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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: April 21st, 2009 – Part 4

Posted in IRC Logs at 2:08 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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Omar87 oiaohm: No, I don’t, lol. :) Apr 21 13:57
MinceR some people believe m$ invented everything Apr 21 13:58
MinceR starting with the wheel Apr 21 13:58
oiaohm MS has invented very little. Apr 21 13:59
Omar87 oiaohm: Actually, M$ has invented almost nothing. Apr 21 13:59
oiaohm Blue Screen of Deat Apr 21 14:00
oiaohm Death Apr 21 14:00
oiaohm MS does have some minor inventions. Apr 21 14:00
Omar87 oiaohm: Yes! That’s one of M$’s main inventions, the BSOD! :) Apr 21 14:01
oiaohm Red ring of death Apr 21 14:01
oiaohm Most of MS inventions has not been good. Apr 21 14:01
oiaohm MS currently hold the record for the most numbers of bugs in 512 bytes in the first Xbox.   They managed to fit 200. Apr 21 14:03
oiaohm So the compete fancy secuirty system they had designed did not work. Apr 21 14:03
*mib_nx5ag0 (i=c1371bd4@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-f739e76b7e73a9d9) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 21 14:05
oiaohm BASIC is MS biggest infection/invention. Apr 21 14:05
MinceR yet another invention with a negative value Apr 21 14:05
oiaohm You cannot say MS invented nothing. Apr 21 14:06
oiaohm They did invent some things. Apr 21 14:06
oiaohm Most of them implemented badly. Apr 21 14:07
oiaohm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BASIC  Basic was a trick. Apr 21 14:08
oiaohm MS never invented that. Apr 21 14:08
oiaohm MS has been claiming ownership of stuff that is not theres for years. Apr 21 14:10
oiaohm I always love presenting students with a list of 50 things with 2 box’s invented by MS not invented by MS. Apr 21 14:10
oiaohm Almost no one gets it right. Apr 21 14:10
oiaohm All 50 items are things MS did not invent. Apr 21 14:11
MinceR that’s cheating Apr 21 14:11
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oiaohm It gets even funnier I normal have the class split question by question. Apr 21 14:13
*mib_oodxss (i=d57bbf49@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-a6bf1d3158c81bbc) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 21 14:13
oiaohm Most get annoyed when at the end they wake up all answers were not. Apr 21 14:14
oiaohm Basic is the common one they get wrong. Apr 21 14:14
MinceR basic is crap enough for it to be a plausible candidate. Apr 21 14:14
oiaohm Remember MS first 2 products DOS and BASIC. Apr 21 14:15
oiaohm MS would not exist today if Basic had software patents. Apr 21 14:16
MinceR or if ibm wasn’t asleep at the wheel. Apr 21 14:16
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oiaohm The game is not over. Apr 21 14:17
MinceR or if the usian antitrust authorities were worth anything at all Apr 21 14:17
oiaohm We will see how bad MS is damaged soon. Apr 21 14:17
MinceR i find it pretty likely that they’ll either die completely or be turned into a tiny patent troll Apr 21 14:18
MinceR but the longer they keep agonizing the more damage they cause. Apr 21 14:18
oiaohm The colapse of Microsoft will send ripples. Apr 21 14:18
oiaohm Linux has done what no other company has. Apr 21 14:19
oiaohm Damaged MS bottom line. Apr 21 14:19
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*mib_2rsk5m (i=57b2dfc7@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-943f59e9d7070464) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 21 14:24
mib_2rsk5m lol Apr 21 14:25
mib_2rsk5m I think I haven’t been asked, if I’m ok with the fact that my private conversations are posted online :p Apr 21 14:26
oiaohm Did we force you to type. Apr 21 14:28
mib_2rsk5m nice pov I think you just disqualified yourself for a resonable conversation :) Apr 21 14:29
MinceR the topic says it’s publicly logged Apr 21 14:30
MinceR and what takes place here is far from “private” Apr 21 14:30
MinceR private conversations aren’t logged. :> Apr 21 14:31
