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tessier 06 05:56
tessierI especially like his "depressing footnote" at the end.Nov 06 05:56
MinceR:>Nov 06 07:08
schestowitzSharePoiint is not doing as well as  Microsoft pretends (Slog tactics). I read an article about it recently.Nov 06 07:20
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schestowitz"According to a report published in the science journal Nature, lemming numbers are shrinking thanks to rising temperatures brought on by global warming, putting an end to the population peaks and valleys that have traditionally characterized the species." 06 08:58
schestowitz (AMD boots (another) 500 workers)Nov 06 09:00
schestowitzYang to Ballmer: Baby Come Back < >. After bullying tactics.Nov 06 09:10
schestowitzAndroid getting as open as OpenMoko, but not voluntarily: ( A Jailbreak for Google's Android )Nov 06 09:10
kentmaschestowitz: global warming is a major issue... the nature of nature is, well, chaotic - who knows what impact a change in the lemming population might have?Nov 06 09:11
schestowitzHere. I mail Asay last night. it's up now: 06 09:17
MinceRgeekingsNov 06 09:29
MinceRthe real windoze keyboard: 06 09:29
schestowitzWell, better than Apple's with only a handle bar and one button, but there we go...Nov 06 09:34
MinceR:)Nov 06 09:34
MinceRthe important part is the easy access to ctrl+alt+delNov 06 09:34
schestowitzFor task manager?Nov 06 09:38
MinceRfor that little dialog with the shutdown button and the task manager buttonNov 06 09:44
MinceRand for repeatedly hitting when the kernel is loudly agonizing :>Nov 06 09:44
schestowitzThat's the application switcher:  switch or shut down (force kill).Nov 06 09:45
MinceRhm, maybe the one referred to happened on 2000 and earlier nt-sNov 06 09:48
schestowitzHaha. Microsoft Tries A 'First One's Free' Strategy To Lure Startups < >. He got *that* right. The Man in the Sweater is now spreading 'free' Silverlight in India too.Nov 06 10:23
schestowitz*LOL* Avec sa messagerie et son groupware libre, Open-Xchange lève 9 M$ < >Nov 06 10:25
schestowitzAnd it has nothing to do with M$, just millions of $$.Nov 06 10:25
schestowitzWTF? "Author’s Note: [Hey, Microsoft, just in case you hadn’t considered this whole Compute utility thing before, you need to hire me to design and promote this new concept for you. You know where I am.]" < >. Look how he sucks up to them.Nov 06 10:27
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schestowitzI just changed my reading cycles. got over 100GB in traffic last month and it continues to grow this month. :-)Nov 06 10:51
schestowitzMicrosoft continues messing about with ASUS, pushing them up to high end and excluding GNU/Linux: "The touchscreen and space-saving design bump the price up in the UK to €£449 (US$712), with VAT, above that of some Intel dual and quad-core PCs running much higher hardware specifications, so buyers a paying a premium for simplicity of use." 06 10:52
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schestowitzYahoo's Decker On Google Deal and Company's Future < >Nov 06 11:20
schestowitzWhy is the BBC Running Microsoft Ads? < >Nov 06 11:36
schestowitzThis is Why I Love Microsoft's OS < >Nov 06 11:37
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schestowitzKDE loses Rick as a user :-( 06 12:15
kentmaThe BBC's journalistic integrity on matters Microsoft seems to have evaporated, instead, they present press-releases as "news", which they're not.  I would like to see the money programme present something on lock-in and how it works...Nov 06 12:17
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schestowitzback in moment..Nov 06 12:29
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*Topic for #boycottnovell is: "Exploring the reality behind exclusionary deals with Microsoft and their subtle (yet severe) implications" [publicly logged]Nov 06 12:32
