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Links 04/08/2022: Devuan-Based Peppermint OS, Hyperbola 0.4.1

Posted in News Roundup at 5:34 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

  • GNU/Linux

    • Server

      • 3 CNCF Tools For Cloud-Native Chaos Engineering – Container Journal

        When software is released into the world, it takes on a life of its own. It’s often hard to predict how people will use it—it’s even harder to predict how people will abuse it. One could say that the only thing you can count on is … chaos!

        Chaos engineering is when engineers intentionally put their software systems through the wringer. This can be a great way to test how your systems respond to unforeseen events. For example, you might fill your APIs with malformed requests to see what fails. Or, perhaps you push your server resources to the very limit. You could introduce latency, detach core dependencies or throttle your site with high traffic surges to see what crashes.

    • Audiocasts/Shows

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC/Qt

        • LinuxiacKrita 5.1 Is Close to Final Release, RC1 Is Available for Testing

          Are you curious about Krita 5.1? Then, take a sneak peek at what’s coming in the next version of this free drawing software.

          Krita is a popular digital painting tool available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, but it is best known for its Linux support. It’s a free, open-source raster graphics editor primarily for digital painting and 2D animation.

          Following the December release of Krita 5.0, developer attention has been focused on the next major release, 5.1. And it’s coming closer with the launch of Release Candidate 1 announced today.

          So let’s take a quick peek at what digital artists can expect from the upcoming Krita 5.1.

        • KDE Goals: refinement stage | Adam Szopa

          The process of selecting the new KDE Goals is ongoing, and after finishing the submission stage we now have 11 proposals.

          As you might see in the workboard, they are in the “Not ready for voting” column. This is because even though they have successfully been created according to the template, there is still much to do before the voting starts.

          Right now we are in the Refinement stage, which lasts until August 27th. But what is the purpose of this stage?

          The point is to shape each proposal into its best possible version. This is the moment to work on the proposal with a larger audience, seek feedback and gather people that would be interested in participating in the Goal.

          Konqi is ready to work on stuff.

      • GNOME Desktop/GTK

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • New Releases

    • Fedora / Red Hat / IBM

      • Remi Collet: PHP version 8.0.22 and 8.1.9

        RPMs of PHP version 8.1.9 are available in remi-modular repository for Fedora ≥ 34 and Enterprise Linux ≥ 8 (RHEL, Alma, CentOS, Rocky…) and in remi-php81 repository for EL 7.

        RPMs of PHP version 8.0.22 are available in remi-modular repository for Fedora ≥ 34 and Enterprise Linux ≥ 8 (RHEL, Alma, CentOS, Rocky…) and in remi-php80 repository for EL 7.

      • Enterprisers ProjectDigital transformation: How to guide innovation leaders

        Every CIO I speak with aims to improve customer experiences, automate workflows, innovate new digital products, and achieve other digital transformation goals.

        From my years as a transformational CIO and leading StarCIO, my experience is that technology rarely roadblocks transformation, even for companies with mounds of technical debt. Organizations struggling to deliver ongoing business impacts from data and digital transformations are more likely to struggle to develop experimental cultures, organize multidisciplinary agile teams, and mentor transformation leaders.

      • Enterprisers ProjectIT leadership: My best advice for starting a new role | The Enterprisers Project

        In most organizations, when employees perform well, they are promoted to a higher position: from staff member to team lead, for example, from team lead to supervisor, and from supervisor to manager. At each level, the expectations for that role change. As these new leaders step into the role, they need to let go of previous responsibilities so they can take on new ones.

        Giving up old tasks can be challenging. You might have excelled at those tasks and doing them might have become comfortable. But to focus on new things in your new role, you need to let go of the responsibilities and tasks from your old role.

      • Red HatKafka Monthly Digest: July 2022 | Red Hat Developer

        This 54th edition of the Kafka Monthly Digest covers what happened in the Apache Kafka community in July 2022.

      • Fedora ProjectCommunity Blog monthly summary: July 2022 – Fedora Community Blog

        In July, we published 17 posts. The site had 5,500 visits from 3,548 unique viewers. 1,850 visits came from search engines, while 111 came from Twitter and 48 came from Phoronix.

      • Red Hat OfficialRunning a Debuginfod server alongside pulp

        It is often extremely helpful for debugger-like tools such as gdb and valgrind to have access to additional debugging resources. These files are generally found in package repositories and are difficult to locate manually. In this article we demonstrate how to quickly and easily set up a debuginfod server with Pulp so that all of the RPM packages managed by Pulp are available to the debuginfod client.

