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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: July 3rd, 2008

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schestowitzLook who is depressed again (good essay): 03 08:23
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schestowitzHi, kentma.Jul 03 08:59
kentmahi schestowitz.  I went to muenchen on the hottest day of the year ... :-)Jul 03 09:00
kentmahow's Manchester?Jul 03 09:00
schestowitzBeen the same over here. Jul 03 09:00
schestowitzWhich is unfortunate because it happens exactly when I do physical work (setting up hardware and stuff).Jul 03 09:01
kentmaNot ideal for working, is it?  Anyway, back home now.  Supposed to be rainy today, I understand.Jul 03 09:02
schestowitzWell, Independence Day is near, so I look forward to a quiet time to catch up. If it gets gloomy, that's a shame really.Jul 03 09:04
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schestowitzkentma, I suppose you know  Morgan Gillis?Jul 03 09:06
kentmaMorgan Gillis?   I don't think so...Jul 03 09:07
schestowitzHe's heading LiMo now, having defected from Symbian. They are shipping many Linux phones soon, without that Novell-Mono some Canadian ISV try to put in it.Jul 03 09:07
kentmaAh, oh yes, I recall the changeover now.  I do know a couple of the guys at LiMo, and managed to get $employer to join it last year, which was pleasing indeed.Jul 03 09:08
kentmaVirgin Media were on the news this morning, they've been sending threatening letters to their customers at the behest of the BPI.  Radio 4's today programme had a student on who'd received one such letter, and claimed it was not true;  He was very upset about it, and indicated that Virgin Media would probably lose customers, so I presume he'll be seeking a new ISP.Jul 03 09:11
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schestowitzHave you seen what Glyn wrote about it? Hold on.Jul 03 09:12
schestowitzGlyn M: D: html 03 09:12
kentmaokay - looking nowJul 03 09:13
schestowitzThis could assist copylefted artists and their art. In a sense, the BPI and those acting at its behest are just repelling their own consumers (both ISPs *and* media). Nice lesson for RIAAJul 03 09:14
kentmaThey're desperately trying to maintain a dated business model.  I think for music, the money is going to be in performances and touring again, like it was before vinyl recordings became commonplace.  This is good for the real artists, as they can perform, but not good for the record companies promoting lip-syncher's, as they cannot perform.  Perhaps we've seen the last "mickey mouse-club" pop-star?Jul 03 09:15
schestowitzLOL @ "lip-synche"Jul 03 09:16
kentmathe apostrophe was a typo, of course... :-)Jul 03 09:17
kentmaHi guardian column is good.Jul 03 09:17
schestowitzWell, Mickey Mouse Club can also produce another Timberlake, Spears and Aguilerra, but will people come? People wants convenience, not  DRM. The "we'll attack them! That'll teach them!" attitude will backfire. They put FANS on PROBATION.Jul 03 09:18
kentmaThey won't remain fans for very long then... btw - have you watched any of the teeny-bop video pop lately?  The videos are now so formulaic it's a) impossible to watch them and b) impossible to tell the difference between them :-)Jul 03 09:20
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schestowitzMorning, PetoKraus. kentma, I missed your last message. There are still a few musicians that make actual videos, not just headshots, cars, and booty.Jul 03 10:31
kentmaOh, I know - it was the teeny-pop I was referring to.  It's the teeny-pop which is the main issue for the recording companies, because it has such a short lifetime, because it's so awful...Jul 03 10:33
schestowitzThe teeny-pop part of it is just selling sex,or at least allure. Those overseeing it care more about revenue than artistic merit (or integrity). You'd have to wonder how some singers feel about it. Some of them get rejected based on looks.Jul 03 10:35
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RogerBacon.....Jul 03 15:34
RogerBacon** the RIAA ;)Jul 03 15:34
RogerBaconwhy windows is so unresponsible when it run more than a **** weel ....Jul 03 15:35
PetoKrausweek?Jul 03 15:38
PetoKrauswell, yes, welcome to the jungle.Jul 03 15:38
PetoKraushaah, new review on phoronix.... AMD is beating nVidia on Linux (when using AA/AF)Jul 03 15:51
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RogerBacon8 day, 9 hoursJul 03 16:25
