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Wikipedia is Vandalism, Brought to You by Microsoft and Bill Gates

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Dec 08, 2023

Reprinted with permission from Ryan Farmer.

According to Wikipedia, the United Kingdom Fought on the Side of Manuel Noriega and the Nazis Assisted the United States. Corporate Vandalism is More Serious.

I went to read the article on the US invasion of Panama to remove Manuel Noriega, and found this:

Wikipedia vandalism

Of course, you can probably see what the problems are.

For starters, the Canadians and British were supposedly at war with the United States, taking the side of Panamanian dictator Noriega, and the United States was assisted by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, which ceased to exist at the end of World War II, over 40 years prior to the intervention in Panama.

The correct version is this:

Wikipedia vandalism undone

I always correct Wikipedia vandalism when I see it and request article protection of some kind when it’s getting out of control.

The unfortunate thing is, that anyone who links to an article gets the article, in a vandalized state. Sometimes the vandalism is stupid or obvious like a bunch of random letters or saying that the Axis from World War II was involved in a military intervention of the late 1980s, and sometimes it’s a corporate PR firm from the oil and tobacco companies, Walmart, Microsoft, etc.

Many corporate trolls pay a lot of money to make sure that their vandalism of Wikipedia “sticks”. They have PR firms that provide “editors” who rack up a lot of edits and win “elections” to watch over Wikipedia as a whole, and then as a backstop, they make sure that the foundation behind Wikipedia is subservient to the moneyed interests.

Microsoft and Wikipedia

Bill Gates and Wikipedia

After George W. Bush started defunding the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in the 2000s, I started seeing ads for BP and Walmart, now there are ads everywhere.

They say that these “don’t affect their content”, but with government funding being “only 1.6% of the budget”, who affects the content? The people paying for the lights to be kept on.

You don’t shit on who is paying the bills. “This guy gets whatever he wants.”

The Wikipedia “project” is as much of a charity as NPR was after BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster. They needed PR and they needed it fast, after dumping 134 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

Then spraying it with toxic “dispersants” which caused it to fall to the sea floor and cause a disaster where the news cameras couldn’t see it.

Where did they go? Why, NPR and PBS of course. Then there were “documentaries” about BP washing oil off of birds. Where did the oil come from? Don’t let your tiny little smooth brain worry about that, my friend.

With Microsoft, Bill Gates, and Wikipedia, it’s the same song and dance.

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