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posted by Roy Schestowitz on Dec 02, 2023

Updated This Past Day

  1. 32+ Years Ago Richard Stallman Said the Free Software Movement Was Doomed Because of Software Patents
    Richard Stallman Thought GNU/Linux Was Doomed Due to Software Patents
  2. Audiocasts/Shows: pfSense Makes no Sense, Cyber|Show on Fixing The System
    2 episodes
  3. KDE Plasma 6 Desktop Environment Is Now Available for Public Beta Testing
    The KDE Project released today the first beta version of the upcoming KDE Plasma 6 desktop environment for public testing three weeks after the alpha development milestone.
  4. This week in KDE: the Plasma 6 feature freeze approaches
    At this point nearly all the planned features for Plasma 6 are done


  5. Today in Techrights
    Some of the latest articles
  6. Fourteen new GNU Release and Free Software Directory Meeting This Coming Friday
    Some GNU news
  7. Advocating a better Kernel Integration for all
    The testing ecosystem in the Linux kernel has been steadily growing, but are efforts sufficiently coordinated?
  8. Distributions: Comparing Options, Distributions Devroom at FOSDEM 2024, and Development of EasyOS
    3 news picks
  9. Canonical/Ubuntu: Hardware, Ubuntu Summit 2023, and Switching Workspaces
    Some Ubuntu-centric news and such
  10. Inkscape 1.3.2 solves data loss bug in previous release
    data loss bug in 1.3.1
  11. today's howtos
    many for this Saturday
  12. Android Leftovers
    Big Android feature drop adds some cool new Wear OS and smart home tricks
  13. today's leftovers
    4 links for now
  14. Proxmox Backup Server 3.1 Brings Secure Boot Compatibility
    Based on Debian 12.2 “Bookworm,” Proxmox Backup Server 3.1 ships with secure boot and local sync jobs support
  15. BSD: Upgrade to FreeBSD 14.0 and Hosting a Gopher Hole on a Raspberry Pi 4 via FreeBSD 14 and Gophernicus
    Some BSD adventures
  16. Programming Leftovers
    Python, Perl, and more
  17. Microsoft Windows TCO (Breaches and Espionage, Sabotage)
    Best of Windows TCO
  18. Red Hat Leftovers, Mostly Corporate Puff Pieces
    Not much left except their fluff this year
  19. today's leftovers
    3 more links
  20. Free, Libre, and Open Source Software: Job Prospects, RETVec, dnsdbq, Teleport Adopts AGPLv3
    4 FOSS links
  21. Open Hardware: Arduino and More
    half about Arduino
  22. Raspberry Pi Projects and Stories
    4 for today
  23. ASRock Challenger ITX Intel Arc A380 Graphics Card
    Intel Arc on Linux, Ubuntu
  24. Applications: Free, Proprietary, and Openwashed
    Misc. news about software
  25. Games: Control, Roots of Pacha, Steam Deck, and More
    mostly stories by Liam Dawe
  26. Cinnamon 6 and the beta of KDE 6 both arrive at once
    The overlap is just a coincidence, and the two projects have differing approaches to versioning. Cinnamon is much younger: the project began in 2011, based on GNOME 3.2.1. KDE, on the other hand, is 14 years older: the first beta was in 1997, making it one of the oldest open source desktops
  27. GNU/Linux Apparently Growing Closer to 4% Worldwide Right Now (Not Counting ChromeOS, Which is Also a GNU/Linux Operating System)
    Just a little before rounding up makes it 4%
  28. Android Leftovers
    Here’s how your Android phone alerts you of an earthquake
  29. Weston Composite Server 13.0 Released with OpenGL Rendering
    A six-month development effort combined in the latest Weston 13 release. Here's what's new.
  30. /e/OS 1.17 Released with Enhanced Privacy and Functionality
    The /e/OS 1.17 just relased, bringing a wave of enhancements, from improved privacy measures to a redesigned user interface.
  31. $14.90 RADXA ROCK S0 runs on Rockchip RK3308BS