*Topic for #boycottnovell set by schestowitz at Sun Oct 5 19:20:28 2008Nov 06 12:32
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bugaloohi thereNov 06 12:33
schestowitzHeyNov 06 12:33
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bugalooguys, does anybody know about netware/windows clients?Nov 06 12:34
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_dougwhat do you want to know ?Nov 06 12:36
_dougthe windows client basically maps directories on the Netware server to fake drive letters on the client ..Nov 06 12:37
_dougNetware has a set of extended DOS commands that can then be accessed .. eg Ndir Ncopy etcNov 06 12:38
bugaloo_doug, yes... I have a very particular problem hereNov 06 12:39
MinceR132148 <@schestowitz> KDE loses Rick as a user :-( 06 12:39
MinceRto a bunch of non-features, no lessNov 06 12:39
bugaloo_doug, I'd like to sync the passwords of netware and windows workstationsNov 06 12:39
_dougthe Netware directories contains extended user attributesNov 06 12:39
_dougthese can be manipulated by the Grand and Allow key words ..Nov 06 12:40
_dougahh .. difficult, as MS tried to make Netware not work under Windows ..Nov 06 12:40
bugaloo:(Nov 06 12:40
_dougWhat versions of Netware and Windows ?Nov 06 12:40
bugaloonovell 6 and windows xpNov 06 12:41
bugalooeverytime the user changes the novell password, windows asks for the workstation passwordNov 06 12:41
bugaloowe have a problem when an user try to do a login in a workstation that is not used by some timeNov 06 12:43
bugalooso the user can't remeber the last novell password used on that workstationNov 06 12:43
bugalooI'd like to make windows login if the novell pass is correctNov 06 12:43
_dougafter logging in, click on <CTRL><ALT<DEL>Nov 06 12:48
_dougclick on change password and change to change and sysn ?Nov 06 12:48
_dougsyncNov 06 12:48
_doug change and sync your netware and windows password ?Nov 06 12:49
_dougI haven't used it in a long time, but generally you can script these things ..Nov 06 12:49
_dougAre you using AD on the windows machines or a PDC ?Nov 06 12:51
schestowitzMentioned yesterday: More 'Vista Capable' dirt could leak this week < >Nov 06 12:51
bugaloosorry, I was out of computerNov 06 12:52
bugalooI'm not using AD nor PDCNov 06 12:52
schestowitzBinary drugs in Nigeria: "He said the department had partnered with Microsoft for the provision internet access to Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto and secondary schools under the Ministry of Science and Technical Education, as well as the training of 100 staff and 200 teachers of those respective institutions."Nov 06 12:54
_dougdoes that mean you have to set up a user account on each XP workstation for each user/password combination (pardon my ignorance) ?Nov 06 12:54
kentmaschestowitz: I wonder for how long Microsoft can afford to keep giving away the family silverNov 06 12:54
bugaloo_doug, yesNov 06 12:55
kentmaschestowitz: it's reminiscent of the casinos taking the aristocrats to the cleaners and back...Nov 06 12:55
_dougClient options->advanced login->set windows password synchronization to on .. ?Nov 06 12:55
bugaloo_doug, sorry?Nov 06 12:56
bugaloowhere can I find it? I already tried that options on "N" icon on taskbarNov 06 12:57
_dougsorry, as i said I haven't used it in a long time ..Nov 06 12:58
_dougdo you mean you have to login twice ?Nov 06 13:01
_dougonce for Windows and once again for Netware ?Nov 06 13:01
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_dougfamily silver: as long as it takes .. anything to keep godless communism off their DeskTop .. vNov 06 13:06
_doug 06 13:06
schestowitz:-)Nov 06 13:06
schestowitzI wrote some 'cloud' stuff this morning: 06 13:07
