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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: July 9th, 2008

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schestowitzOh, dear. It's worse than I thought... "VMware ended a long-running battle over its strategic direction on July 8, ousting co-founder and CEO Diane Greene and installing Microsoft veteran Paul Maritz in her place." So she didn't leave, she was forcibly replaced by this abuser from Microsoft. This guy is a bully; he'll ruin VMWare, for Microsoft.Jul 09 06:34
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cozubouchJul 09 07:55
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schestowitzCheck this one out: 09 13:57
rufusRoy, is that really you?  thanks for running such a great site.  It's completely spot-on, and full of win, as they sayJul 09 14:02
schestowitzThanks. :-) The site has probably expanded a tad off topic, but at least some people like it.Jul 09 14:03
rufushow can we help--send $$?Jul 09 14:05
schestowitzAt the moment I manage to make ends meet. I work as much s needed to get by, but thanks a lot for the offer.Jul 09 14:06
schestowitzAlso of interest: At the very start of this bid, it was said that Microsoft would even pay^Hbribe people to sue Yahoo, which they did. Yahoo' founder now accuses Microsoft of using Fifth ColumnistsJul 09 14:11
rufusno problems.  keep it coming, this site is, IMHO, hugely helpful (and honestly, quite eye-opening)Jul 09 14:13
schestowitzThanks. One type of help we could use is input from people. Some readers send tips or share insights here in the IRC channel. This makes the site a result of the joining of minds. Open-sourcing so to speak.Jul 09 14:16
rufusfantastic, I'll do what I can.Jul 09 14:17
schestowitzThanks. My E-mail is roy at schestowitz dot com if you ever prefer contact in private.Jul 09 14:19
rufusexcellent, thanks!Jul 09 14:40
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zeroCATShello, do I remember BN talking about a hard drive maker to avoid?Jul 09 16:38
schestowitzSeagate for starters.Jul 09 16:39
zeroCATSschestowitz: oh, cool, you are here, and thanks :-) ...anyone else?Jul 09 16:40
schestowitzI have tw drives of theirs but they have a deal with Microsoft, they preload FAT/NTFS, and they snub Linux.Jul 09 16:40
schestowitzWestern Digital is blocking sharing on behalf of the media industry. My lastest PC has Maxtor, which is good.Jul 09 16:40
schestowitz*latestJul 09 16:41
zeroCATSok, maxtor it is, I guess :-)Jul 09 16:41
schestowitzA friend of mine said that hardware benchmarks also place them favourably, but I'm no hardware expert. :-)Jul 09 16:41
zeroCATSheh, for the machine I'm putting them in, I'm worried about ethics more than performance :-)Jul 09 16:42
schestowitzgNewSense? ;-)Jul 09 16:42
zeroCATSnot quite that worried ;-), I still have mp3's (and I'm not sure - yet - if my car groks ogg)Jul 09 16:43
schestowitzWhich distro will it be? (just curious)Jul 09 16:44
zeroCATSmy w2k that has been running for ~6 years won't upgrade AVG or install FF3... I'm moving to SulphurJul 09 16:44
zeroCATSI use Werewolf at work until I can upgrade it alsoJul 09 16:44
*schestowitz imagines what it's like asking a car salesman if the ride does ogg.Jul 09 16:44
zeroCATS...and I have Shrike (FC6) on my other home box (acting mainly as a NAT)Jul 09 16:45
schestowitzF8?Jul 09 16:45
zeroCATSyesJul 09 16:45
zeroCATShonestly I've never tired not-redhat :-)Jul 09 16:45
schestowitzNovell's CEO doesn't seem to know Fedora exists.Jul 09 16:45
zeroCATS:-DJul 09 16:45
schestowitzBerry has just been released. New est one is based on F9, but probably in Japanese.Jul 09 16:46
zeroCATSLinux visibility in general is far too low :-(Jul 09 16:46
