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Microsoft Loses Market Share, Market Price of Windows Plunges to Almost Nothing (28 Dollars for Vista 10)

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Nov 26, 2023

Goodnight, Microsoft?

Lake Sunset: Sunset over a lake in Canada

I've only just noticed the newly-released report from Netraft. It speaks of a "loss of 1.2 million sites, a gain of 1.1 million domains [probably parked junk], and a gain of 112,102 web-facing computers." (For growing average site bloat)

For Microsoft, server sales must be falling (Microsoft is only down and down again, as per this new report):

Web server developers: Market share of the top million busiest sites

"Over 25 million sites, primarily parked domains, moved from Google to Amazon this month," it says, "a 20% increase in the number of sites hosted by Amazon." Microsoft used this trick with GoDaddy in order to pretend it was still relevant on the Web (with millions of merely parked domains).

Watch the sharp decline (one-month difference) in the number of machines:

Web server developers: Market share of computers

On the client side, watch what happened to the price of Windows (via):

UP 7000 series

GNU/Linux has grown so potent that Microsoft now charges only dozens of bucks for Vista 10. Notice that they also charge for Debian 12 ($14.99). Assuming they charge ~15 dollars to install a freely-available operating system, it seems like Microsoft only gets about 28 dollars for Vista 10 "Enterprise" (whatever this glorified label actually means), minus VAT.

Being Intel-based, it is not just full of back doors (that you simply cannot remove, even if you change the operating system) but also overpriced, not energy-efficient, and not even remotely competitive when one considers the various "Pi" computers. The x86 monoculture will need to send lots of 'gifts' to Phoronix to maintain the fact-ageing illusion of relevance if not necessity.

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