18 10:09
schestowitz Microsoft feels the pressure in Portugal: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/0… Mar 18 10:14
oiaohm I really should not say this but this down turn has been great for business for me. Mar 18 10:16
ZiggyFish spelling mistake? “this my be trouble to Microsoft” Mar 18 10:19
oiaohm Even worse the downturn is nuking MS patent agreeing Linux’s. Mar 18 10:23
oiaohm Simple cost factors are winning. Mar 18 10:23
schestowitz I thought Sun was competing against Flash with JavaFX, BUT… http://blogs.sun.com/jonatha… Mar 18 10:24
schestowitz ZiggyFish: thanks. Mar 18 10:24
oiaohm Really HTML 5 will compete a lot with what flash does. Mar 18 10:25
oiaohm Particularlly the inculdes of playing back videos and svg rendering. Mar 18 10:26
ZiggyFish oiaohm: yes it will, if firefox 3.1 is ever released ;) Mar 18 10:26
schestowitz oiaohm: yes, agreed Mar 18 10:28
schestowitz Flash caught on again mostly because of video Mar 18 10:28
schestowitz But video is, well…. just video.. hardly a need for RIA context Mar 18 10:28
oiaohm No 3.1 will never be released ZiggyFish Mar 18 10:28
oiaohm 3.5 will be released instead. Mar 18 10:29
schestowitz ZiggyFish: it’s release in June… 3.5 Mar 18 10:29
schestowitz oiaohm: beat ne Mar 18 10:29
schestowitz *me Mar 18 10:29
oiaohm Now at the rate they are going it might be renumbered 4.0 by june Mar 18 10:30
ZiggyFish lol Mar 18 10:30
schestowitz Comcast: Exposed User Data Not From Internal Leak < http://www.pcworld.com/article/161409/c… > Mar 18 10:31
ZiggyFish there are some nice I’m linux videos arround Mar 18 10:31
schestowitz oiaohm: just a # Mar 18 10:31
oiaohm We have MS I am a PC adds to thank for it ZiggyFish Mar 18 10:32
oiaohm Linux foundation run a I am Linux competition and caused lot of interest in creating fun videos about Linux. Mar 18 10:32
ZiggyFish oiaohm: and MS has I am a Mac adds to thank ;) Mar 18 10:33
oiaohm Yep the chain reactions of marketing. Mar 18 10:35
schestowitz *LOL* “WTF and WTS (What the Satyam!).  It took the Government techies so much time to realize that the email system of the most powerful man in India was not working properly for 3 months!” http://www.techgoss.com/Story/1273S1… Mar 18 10:35
oiaohm I am Mac adds worked Mar 18 10:35
schestowitz They dumped Windows for Linux Mar 18 10:35
ZiggyFish lol Mar 18 10:35
oiaohm Exchange master email eater strikes again. Mar 18 10:36
schestowitz Nice space photos: Space Spotlight: Mars’ moons and Medusa < http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TECH/spac… > Mar 18 10:36
oiaohm I really do want kontact on windows so I can offer windows users far broader solutions for email servers. Mar 18 10:37
oiaohm I still love citidel it was designed to run BBS and is basically boom proff. Mar 18 10:38
ZiggyFish oiaohm: I haven’t used kontact before, I use evolution, does kontact support Exchange? Mar 18 10:38
oiaohm kontact and evolution should both be using the same interface to support Exchange. Mar 18 10:39
oiaohm kontact is QT based and will get ported to windows at some point. Mar 18 10:39
schestowitz http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/03/… “Back on Earth, meanwhile, NASA has confirmed that the bat seen clinging to the shuttle’s external fuel tank during launch (see pic) was still hanging on for dear life as the vehicle cleared the tower and “likely perished quickly during Discovery’s climb into orbit”.” Mar 18 10:40