        Pulp is a component of Red Hat Satellite 6, the tool used to deploy and manage packages to Red Hat Enterprise Linux hosts. Pulp can fetch, upload and distribute various forms of content, including RPM packages, container images and Python package indices. It can manage content from multiple remotes and track it in internal repositories. These can be published as distributions, allowing the user easy organization of and access to resources.

      • Toolbx @ Community Central | Debarshi’s den

        At 15:00 UTC today, I will be talking about Toolbx on a new episode of Community Central. It will be broadcast live on BlueJeans Events (formerly Primetime) and the recording will be available on YouTube. I am looking forward to seeing some friendly faces in the audience.

    • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

      • Ubuntu 22.04.1 delayed until August 11 – Announcements – Ubuntu Community Hub

        tl;dr – A bug found in the 22.04.1 candidates will delay its release until 11 August so that we can fix the bug and retest the update. This bug does not exist in the current 22.04 image, and current users or installers of 22.04 are unaffected.

        During testing of our 22.04.1 release candidates, we were made aware of an unexpected issue regarding the OEM Installation feature of our Ubuntu Desktop installer images.

        This bug causes preinstalled snaps not to work on the final target system after the “OEM install” option is selected during installation (i.e. after the end-user setup is performed) (LP: #1983528). This behavior would seriously impact the experience of any users whose login was created after an OEM install.

        In order not to compromise the quality of the installation media, we have decided to delay the release of 22.04.1 by a week, releasing on August 11, 2022.

        The issue has been identified and a fix is in review, so we are confident it will be resolved shortly. However, moving release to the 11th will give us time to address the bug and test the fix, and will allow users to plan for the update with a definitive date.

    • Devices/Embedded

      • ZDNetPine64′s Pinebook Pro Linux laptop is finally shipping again | ZDNet

        Pine64, a maker of single board computers, is once again shipping its Arm-based Rockchip RK3399 SoC 14-inch laptops after lengthy production and shipping delays due to COVID-19 restrictions in China’s manufacturing hubs.

        Pinebook Pro laptops are shipping again but only the model with the US keyboards (ANSI) while the laptop with UK (ISO) keyboard remains out of stock. Also, Pine64 says this is a “limited run” of the 14-inch display Pinebook Pro due to the production and supply woes it has weathered in China over the past year.

    • Open Hardware/Modding

      • CNX SoftwareHydraUSB3 RISC-V MCU board combines USB 3.0 with HSPI and SerDes high-speed interfaces – CNX Software

        Benjamin VERNOUX has launched the HydraUSB3 V1 board based on WCH CH569 RISC-V MCU as a developer platform to experiment with high-speed protocols like HSPI and SerDes through a USB 3.0 interface.

        It’s the third board from Benjamin we feature here, after the STM32-based HydraBUS and the HydraNFC v2 shield delivering up to 1600 mW for NFC charging and connectivity. The HydraUSB3 v1 is quite different since it does not involve NFC at all, and instead leverages the CH569’s high-speed interfaces including USB 3.0 (5 Gbps), HSPI (3.8Gbps), and SerDes (>1.2Gbps).

      • ArduinoThis air cleaner activates when it hears shop tools running | Arduino Blog

        Air cleaners are indispensable appliances in shop environments. Fine sawdust in the air can, for example, cause a variety of respiratory ailments in woodworkers. Even if the tool itself has a vacuum collection system, dust will fill the air. But air cleaners are noisy and require quite a lot of power, which means that most shop owners and workers don’t want to leave them running all day. To ensure that their air cleaner only runs when necessary, Atomic Dairy built this sound-reactive activation system for their air cleaner.

        The system activates the air cleaner when two conditions are met: the shop lights are on and the sound levels exceed a set value for a set amount of time. Those conditions ensure that the system doesn’t activate when no one is in the shop or when a momentary loud noise occurs. When the conditions are met, the system turns on the air cleaner for 30 minutes. A readout displays the amount of time left until the air cleaner turns off and a Larson Scanner-style row of LEDs provides a visual indication. The components reside in a sealed enclosure, so that sawdust doesn’t collect and cause heat issues.

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

  • Leftovers

    • Linux Foundation

    • Security

      • Qubes OS 4.0 has reached EOL | Qubes OS

        As previously announced, all releases in the Qubes 4.0 series (which includes the most recent 4.0.4 patch release) have officially reached EOL (end-of-life) as of today, 2022-08-04. We strongly urge all remaining Qubes 4.0 users to upgrade to Qubes 4.1 immediately. As always, the support statuses of all Qubes OS and template releases are available on the supported releases page, and the latest release is available to download on the downloads page.