mib_2rsk5m not from this channel here, but from a private query, I consider that a difference ;) Apr 21 14:31
MinceR and who logs that? Apr 21 14:31
mib_2rsk5m MinceR: “Someone” who sent it to the site apparently :D Apr 21 14:31
MinceR where do private conversations appear on the site? Apr 21 14:32
mib_2rsk5m http://boycottnovell.com/2008/10/24/g… Apr 21 14:32
oiaohm IRC are public channels. Apr 21 14:35
oiaohm You can use a PM if you don’t want to be logged. Apr 21 14:35
mib_2rsk5m oiaohm: oh my, I really start to pitty you right now, but since that could be used against me I’ll stop talking to you ;) Apr 21 14:36
MinceR that private log was very likely submitted by [anon] Apr 21 14:37
MinceR and that has nothing to do with any official policy Apr 21 14:38
MinceR i log all my chats too Apr 21 14:38
oiaohm My client does automatically. Apr 21 14:38
oiaohm The idea that internet is private and not recorded is a joke. Apr 21 14:39
mib_2rsk5m sure, me to – but I think it’s quite a bit odd, to [anon] himself while fully naming others ;) Apr 21 14:39
oiaohm Nothing about IRC names have to be real. Apr 21 14:39
*oiaohm is now known as mice Apr 21 14:39
mib_2rsk5m (Also the Article itself is ridiculous since everyone can write what she or he thinks, and just for the records I’m not affiliated nor associated with openoffice.org in any way) Apr 21 14:39
mice Particular channels are support channels for applications. Apr 21 14:40
mib_2rsk5m speaking in plural? Apr 21 14:41
mice Its called bad form to send people from there to a competitor. Apr 21 14:41
mice There are a few 10 000 support channels for applications out there. Apr 21 14:41
mib_2rsk5m I see, I waste my time Apr 21 14:41
mice What the person was basically against irc ethics. Apr 21 14:41
mib_2rsk5m seems my point won’t be or is not wanted to be understood Apr 21 14:42
mice You are coming in with a normal set of values. Apr 21 14:42
mib_2rsk5m I hope it’s not considered bad ethics to say the boycottnovell project is a joke? :> Apr 21 14:42
*mib_xocefv (i=97cff404@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-2e9846c23d28bab5) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 21 14:43
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mice Some things like breach of IRC ethics most people don’t understand so most of them don’t appear on boycottnovell any more. Apr 21 14:43
mice Think of it this way.  You go into a shop selling macs and you sell users on windows. Apr 21 14:44
mice Its not your shop.   Everyone there has the right to be miffed with you. Apr 21 14:45
mice Support channels have to be registered.  The IRC server can reject you from having them. Apr 21 14:46
mice boycottnovell tracks wrong doing of all forms mib_2rsk5m. Apr 21 14:47
MinceR mice: well, there is a certain person who’s obsessed about getting such private information as real name. Apr 21 14:49
MinceR mib_2rsk5m: by that reasoning, all articles ever are ridiculous, at least as long as there’s freedom of press. Apr 21 14:50
mice Irc operates without real names. Apr 21 14:50
mice Always has. Apr 21 14:50
mice Yet if need the person can be tracked down by there handle. Apr 21 14:51
schestowitz           <oiaohm> “What’s amazing is the elasticity, the speed with which Sun shifted from one suitor to another,” DiDio said. “That was faster than Madonna.” Apr 21 14:51
schestowitz Didiot is a Microsot shill. Apr 21 14:51
mice I know it still a good quote schestowitz Apr 21 14:51
*mib_cllkac (i=d02f5b5e@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-220043ead780148b) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 21 14:53
mice mib_2rsk5m: being truthful is welcomed in IRC.   Reason why name almost anything you like exists in IRC.  So you can change handles after you insult someone badly and start off fresh. Apr 21 14:54
*mice is now known as oiaohm Apr 21 14:54
mib_2rsk5m that’s what kids do, from an adult I expect to be consistent ;) Apr 21 14:55
mib_2rsk5m But as said earlier, I know I’m wasting my time with you ;) Apr 21 14:55