oiaohm http://www.kolab.org/  << There is a commerial company hidden behind kontact. Mar 18 10:40
*schestowitz used kontact (kmail at the time) in 2003/4 Mar 18 10:41
oiaohm kontact is not a bad program to use. Mar 18 10:42
oiaohm kmail still exists schestowitz Mar 18 10:42
schestowitz Someone believes that Microsoft may be behind ruining a CIO that does not like Microsoft: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/… Mar 18 10:42
schestowitz oiaohm: yes, I know Mar 18 10:43
schestowitz A komponent[sic] Mar 18 10:43
schestowitz Obama’s “enemy combatant” policy: following a familiar pattern < http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwa… > Mar 18 10:44
ZiggyFish oiaohm: kontact requires the exchange server to be configured to allow pop/imap to work, where as evolution doesn’t it uses the the web font end (but will use the proper protocols in 2.26) Mar 18 10:45
schestowitz Another explanation for the financial critis: http://www.truthout.org/031609A “Maverick Southern Methodist University economics professor Ravi Batra says the financial crisis is just one symptom of a long-festering economic disease – a disease caused by neglecting basic economic principles over the past 30 years.” Mar 18 10:45
schestowitz oiaohm, ZiggyFish  have you seen this yet? Australia Threatens $11,000 Fines For Unapproved Linking < http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/200… > Mar 18 10:47
schestowitz http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/rss/-/… “The verdicts in two US trials are being appealed against because jurors made comments about them on social networking sites.” Mar 18 10:50
ZiggyFish schestowitz: it’s interesting, that they don’t release the list, how are you meant to check your links if you have no idea what is on the list Mar 18 10:52
schestowitz Exactly. They don’t understand the Web Mar 18 10:55
schestowitz Some sites would sue you for just linking to them Mar 18 10:55
schestowitz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/So… What’s the latency like on SD cards? Mar 18 11:10
schestowitz Why did Slashdot tag this “astroturfing”? http://tech.slashdot.org/article.pl… Mar 18 11:11
schestowitz I think Joseph Tartakoff, who covers Microsoft, may have just jumped ship Mar 18 11:25
*_Hicham_ (n=hicham@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 18 11:32
oiaohm Yes see the 11 000 fines.   Its not a straight up slam you. Mar 18 11:32
oiaohm seen Mar 18 11:32
*ZiggyFish (n=brendan@123-243-163-103.static.tpgi.com.au) has left #boycottnovell Mar 18 11:33
oiaohm If link was done in good faith you don’t get hit by it. Mar 18 11:33
oiaohm Its a fine if you don’t correct the problem in a suitable ammount of time. Mar 18 11:34
_Hicham_ hi oiaohm Mar 18 11:34
oiaohm ZHi _Hicham_ Mar 18 11:34
oiaohm Lol nice typo. Mar 18 11:34
_Hicham_ how r u doing? Mar 18 11:34
oiaohm Fine _Hicham_ Mar 18 11:34
schestowitz Joe didn’t announce anything though Mar 18 11:34
schestowitz “Novell Enterprises Inc., a Rahway, N.J., bridal jewelry manufacturer who lost about $250,000 to Fortunoff’s bankruptcy and liquidation.”  http://www.newsday.com/services/newsp… Mar 18 11:34
schestowitz Microsoft may have signed another Linux patent racket-extortion Mar 18 11:35
schestowitz Lexmark Mar 18 11:35
schestowitz http://www.techflash.com/microsoft/Microsof… Mar 18 11:35
oiaohm Malicious alteration of data here can be a 15 year jail sentence.  11000 fine is very light. Mar 18 11:35
oiaohm Yes one law covers breaking into servers and virus writing. Mar 18 11:36