      • LWNSecurity updates for Thursday [LWN.net]

        Security updates have been issued by Fedora (lua), Oracle (kernel), Red Hat (389-ds:1.4, django, firefox, go-toolset and golang, go-toolset-1.17 and go-toolset-1.17-golang, go-toolset:rhel8, java-1.8.0-ibm, java-17-openjdk, kernel, kernel-rt, kpatch-patch, mariadb:10.5, openssl, pcre2, php, rh-mariadb105-galera and rh-mariadb105-mariadb, ruby:2.5, thunderbird, vim, and virt:rhel and virt-devel:rhel), Scientific Linux (firefox and thunderbird), SUSE (drbd, java-17-openjdk, java-1_8_0-ibm, keylime, ldb, samba, mokutil, oracleasm, pcre2, permissions, postgresql-jdbc, python-numpy, samba, tiff, u-boot, and xscreensaver), and Ubuntu (nvidia-graphics-drivers-390, nvidia-graphics-drivers-450-server, nvidia-graphics-drivers-470, nvidia-graphics-drivers-470-server, nvidia-graphics-drivers-510, nvidia-graphics-drivers-510-server, nvidia-graphics-drivers-515, nvidia-graphics-drivers-515-server).

      • Bruce SchneierSIKE Broken – Schneier on Security

        SIKE is one of the new algorithms that NIST recently added to the post-quantum cryptography competition.

      • Post-quantum encryption contender is taken out by single-core PC and 1 hour | Ars Technica

        In the US government’s ongoing campaign to protect data in the age of quantum computers, a new and powerful attack that used a single traditional computer to completely break a fourth-round candidate highlights the risks involved in standardizing the next generation of encryption algorithms.

      • CSOGitGuardian launches ggcanary project to help detect open-source software risks | CSO Online

        Code security platform provider GitGuardian has announced the launch of a new open-source canary tokens project to help organizations detect compromised developer and DevOps environments. According to the firm, security teams can use GitGuardian Canary Tokens (ggcanary) to create and deploy canary tokens in the form of Amazon Web Services (AWS) secrets to trigger alerts as soon as they are tampered with by attackers. The release is reflective of a wider industry trend of emerging standards and initiatives designed to tackle risks surrounding the software supply chain and DevOps tools.

      • Privacy/Surveillance

        • Internet Freedom FoundationHere lies the Data Protection Bill, 2021

          On August 3, 2022, the Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Ashwini Vaishnaw was granted permission to withdraw the draft Data Protection Bill, 2021 in the Lok Sabha. In the “reasons for withdrawal” shared with other Members of Parliament, including those who were a part of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 (JPC), Vaishnaw has stated that the Bill was withdrawn to make way for a comprehensive legal framework for the digital ecosystem. This comprehensive legal framework is almost ready and will soon be made available for public consultation, Vaishnaw has stated in an interview dated August 4, 2022 with ET Tech.

          The withdrawal of the draft Data Protection Bill, 2021 marks the unsatisfactory end of a long and arduous consultation and review process for the legislation. While the 2021 version was certainly not perfect, we are concerned that this withdrawal has now brought us closer to where we started in 2018 instead of where we should be in 2022 (Read our brief of the issues with the DPB, 2021 here). Further, we want to emphasise that 4 years of deliberations for the DPB, 2021, from the Srikrishna Committee Report to comments received through the public consultation and finally the 2021 JPC Report, are still useful. It is essential that these deliberations should serve to inform the government about the issues that various stakeholders, especially the civil society, want a data protection legislation to address. Today there exists no remedy for the violation of many digital rights that emerge from the expansive collection and procession of personal data for Indians.

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Personal

      • “The Geminaut” Jukebox

        Waiting for the ~bartender to get to ya? Havin a stroll through my stand outside the pub, but wanna hear a familiar tune instead while I’m packin it in for the night? Maybe just eyein’ a lass (or lad (or delectable creature)) from across the pub but want a good song that’ll sound cool to introduce yourself to and ask for a dance?

      • Week 3: Visiting Family, Plan 9 Bootcamp

        I visited my family this week in New Jersey. It’s my grandpa’s birthday so we had a little reunion over here. My siblings are on summer vacation as well, so it’s really nice to see everyone in one place.

      • Re: Human Un-nature

        Nobody who opposes liberatory ideologies has the courage to be honest and tell us, “I like living in a world with rulers and subjects, haves and have-nots, and I will fight to keep things this way.” So for over 100 years, they’ve appealed to an imaginary Human Nature to make their case. Let’s agree to reject such arguments out of hand.

    • Technical

      • Sim City: 31 Years Young

        I was six years old when the first Sim City was published. As a kid I never played it, because when I had a computer to play anything on I got my hands on Sim City 2000; the first Sim City game I ever knew of.