*mib_cllkac has quit (Client Quit) Apr 21 14:57
oiaohm mib_2rsk5m: Irc was made by adults.  Action of changing username has been found extreamly suitable. Apr 21 14:58
oiaohm IRC ethics been good for over 20 years so why should the ethics change now. mib_2rsk5m Apr 21 15:00
mib_2rsk5m read above ;) Apr 21 15:00
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oiaohm ethics of IRC don’t demard consistent. Apr 21 15:01
oiaohm Even changing you username for a joke is considered normal. Apr 21 15:01
mib_2rsk5m If you still dont get it, I’ll try to be more plastic for with me stopping right in the middle of th … Apr 21 15:02
oiaohm I did not get IRC at first either mib_2rsk5m Apr 21 15:02
oiaohm Its normal to expect you chats to be recorded in IRC. Apr 21 15:03
oiaohm IRC protocal is not encrypted. Apr 21 15:03
oiaohm Everything said in IRC is just as open as if it writen on a postcard. Apr 21 15:03
oiaohm You should never talk in IRC with the idea anything you are saying is private. Apr 21 15:04
oiaohm If you want to talk truly private you use encryption. Apr 21 15:05
oiaohm http://www.bash.org/?latest  Besided they could have always ended up published here mib_2rsk5m Apr 21 15:06
oiaohm Its IRC wild west.  Leave a lot of rules at the door. Apr 21 15:07
oiaohm After ending up on bash.org for something really stupid I think you would want to change your username too mib_2rsk5m Apr 21 15:10
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oiaohm Ok there is the warped one who is proud about there bash.org entry. Apr 21 15:13
oiaohm By the way one of the most popular IRC names mib_2rsk5m to be registered is anything linked to annomous.  any make up of that word. Apr 21 15:15
oiaohm User who has a registered name can remove anyone found using that name. Apr 21 15:15
schestowitz I could use help with this new page: http://boycottnovell.com/wiki/index.p… Apr 21 15:27
schestowitz I just put it together quickly Apr 21 15:27
oiaohm Game engines how many do you want. Apr 21 15:30
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schestowitz oiaohm: the more the merrier :-) Apr 21 15:35
oiaohm Hopefully blender web brower plugin will return. Apr 21 15:35
schestowitz As long as it ain’t for Windows/.NET Apr 21 15:35
oiaohm http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/  I also should have asked how warped. Apr 21 15:36
oiaohm http://www.fisixengine.com/ Apr 21 15:37
oiaohm http://www.ogre3d.org/ Apr 21 15:37
oiaohm http://www.crystalspace3d.org/main/Main_Page Apr 21 15:38
oiaohm And blender.org of course. Apr 21 15:38
*silentivm has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Apr 21 15:39
schestowitz oiaohm: nice looking homepage Apr 21 15:39
oiaohm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_… Apr 21 15:39
oiaohm There are a lot of them. Apr 21 15:39
*mib_kjg6ts has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 21 15:39
oiaohm those are my favorites. Apr 21 15:39
*mib_kjg6ts (i=c0a314e7@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-e9fe5dfa285ba7d2) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 21 15:40
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schestowitz Symantec buys Mi5 < http://www.theinquirer.net/inqu… > Apr 21 15:41
MinceR my favorite is the cube2 engine :) Apr 21 15:43
oiaohm http://sauerbraten.org/ Apr 21 15:44
oiaohm Yes it fun too. Apr 21 15:44
MinceR it allows multiplayer realtime level-editing :) Apr 21 15:44
*mib_vawzft (i=c2ed8e06@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-a731eaaa5eebcd80) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 21 15:45
oiaohm Blender has always been better for fast prototyping. Apr 21 15:47
oiaohm When improved logic comes to blender I basically will not touch cube2 for anything other than sometime gaming. Apr 21 15:47
*oiaohm has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 21 15:48
MinceR it would be useful even in gaming Apr 21 15:48
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Eruaran FUD from Joe Wilcox Apr 21 15:57
Eruaran http://www.eweek.com/index.php?op… Apr 21 15:57