schestowitzIt depends where. In the English-speaking world it's harder to come by.Jul 09 16:46
schestowitzIt's a different story in Brazil or east Europe.Jul 09 16:47
zeroCATStrue, probably much worse here in the USA than even EuropeJul 09 16:47
schestowitzLinux and FOSS are here to stay and thrive. They dominate a lot of stuff other than desktops.Jul 09 16:48
zeroCATSoh yeah... I was just thinking, I bet there are more linux installations out there than windowsJul 09 16:48
zeroCATSon a different note, I sent my dad the 'intel skips vista' link from inquirer when it first hit, he wanted a "more credible" source, so after I noticed PCWorld carrying the story also I sent that... not sure I'd call them "more credible" thoughJul 09 16:49
zeroCATSI don't particularly trust "mainstream" ( == likely controlled by microsoft) mediaJul 09 16:49
schestowitzYes.Jul 09 16:50
zeroCATSI'm glad, REALLY glad, your site is here, it's good to get a different viewJul 09 16:50
schestowitzWell, taking one point at a time, there are billions of devices out there. ARM alone sold over 10,000,000,000 chips. Linux is dominant in devices these days.Jul 09 16:50
schestowitzBut for marketing purposes, Apple and Microsoft only talk about and market around the desktop. It demoralises/glorifies better.Jul 09 16:51
schestowitzIt was in the New York Times too (blog)Jul 09 16:51
schestowitzMaybe WSJ. It was all over the place. It broke out in the INQ, I think.Jul 09 16:51
zeroCATSyes, I mentioned the NYT link, I probably trust them more than PCWorld, at least to not lie too blatantly, but yes, inquirer had it first but it's been making the rounds, it's not just "rumor"/"unreliable report", so even people (i.e. my dad :-() that only listen to "mainstream" can't deny it any moreJul 09 16:53
schestowitzPCWorld is IDG.Jul 09 16:53
schestowitzVery Microsoft-oriented, told me some professor a while ago. They also do LinuxWorld, which isn't quite what it sounds.Jul 09 16:54
schestowitzI could show you prior reports about Intel and Vista. It was hilarious.Jul 09 16:54
zeroCATSah, right... I was at least subconciously remembering that, why I don't give them much credibility :-)Jul 09 16:54
schestowitzAMD and Intel played 'favourite kid' around Vista and then Otellini refused to talk about Vista. First he talked about SP1 and later he was just mum (as in "no comment")Jul 09 16:55
schestowitzZDNet is a mess though.Jul 09 16:55
schestowitzOne of the biggest, along with CNET, where Ina Fried serves her masters that include Paul Allen and now CBS, IIRC.Jul 09 16:55
zeroCATSsigh... too many medias that aren't trustworthy :-(Jul 09 16:56
schestowitzThe problem is that media which isn't funded by the lies (commercial interests) dies while that which markets rather than reports actually survives. So we're left with ZeeDeeNet (Ziff Davis is kaput, so CNET grabbed them) and other such cheap tablod stuff with 'bloggers' like Microsoft employee Caroll, Ed "Microsoft books" Bott, Shill Ou, and Mary watcher.Jul 09 16:57
rufus(*wakes up) ... what do you guys have to say about InfoWorld?Jul 09 16:57
zeroCATSindeed :-(... well, I should stop reading today's links and go buy a drive so I can install Sulphur :-), and I wish you continued success getting the word outJul 09 16:58
schestowitzInfoWorld isn't too bad yet, but I think they are with IDG because MacAllister writes for both.Jul 09 16:58
*zeroCATS is now away :-)Jul 09 16:58
rufusah, good pointJul 09 16:59
schestowitzAnd InforWorld too is on its way down. Last year they stopped publishing in paper, just like Linux Magazine and Journal.Jul 09 16:59
rufusit's definitely a weird time to be a free software advocate, that's for sure.Jul 09 17:00
schestowitzHow so?Jul 09 17:00
rufusthe creepy thing is that I can't help but think there's some "embrace, extend, extinguish" thing going on that we're only catching glimpses of.Jul 09 17:00
