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Lying to Canadian Authorities to Harass People, Even to Harass Their Spouses

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Apr 01, 2024,
updated Apr 01, 2024

Forging people's addresses is illegal in such forms ("ON" is short for Ontario and the postcode is totally made up in an effort to fool clerical people in Ontario, wrongly assuming my wife and I live in Ontario, Canada):

Harassing Rianne

Harassing Roy

THE CRIMINAL behaviour of the Free software-hostile militants was documented here in recent months after it had gone on since 2022 (if not even earlier). They went too far, got caught, and then panicked when we simply explained to the world what they had done.

Now, watch the screenshots above (some blurring needed).

In the coming weeks we'll explain what's happening here, showing how Canada allowed a frivolous serial filer to abuse the system. This filer has long abused this system and then tried using narcotics as an excuse for this abuse. Being stoned does not entitle you to immunity.

To be clear, it is not our country, not our address, and this is done to essentially lie to tribunals, trying to trick them into participating in the harassment (based on false information, provided falsely in a deliberate matter).

Canadian authorities will likely shy away from re-arresting an autistic person (autistic by own admission) who marks the "disabled"/"disability" box, but that would only contribute to negative perceptions many people already have about Canadian politics.

It has just been reported by CBC that "Ontario deficit will triple as economy weakens, 2024 budget shows" (maybe processing invalid files that contain deliberate lies, and doing so several times over, will cost the Ontario taxpayers way too much, in effect directing tax money into harassment of British people for some lunatic's frail ego, whose social control media accounts keep getting banned for extremism).

Ontario, your prison system exists for a reason. Use it. Or lose money trying to retrain hopeless, mindless people. They're unfit for Twitter (too extreme) and they constantly harass everyone around them. Putting them with inmates would amount to torture, but there's no other way.

We'll say more next Monday. Meanwhile we're off for a holiday.

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