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Techrights Now in Morse

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Apr 01, 2024


April 1st but not a joke

THIS Web site (from 2006) adopted IRC in 2008, IPFS in 2020, and Gemini in 2021. Now we have another option.

Some months ago we said that the Morse code edition of the site's RSS feed would become available. Happy Easter gesture? April 1st? Whatever the motivation, this is now up and running (since midnight tidat). Amateur Radio (ham radio) and Morse code enthusiasts may find use for it.

The URL for the latest headlines, in Morse code:

It is refreshed every four hours at the top of the hour, but maybe that is too often, said the person who had worked on it. We can check to see how many people use it and then decide on update frequency.

How Does It Work?

The shell script publishes the latest headlines, up to 10 of them, at a reasonable WPM using the Farnsworth method to increase the time between individual letters to allow beginners to keep up, hopefully.

The Code

The underlying code ( and is not in Git, at least not yet. We shall see how many people make use of it. It can be extended further.

With the current modules, FLAC is the only working option.

Converting the file to other formats is feasible, even at the server side (automated).


If some HAMs out there find this useful, let us know in IRC. If enough people make use of it, maybe we can keep this as a permanent thing.

Happy Easter. We won't publish much else today.

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