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*schestowitz looks Apr 21 16:11
*mib_ioac48 (i=c13ecbd6@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-ecf34d36c4113c6f) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 21 16:11
schestowitz Eruaran: he’s pro-Microsoft Apr 21 16:11
Eruaran hi Roy Apr 21 16:12
Eruaran yes, he’s clearly a shill Apr 21 16:12
schestowitz “I’m a huge fan of guerrilla marketing.” Joe Wilcox, Microsoft Fan Apr 21 16:12
Eruaran The content of his article is just ridiculous Apr 21 16:12
Eruaran He says Java is about containment Apr 21 16:13
Eruaran I’m like, what the ? Apr 21 16:13
Eruaran He says Microsoft has successfully marginalised Java Apr 21 16:13
Eruaran Like what ? Apr 21 16:13
Eruaran And then, in the next breath Apr 21 16:13
schestowitz LOL Apr 21 16:14
schestowitz ” Microsoft already has successfully marginalized Java. “ Apr 21 16:14
Eruaran He carries on as if its a huge threat… If it was marginalised, it wouldn’t be a threat Apr 21 16:14
schestowitz Just ignore the ignorasmus Apr 21 16:14
Eruaran he doesn’t even make sense Apr 21 16:14
schestowitz Slog Apr 21 16:14
Eruaran And there’s the claim in the article about Windows server enjoying double digit growth for the past 5 years Apr 21 16:15
Eruaran Complete rubbish Apr 21 16:15
schestowitz It’s people like him who would emit ‘articles’ like “java is dead” Apr 21 16:15
schestowitz [Java is still #1 PL] Apr 21 16:15
schestowitz Eruaran: haha Apr 21 16:15
schestowitz Whose numbers? Apr 21 16:15
schestowitz IDC? Apr 21 16:15
schestowitz Microsoft PAID for these numbers Apr 21 16:15
schestowitz I have the document Apr 21 16:15
schestowitz I saw the receipts Apr 21 16:15
schestowitz So we know Apr 21 16:15
schestowitz Microsoft bought some kind of a twilight zone of illusions Apr 21 16:16
Eruaran A couple of years ago Windows servers growth was 6% while Linux was 26% and described by an article I read back then as a market that was “white hot” Apr 21 16:16
schestowitz It also paid gartner to invent the “TCO” nonsense Apr 21 16:16
schestowitz All of these figures came from Microsoft Apr 21 16:16
schestowitz Under the question, “which things to count to make us look like leaders?” Apr 21 16:16
Eruaran Wilcox gives the impression that Unix sysadmins are switching to Windows Apr 21 16:16
schestowitz Same with Netcradt, NPD… Apr 21 16:16
schestowitz Wilcox is from JupiterResearch Apr 21 16:16
Eruaran I mean seriously, you gotta be kidding Apr 21 16:16
*mib_nx5ag0 has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 21 16:16
schestowitz So he used to be paid by them to lie Apr 21 16:17
Eruaran aha Apr 21 16:17
schestowitz He admitted this Apr 21 16:17
schestowitz That NPD is paid to SELL numbers Apr 21 16:17
schestowitz Not to conduct real usrveys Apr 21 16:17
schestowitz He wrote this Apr 21 16:17
schestowitz Which is funny cause he worked on MS contracts Apr 21 16:17
schestowitz Meaning he was doing this Apr 21 16:17
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Eruaran maybe I should leave a comment Apr 21 16:17
Eruaran “Jupiter Research says Hi” Apr 21 16:18
Eruaran “your credibility says, “bye!”” Apr 21 16:18
Eruaran Like that crim guy on the Simpsons Apr 21 16:18
*mib_ddox0k (i=4c67da2f@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-6cd5884b5be44513) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 21 16:19
Eruaran who always says “Bye!” with that voice as he takes off Apr 21 16:19
Balrog hi Eruaran and schestowitz Apr 21 16:22
Eruaran hi Balrog Apr 21 16:22
schestowitz :-) Apr 21 16:22
schestowitz Eruaran: yes, that thug Apr 21 16:22
schestowitz brb Apr 21 16:23
Eruaran I have left a comment on eWeek Apr 21 16:27
Eruaran couldnt resist Apr 21 16:27
Balrog url? Apr 21 16:28
Eruaran http://www.eweek.com/showblog/5… Apr 21 16:28
Eruaran The guy deserves every bit of ridicule he gets Apr 21 16:30
schestowitz Some people feed him. Apr 21 16:30
schestowitz it’s good for Ziff Davis Apr 21 16:30
Balrog he’s known for this Apr 21 16:30
schestowitz That’s who he works for now Apr 21 16:31