RogerBacon1.33 go used for pag. file .... and nothing is running except firefox (ver 3)Jul 03 16:25
RogerBaconirc, foxit reader ...Jul 03 16:25
RogerBaconanywayJul 03 16:26
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schestowitzHi, arora.Jul 03 16:54
arorahiJul 03 16:54
aroraschestowitz:hiJul 03 16:55
schestowitzPetoKraus, I'm pretty impressed with my new NVidia card. iit can handle Compiz very nicely even at 4000+ pixels on 1200 (dual)Jul 03 16:55
PetoKrausheh, nice.Jul 03 16:55
schestowitzI keep forgetting to set myself to "away" when I leave somewhere. Then people think I'm impolite rather than absent.Jul 03 16:56
PetoKrauswell, i tend to suspend my machine :PJul 03 16:57
schestowitzIt should be a long weekend due to Independence Day, so I'm hoping to get my new machine ready, software-wise. I\'m very impressed with the latest Mandriva. I used Mandrake twice before, but never Mandriva.Jul 03 17:00
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RogerBaconjust cheked a video on youtube, was tlaking about you're federal reserveJul 03 17:04
RogerBaconit's basicly owned by private banker ... wow ..Jul 03 17:04
schestowitzGot URL, RogerBacon?Jul 03 17:05
RogerBaconhttp://www.globalresearch...Jul 03 17:06
PetoKrausdo you guys know about workrave?Jul 03 17:07
RogerBaconhere's the youtube link : 03 17:08
schestowitz 03 17:08
schestowitzThat's new to me.Jul 03 17:08
schestowitzty, RogerBacon Jul 03 17:08
PetoKrausschestowitz: i've just started using it. Among the fact, that it buggers me every other while to stop typing, there are statistics....Jul 03 17:10
PetoKrauslike, mouse distance travelled, effective mouse distance travelled, keystrokes, mousestrokes... you know :)Jul 03 17:10
schestowitzSuppression and abuse fascinate me not only where computing is concerned, but I hardly ever write politics things. If you want the political things (including the "Fascism" slur), see Planete Beranger.Jul 03 17:11
schestowitz*politicalJul 03 17:11
RogerBaconthis country is ** up !Jul 03 17:12
PetoKrausyou're from canada?Jul 03 17:13
RogerBaconyesJul 03 17:13
RogerBaconbut please dont say that mine is too ;)Jul 03 17:13
RogerBacon(Quebec)Jul 03 17:14
PetoKrausi think i didn't get itJul 03 17:14
PetoKrausanyway, slovakia is not :) Sweet Europe.Jul 03 17:14
schestowitzThe UK is prisoner of the US, technology-wise.Jul 03 17:15
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PetoKrauswell, in an hour, my fingers made 51 m long run on the mousepad. That seems scary.Jul 03 17:25
schestowitzDid you play DOOM at nightmare mode?Jul 03 17:26
PetoKrausno, not at all...Jul 03 17:26
schestowitzHmmm.... I still have Doom on my HDD, but never checked if Wine runs it.Jul 03 17:27
PetoKrausit's my normal usage... 4k keystrokes, 1k mouse button clicks, 52 metres of mouse distance travelled. Scary, really.Jul 03 17:27
PetoKrauscheck appdb.winehq.orgJul 03 17:27
PetoKrausand now, pardon me...Jul 03 17:27
PetoKrausi am gonna pack my things for my weekend trip. Roy, have a nice weekend. Talk to you later (hopefully wednesday, if all goes well).Jul 03 17:27
PetoKrausjust so you know where i am up to: 03 17:28
schestowitzI've just travelled there with my mouse.Jul 03 17:30
schestowitzGot to love these people: 03 17:37
cozubPetoKraus: if still here, what app do you use to colled this scary stats?Jul 03 17:43
cozubbtw. Tatras rule :) enjoy!Jul 03 17:43
PetoKrauscozub: it's called Workrave. www.workrave.orgJul 03 17:44
cozubthx, I'll try that on myself too :)Jul 03 17:46
schestowitzThat French 'president' is truly a piece of work: . RogerBacon mentioned fascism earilier. Well, this it it.Jul 03 17:47
RogerBaconyey, alot of people are upset about this issue, where the world is going ? :(Jul 03 17:48
schestowitzPeople are so greedy and full of themselves (like MS and OOXML) that they are willing to shove it and break the law for personal gain.Jul 03 17:48
schestowitzFor clarification, this isn't about endorsing copyright infingement. It's just a burden that all of us pay for. Where will it stop? Disconnection for browing YouTube and clicking the 'wrong' (copyrighted) content. No Internet for "Save as" on copyrighted image (or false caching detection)?Jul 03 17:49
RogerBacon 03 17:50
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schestowitzWhile Microsoft has a patent on the double-click, they might as well say that FOSS is 'illegal' and block that too (they already trash torrents);.Jul 03 17:51
PetoKrausupsetting.Jul 03 17:52
RogerBacontrashing torrent ?Jul 03 17:52