oiaohm It could backfire on Microsoft big time legally all these patent agreements. Mar 18 11:37
oiaohm Latency on SD cards is highly changable depend on maker of the card and the reader used. Mar 18 11:38
oiaohm Tags can be assigned by any slashdot member schestowitz Mar 18 11:40
schestowitz I see… Mar 18 11:54
schestowitz I thought it was the editor alone Mar 18 11:54
oiaohm Also its part astroturfing for Ubuntu so the tag is not completely wrong. Mar 18 12:05
schestowitz If it’s grassroots, then it’s not astroturfing Mar 18 12:10
schestowitz Ubuntu has many genuine fans Mar 18 12:10
schestowitz AstroTurfing is faking grassroots Mar 18 12:10
oiaohm Chrome has a Linux project ran by good. Mar 18 12:11
oiaohm good/google Mar 18 12:11
oiaohm Artical is kinda making out that Ubuntu is the only source of Chrome on Linux. Mar 18 12:11
oiaohm Its minor AstroTurfing. Mar 18 12:11
schestowitz Yes, I know. Mar 18 12:13
schestowitz Stefano spread it a a little (tacone in BN IRC), but it’s not intentional Mar 18 12:13
_Hicham_ why firefox on windows is faster than firefox on linux? Mar 18 12:14
schestowitz Had it said Fedora, would that also count as astroturfing. Mar 18 12:14
schestowitz _Hicham_: ask mozilla Mar 18 12:14
oiaohm Many things.  Its partly filesystem linked. Mar 18 12:14
schestowitz gtk….. Mar 18 12:14
schestowitz optimisation.. Mar 18 12:14
oiaohm file system is fsync how its handled in Linux compared to windows. Mar 18 12:14
_Hicham_ it is about javascript also Mar 18 12:14
oiaohm fsync in Linux truely trys to work. Mar 18 12:15
_Hicham_ have u seen an article saying that firefox on wine is faster than native firefox? Mar 18 12:15
_Hicham_ ? Mar 18 12:15
oiaohm X11 has some performance issues due to its desing. Mar 18 12:15
_Hicham_ what do u say about that? Mar 18 12:15
benJIman Firefox in wine runs faster than native linux firefox too. Mar 18 12:15
oiaohm windows firefox does not have the fsync issue. Mar 18 12:15
_Hicham_ why? Mar 18 12:15
_Hicham_ it is run on wine Mar 18 12:16
_Hicham_ so there is always fsync Mar 18 12:16
oiaohm API differences _Hicham_ Mar 18 12:16
oiaohm Windows version does not use fsync. Mar 18 12:16
oiaohm There is then complier differents GCC really does sux at optimising whole binary. Mar 18 12:17
_Hicham_ why use it on Linux then? Mar 18 12:17
_Hicham_ since it can be avoided? Mar 18 12:17
_Hicham_ even firefox on windows is built with GCC, no? Mar 18 12:17
oiaohm Firefox on windows is built by MSVC Mar 18 12:18
oiaohm goal of fsync is to make sure data is saved to disk.   sqlite that firefox 3 and up is using runs it a lot. Mar 18 12:18
oiaohm Then depending on what filesystem you are using depends on how bad fsync hurts. Mar 18 12:19
oiaohm Default ext3 turns out to hurt a lot. Mar 18 12:19
_Hicham_ what about ext4? Mar 18 12:19
oiaohm Less than ext3 still not great. Mar 18 12:20
oiaohm Some Linux kernel developers are concidering adding a flag to file systems to disreguard fsync calls on a per filebase. Mar 18 12:20
schestowitz IBM to buy Sun Microsystems. Mar 18 12:20
schestowitz Let me verify Mar 18 12:20
oiaohm Yes run the risk of data loss gain a lot of performance. Mar 18 12:20
oiaohm Really I wish mozilla would release firefox released built with llvm. Mar 18 12:21
_Hicham_ oiaohm : can we avoid the fsync pb on linux? Mar 18 12:22
schestowitz http://blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/?p=14817 Mar 18 12:22
schestowitz http://www.osnews.com/story/21154/… Mar 18 12:22