schestowitz April 2009: Microsoft Pays Ziff Davis to Promote Windows Vista <  http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04… > Apr 21 16:31
schestowitz More: http://www.google.com/search?q=… Apr 21 16:31
schestowitz Follow the money. It’s simpler than people are led to believe Apr 21 16:32
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 21 16:32
Eruaran yes Apr 21 16:33
Eruaran customers are not keen on W7 Apr 21 16:33
Eruaran As soon as they realise its basically “Nu Vista”, the look on their faces says it all Apr 21 16:34
Balrog heh … people I know who tried it don’t think that way :( Apr 21 16:34
Balrog though many who have tried it still don’t like it that much Apr 21 16:35
*zer0c00l agrees with Balrog Apr 21 16:35
Eruaran its perception Apr 21 16:35
zer0c00l i today asked a sysadmin abt w7 Apr 21 16:35
Eruaran doesn’t matter if its an improvement or not Apr 21 16:35
Eruaran I’ll be glad when the phony war is over Apr 21 16:36
Balrog those who haven’t tried it think it’s better than anything else …. some say they’ll switch from Mac OS to W7 (on the mac forums) … those will be disappointed …. lol Apr 21 16:36
zer0c00l that syadmin is another victim of micorsoft marketing Apr 21 16:36
Balrog yes, in most places Apr 21 16:36
Eruaran we’re expecting an upswing in requests for Ubuntu systems here Apr 21 16:36
Eruaran It’s got traction Apr 21 16:37
Eruaran If you say “Linux” people still aren’t sure Apr 21 16:37
Eruaran If you say “Ubuntu” you often get one of these: :D Apr 21 16:37
zer0c00l :D Apr 21 16:38
Eruaran see Apr 21 16:38
MinceR :D Apr 21 16:38
Eruaran ;) Apr 21 16:38
zer0c00l ubuntu guys made things easier :) Apr 21 16:38
Balrog yes, Apr 21 16:39
Eruaran One of our customers rang yesterday Apr 21 16:42
Eruaran He’s an Ubuntu guy Apr 21 16:42
Eruaran We only hear from him when he wants to buy stuff Apr 21 16:43
Eruaran He’s looking at netbooks Apr 21 16:43
Eruaran He’s going on a European tour so he wants something to take, with Ubuntu of course Apr 21 16:43
schestowitz Eruaran: big Ubuntu deal coming Apr 21 16:43
schestowitz subbnotebooks Apr 21 16:43
schestowitz MarkS talked about it Apr 21 16:44
schestowitz No details yet Apr 21 16:44
schestowitz Big OEM though Apr 21 16:44
Eruaran on his blog ? Apr 21 16:44
schestowitz Nope. Apr 21 16:44
schestowitz Phone I think Apr 21 16:44
Eruaran ah k Apr 21 16:44
schestowitz I could track it down Apr 21 16:44
Eruaran sounds interesting Apr 21 16:44
Eruaran I had to go to hospital today Apr 21 16:45
Eruaran All their computer systems are Sun Apr 21 16:45
Eruaran :D Apr 21 16:45
*Omar87 (n=omar@ has left #boycottnovell Apr 21 16:45
Balrog heh. I wonder what will happen to Sun / Java / MySQL now that Oracle has it …. Apr 21 16:46
Eruaran From across the hall you can easily mistake a Sun system for a Windows one Apr 21 16:46
Eruaran But then you go, “uh, that start button isn’t a start button” Apr 21 16:46
Eruaran “its got a Sun logo on it” Apr 21 16:46
*mib_vzbrfk has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 21 16:47
Eruaran Nice to know their systems aren’t running crappy software ;) Apr 21 16:48
Eruaran thin client stuff Apr 21 16:49
Eruaran Sun Ray panels on walls and things Apr 21 16:49
Eruaran http://au.sun.com/sunnews/suc… Apr 21 16:50
*mib_ioac48 has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 21 16:58
schestowitz FOSS increasingly emerges as victorious against Microsoft et al: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04/… Apr 21 17:00
schestowitz Solaris runs in many places Apr 21 17:01
schestowitz Maybe Oracle will replace it with Unbreakable or something Apr 21 17:01
Balrog schestowitz: hopefully Oracle would make Solaris dual GPL / CDDL Apr 21 17:02
Balrog maybe gpl v2 or later :) Apr 21 17:03
schestowitz Some application is leaking RAM here. Apr 21 17:03
Eruaran Barwon Health is using Solaris 10 Apr 21 17:03
schestowitz I think I know what it is. Apr 21 17:03
schestowitz What statements have come out of Oracle so far? Apr 21 17:05