RogerBaconyeah, thx for my grammatical corectionJul 03 17:52
schestowitzRMS @ MSBBC: 03 17:53
PetoKrausis this only... matter of UK/FRA yetJul 03 17:53
PetoKrausor are the MP's actually voting on something?Jul 03 17:53
PetoKrausi mean, should i contact the slovak MP's? :PJul 03 17:54
schestowitzRogerBacon, I have many typos here and elsewhere because I don't proofread. Mind the message though, not the artifacts. I don't mind other people's typos at all.Jul 03 17:56
schestowitzPetoKraus, head of ACTA yet?Jul 03 17:57
PetoKrausyou mean 03 17:57
PetoKraus?Jul 03 17:57
RogerBaconanti-counterfait trade agrement ?Jul 03 17:58
PetoKraus:PJul 03 17:58
schestowitz 03 17:58
schestowitzIt's all being done in the back room, secretly, just because it's so draconian and they need to try and shove it in without people's scrutiny. It's worse than the BRM (OOXML) and hat too had a meeting in Geneva.Jul 03 17:59
PetoKraussometimes, i think that geneva should be subject to nuclear attackJul 03 18:00
RogerBaconofcourse, no media will talk about itJul 03 18:00
PetoKraus(the IBO HQ is there as well)Jul 03 18:00
RogerBaconwelcome to the NWO :/Jul 03 18:00
schestowitzLabel me rebellious or eccentric if you like, but I still think that some of the world's biggest criminals wear suits. Since they get to write the rules (laws), they can call *you* a criminal and call themselves policemen.Jul 03 18:01
schestowitzI think I'm about to hit Digg's front page for the third time in just one day. It's like back in the old days. No idea as to why...Jul 03 18:16
kentmaThat pretty much sums up power systems and how they work.  You should read some philosopher's works - you'd enjoy them, I think...Jul 03 18:16
schestowitzI wish I found the time to read comfortably again (without feeling like workload piles up). I just glance at text and spew some these days.Jul 03 18:19
schestowitzIt's called information overload. It's not just me reallly...Jul 03 18:19
kentmaMiddle managers in big corps have been dealing with this for about 20 years, now...Jul 03 18:20
kentmait's not pleasantJul 03 18:20
schestowitzThe former or the latter? Either way, it's a matter of adjustment.Jul 03 18:21
kentmaemail overload.   Instant messaging was really good when it first became popular back in the AIM days, but the security police became paranoid, and started installing Microsoft Messenger internal systems which are so useless, unreliable, and generally rubbish that IM more or less died out in corporates.  It's a bit like how Microsoft Word pretty much killed the document - word is so bad that it just doesn't encourage aJul 03 18:30
schestowitzI use Kate for most of my editing. Some Web-based CMSes handle the rest. I haven't run OOo for months (probably when someone sent me something). As for IM, IBM is trying it in companies but it does it the proprietary way, as usual. These things are being spied on too.Jul 03 18:33
kentmaSo, after having a period of a few years where people were working in cross-corporate teams using IM, and it really worked well, but then Microsoft persuaded everyone that it was a security risk (how can working with your suppliers and customers be a /security risk/?), sold everyone limited-scope unreliable MSN messenging, and killed off one of the few good things to have come out of the internet for companies - collabJul 03 18:34
kentmaIt's perhaps hard to spot, but proprietary vendors have been working against the internet on so many angles, because it enables so many things.Jul 03 18:35
kentmaI use OO quite a bit, because I get so many slides and documents sent to me.Jul 03 18:37
schestowitzkentma, your messages get chopped off ("doesn't encourage a" ,"for companies - collab").Jul 03 18:37
kentmanyone to write anything well at all.Jul 03 18:38
kentmaboration.Jul 03 18:38
kentmaNot sure why that happened.Jul 03 18:39
schestowitzPeople should not really mail you slides and doc. They should send you URLs to either files or -- better yet -- online presentable pages that can be printed or saved.Jul 03 18:39
schestowitzOpera's CTO has been rejecting the idea of attachments for years. It's inbox bloat.Jul 03 18:39
schestowitzThere's a limit on message length. Are you using a CLI-based IRC app?Jul 03 18:40
kentmaActually, I prefer getting the slides and documents, because getting into our corporate lan from the outside is amazingly difficult.  Email with attachments is about the only thing we have which works reliably inside and out.Jul 03 18:40