_dougI wonder how reliable these huge server farms are going to be. Doesn't this break the purpose of the InterTUBES, lots of machines spread around in disparate places, so as there is no single point of failure ?Nov 06 13:09
_dougI understand there are economies-of-scale at work here .. but technologically it doesn't make sense ..Nov 06 13:10
_dougAccording to the Beebe they are going to put a data center in Iceland .. cause it's cold ... saves on cooling ... :)Nov 06 13:11
_douggood for the planet .. :)Nov 06 13:11
_dougMicrosoft MUMPSâ„¢ ..Nov 06 13:15
_doug 06 13:15
kentmaavailability needs to be maintained at every layer, from the communications links into and out of the site, through power, hot-swapping and automatic failover to the applications servers.Nov 06 13:18
schestowitz_doug: they want to melt iceland?Nov 06 13:19
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schestowitz_doug: see the Fiji story...Nov 06 13:20
schestowitzMicrosoft Fiji project upsets military regime : 06 13:20
schestowitzTaking the servers to Iceland is not a solution... not more than toxic garbage can be 'solved' by having it shipped to Africa. 06 13:22
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schestowitzThey just 'relocate' the problems. Unless the aim is to just increase server capacity... in which case overall warning and energy consumption still hardly changes.Nov 06 13:23
_dougit isn't a MS only problem, the problem is what to sell next in a saturated market ...Nov 06 13:25
schestowitzLinkedin slashes 10 per cent of not-working force < >; Five hundred AMD employees axed < >Nov 06 13:25
_dougVM solutions in huge data farms running Web 3.01 services ?Nov 06 13:25
schestowitzHubris for SweatyB: Microsoft should buy us, says Yahoo chief < >Nov 06 13:25
_dougnegative-growth :>Nov 06 13:25
schestowitzWeb 3.01? Did 3.0 have worms?Nov 06 13:26
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schestowitzwb, twitter Nov 06 13:26
_dougis this a hoax "YAHOO BOSS Jerry Yang said he wished Microsoft would buy his company" I though he was dead set against it ?Nov 06 13:26
_doug3:01 bet to add a number on, that way people think they are gettig an upgrade :)Nov 06 13:27
schestowitz"That's right, Obama's victory... c'est de jamais vu. It's like Rosa Parks saying: hey, that chair at the White House, I can stay on it too!" < >Nov 06 13:28
_doug"The memo said ..  reveal that Yang "Yang has agreed to leave his post effective today and that Yahoo is again in late-stage talks to sell the whole company to Microsoft"."Nov 06 13:28
_doug 06 13:29
_dougplant plant plant :]Nov 06 13:29
twitter:) ISP decided that I needed a new IP address.Nov 06 13:29
_doughint hint hint :)Nov 06 13:29
_doug"Matt Marshall .. reported an internal Yahoo memo that says Yang is on his way out" HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANov 06 13:30
_dougreminds me of what happened when Sun signed that deal with MS ..Nov 06 13:30
schestowitzThey Slogged yahoo.Nov 06 13:30
_dougnext thing, lots of stories as to the CEO must fall on his sword ..Nov 06 13:31
schestowitzFrom the proxy fights from Icahn to appointments of his 'buddies' and false promises.Nov 06 13:31
schestowitzThen add the political manipulation (even corruption, IMHO) against the Google/Yahoo deal.Nov 06 13:31
twitterComplete corruption.Nov 06 13:32
schestowitzThere goes my Flickr account... 06 13:32
schestowitz"Download Silverlight to view your photos"Nov 06 13:32
schestowitzBut, but... I use Microsoft's #1 rival O/S, which is better... so Microsoft didn't port The Silver Lie to it.......Nov 06 13:33
_doug"Scott McNealy's reign as chief executive of Sun Microsystems could be coming to an end, say analysts"Nov 06 13:33
_doug 06 13:33
schestowitz"Hello. I would like to speak to Mr. Judge Jackson, pls."Nov 06 13:33