schestowitz http://localtechwire.com/business… Mar 18 12:22
schestowitz Sun Shares Jump on I.B.M. Takeover Report  < http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/19/bu… > Mar 18 12:22
schestowitz Probably good for Java and OOo. I don’t see how IBM can hurt these… http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1… Mar 18 12:23
oiaohm _Hicham_: It what you are trading away.  fsync is all about making sure data gets saved to disk.   Without it like firefox runs under windows.  Data is not made sure to be on disk. Mar 18 12:23
oiaohm Better IBM than Microsoft schestowitz Mar 18 12:23
schestowitz oiaohm: of Fujitsu even Mar 18 12:24
schestowitz IBM has an OK track record with Free software Mar 18 12:24
schestowitz It’s also less likely to let SUN portfolio help Windows Mar 18 12:24
_Hicham_ it is contributing a lot to eclipse Mar 18 12:24
oiaohm Sparc and PPC tech merged into 1 chip could be scary. Mar 18 12:24
schestowitz SPARC vs PowerPC? Mar 18 12:24
schestowitz oiaohm: haha Mar 18 12:25
_Hicham_ Sun make NetBeans a monster Mar 18 12:25
schestowitz Beat me to it Mar 18 12:25
schestowitz I thoguht the same thing, re h/w Mar 18 12:25
oiaohm SPARC insanely fast int processing. Mar 18 12:25
schestowitz Power efficient Mar 18 12:25
oiaohm PPC insanely fast floating point. Mar 18 12:25
schestowitz Either way, for IBM to have such ‘open’ portfolio would help its image Mar 18 12:25
_Hicham_ oiaohm : have u ever tried a PGO optimized version of Firefox? Mar 18 12:25
schestowitz Funny thing is, well… SCO payments from SUN Mar 18 12:26
_Hicham_ i mean on Linux Mar 18 12:26
schestowitz Like IBM funding a suit against self Mar 18 12:26
oiaohm Have not wasted the processor time to find that out _Hicham_ Mar 18 12:26
oiaohm It takes quite a lot of processor time to build firefox. Mar 18 12:26
oiaohm Not really schestowitz Mar 18 12:27
oiaohm SUN aquired the licence from SCO just in case SCO won. Mar 18 12:27
oiaohm If SCO won SUN was going to rerelease the Linux kernel from then so killing of anyone else ever needing to pay SCO ever for Linux. Mar 18 12:28
oiaohm Good old chess games schestowitz.  SCO was going to lose even if they won. Mar 18 12:29
schestowitz They won Mar 18 12:29
schestowitz The goal was hardly to win Mar 18 12:29
schestowitz But to carry on with FUD for ages Mar 18 12:29
schestowitz Assuming some theories hold water Mar 18 12:29
schestowitz But that’s another story Mar 18 12:29
oiaohm No SCO goal at first was money. Mar 18 12:29
oiaohm Then FUD is kinda revenge for being screwed over. Mar 18 12:30
schestowitz They are still flinging dung at Linux, but they lost their credibility after losing UNIX. Mar 18 12:30
oiaohm Novell wanted SCO dead. Mar 18 12:30
oiaohm SCO at the time was Novell biggest competitor in there markets. Mar 18 12:30
oiaohm SCO got screwed by Novell.   Got screwed by SUN so what was left. Mar 18 12:31
schestowitz I’ll do a quick post about Joseph Tartakoff and tell what I know. Will copy here. Mar 18 13:06
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 18 13:11
zer0c00l just saw http://boycottnovell.com/2009/… Mar 18 13:26
zer0c00l :-) Mar 18 13:26
schestowitz Yes, I enjoyed writing it Mar 18 13:27
schestowitz I wrote about some of Microsoft’s last signs of weakness: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/03/18… Mar 18 13:35
MinceR r4wr Mar 18 13:59
_Hicham_ according to distrowach openSUSE is second Mar 18 14:24