schestowitzIt's corporate politics at the end.Jul 09 17:01
schestowitzI had a chat with a friend at the gym yesterday. He's seen it all in industry.Jul 09 17:01
schestowitzThe corruption, the bribes, the political games. He too finds it fascinating.Jul 09 17:01
schestowitzThe problem for reporters is the risk of being sued for slander, even _IF THE CLAIMS ARE TRUE_Jul 09 17:02
rufushave you ever gotten any flak (legally?)Jul 09 17:02
schestowitzHe gave an example of this Formula 1 boss who sued for defamation after being explosed for cheating on his wife with many prostitutes. But it was true. He didn't deny it.Jul 09 17:02
schestowitzNot legally, no. Just threats of legal action, but nothing concrete.  Groklaw got them though.Jul 09 17:03
rufusyeah, so much for the "fourth estate"  (re: cowed journalists)Jul 09 17:03
schestowitzFifth columnists. :-)Jul 09 17:03
rufusbbiab--coding calls :DJul 09 17:05
kentma1Ah, that was Max Moseley's party.  The issue was the Nazi connection, coupled with general invasion of privacy.Jul 09 17:09
schestowitzkentma1: care to elaborateJul 09 17:10
kentma1schestowitz: of course.  His father was the fascist leader during the WWII period, hence the headlines were about having and S&M party with a Nazi theme - all untrue, apparently, but good copy for selling newspapers.Jul 09 17:11
schestowitzOh, I see. That's the part my friend said nothing about.Jul 09 17:11
kentma1 09 17:12
schestowitzThe problem with forbidding the 'saying' of things is similar to that of 'owning' knowledge. You can't really control it but you can die tryingJul 09 17:12
kentma1Oh, I agree, and in the long-run, I suspect that the whole concept of a secret might seem more than a little dated.  Even so, though, I can't see that if Moseley wants an S&M party, what business it is of anyone else's - he's not breaking any laws, nor is anyone being pushed to do anything against their wishes.  It's kind of "up to him" really.  This approach was used to discredit a lot of gay chaps over the years anJul 09 17:14
kentma1Not that I approve of his father's beliefs in any way, of course.Jul 09 17:14
schestowitzSo Yahoo Answers deletes BSD and Linux threads, but Nazi homophobic content is fine, eh? It figures.Jul 09 17:14
kentma1That's my problem, yes!Jul 09 17:15
schestowitzYou message got chopped at " over the years an"Jul 09 17:15
kentma1d I can't say I like it very much.Jul 09 17:15
schestowitzWell, the slander in COLA is similar.Jul 09 17:16
kentma1schestowitz: indeed it is, although cola is not a mainstream tabloid newspaper :-)Jul 09 17:20
schestowitzThere's a smear against Jerry Yang at the moment.Jul 09 17:22
kentma1really?  any idea where it started?Jul 09 17:22
schestowitzMicrosoft and pals (investors. Icahn, other possible proxies) attack him from different angle to get rid of him. He's now calling foul and they accuse his of being "paranoid". it's the typical bullying thing. Mafia-like game for control over Yahoo!Jul 09 17:24
kentma1The FT had the Yahoo attempted takeover on its front page yesterday.Jul 09 17:25
schestowitzWell, it has been almost 6 months now. What an energy drain. I'm surprises Yang can still stand. He found out what happens when you say "no" to the hubris-infected Bllie and Stevie.Jul 09 17:26
kentma1 09 17:28
*schestowitz looksJul 09 17:28
schestowitzThe Yahoo situation has become boring and it could go on for a while. The good news is that it's distracting Microsoft (and Yahoo), which helps their competitors and makes both of them look bad.Jul 09 17:30
kentma1I think that both Yahoo and Microsoft are desperate for something to make them seem relevant.  Perhaps this will be it, although I think that they're playing with dead business models.Jul 09 17:31