_doughint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hintNov 06 13:33
twitter????!!! Silverlight for Flickr????Nov 06 13:33
schestowitzNo, I was joking.Nov 06 13:34
_dougif it ain't explicidly illegal - then it's legalNov 06 13:34
schestowitz 06 13:34
_dougit'll be interesting watching them spin this one ...Nov 06 13:37
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schestowitzWho? Microsoft? The debt they'll need to issue?Nov 06 13:38
schestowitzMicrosoft's Biz Spark is Another Direct Shot at Open Source < >Nov 06 13:41
_dougwho: Azul,  allenw, rastoboy29, anonymous coward ...Nov 06 13:43
schestowitzharlowmonkeys and funkenadron?Nov 06 13:44
schestowitzThey did a smear campaign there.Nov 06 13:44
schestowitzGary Stewart et al.Nov 06 13:44
schestowitzI must say that COLA trolls have receded recently. No idea as to why, but I hope it stays that way.Nov 06 13:45
_dougAdobe criticises chequebook Microsoft ..Nov 06 13:45
_doug 06 13:45
twitterPerhaps the people paying the trolls realized personal attacks were counter productive.  I really liked this one, 06 13:46
twitter:) If some AC had not have smeared you, I would never have bothered to look you up or have known about Boycott Novell.Nov 06 13:47
schestowitzThe Library of Congress (public institute) received millions in 'incentives' to lock public assets to Microsoft.Nov 06 13:49
schestowitzThat was corruption at its best.Nov 06 13:49
schestowitzMicrosoft did the same thing against Blu-Ray, IIRC.Nov 06 13:50
schestowitzDirector: Microsoft fueling HD wars : 06 13:50
schestowitzTwo Studios to Support HD DVD Over Rival : 06 13:50
schestowitz"Paramount and DreamWorks Animation declined to comment. Microsoft, the most prominent technology company supporting HD DVDs, said it could not  rule out payment but said it wrote no checks."Nov 06 13:51
schestowitz 06 13:51
schestowitz\Cringely: "Maybe "mean" is the wrong word to use for Microsoft. "Ruthless" is  good. The company is built in the image of Bill Gates and Bill is a guy who  gets caught-up in the game of business and doesn't typically see its personal  cost. "Nov 06 13:52
schestowitz"To use what might seem to be an obscure example, just look at all the  various partnerships and industry consortia that Microsoft has announced  through the years that never produced a product or even a usable  specification. "Nov 06 13:52
schestowitz"There have been literally dozens of these operations that are  intended solely to freeze the competition until Microsoft can figure what the  heck it actually wants to do. To Microsoft its a PR exercise that helps them  compete but to customers it is just a damned lie."Nov 06 13:52
schestowitz"That's ruthless. There are  plenty of other examples I can give but you get the point. I represent the  concerns of users, not vendors, and Microsoft doesn't really care about  users. "Nov 06 13:52
schestowitz"They have the deepest of pockets, unlimited  ambition, and they are willing to lose money for years and years just to make sure that you don't make any money, either. And they are mean, REALLY mean."Nov 06 13:52
MinceR"helps them compete"? "more like "helps them avoid having to compete"Nov 06 13:55
schestowitz"Microsoft, the most prominent technology company supporting HD DVDs, said it could not  rule out payment but said it wrote no checks." --->> Maybe they went to some Larry Goldfarb to write the checks.Nov 06 13:56
schestowitz"...Microsoft wished to promote SCO and its pending lawsuit against IBM and the Linux operating system. But Microsoft did not want to be seen as attacking IBM or Linux." -- Larry Goldfarb, investor in SCONov 06 13:56
schestowitzMinceR: it's easier to fix the price and drop R&D when there's no competition.Nov 06 13:56
MinceRit makes it possible for a company with no technology of worth to survive.Nov 06 13:58