kentmaI'm using Pidgin.Jul 03 18:40
schestowitzODF is quite suitable for online sharing of simple documents. Google is a backer. Microsoft and Novell on the other hand....Jul 03 18:43
RogerBaconi *** hate youtubeJul 03 18:43
schestowitzWhy now?Jul 03 18:43
RogerBacontime to time, video are so-slow to streamJul 03 18:45
kentmaI get a lot of timeouts on UtubeJul 03 18:46
schestowitzI'm on 100MBit Ethenet, so there's never lag. Maybe the ISPs mess with your traffic, RogerBacon .Jul 03 18:47
RogerBaconewww, get some time out when doing a tracertJul 03 18:48
RogerBacon 03 18:51
*schestowitz looksJul 03 18:51
schestowitz teh internets are all broken. Jul 03 18:53
RogerBaconhaha ;)Jul 03 18:53
RogerBaconshould i contact my ISP ?Jul 03 18:54
schestowitzProbably not yet. Jumping the gun is a waste of time. Tried a proxy yet to test it?Jul 03 18:56
RogerBaconnoJul 03 18:57
RogerBaconill wait ancd if the problem persist i'll callJul 03 18:58
kentmaDon't forget that the internet runs on the telephone transport networks, and there are sonly so many submarine cables around the planet.  When they go down, the net goes down.Jul 03 19:02
schestowitzI sometimes use the W3C validator as a "is it down just for me" checker (there are proper sites for that too).Jul 03 19:06
schestowitzHmmm... maybe even 4 front pages in 1 day. This one at good odds... 03 19:08
kentmaIP doesn't have any maintenance capabilities, so when failures occur, it's extremely difficult and complex to locate and fix them.  Contrarily, telco networks are designed to self-localise faults and self-heal, but as the margins have fallen, the level of protection is reduced.Jul 03 19:08
kentmaHey - well done!Jul 03 19:08
schestowitzIt's weird because the Linux section at Digg has been dead since the trolls (and Microsoft ads) entered it.Jul 03 19:09
schestowitzI'll leave a comment. Watch how Timmy, Gary and 2 other COLA trolls mod it down within hours.Jul 03 19:09
kentmaMaybe letting it die was a good thing.  The folk at Digg must surely be concerned that the fastest growing software on the planet is not represented on their "community" site.Jul 03 19:09
schestowitzI don't think they care. They run FOSS, but they took Microsoft's money to become an MSN/Live poster child. People who are close to the management are critical too.Jul 03 19:13
kentmaBTW - interesting to note that Mr Highfield thinks that he can sell television over the internet, when the BBC is giving it away.  I wonder quite how he thinks it'll work?Jul 03 19:13
schestowitzThere's always a crowd that pays $50 for OpenOffice. BTW, see this bit of news: 03 19:14
schestowitzLikewise, there are some fools that pay extra for SUSE because it has mythical 'interop' and 'protection'.... oh! And Microsoft's approval, as if it's the FOSS police now.Jul 03 19:15
kentmaOh, I know all about the SuSE thing.  Managed to fight it off internally, but it was a close thing.Jul 03 19:20
schestowitzTalk about a draft *tap tap*Jul 03 19:22
kentmaThe problem is that the stories Microsoft tell are very very compelling.  You need to be amazingly suspicious in order to get to the bottom.Jul 03 19:24
schestowitzJust spotted this article: 03 19:31
schestowitz"9 Reasons Why Application Developers Think Their CIO Is Clueless [...] The CIO gulps vendor Kool-Aid. Did you know that there are more than 34,750 registered lobbyists in Washington, D.C., for just 435 representatives and 100 senators? That's 64 lobbyists for each congressperson."Jul 03 19:31
kentmaMany technically weak people go to vendors to ask what to do, because they can't work it out for themselves.  Technically weak people survive by hiding their weakness through political skill.  That skill often gets them into positions which they are quite unable to competently handle.Jul 03 19:34
schestowitzBribery can help too (whether subtle or not).Jul 03 19:38
kentmait starts to become part of the deal, once people have "experts" to worry about the details.Jul 03 19:39
schestowitzThe United States ought to assign 64 cops to each congressperson to protect him/her from the corporate slime. That political system sure is ruined by now, and nobody bother to care or to do something about it (disclosures are not enough).Jul 03 19:42
kentmaIt is fantastically corrupt.Jul 03 19:44
schestowitzACT is there too. They attacked me back a month ago. Bunch of 'people from W. DC' on Microsoft's payroll pretending to represent poor small businesses.Jul 03 19:48
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