schestowitz I got the impression it was eerily silent Apr 21 17:05
schestowitz Like Nemesis coming for a visit with an axe, with a cape even. Apr 21 17:05
Eruaran I haven’t heard anyting Apr 21 17:05
schestowitz Oh, here is the official response: Apr 21 17:06
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/wa… Apr 21 17:06
*trmanco (n=trmanco@bl8-226-17.dsl.telepac.pt) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 21 17:08
*mib_l914zq has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 21 17:10
*mib_jev0ku has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 21 17:10
Eruaran Microsoft keeps losing those court cases Apr 21 17:11
schestowitz Hmmm… Apr 21 17:13
schestowitz It’s strange that some daily links get PageRank 4: http://boycottnovell.com/… Apr 21 17:13
schestowitz Also, our Netcraft rank just rose to 2000th Apr 21 17:13
schestowitz AFAIK, one of the few Linux sites that do better is Groklaw Apr 21 17:13
Balrog cool. Apr 21 17:14
schestowitz Cloudisation of the ‘desktop’: http://www.openqrm.com/?q=node/147 Apr 21 17:15
Eruaran Roy did you cover the patent case M$ lost against Uniloc ? Apr 21 17:15
schestowitz We have some problems with site comments Apr 21 17:15
schestowitz There are some errors with a plugin Apr 21 17:15
schestowitz So some people can’t comment Apr 21 17:15
schestowitz About Wiki, I got this hours ago: “Applause Applause Applause!!!  BN is looking bee-ew-tee-full! “ Apr 21 17:15
schestowitz BUT Apr 21 17:15
schestowitz “I tried to leave an “idea” comment yesterday but for some reason I couldn’t submit it.  I kept getting an error saying my answer to the anti-spam question was wrong.  lol  the question was what is 2+8…I put 10, but it said I was incorrect, so I typed “ten” and still got the error.  I’m apparently more math-challenged than I realized.  :o)” Apr 21 17:16
Eruaran heh Apr 21 17:16
schestowitz I’ll do a lot of hacking on the Wiki in June. Apr 21 17:16
schestowitz 1.5 months from now when summer starts and news is abated Apr 21 17:16
schestowitz “”I tried to leave an “idea” comment yesterday but for some reason I couldn’t submit it.  I kept getting an error saying my answer to the anti-spam question was wrong.  lol  the question was what is 2+8…I put 10, but it said I was incorrect, so I typed “ten” and still got the error.  I’m apparently more math-challenged than I realized.  :o)” Apr 21 17:16
schestowitz OOPS Apr 21 17:16
schestowitz “Anyway, the reorganization of BN is very nice.  I about fell out of my chair this morning when the page opened up.  You must have worked all night!!  “ Apr 21 17:17
Eruaran M$ had to pay out $533 million AUD to Uniloc Apr 21 17:17
Eruaran For stealing their proprietary software stuff Apr 21 17:17
schestowitz I should really avoid getting bogged down… It’s addictive :-) In general, the priorities are set wrong. Apr 21 17:17
schestowitz Eruaran: yes, I heard Apr 21 17:17
schestowitz And another AU company Apr 21 17:18
schestowitz CSIRO or something Apr 21 17:18
Eruaran yes Apr 21 17:18
schestowitz Not just MS Apr 21 17:18
Eruaran CSIRO isn’t really a company though Apr 21 17:18
schestowitz HP also, but I think it’s ongoing Apr 21 17:18
schestowitz Eruaran: yes, I know Apr 21 17:18
schestowitz Goverment thing, IIRC Apr 21 17:18
schestowitz BT has patents too Apr 21 17:18
schestowitz sw pats in India even Apr 21 17:18
schestowitz Tools for colonialisation Apr 21 17:19
schestowitz Some countries given access to so-called IP so that resources that ‘happen’ to be underneath them (like a sea of oil) can be imported to enrich others. Apr 21 17:19
schestowitz It’s amazing how much development is dependent on supply of / cheap/ oil. Food also. Apr 21 17:20
schestowitz Oil->Food. Apr 21 17:20
schestowitz Oil->automation Apr 21 17:20
schestowitz In many countries you spend days hand-washing clothes and chasing food/water Apr 21 17:20
trmanco schestowitz, using classes :-P Apr 21 17:20
schestowitz Energy can resolve this and advance some countries at expense of others Apr 21 17:20