    Radxa states that the ROCK S0 offers compatibility with popular Linux distributions such as Debian and Ubuntu
  32. This week in KDE: changing the wallpaper from within System Settings
    Plasma 6 beta 1 has been released! And so far the feedback has been very positive
  33. today's howtos
    mostly from Dave McKay
  34. Arch Linux’s December 2023 ISO Release Brings Linux 6.6 LTS, Updated Installer
    Arch Linux 2023.12.01 is out today as Arch Linux’s ISO snapshot for December 2023 powered by a new kernel and featuring a much-improved installation experience.
  35. CentOS's November 2023 Newsletter and Fedora Magazine on ‘rpm-ostree search’
    Some Red Hat stuff
  36. Maui Release Briefing # 4 - MauiKit
    Today, we bring you a report on the brand-new release of the Maui Project
  37. Proprietary Dangers, Openwashing, and Microsoft
    half a dozen links for now
  38. Security Patches and Windows TCO
    half a dozen stories, via "Dissent"
  39. libvirt-glib release 5.0.0
    I am pleased to announce that a new release of the libvirt-glib package, version 5.0.0
  40. Reducing Mutter dependencies
    Mutter, if you don't know what it is, is a Wayland display server and an X11 window manager and compositor library
  41. Databases: Pgpool-II Releases, PostgreSQL Conference Germany 2024, and More
    3 links for today
  42. Debian Family: FLOSS Activities, New Debian Developers, and Junichi Uekawa Does Tea
    Some Debian bits
  43. Programming Leftovers
    R, Python, Qt, and more
  44. today's leftovers
    4 more stories
  45. Security Leftovers
    Windows TCO, CISA, and more
  46. Mozilla: Firefox in Mozilla’s .deb Package, Tecken, and Servo
    Browser work and builds
  47. Canonical/Ubuntu: VMs, Retro, Hype, and More
    Mostly corporate stuff from Canonical
  48. Open Hardware/Modding: NUCDeck, Embedded Development, RISC-V, and More
    4 stories
  49. Proprietary Software: Microsoft's Tax Crimes and the Risk of SaaS
    two stories for now
  50. today's howtos
    many howtos
  51. Godot 4.2 arrives in style!
    Godot 4.2 brings more rendering features and better platform support
  52. Android Leftovers
    Exciting new Samsung Galaxy feature rolls out ahead of Android 14! Know how it works
  53. Security, Chatbots (Spybots), and Windows TCO
    assorted and sorted security links
  54. today's leftovers
    5 links, 3 about coding
  55. Free, Libre, and Open Source Software Leftovers
    FOSS news
  56. Linux Devices and Open Hardware/Modding
    Some hardware news
  57. Raspberry Pi Stories, Projects, Hacks (Including Raspberry Pi 5)
    5 Raspberry Pi links
  58. GNU Taler v0.9.3 released
    We have addressed over 200 individual issues, our bug tracker has the full list. Notable changes include: [...]
  59. Games: Proton Experimental, Steam Deck, and More
    7 new articles from Liam Dawe
  60. 6 Best Free and Open Source Human Resource Management Software
    Here’s our verdict captured in a legendary LinuxLinks-style ratings chart
  61. Fed up with Linux/Debian, moving all the things to FreeBSD!
    I decided to upgrade all of my servers
  62. Troubles at X and Overwhelming Fear of Microsoft Layoffs at Activision Blizzard
    Proprietary giants waning

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A Year After Microsofters Told Us Google Was 'Doomed' Google Reaches Peak Usage in Africa (Growing at Bing's Expense)
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Microsoft 'News' Sites: All Those Tech Layoffs (Microsoft #1 in Tech Layoffs Last Month) Are Due to Buzzwords We Promote
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Microsoft: Our Bing Thing Does "Hey Hi" Now. Asia: Meh. We'd Rather Use Russia's Yandex.
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