*oiaohm has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 18 14:24
Balrog so what do you think about Sun being acquired by IBM? Mar 18 14:34
Eruaran eh ? Mar 18 14:35
*Eruaran wakes up Mar 18 14:35
Eruaran Might be a good thing for Sun Mar 18 14:37
Eruaran I think the big under reported item of the past week has been Cisco partnering with Red Hat Mar 18 14:38
Eruaran What they announced was hefty enough to provoke a chair throwing incident in Redmond I think Mar 18 14:39
Balrog I heard of that Mar 18 14:41
Balrog (the Cisco/Red Hat deal) Mar 18 14:41
Eruaran Its bigger than most people seem to have realised Mar 18 14:42
Eruaran Its quite comprehensive, and will provide a compelling offering Mar 18 14:43
MinceR what Mar 18 14:46
MinceR isn’t there an antitrust issue with that? Mar 18 14:48
Eruaran Why ? Mar 18 14:49
Eruaran Technically Cisco is acting as an OEM for Red Hat Mar 18 14:49
MinceR i mean, with ibm buying sun Mar 18 14:50
Eruaran I don’t think anyone but Microsoft would complain Mar 18 14:51
MinceR though someone on /. is saying that sun is much, much smaller than ibm Mar 18 14:51
MinceR i still wonder about their market share though Mar 18 14:51
Eruaran MySQL Mar 18 14:54
Eruaran OpenOffice.org Mar 18 14:54
Eruaran OpenSolaris Mar 18 14:54
MinceR ok, sun is mostly crap, but that stuff still is popular :> Mar 18 14:55
Balrog MinceR: is java crap? Mar 18 14:56
MinceR yes Mar 18 14:56
Balrog I wouldn’t go that far. Mar 18 14:56
Balrog java is foss, in any case Mar 18 14:56
MinceR unless one JVM is the only thing that’s running on the host, perhaps Mar 18 14:56
Balrog gcj? Mar 18 14:56
MinceR i don’t know how well that performs Mar 18 14:56
Balrog I’ve heard that the ‘official’ HotSpot JVM performs very well Mar 18 14:57
Balrog sometimes better than compiled C code Mar 18 14:57
MinceR i’ve heard that dragons exist Mar 18 14:58
Balrog (from reliable sources) Mar 18 14:58
MinceR but on the other hand, i’ve seen azureus gobble up all the memory on my computer and still run like shit Mar 18 14:58
MinceR bbl Mar 18 14:58
Balrog I don’t use Azureus. It’s not that great, probably because of how it’s coded Mar 18 14:58
Eruaran Have to admit I usually don’t like Java apps Mar 18 15:01
*Eruaran tries to think of a Java app he likes Mar 18 15:01
Eruaran Isn’t Android Java based ? Mar 18 15:02
Eruaran I like the Monopoly game on my cellphone Mar 18 15:03
Balrog java is great for backend server stuff Mar 18 15:03
Eruaran Thats Java Mar 18 15:03
Balrog much more reliable than ASP.NET :) Mar 18 15:03
Eruaran .NET makes things suck Mar 18 15:03
Eruaran Thats all its for Mar 18 15:03
Eruaran making things suck Mar 18 15:04
Eruaran Anyone have a favorite IDE ? Mar 18 15:04
Balrog I use eclipse. Mar 18 15:05
Balrog it’s ugly but does the job Mar 18 15:05
Eruaran ah Mar 18 15:05
Eruaran I’ve been thinking of having a look at Qt Mar 18 15:05
Balrog I’d use it myself if I was writing a graphical C++ app Mar 18 15:06
Eruaran I want to create apps for Windows that are dependant on having KDE libraries installed ;) Mar 18 15:07
Balrog couldn’t you statically link? Many apps based on GTK+ include a local copy of GTK+ Mar 18 15:08
schestowitz I’ve seamed this one together carefully: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/03/18/a… Some Red Hat seniors like Tiemann are regular readers of BN. I believe we ought to have reposted some of these concerns as an open letter asking for a response.  Maybe they’ll trash the patent, who known… Mar 18 15:08