Eruaran I heard somewhere the situation with Iran has nothing to do with Nukes Apr 21 17:20
schestowitz trmanco: which classes? Apr 21 17:21
Eruaran Its all about gas Apr 21 17:21
schestowitz Eruaran: it never did Apr 21 17:21
schestowitz They had no problem with people Apr 21 17:21
schestowitz Not even with the Nazis Apr 21 17:21
Eruaran Iran wants to pipline gas to other countries, including Europe Apr 21 17:21
schestowitz But in 1953 a British oil companies saw Iran wanting to control its resources Apr 21 17:21
trmanco $oil = new oiler (); $oil->food(); $oil->gas(); !$oil->nomoney(); :-P Apr 21 17:21
trmanco just kidding Apr 21 17:21
schestowitz So they overthrew a government with the USian help Apr 21 17:21
schestowitz That’s well documented Apr 21 17:21
Eruaran yes Apr 21 17:21
trmanco you made me remind of php classes, that’s all Apr 21 17:22
schestowitz But buried by presidents that refuse to talk about it Apr 21 17:22
schestowitz It happened again later Apr 21 17:22
schestowitz trmanco: I see. Well, it’s polymorphic Apr 21 17:22
schestowitz Oil is the key to a lot of things from transportation to bargaining over who works for who Apr 21 17:23
schestowitz The US now controls the spiggot in the world’s 2ns biggest oil resource Apr 21 17:23
schestowitz And it has no intention of leaving Apr 21 17:23
schestowitz There’s concrete and steel in the ground Apr 21 17:23
schestowitz The country hardly has anoueh emetricity Apr 21 17:23
Eruaran If I was Irans president I’d be trying to get a gas pipeline to Europe on the fast track Apr 21 17:23
schestowitz But the US has bases with cinemas, swimming pools, etc Apr 21 17:23
Eruaran there’s money to be made Apr 21 17:23
schestowitz Eruaran: to tell you the truth, I hope they exchange dollars for Euros Apr 21 17:24
schestowitz Though that might make the US go ballistic, literally Apr 21 17:24
schestowitz Let me get you a lecture on history of coups Apr 21 17:24
Eruaran The RBA started buying Euro’s years ago Apr 21 17:24
*mib_ddox0k has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 21 17:24
schestowitz This man summarises his book on the subject: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N… Apr 21 17:25
Eruaran RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) Apr 21 17:25
Eruaran I’m glad the RBA isn’t like the US Federal Reserve Apr 21 17:26
Eruaran owned by some private cabal Apr 21 17:27
Eruaran They have to get a bill passed just so they can properly audit them Apr 21 17:27
Eruaran what a joke Apr 21 17:27
schestowitz They could be daemonised and thrown out ;-p Apr 21 17:28
schestowitz Prolly[sic] not in Aussie Apr 21 17:28
schestowitz US is not ready to invade English-speaking nations. Apr 21 17:28
schestowitz A lot of coups come from businesses like Microsoft or United Fruit company Apr 21 17:29
schestowitz South African has Microsoft pull a banana republic on it Apr 21 17:29
schestowitz France also Apr 21 17:29
schestowitz MS sent its cronies over there to change policies on ODF and FOSS Apr 21 17:29
schestowitz Shock and Awe{tm} is paralleled to “The Slog” (Microsoft) in a sense Apr 21 17:30
schestowitz CNET/CBS and CNN joined forces a while ago and they promote the Microsoft party line, still. Latest example: http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TECH/pte… Apr 21 17:32
Eruaran http://www.youtube.co… Apr 21 17:33
schestowitz Scientist Hawking ‘very ill’ < http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TECH/scienc… >. I lost respect for him because of patent uber-troll Nahtan Myhrvold. Apr 21 17:34
schestowitz Eruaran: A lot of US budget is secret Apr 21 17:35
schestowitz Some comes from debt (China) Apr 21 17:35
schestowitz Funnelled into nuclear programmes too Apr 21 17:35
Eruaran That clip is not about the US federal budget though Apr 21 17:36
schestowitz Watch professor Chalmers Johnson, who is spilling the beans on the military complex: http://www.youtube.com/results?search… Apr 21 17:36
schestowitz As regards budgets going nowhere, see what happened with Halliburton. Lots of black holes. They had a party with money spend on “‘War’ in Iraq” Apr 21 17:36
