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This Helps Explain Why SFC (and FSF-EEE, Which Misuses the FSF Name) Resorted to Character Assassination Against Professor Moglen, Helped by Microsoft Shills Who Compare Moglen to a Wife Murderer

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Nov 10, 2023,
updated Nov 10, 2023

Eben Moglen is a Professor for Law School in the Columbia University with one video in the C-SPAN Video Library; the first appearance was a 2010 House Committee.

For those who don't know yet, based on unambiguous leaks the FSFE (which we now call FSF-EEE) clearly abuses trademarks and acts as an imposter of the FSF, relying on false beliefs to collect money from FSF and GNU supporters across Europe. The FSF is very unhappy about it and considered taking action in the past.

Moreover, SFC is basically ripping off the good reputation of SFLC (not the same) and after years of disputes Professor Moglen et al finally took action.

It should hardly be surprising that SFC now attempts to publicly harass/humiliate Professor Moglen ("When All They Have Left is Ad Hominem Attacks..."), amplified by FSF-EEE - a fellow imposter - and helped as usual by online militants or mobsters who casually libel me by impersonating people and have habitually compared Professor Moglen to a wife murderer*, which isn't just slanderous but highly immoral (autistic people like some of these militants cannot grasp morality though, they apparently have "wife skeletons" in their own closets and they keep harassing women, including my wife).

Anyway, today we have an update on the trademark case/s and how SFC tries to muzzle Moglen (while publicly humiliating him, trying to paint him as some kind of dangerous monster). To quote a reader of ours:

Dr. Schestowitz,

I have been watching the progress of the SFLC v SFC trademark case. A new document was submitted yesterday:

In summary, the Board has granted the protective order that Sandler and Kuhn have filed. From p13:

"In view thereof, the Board finds that Respondent has shown good cause for the sought-after protective order, and the motion is granted. Mr. Moglen is precluded from taking or attending the depositions of Mr. Kuhn and Ms. Sandler, in person or virtually."

The document provides the Board's reasoning for granting the protective order. SFC has 30 days to respond.

Just as a reminder, Mr. Kuhn and Ms. Sandler keep slandering Dr. Stallman while bagging loads of money and pretending they speak for the GPL (the FSF is too afraid of IBM to utter a word about RHEL tricks), but Stallman has cancer now, so they might have shifted their focus to his potential 'heir'. Ms. Sandler wants to collect her ~20,000 dollars per month (she calls this "pro bono") without Moglen being able to even speak. How heartless.

* One of them has since then 'vanished' the evidence, which was posted to Microsoft's GitHub at [redacted] (instead resorting to harassment against their exposers) and another is Matthew J Garrett. Notice how it's usually the same militants behind all these actions. They compare Moglen to Hans Reiser while making fake blogs about myself (yours truly) supporting Adolf Hitler and Unabomber, then creating fake accounts bearing my name and photo, linking to these blogs. They also keep harassing my wife, as recently as days ago, and someone noted that "Rianne was not falsely identifying as a paralegal, the attacker was" (the person attacking her fakes credentials). That same person said: "Microsoft hires catspaws who are nuttier than squirrel shit so that their character distracts from their Microsoft connection" (several of them sought work at Microsoft or were invited to work for Microsoft, based on their public admissions). Mr. Kuhn and Ms. Sandler did, on more than a single occasion, raise money from Microsoft, but that was a few years ago. The same is true for FSF-EEE.

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