schestowitzHere's an analogy. Think about a man running in the desert for 6 months to reach the oasis. Having spent all this time running, he won't turn back to the city. So there he is arriving having lost 50 pounds in weight. By the time he gets to the oasis, it's all dried up (that's Yahoo).Jul 09 17:33
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kentma1hehe, yeah, pretty good!Jul 09 17:34
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schestowitzMicrosoft without yahoo is dead. Yahoo without a deal makes the board a dead duck (because business declines). They need each other like two thugs in a shared prison cell.Jul 09 17:34
kentma1hehe - just found this from our open-source day last year... 09 17:36
schestowitzIs that the one I posted about in COLA?Jul 09 17:37
schestowitzA BT day of some sorts... feels like about 1.5 years ago.Jul 09 17:37
kentma1I think this is a different photo...  but the day was the same.  We're planning another one at the moment.Jul 09 17:37
*kentma1 has to dash to deal with children problems...Jul 09 17:38
schestowitzOh, I remember. It's you who organised the event, IIRC, and Sirius was invited.Jul 09 17:38
schestowitzMicrosoft still living up to the expectations I've just noticed... 09 17:44
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kentma1well, I was part of the team, for sure, and Sirius did come.  Mark Taylor is an excellent presenter.Jul 09 17:52
kentma1Wow £500mio!Jul 09 17:53
schestowitzIt's not just Yahoo being bullied.Jul 09 17:54
schestowitz "Yahoo founder and chief executive Jerry Yang accused Microsoft of trying to destabilize Yahoo with no genuine intent to buy the company, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday."Jul 09 17:54
schestowitzSame story with VMWare. it's infuriating.Jul 09 17:54
schestowitzThey out that vile monopoly abuser (Maritz in charge) by firing the FOUNDER... just like Yang.Jul 09 17:54
schestowitzDo stockholders like the idea?Jul 09 17:55
schestowitzCheck this out:Jul 09 17:55
schestowitz 09 17:55
schestowitzStock collaposes. Microsoft hijacks another competitor, just like Novell and Xen.Jul 09 17:55
schestowitzWho would ever stop them? Bush? Neelie? Bono? :-)Jul 09 17:55
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kentma1yeah, it's not pleasant out there.  I think that the oncoming recession is not helping here.Jul 09 17:56
kentma1Bob Geldof :-)Jul 09 17:56
kentma1Or Gandalf, as Joss "I need elucution lessons to sound English" Stone called him.Jul 09 17:56
schestowitzWell, recession whatever... this is just a destruction of free market to create more monopolies in more areas.Jul 09 17:56
kentma1Unfortunately, the nature of free-market economics is that it does tend to monopolies - it's intervention which stops them.Jul 09 17:57
schestowitzYes, but there's none.Jul 09 17:57
schestowitzThe government is run by the likes of Exxon and Microsoft.Jul 09 17:57
schestowitzIt's the fox and hen house.Jul 09 17:57
kentma1Not quite so, Neelie is doing a good job;  but in the US, Microsoft were able to buy off the system.Jul 09 17:57
schestowitzNo, not quite.Jul 09 17:58
schestowitzMicrosoft is attacking the EC. Moreover, it's using the US regulatory corpse to fight.Jul 09 17:59
schestowitzIt's using the government likes its wet rug and even Neelie complained about it. Not to mention the smear campaigns against her. The Billy Press does not help here.Jul 09 17:59
schestowitzWhat you have here is not only a hugely abusive company, but also an appendage that's a political muscle it controls.Jul 09 18:00
schestowitzAt times like this, Lessig's work on exposing the deep level of corruption in his country makes great sense. He has shows some breathtaking stuff so far.Jul 09 18:01