schestowitz Money that was intended to build bridges (they the US demolished) went missing — somewhere else Apr 21 17:37
Eruaran Its about the US Federal Reserve loaning trillions of dollars to unknown banks where the terms of those loans are unknown and not subject to the oversight of Congress (they have to get a Bill passed just to get the right to audit the bastards) Apr 21 17:37
schestowitz Fox and henhouse Apr 21 17:37
schestowitz Eruaran: haven’t watched the whole vid yet Apr 21 17:37
schestowitz Still at min1 Apr 21 17:37
Eruaran schestowitz: its great Apr 21 17:38
Eruaran the senator fires up and has a go at Bernanke Apr 21 17:38
*The_Mad_Hatter (i=4c4acd45@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-639927fa179de938) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 21 17:38
schestowitz Who is this “BERNANKE”? Apr 21 17:38
schestowitz I saw his face before Apr 21 17:39
The_Mad_Hatter Some American Bank exec I think Apr 21 17:39
Eruaran He’s the guy in charge of the US Federal Reserve Apr 21 17:39
Eruaran chariman Apr 21 17:39
schestowitz I seee… Apr 21 17:40
Eruaran he effectively has control of the money Apr 21 17:40
schestowitz The next pretender after Grenspan Apr 21 17:40
schestowitz They should be frank and say it’s the brink of benkrupcy Apr 21 17:40
schestowitz Like the old Soviet Union Apr 21 17:40
schestowitz It’s better to go banklrupt than ballistic Apr 21 17:40
schestowitz as Chalmers Johnson might say.. Apr 21 17:40
The_Mad_Hatter Yeah. Apr 21 17:40
schestowitz This way there is no capacity to do too much damage Apr 21 17:41
schestowitz Same with Microsoft (nudging it on topic) Apr 21 17:41
schestowitz They can’t harm FOSS much now Apr 21 17:41
schestowitz They are not with much means Apr 21 17:41
schestowitz No more than SCO Apr 21 17:41
schestowitz Today I saw a “I’m a PC” ad for the first time Apr 21 17:41
schestowitz Pathetic Apr 21 17:41
schestowitz MS is using 8yo kids to market an OS Apr 21 17:42
schestowitz They are too ashamed to even show Windows Apr 21 17:42
schestowitz Just “PC” Apr 21 17:42
schestowitz Linux runs on PCs Apr 21 17:42
The_Mad_Hatter Re CIPAV – if you aren’t vulnerable to it, you are regarded as a possible threat. Apr 21 17:42
schestowitz And to associate some little girl with Microsoft is sick IMHO Apr 21 17:42
schestowitz The_Mad_Hatter: well, I say “bring it own[sic]” :-) Apr 21 17:43
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/watch… Apr 21 17:43
schestowitz ‘Bush Regrets Saying “Bring ‘em on”‘ Apr 21 17:43
The_Mad_Hatter Just wanted to mention that – I’m trying to remember where I read it, and can’t. Apr 21 17:44
schestowitz The_Mad_Hatter: is it not common knowledge? :-) Apr 21 17:45
schestowitz There’s this funny banner I can find.. Apr 21 17:45
schestowitz Found it: http://news.cnet.com/830… Apr 21 17:46
schestowitz China isn’t stupid. It’s running away from US patents and makes its own codecs: http://www.interfax.com/4/488956/news.aspx Apr 21 17:49
Balrog why not use ogg vorbis / theora? Apr 21 17:50
*mib_kjg6ts (i=7aa74564@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-7b6d3669a44879ca) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 21 17:52
schestowitz Balrog: yes, too many codecs out there Apr 21 17:52
schestowitz Many infected by fee burdens Apr 21 17:52
Balrog I know. but why does China have to make their own when good free codecs exist? Apr 21 17:52
_boo_ it’s always good to have smth of your own Apr 21 17:53
Balrog hrm that’s bad for interoperability. Apr 21 17:54
_boo_ you can make anything with it Apr 21 17:54
*mib_r0cbtn has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 21 17:54
*mib_uqoruo has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 21 18:00
*mib_tggylu (i=473dd8c2@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-2c36db811c67f6f1) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 21 18:01
*mib_jftukc has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 21 18:03
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