Eruaran Our monthly company meeting is this weekend Mar 18 15:08
schestowitz *knows Mar 18 15:08
Eruaran Someone has asked me to demo Linux Mint 6 KDE Mar 18 15:08
Eruaran Balrog: yes, but I’m a KDE fanboy ;) Mar 18 15:09
schestowitz Eruaran: I agree, the Cisco news is grossly underreported Mar 18 15:09
Eruaran The Microsoft Press isn’t going to promote it :P Mar 18 15:10
schestowitz Of course Mar 18 15:11
schestowitz it gives great credibility to GNU/Linux Mar 18 15:11
schestowitz Cisco did other moves recently vs Microsoft Mar 18 15:11
schestowitz Like an attack on Exchange Server Mar 18 15:11
schestowitz They have Red Hat and they bought PostPath Mar 18 15:12
Eruaran Yes Mar 18 15:12
Eruaran I think I like where Cisco is going with this Mar 18 15:12
schestowitz They also have jabber now, for comms Mar 18 15:12
Eruaran :) Mar 18 15:12
schestowitz Cisco is a GPL violator, but.. Mar 18 15:12
Eruaran oh Mar 18 15:12
schestowitz It explots FOSS, it doesn’t attack it Mar 18 15:12
schestowitz So I’d rather see them replace Microsoft in the back room Mar 18 15:12
Eruaran They do contribute to the Linux kernel Mar 18 15:12
*Balrog has quit (leguin.freenode.net irc.freenode.net) Mar 18 15:13
*benJIman has quit (leguin.freenode.net irc.freenode.net) Mar 18 15:13
schestowitz Weaken the company that’s squealing because we FOSS people spread Linux on the desktop and drive Windows margins to $0 Mar 18 15:13
schestowitz Cisco doesn’t care about desktop Mar 18 15:13
schestowitz It won’t mind if Linux won the desktop Mar 18 15:13
schestowitz It sells routers Mar 18 15:13
schestowitz We have 3 tiers Mar 18 15:13
Eruaran I think their partnership with Red Had is a strong deal Mar 18 15:13
Eruaran Both concentrating on their respective strengths Mar 18 15:13
schestowitz When we use the computers in the Net era,  we have desktops, servers and the stuff between them Mar 18 15:13
schestowitz Cisco is usually in-between Mar 18 15:14
schestowitz Red Hat is strong on the server Mar 18 15:14
schestowitz Apple and Microsoft mostly exist on the deskotp Mar 18 15:14
Eruaran Cisco is going to do Red Hat servers Mar 18 15:14
schestowitz Microsoft has some share also on the server. Mar 18 15:14
*benJIman (n=benji@benjiweber.co.uk) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 18 15:14
Eruaran virtualized offerings Mar 18 15:14
schestowitz That’s because oft he Vole Mar 18 15:14
*Balrog (n=BRBT@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 18 15:14
schestowitz Microsoft screwed over Cisco Mar 18 15:14
schestowitz Cisco Mar 18 15:14
schestowitz Cisco can’t let Microsoft be strong Mar 18 15:14
schestowitz So it runs to Red Hat Mar 18 15:15
schestowitz Hold on.. Mar 18 15:15
*Balrog is now known as Guest24457 Mar 18 15:15
*Guest24457 is now known as Balrog_ Mar 18 15:16
schestowitz Summarised here: http://boycottnovell.com/2007/09/22/no… Mar 18 15:17
Balrog_ so … I’m switching over to nouveau Mar 18 15:17
Balrog_ from the legacy nvidia driver Mar 18 15:17
schestowitz Balrog_: good. Mar 18 15:17
schestowitz I’ll get it if I migrate to Fedora next Mar 18 15:17
schestowitz F11 default, IIRC Mar 18 15:17
Balrog_ no 3D though :/ Mar 18 15:18
Balrog_ but that will come eventually Mar 18 15:18
schestowitz Well, no acceleration maybe Mar 18 15:20
Balrog_ there is 2D acceleration Mar 18 15:20
schestowitz I use my graphics cards only for dual head really. Mar 18 15:20
Balrog_ and I hear it’s better than that nv driver Mar 18 15:20