schestowitzFailing that -- software patents.Nov 06 13:59
_douggtg ..Nov 06 13:59
*_doug has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Nov 06 13:59
schestowitzIn this news: http://webcast.broadcastnewsr...Nov 06 13:59
schestowitzThis company is attacking MS: "Avistar Communications Corporation (Nasdaq: AVSR), a leading provider of unified visual communications solutions, today announced that it has been granted five new U.S. patents this month, including its 92nd patent, U.S. 7,441,001, covering services involving two or more real-time communications services such as text instant message (IM), video IM and Voice over IP (VoIP)."Nov 06 13:59
*schestowitz drops his Yahoo! RSS feeds (again)Nov 06 14:01
schestowitzMicrosoft Missing Out on Netbook Growth as Linux Wins Sales  < >Nov 06 14:04
twittergoing to look a that, thanks.Nov 06 14:19
schestowitzBIOS vendor promises simultaneous Linux, Windows sessions < >Nov 06 14:20
schestowitz "For the second time Adobe, Microsoft and members of the community will be sitting at the same round table to constructively talk about how to better satisfy users’ needs, bringing some ideas and hopefully future actions." I left a comment...Nov 06 14:21
twittergahhh, the Bloomberg guy fell for the 30% Linux preload as if that was translating to sales.  That's a very short term number because people know that Netbooks are best with GNU/Linux.Nov 06 14:24
schestowitzAh!Nov 06 14:25
twitterStill, it's better than the usual, "Linux has less than 1% market share" bullshit.Nov 06 14:25
schestowitzMicrosoft cronyism comes to BN: 06 14:25
schestowitzBut the fact that they cronies reply means that they feel the need to defend themselves, therefore there is substance and fear.Nov 06 14:26
twitterThis is nice but should be taken with a grain of salt, " Equipping Linux on a computer costs about $5, compared with $40 to $50 for XP and about $100 for Vista, according to estimates by Jenny Lai, a Taipei-based analyst at CLSA Ltd."Nov 06 14:26
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twitterSo, is that really Alex Brown or some impostor?Nov 06 14:36
schestowitzIt's himNov 06 14:37
twitterHow do you know?Nov 06 14:37 06 14:37
schestowitzMicrosoft Jack defends his beloved monopolist at all costs: "Because Microsoft isn't competitive enough to matter." < >. haha, way to defend Microsoft abuse on the Web.Nov 06 14:52
trmanco 06 15:06
schestowitzbblNov 06 15:16
trmancobbl?Nov 06 15:43
MinceRit means "be back later"Nov 06 15:45
trmancoMinceR, oh, OK thanksNov 06 15:47
trmancojust learned a new thing today :-)Nov 06 15:47
MinceRywNov 06 15:47
trmanco:-)Nov 06 16:01
trmanco-> You're Welcome ?Nov 06 16:02
trmanco:-PNov 06 16:02
trmancobrbNov 06 16:02
twitterut oh, here we go again. 06 16:10
MinceRindeedNov 06 16:12
MinceR^ trmancoNov 06 16:12
trmancobackNov 06 16:19
trmanco 06 16:29
MinceRwe have yet to see what he means by "universally accessible formats"Nov 06 16:31
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trmanco 06 16:59
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EruaranMicrosoft Offers Start-ups "Free" Software Tools: 06 17:04
Eruaran"In the fine print on its Web site, Microsoft said that "as a demonstration of Microsoft's commitment to start-up success, a program fee of $100 is payable on exit from the program rather than up front when joining"Nov 06 17:05
EruaranThats right... Microsoft expects developers to pay to stop using what they're offering for "free"...Nov 06 17:06
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twitterFor universal and open formats Obama refers to the 2002 E-Government act, which basically required a study that should have been produced in 2004.  Here is more information 06 17:30
twitterCisco hits the skids 06 17:35
schestowitztrmanco: let's give a rest to Microsoft vapourware. ;-)Nov 06 17:37
