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Online Media as a Lying Machine of Microsoft and Bill Gates (and, As Usual, Follow the Money)

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Dec 11, 2023,
updated Dec 11, 2023

Microsoft and water scarcity in Mexico: A perspective from our CEO

'Hidden' somewhere in the middle of this article:

Microsoft is using a technology from my friend’s company, FIDO AI to proactively invest in finding and fixing the water leaks in over 350 km of pipes throughout the city of Querétaro.

THE Techrights community typically limits its coverage of climate issues to Daily Links (like the last batch), but there is a Microsoft angle that we cannot easily overlook. Mexico News Daily has just published this greenwashing Microsoft propaganda. While Microsoft hoards lots of water at a time of droughts in order to feed its mass plagiarism machine we're meant to absorb terms like "neutrality" and think a "worsening water problem might actually be solved by Microsoft".

This is despicable spin. The Linux Foundation did the same thing for Microsoft. It gets paid by Microsoft to lie to us.

If that's not bad enough, consider how the media, even Wikipedia, engages in Bill Gates-funded [1, 2] greenwashing activities.

"Apropos Bill's reputation laundering," one person told us, "comments pointing out that the Bill Foundation is nothing more than a tax dodge really rile up the marketing companies trying to manage perception."

The corrupting influence of Gates in this area is widely known by now, as many articles were published about it in recent years. Gates just tries to outspend the real media or bribe some of it to leave people confused, or undecided at best.

The other day we noticed this dodgy site saying that "80 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions from the Norwegian salmon farms come from the fish's food," not taking stock of Norway's fossil fuels or any other factors.

Perhaps we should also plug the cows' butts to stop their farts while Mr. Gates flies private if not jumbo jets around the planet... for Jeffrey Epstein to introduce him to "rich people" (Jeffrey Epstein was only known and unique for introducing people to very young "people", not "rich people").

Skeleton Hand And Rhino: Skeleton hand holding a black apple for a skeleton dinosaur to eatSo is the issue of climate really so simple? Is it something about animals eating grass? If we assume that's what causes climate change, why won't we just cull all non-human animals and call it a day? And no, Gates isn't a vegetarian, he wants to reserve meat for himself while building a vegan empire [1, 2].

But like Mr. Gates and Jeffrey Epstein, all we have here is grotesque misdirection and distraction from real solutions. It was the same in COP28.

"Different carbon cycle," as an associate put it, is what we deal with here. "One is biological the other is fossil. Gates and co intentionally ignore that and have people chasing red herrings. The problem is fossil carbon, the solution is stopping release of fossil carbon. Private jets are a major source of fossil carbon emissions. And Gates' frequent flier miles on [Jeffrey Epstein's] Lolita Express are ignored by the media beholden to advertising money and 'donations' from Microsoft and its partners."

Why does Mexico News Daily publish Microsoft propaganda?

Why? Watch the people named in the article.

Here's the key part: "Microsoft is using a technology from my friend’s company, FIDO AI to proactively invest in finding and fixing the water leaks in over 350 km of pipes throughout the city of Querétaro."

OK, so it is shameless advertising, at the expense of truth itself.

"Apropos advertising," the associate added, "remember the Swedish site GNUheter? They never could collect advertising money because the advertisers always considered Linux usage "inauthentic", despite the site being a GNU/Linux oriented news aggregation and discussion forum. Go figure."

Microsoft enjoys a network of facilitators, not merely sellouts, not just in organisations like OSI and the so-called 'Linux' Foundation. A lot of the so-called 'media' actively helps Microsoft and Gates spread lies.

The lies go a lot further than greenwashing. One might even compare to this Russian misinformation, e.g. Ukraine's "stalemate" (urging politicians to cut military support). A "stalemate" is not one country taking "only a portion" of another country, like Microsoft taking "only the kernel" in GNU/Linux.

Any pause in the fighting just allows Putin to regroup and resupply, as someone has put it. Or more time to rebuild military capacities... then resume the invasion. Blitzkrieg style.

Similarly, some of the media tells us that "Microsoft loves Linux" so that we put our weapons down and stop fighting back against the aggressor. To name another example, "open source has won" according to Nat Friedman (still in Microsoft) - which by his standards simply means Microsoft bought GitHub and now controls the competition. Moments ago "darwin" in IRC gave me an update about his prior experience, being blocked by GitHub. To quote "darwin": "someone on libera #github says my 'traceroute' is correct; he has the same and is able to connect. Often I can download with curl or wget from there, but sometimes not. I noticed same with it usually/always fails with git, but sometimes works with curl & wget... maybe the article about supposed GitHub outage engineered by Microsoft needs updating. Maybe it's as someone said earlier here, they're collapsing under their own weight (or maybe also current stable git has some flaw curl & wget don't) [...] so Microsoft is actually doing 'embrace, extend, extinguish' to GitHub. I don't know if it's on purpose (since they make at least three GNU/Linux OS distributions for several years) but by cutting funding/offices that's the effect" (more in IRC scrollback). GNU/Linux is still under attack and they keep telling us that the victim (the target) is "unruly" and "opinionated" or "rude".

They similarly keep arresting climate protesters. They never arrest any polluters.

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