schestowitz Everything is better than nv :-D Mar 18 15:20
Balrog_ ever proprietary nvidia legacy driver is better than nv …. (sigh) Mar 18 15:21
schestowitz IIRC, there are big NSA clusters and other rendering farms that use NVIDIA on Linux Mar 18 15:21
Eruaran Installed Ubuntu on a Fujitsu A1110 last week, all Intel graphics. Was nice to see 3D accellerated graphics working nicely without proprietary drivers in use at all. Mar 18 15:21
Balrog_ those use the proprietary non-legacy driver Mar 18 15:21
schestowitz Sadly, they care only about performance, not freedom/security/etc Mar 18 15:21
Balrog_ Intel gpu chips aren’t that great when it comes to performance :/ Mar 18 15:21
schestowitz /sNSA/ANASA/ Mar 18 15:21
Balrog_ yes, unfortunately Mar 18 15:21
schestowitz /s/NSA/NASA/ Mar 18 15:22
Eruaran Yes, but for folks who don’t have any demanding graphics requirements its nice Mar 18 15:22
schestowitz Is IBM/SUN still in rumour status? Mar 18 15:23
Eruaran appears to be Mar 18 15:24
schestowitz LOL: Hypocrite Microsoft says “the patents aren’t worth much” < http://digg.com/linux_unix/Hypocrite_… > Mar 18 15:24
schestowitz How’s this coming along? Valve’s Source Engine Coming To Linux < http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?p… > Mar 18 15:30
Eruaran hmm Mar 18 15:31
schestowitz Didn’t they go benkrupt or something? Mar 18 15:31
schestowitz Let me recheck to be sure Mar 18 15:32
Eruaran Microsoft will say anything… Mar 18 15:34
schestowitz Confused with another company, methinks Mar 18 15:34
zer0c00l http://boycottnovell.com/2009/0… nice picture :D Mar 18 15:34
schestowitz I must be thinking about another company that was in the process of porting to Linux Mar 18 15:34
twitter http://www.reuters.com/article/n… Mar 18 15:34
schestowitz zer0c00l: tanks, it ain’t mine Mar 18 15:34
zer0c00l :D Mar 18 15:34
schestowitz twitter: not scary Mar 18 15:35
schestowitz I was more worried about mysql getting snatched Mar 18 15:35
twitter IBM Sun deal will be good for Sun and free software. Mar 18 15:35
schestowitz Virtualbox at IBM… Mar 18 15:35
schestowitz What does IBM offers as hypervisor? Mar 18 15:35
schestowitz They put Linux on zos Mar 18 15:35
schestowitz Blades and UNIX with Linux virtualised Mar 18 15:35
twitter Better than Sun failing or being bought by M$. Mar 18 15:35
schestowitz They have Eclipse in a way Mar 18 15:35
schestowitz Not a rival of Java… Mar 18 15:36
schestowitz OpenSolaris would be drain worthy though Mar 18 15:36
twitter in any case, I think this is no longer a rumor Mar 18 15:36
schestowitz Don’t see a reason for IBM to work on it. It has AIX Mar 18 15:36
twitter Solaris is a sizable market Mar 18 15:36
schestowitz twitter: Sun makes no sense for MS Mar 18 15:36
schestowitz Besides, Microsoft no longer has the $$ Mar 18 15:37
twitter extinguish, threaten, patent extortion Mar 18 15:37
schestowitz It won’t even buy Yahoo on the cheap Mar 18 15:37
schestowitz It ran away from near-acuisitions of another company whose name I forget. Cringely wrote about it Mar 18 15:37
twitter at $5B, Sun is cheap treats.  M$ could do some kind of bogus stock swap. Mar 18 15:37
schestowitz So Schwartz might not get sacked after all … just become ‘redundant’ Mar 18 15:37
schestowitz Bray has something ahead as a career Mar 18 15:38
schestowitz Heh! Mar 18 15:38
schestowitz Murdock! Mar 18 15:38
schestowitz What will he do? Slowaris? Mar 18 15:38
twitter Sun has moved more towards free software and further from their disastrous dealings with M$. Mar 18 15:39