schestowitzMicrosoft market cap down to: 189.74B (Google is 103.96B).Nov 06 17:39
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schestowitzIT firms slammed for failing the environment < >Nov 06 17:57
schestowitz'Theft' of imaginary 'property'? Ex-Intel man in whole heap of trouble < >Nov 06 17:57
schestowitz "Google is awaiting confirmation that four employees will face charges in Italy for failing to stop the publishing of a video of a disabled teenager being bullied."Nov 06 18:10
trmancoschestowitz, I hace heard that Yang want MS to buy Yahoo!Nov 06 18:16
trmancoheard*Nov 06 18:16
schestowitzThey threatened to sack him.Nov 06 18:16
trmancohave* (grr, my hand are freezing)Nov 06 18:16
schestowitzMicrosoft took over Yahoo from the inside.Nov 06 18:16
trmancomaybe I shall stop using ymailNov 06 18:17
schestowitzIchan+friends+investors whom it probably spoke to+Microsoft employee it pushed into the management from months.Nov 06 18:17
trmancoshould*Nov 06 18:17
schestowitzI dropped my Yahoo RSS feeds this afternoon (there are several). I did this in March, then brought them back around August.Nov 06 18:17
trmancookNov 06 18:18
schestowitzMicrosoft agitated Yahoo for months in order to cause discomfort, cause staff to leave, and lead to a "downward spiral"  (Microsoft calls it "tiling in to the death spiral"). Watch the Borland story. Same thing.Nov 06 18:21
twitterPani says he copied the files for his wife, who's also an Intel employee.  The case against him makes no sense.Nov 06 18:40
twitterIt might be assumed that Pani's wife would still have access to the same files and could have sent them to her husband and AMD any time.Nov 06 18:41
schestowitzI've noticed 3 attack on mainstream Linux today. From 'journos'...Nov 06 18:41
twitterTurf, new poison pens or just new and confused users?Nov 06 18:44
twitterI gave Gnome a frustrating hour of use yesterday, so I can gripe about a few mainstream things.Nov 06 18:45
schestowitzOld FUDNov 06 18:46
schestowitzAuthor blames "Not being Windows" for behind HardNov 06 18:46
schestowitzAlso, Microsoft tied up (or bribes) OEMs to neglects Windows, so writer concludes Linux is no good.Nov 06 18:47
twitterThe things I hate about Gnome mostly come from Windows.Nov 06 18:47
schestowitzThey did this with OLPC too... then tossing mud all over the wall, putting blame on Linux. It's a slog.Nov 06 18:47
schestowitzGoof photo: 06 18:48
MinceRthe things i hate about gnome come from appleNov 06 18:48
MinceRstarting with the utterly idiotic excuse for an HIGNov 06 18:48
twitterSweaty B, quote of the week, " he believed telecommunications operators were smart and would still ask to be paid to carry search."  Good thing the FCC just opened up all that TV spectrum for Google to take over with it's cool new phone.Nov 06 18:51
twitterIf Sweaty B does not see that happening with Winblows mobile devices, he's dumber than I thought.Nov 06 18:51
MinceRlolNov 06 18:52
twitterGnome frustrated me with information hiding.  I wanted a graphical sftp client.  My computer lead me to a network tool but it was populated with nothing but a Samba browser!Nov 06 18:52
MinceRgnome frustrates me with missing functionalityNov 06 18:53
MinceRespecially their useless panelNov 06 18:53
schestowitzGet kicker for GNOMENov 06 18:53
schestowitzThe Konqueror.Nov 06 18:54
schestowitzThen Amarok.Nov 06 18:54
schestowitzWell, you see where I'm going..Nov 06 18:54
MinceRor just get KDENov 06 18:54
twitteressentially.Nov 06 18:54
schestowitzI used to like GFTPNov 06 18:54
schestowitzBut only because Konqueror didn't seem to do SFTP in KDE 3.1Nov 06 18:54
MinceRi've never managed to build a connection with gftpNov 06 18:54
twitteroh yeah, I forgot about that.  is it still around?Nov 06 18:55
schestowitz*gfrp (typo)Nov 06 18:55