        Of course I loved it. What’s not to love, after all? I built tiny cities that barely turned a profit, left the game running for a day, and then came back to late-era technology and an almost endless pile of cash to do anything with.

      • Re: Misadventures with bash shell

        I will admit that bash syntax has a lot of baggage from days long past, however, I am living in shells (sh, csh, tcsh, ksh, pdksh, bash) since like 1990 pretty much every day. I use bash as a glue language, because it is always there. I have tried zsh about 20 minutes, but it got in my way fast. I will say that a command shell without pipelines is useless in my not so humble opinion. But I do still learn. A thing I added only recently ist the use of __git_ps1 in my shell prompt.

      • Asynchronous messaging still has its place

        Digitally, we should talk asynchronously to each other more, via forums, blogs, e-mail and whatnot, in order to foster thought out discussion and to reduce the self-imposed urgency of needing to respond to messages.

        Instant maskers are the most used type of messaging in the world, aside from the corporate world, which still mostly uses some kind of e-mail, although they have begun switching to proprietary IMs. Although with benefits like connecting instantly with the other person around the globe, they are not without disadvantages.

      • Internet/Gemini

        • Where in the World? A new geography game in Gemini space

          Earlier this week I created Where in the World?, a daily geography puzzle game where you have to guess the country from a picture.

        • Chunked self expression

          Micro-blogs, character limits and similar enforced behavior by modern platforms are not good for self expression or development of thought. Created specifically for short attention spans, they are the best at stimulating dopamine hits while providing the reader with no worth while information whatsoever.

        • Introducing the Re:log concept

          The Gemini-space is really versatile and offers countless ways to interact with, one aspect I love so much on Gemini is this direct thread that links a capsule to another one! On dynamic aggregators, like Antenna, you can often find entries that directly address other Gemlogs by simply adding a “Re:” before the title’s Gemlog they are referring to, exactly as you would reply to an email from your favorite client!

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    The EPO under Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos is just rubber-stamping invalid monopolies or licences to sue

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    The site Beta Noise ("News") is a GNU/Linux-hostile propaganda mill of Microsoft that's moreover posting webspam, misleading clickbait, FUD, and even shameless plagiarism

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  11. Microsoft Windows in Turkey: From 99.45% to Not Even 9.13% (Relative Market Share Fell Tenfold in Just Over a Decade)

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    Microsoft staff is getting more sweaty than Ballmer under the neck; Microsoft layoffs are spinning out of control and cannot be concealed from the public (usually perma-temp loopholes are used to hide that it is happening or the true extent of it)

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  15. IRC Proceedings: Tuesday, August 09, 2022

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  17. In DistroWatch, Peppermint is Already More Popular Than Devuan Itself

    Without systemd, people can still use GNU/Linux and there seems to be growing interest in Devuan, which implements Debian GNU/Linux without the heavy dependence on Microsoft's employee Lennart and his bloatware

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  20. IRC Proceedings: Monday, August 08, 2022

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    EPO whistleblowers are needed (people with access to various communications, documents and verifiable words from the grapevine); today we remind — for the first time in video form — how to safely (on a relative scale) tell us stuff and send us stuff

  22. [Meme] Each According to His Abilities...

    Free software should all along have been governed by people with relevant skills; we’ve been seeing the exact same issue at the EPO

  23. Request for More Information on EPO/EUIPO Corruption

    A look at stuff we've been working on and investigate at the moment (we need help with information gathering)

  24. [Meme] Qualified and Diplomatic Immunity Begets Crime

    Europe's biggest patent office has sadly become a place that shelters and rewards criminals, who don't even know or care about the purpose of this office

  25. Mind-Blowing and Likely Verifiable Rumours About More High-Level Corruption at the European Patent Office (EPO)

    EPO corruption and extremely serious abuse, as told frankly and reported by informed sources; some of that is the subject of ongoing investigations

  26. According to StatCounter, GNU/Linux Reaches All-Time High on Desktops and Laptops (Steam Survey Shows the Same)

    We've been looking lately at the demise of Microsoft Windows because the corporate ("mainstream" or "tech") media does not mention it; GNU/Linux is among those rising steadily at Windows' expense (Android more so)

  27. Links 08/08/2022: EasyOS 4.3.3 and Debian Day 2022 After Silencing Dissent

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  28. PeppermintOS Without Systemd More Popular Than the 'Standard' Edition?

    PeppermintOS without systemd has more seeders than the "default" or the standard edition of the GNU/Linux distro; maybe they should consider making Devuan the default base system

  29. Links 08/08/2022: Rescuezilla 2.4 and GUADEC Notes

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