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In Defense of Boycott Novell

Posted in Boycott Novell, Site News at 7:36 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Summary: Existing and former Microsoft employees are jointly attacking us, joined by others whose interests are seemingly similar or at least intersecting

FOR THOSE who have not noticed, there is an ongoing campaign to smear the messenger, Boycott Novell, because its messages are apparently hard to refute. In the process, false allegations are routinely being made (there are many that come from multiple directions). We kindly ask that people do not believe everything they read about Boycott Novell. Here is one person who defends us. Since the very latest smears come from a Microsoft employee (“Technical Evangelist” Wong), the response also alludes to this one particular instance.

If you’re Microsoft and spend a lot of money on phony research reports for the sole reason of spreading FUD, that’s alright because that are normal business practices. If you’re Microsoft and you’re crying for developers because nobody has any fun developing software for that pile of digital junk they call an Operating System, so you’re forced to hire your own community, that’s alright because that are normal business practices. If you’re Microsoft and wait for the right time to fire your legal equivalent of nuclear missiles – aka patents – that’s alright because that are normal business practices.

Here is another possible explanation.

By the way, the fourth financial quarter just rolled around, and MSFT is tanking like a dead mastodon. We’re talking declines as high as 30% here. Ooooooh, so that’s why all the distraction!

To be clear here, we are aware of at least 3 more Web sites — including journalists — who are being smeared in a similar fashion for their views. The many hecklers may come in large numbers (Microsoft TEs, after all, get paid for all this), with which they try to overwhelm any defense and then, by sheer noise, declare moral victory.

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