kentma1Indeed.  Microsoft have managed to make themselves seem "strategic" to the US government, in the same way that oil, telco & arms is.Jul 09 18:04
schestowitzAlmost 'trust' Microsoft when it come to trashing Ajax for a binary Web... (just found) 09 18:05
schestowitzMicrosoft probably *is* strategic, assuming you talk about back doors and all... that's why the press in the US glorifies Microsoft.Jul 09 18:06
kentma1they have worked very hard to make themselves so, for sure.  I wouldn't mind if it only affected the US, but it's infected the rest of the planet, too.Jul 09 18:07
kentma1We should effect a cure for the affected parts in order to remove the infection :-)Jul 09 18:08
schestowitzFrance was concerned about Google managing EU's info in the US.Jul 09 18:08
kentma1US companies should not be managing any EU data, they have no data-protection.Jul 09 18:08
schestowitzBTW, watch this old video and watch the reactions from the crowd: Jul 09 18:08
schestowitz 09 18:08
kentma1it's a good analysis.  Your site is quite a database, now.Jul 09 18:12
kentma1Well done.Jul 09 18:12
schestowitzThanks. :-) Well, that video seems creepy now. I found it this morning again.Jul 09 18:13
schestowitzMicrosoft finds opponents at moments of weakness and straps onto them obligations to Microsoft. Novell, Corel, VMWare, Xen, old Apple, and the list goes on...Jul 09 18:13
schestowitzXandros and Linspire too actually. Both were very weak when they signed the patent deals.Jul 09 18:14
schestowitzLook what I'be just found: 09 18:16
schestowitz"Join the Microsoft Web Shills clubs"Jul 09 18:16
kentma1I really like the "collaborate on compatibility" bit with Microsoft.  MS have never collaborated with anyone, nor will they.Jul 09 18:17
kentma1Wow, that's amazing.  They even have an "advertising" link on there, too.  Microsoft take every possible opportunity very seriously indeed.Jul 09 18:18
schestowitzSee this blog.Jul 09 18:19
schestowitzhttp://weblog.infoworld.c...Jul 09 18:19
schestowitzWhat's wrong with every single page there (and no, it didn't use to be like this before Rosenberg and Asay fled)Jul 09 18:19
kentma1Umm, I get "page not found"Jul 09 18:20
schestowitzOops.Jul 09 18:20
schestowitz 09 18:20
schestowitzDouble-pasted that link.Jul 09 18:20
kentma1oh!  doh! should've seen that.Jul 09 18:20
schestowitzI suppose you know that they do the same in Newforge (Slashdot,, SourceForge). They try to buy love and if you protest, they attack you.Jul 09 18:21
schestowitzOh dear!! magnify360 Brings Personalization to Citrix-Microsoft Website, ( )Jul 09 18:22
schestowitzSame with EMC, partner of the year. Microsoft kills hypervisor competition using insiders and medals. This is crooked on so many levels.Jul 09 18:23
kentma1indeed it is.Jul 09 18:26
kentma1In the end, though, VMware were always going to be vulnerable to a good open-source solution.Jul 09 18:26
schestowitzWho could possibly stop this? it's the same with Linux by the way? I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft bribed Red Hat in one form or another to reduce competition.Jul 09 18:26
schestowitzIt already bent its arm over Linux desktops (Global Desktop and all) and stole Xen from it (RHEL and Fedora).Jul 09 18:27
kentma1Perhaps, however, the GPL is the perfect pill, at least GPLv3 is.  It's a shame that so many cola folk seem unable to recognise the importance of it, but e'en so, it remains the one, unstoppable, bullet.Jul 09 18:27
schestowitzMicrosoft is equally vulnerable. It's an excuse.Jul 09 18:28
schestowitzPK, yes.Jul 09 18:28
kentma1and spike.Jul 09 18:28
schestowitzPK is still in love with SuSIE.Jul 09 18:29
kentma1and  I think one or two others, too.Jul 09 18:29
schestowitzAmong the trolls? Sure. :-)Jul 09 18:29
schestowitzSee this comment. It hit me yesterday: 09 18:30