schestowitz Any word on what a Blue Hat might mean to Solaris? IBM already has AIX and Linux. Mar 18 15:40
twitter They can move further and it would be nice to have their hardware really work with free software. Mar 18 15:40
schestowitz Yes, I like the idea Mar 18 15:40
schestowitz Rather than see Sun decomated Mar 18 15:40
schestowitz BUT Mar 18 15:40
schestowitz This is very bad for indurty Mar 18 15:40
schestowitz Free market Mar 18 15:40
twitter What hardware does IBM really have? Mar 18 15:40
schestowitz For a depression to make small companies and choice prey to bigger companies Mar 18 15:41
schestowitz More centralisation of power that is. Mar 18 15:41
schestowitz On the CHEAP Mar 18 15:41
twitter Yes, it’s bad for the market, but Sun dug it’s grave with a long non free software fight. Mar 18 15:41
schestowitz twitter: Toshiba and stuff. They assemble and they have patents Mar 18 15:41
schestowitz IBM puts the blue logo on stuff Mar 18 15:41
schestowitz They sold the computer division to Lenovo Mar 18 15:41
schestowitz Lenovo does badly now Mar 18 15:42
twitter do they? Mar 18 15:42
twitter Lenovo also whored to M$. Mar 18 15:42
schestowitz I left a comment in Phipps’ blog Mar 18 15:42
Eruaran Asus doing 24 hour service support now Mar 18 15:42
schestowitz Viruses… hehe Mar 18 15:43
twitter oh dear Mar 18 15:43
schestowitz From Easy easy easy (EEE) to virus, virus, virus Mar 18 15:43
Eruaran Their service centres are good Mar 18 15:43
Eruaran Its a smart move Mar 18 15:43
schestowitz [sarcasm] maybe they moved to Windows to feed the support unit ($$) Mar 18 15:44
schestowitz Broken windows theory… Mar 18 15:44
Eruaran This is not related Mar 18 15:44
Eruaran Their service centres have a good reputation so its smart to build on that during lean times when sales are dropping but servicing is stable Mar 18 15:45
schestowitz Yes, I see. Mar 18 15:46
schestowitz Same in other areas — repair grows at the expense of purchases Mar 18 15:46
Eruaran yes Mar 18 15:46
schestowitz Mechanics, shoemakers, maintenance, second-hand stuff (auctions) Mar 18 15:46
schestowitz Good rot environment. For greed — not so much, Mar 18 15:47
schestowitz *for Mar 18 15:47
Eruaran We are heavily service based Mar 18 15:47
Eruaran We see servicing go up when retail goes down Mar 18 15:47
schestowitz http://www.schneier.com/blog/arch… (Leaving Infants in the Car) Mar 18 15:48
schestowitz service has good margins Mar 18 15:48
schestowitz Expenditure: time Mar 18 15:48
schestowitz That’s why the FOSS model is powerful Mar 18 15:48
Eruaran yes Mar 18 15:48
Eruaran take systems for example Mar 18 15:49
Eruaran even on a basic sale Mar 18 15:49
Eruaran our margins on Linux systems is larger Mar 18 15:49
schestowitz http://blog.wired.com/busines… “What Loopt — and now Google — are asserting is this: when you tell your friends where you are, you are using a public conveyance to communicate privately.” Mar 18 15:49
schestowitz Google is creepy sometimes. Does fun things, but this has conseuqnces. Mar 18 15:50
schestowitz Toshiba lost its head: http://www.pcworld.com/article/161457/tos… Mar 18 15:50
Eruaran Saw reported on the news tonight that Police in New South Wales tapped more than 90,000 phone calls last year Mar 18 15:52
Eruaran Toshiba aren’t what they used to be Mar 18 15:53
twitter might be why IBM has to suck Sun’s head. Mar 18 15:53
twitter bbl Mar 18 15:54
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