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posted by Roy Schestowitz on Apr 03, 2024

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Updated This Past Day

  1. Sixteen new GNU releases and GNU Parallel 20240322 ('Sweden')
    Some GNU releases
  2. Massive Data Breach at AT&T
    AT&T in "damage control" mode
  3. In Norway, Microsoft Windows Falls to About Half of Desktops/Laptops, GNU/Linux Measured at Around 20% [original]
    Windows was measured at 93% 15 years ago


  4. EasyOS, Ubuntu, Programming, and More
    today's leftovers
  5. Fedora and Red Hat Leftovers
    mostly Fedora
  6. Open Hardware/Modding: ESP32, Sparkfun, and More
    Some hardware-side news
  7. today's howtos
    5 howtos for today
  8. Security Leftovers
    Security related news and updates
  9. Serpent OS: The March Of Progress
    Loads of awesome, baremetal is enabled, ISO cycle in next couple of weeks.
  10. Databases: pgmoneta 0.10 and Ora2Pg 24.3 Released
    Two new psql releases
  11. Debian: Thoughts on xz and Reports From Colin Watson and Ben Hutchings
    3 stories from Debian folks
  12. Android Leftovers
    Urgent text alert issued to Android users - check your phone now to avoid costly error
  13. Programming Leftovers
    Programming related news
  14. BSD, Games, Windows TCO, and Openwashing
    today's leftovers
  15. Beyond the Jokes: April Fools’ Day through the Linux’s Lens
    April Fools' Day and Fedora's KDE Plasma switch
  16. Avaota A1 open-source hardware SBC is powered by Allwinner T527 octa-core Cortex-A55 SoC
    There’s nothing about software support right now, but a screenshot running Linux 6.6
  17. Kirigami Addons 1.1.0
    It’s again time for a new Kirigami Addons release
  18. today's howtos
    some howtos for noon
  19. Open Hardware: Pinkpad and More
    Some hardware projects/news
  20. Linux Candy: ASCII Art Converter
    We only feature open source software in this series
  21. Best Free and Open Source Linux Software And Dart Static Site Generators
    Open source software is any program where the developer releases the source code for free
  22. Orange Pi Teases Upgraded Orange Pi 5 Pro SBC with LPDDR5 and M.2 Key Slot
    Regarding software, the product page indicates that the SBC will support OrangePi OS, Ubuntu, Debian and Android 12
  23. Free, Libre, and Open Source Software Leftovers
    Also some on education and Mozilla
  24. Programming, Linux and BSD Leftovers
    kernel and coding
  25. Games: MyRGB and ScummVM 2.8.1
    Some news and releases
  26. What Is Tails OS: Everything You Need To Know In 2024!
    Tails, the Amnesic Incognito Live System
  27. Open Hardware and Linux Devices
    Some hardware stories from yesterday
  28. today's howtos
    5 howtos for today
  29. Security and Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt/Fear-mongering/Dramatisation Leftovers
    FUD about "linux" too
  30. 8 Best Ubuntu Screen Recorder Apps to Install in 2024
    No matter which platform you use for your active computing requirements, you will always need certain features and abilities to smoothen your workflow
  31. Today in Techrights
    Some of the latest articles

    The corresponding text-only bulletin for Tuesday contains all the text.

    Top-read articles (excluding bot/crawler visits):

    Span from 2024-03-27 to 2024-04-02
    2400 /n/2024/03/29/A_backdoor_in_xz.shtml
    1152 /n/2024/04/01/Software_Wireshark_Release_and_More.shtml
    1007 /n/2024/03/23/Openwashing_GitLab_Censorship_Without_Challenge_Redis_and_More.shtml
    888 /n/2024/03/29/Ubuntu_Team_Kodi_PPA_Officially_Retired.shtml
    881 /n/2024/03/26/Canonical_Extends_LTS_Support_to_12_Years.shtml
    847 /n/2024/03/29/KDE_Plasma_6_Experience_A_Practical_Review.shtml
    775 /n/2024/03/30/Meet_Marknote_KDE_s_WYSIWYG_Note_Taking_Application_for_Linux.shtml
    773 /n/2024/03/30/RIP_Ross_Anderson.shtml
    767 /n/2024/03/28/Linux_capable_RISC_V_soft_cores_for_Achronix_FPGAs.shtml
    765 /n/2024/03/28/today_s_howtos.shtml
    762 /n/2024/03/29/Canonical_to_manually_approve_new_Snap_package_names.shtml
    745 /index.shtml
    730 /n/2024/03/29/today_s_howtos.shtml
    727 /n/2024/03/30/today_s_howtos.shtml
    718 /n/2024/03/31/today_s_howtos.shtml
    718 /n/2024/03/28/Programming_Leftovers.shtml

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