kentma1anyway, need to start packing in a minute.  I've only been home 2 nights in the last couple of weeks, and I'm off again tomorrow.  Yuk.Jul 09 18:30
*kentma1 peeksJul 09 18:30
kentma1ah, that's nice, Microsoft promise not to sue you so long as you don't make a living...  starving is fine, of course.Jul 09 18:32
schestowitzHeh. Sums it up. Die trying.Jul 09 18:33
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Tallkenpublicily logged, yay!Jul 09 18:43
Tallkenhi allJul 09 18:43
schestowitzHi there, Tallken Jul 09 18:43
Tallkenso is anyone here from the blog?Jul 09 18:43
TallkenlolJul 09 18:44
Tallkenhi schestowitzJul 09 18:44
schestowitzI think they read it, at least occasionally.Jul 09 18:44
Tallkeni thought it was you?Jul 09 18:44
schestowitzI'm Roy. I typically post under this alias.Jul 09 18:45
Tallken:)Jul 09 18:45
TallkenokJul 09 18:46
Tallkenthen know that I like your blog very muchJul 09 18:46
schestowitzI have some posts coming later. It's mainly about Microsoft to tell you the truth.Jul 09 18:46
Tallkennot as much fun as linux haters xD but more creepy :/Jul 09 18:46
schestowitzIt's not about haters of anything, I don't think...Jul 09 18:47
schestowitzI don't hate Microsoft.Jul 09 18:47
schestowitzI loathe crime like most people do, especially when it affects them.Jul 09 18:47
Tallkendon't tell "to tell you the truth", it reminds me of the "Disclosure Project" xDJul 09 18:47
schestowitzMicrosoft just happens to do a lot of that crime at the moment and there's almost no regulation.Jul 09 18:47
Tallkenseriously now, I suppose it isn't about hate, it's about getting things fair, competition fairJul 09 18:47
Tallkeni just mentioned linux haters because in their own way, they're trying to create a better linux world i supposeJul 09 18:48
schestowitzWell, since the very start there has not been a fair competition and the market conditions don't permit it either.Jul 09 18:48
schestowitzFree software can resolve some of the issues, also at an ethical level, not just a technical and economical level.Jul 09 18:48
Tallkenya I guess soJul 09 18:49
schestowitzOh, I heard about "Linux haters". Whoever runs it wrote about us before and de Icaza is a fan of this Dan Lyons-type trash.Jul 09 18:50
Tallkenhum? wrote about you?Jul 09 18:50
Tallkenlet me checkJul 09 18:50
schestowitz Yes, a while ago. I can't remember how I found out.Jul 09 18:50
Tallkenlol found itJul 09 18:51
Tallken 09 18:51
Tallkenbah, the man { linux haters } can have a point, but just to be on the safe side, I hope he doesn't have a point :PJul 09 18:55
Tallkenbut the other guy at Gnome's mailing list could have been more... diplomaticJul 09 18:55
schestowitzI haven't read that blog post. so I don't know.Jul 09 18:56
TallkenokJul 09 18:56
schestowitzBut there are clearly those that underplay the severity of the issue at hand (elevation of the Microsoft API).Jul 09 18:57
*benJIman is now known as benjaminJul 09 19:12
*zeroCATS has quit ("AYBABTU ;-)")Jul 09 19:20
Tallkenschestowitz, don't know, time will tell if you're rightJul 09 19:29
RogerBacon 09 19:30
Tallkenbut it does seem you're rightJul 09 19:30
TallkenRogerBacon, doesn't workJul 09 19:31
schestowitzThanks.Jul 09 19:34
schestowitzI'm making another series of posts at the moment. Watch the one I've just unleashed... about ISO.Jul 09 19:35
*Tallken has quit ("Ex-Chat")Jul 09 19:40
*benjamin is now known as benJImanJul 09 19:41
schestowitzS*it! I just bought a G8600. Now there's this list: 09 19:42
RogerBaconlulzJul 09 19:43
RogerBaconati 4850 ;)Jul 09 19:43
schestowitzBetter get me some asbestos.Jul 09 19:45
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*Tallken ( has joined #boycottnovellJul 09 20:53
Tallkenhum why does features "Red Hat Reboots Graphical Boot"? mere off-topic or there is ome detail I haven't noticed?Jul 09 21:05
Tallken*someJul 09 21:05
schestowitzOh, hmm... let me see.Jul 09 21:06
schestowitzWell, I try to summarise the links using the main stories, under the assumption that readers don't follow other Linux sites.Jul 09 21:06
TallkenahJul 09 21:06
schestowitzOther than the Red Hat story there wasn't anythng too major. Stay tuned though as I have some more coming.Jul 09 21:07
Tallkenwell supposedly I do, but hadn't read anything about Grapical BootJul 09 21:07
Tallkenseems coolJul 09 21:07
schestowitzThe boot screens might be on their way out anyway. Virtualisation changes a lot.Jul 09 21:11
Tallkendon't know, my core 2 duo has no VMX xDJul 09 21:12
*tessier_ is all about the virtualizationJul 09 21:36
tessier_Which reminds me, I need to get some more content onto xenaoe.orgJul 09 21:37
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Leftover Links 24/09/2023: Russia, COVID, and More
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Forty Years of GNU and the Free Software Movement
by FSF
Gemini and Web in Tandem
We're already learning, over IRC, that out new site is fully compatible with simple command line- and ncurses-based Web browsers. Failing that, there's Gemini.
Red Hat Pretends to Have "Community Commitment to Open Source" While Scuttling the Fedora Community (Among Others)
RHEL is becoming more proprietary over time and community seems to boil down to unpaid volunteers (at least that's how IBM see the "community")
IBM Neglecting Users of GNU/Linux on Laptops and Desktops
Reprinted with permission from Ryan Farmer
Personal Identification on the 'Modern' Net
Reprinted with permission from Ryan Farmer
Not Your Daily Driver: Don't Build With Rust or Adopt Rust-based Software If You Value Long-Term Reliance
Rust is a whole bunch of hype.
The Future of the Web is Not the Web
The supposedly "modern" stuff ought to occupy some other protocol, maybe "app://"
YouTube Has Just Become Even More Sinister
The way Google has been treating the Web (and Web browsers) sheds a clue about future plans and prospects
Initial Announcement of GNU (for Gnu's Not Unix) on September 27, 1983
History matters
Upgrade and Migration Status
Git is working, IPFS is working, IRC is working, Gemini is working
Yesterday in the 'Sister Site', Tux Machines (10 More Stories)
Scope-wise, many stories fit neatly into both sites, but posting the same twice makes no sense logistically
The New Techrights Will be Much Faster
A prompt response to FUD is important. It's time-sensitive.
Slanderous Media Campaigns Trying to Link Linux to 'Backdoors'
Backdoors are typically things that exist by design or get added intentionally (ask Microsoft!), but when it comes to "Linux" in the media the rules are different
The Spamification of GNU/Linux News Sites (or the Web as a Whole) and Why It's Time to Move on, Writing More Stories and Analysis
If you are an enthusiastic Free software user, consider setting up a blog or GemLog (Gemini log)
Techrights is Upgrading
Over the next few days Techrights will be archiving over 40,000 older pages
YouTube Was Never Free Hosting and It Turns Hard-Working People Into Hostages
An accusation, with presumed guilt, seems sufficient for some
The Right to Strike Underutilised by Workers in the Technology Sector
Geeks need to learn how to strike, too.
Welcome to the New Techrights
Looking ahead, we'll probably produce more stories than before because lessening the underlying complexity lets us focus on substance
A Short History of Content Management Systems or Data Shuffles in Boycott Novell and Techrights
In 2006 the site was 'purely' WordPress
GNU Turns 40 This Coming Week
4 decades of "4 Freedoms" show the world that the original definition withstood the test of time