schestowitz*blch. sftpNov 06 18:55
MinceRgetting KDE has the added bonus of having a sane button order on dialogsNov 06 18:55
schestowitztwitter: another thing sftp was good at is threading. It was fast.Nov 06 18:55
twitterwhatever they have could not replace KonquerorNov 06 18:56
schestowitz*LOL* "Hi, Roy, So, does this apply to the monkeys that decided to replace hospital's information infrastructure with MS products, or is he gunning for Gates himself? "Nov 06 18:58
twitterNautilus also frustrates me with a lack of modularity.  I'd like to try it out, but calling it also calls up their whole desktop thing which is not fun in E16.Nov 06 18:58
schestowitzA Seattle hospital became a massive botnet 2 years ago.Nov 06 18:59
MinceRlast time i tried nautilus it crashed when i clicked on the first zip file i sawNov 06 18:59
MinceRthen i didn't touch it againNov 06 18:59
schestowitz"Microsoft discontinues Windows 3.x out Vista.. It's clear that Microsoft has finally recognized that Vista hasn't lived up to Microsoft's own hype." < >.Nov 06 19:02
schestowitzDesktop Linux FUD arriving from Preston Gralla, David W, Alex Zaharov and Gorden Haff (no links, just taking notes though). One of them is a big Microsoft fan, probably begging for freebies (it sure gives that impression based on history).Nov 06 19:04
schestowitzVeoh lays off 20 percent of workforce < >Nov 06 19:26
*ZiggyFish1 ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 06 19:37
ZiggyFish1It's funny that there is so many "new" features in Windows 7, that are already in Linux.Nov 06 19:39
schestowitzThe Telegraph, unlike MSBBC, says it like it is: " an attempt to attract the latest generation of programmers away from Open Source rivals like Linux."Nov 06 19:42
schestowitzVista is a copycat of OS X. Vista7 is the excavation of KDE features. What will Microsoft copy next? Bill Gates, Microsoft: "Hey, Steve, just because you broke into Xerox’s store before I did and took the TV doesn’t mean I can’t go in later and steal the stereo."Nov 06 19:43
ZiggyFish1lolNov 06 19:46
ZiggyFish1I wonder if they will finally (a feature that all MS Windows versions lack) implement multiple desktops?Nov 06 19:47
schestowitzThat might confuse users. They had it in Longhorn, IIRC, but they put it in the dumpster because it was a mess. Instead, they threw DRM and some junk at XP and renamed it Vista. As for multiple desktops, bear in mind that the company's CEO still uses an Excel spreadsheet as his diary. Talk about Mickey Mouse...Nov 06 19:50
ZiggyFish1A lot of people love (non tech savy) the Multiple desktop thing.Nov 06 19:52
MinceRlolNov 06 20:01
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seller_liarHello royNov 06 20:22
seller_liarIs apche harmony suscreptible to eee ?Nov 06 20:23
schestowitzNot that I know of. Bu it's mainly a problem to Linux.Nov 06 20:25
seller_liarfor exampleNov 06 20:25
seller_liarapache is a bsd java implementationNov 06 20:25
seller_liarm$ can support apache harmony ,add proprietary extensions,and after ignore apache harmonyNov 06 20:26
seller_liarIntel is a very smart companyNov 06 20:26
schestowitzI approached this differently.Nov 06 20:26
seller_liarintel helps apache harmonyNov 06 20:27
schestowitzThe danger to Apache is more linkage to the Microsoft stackNov 06 20:27
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schestowitzIntel also helps SpikeSource.Nov 06 20:27
*libervisco_ is now known as t-scammedNov 06 20:27
seller_liarspike source?Nov 06 20:27
*t-scammed is now known as going_to_a_raveNov 06 20:27
schestowitzIntel helps Microsoft in many ways. It also has some Linux projects...and anti-OLPC war... also ARM and AMD are is targetsNov 06 20:28
schestowitzseller_liar: search for spikesource in BNNov 06 20:28
seller_liaralso ,intel is trying to stop the competitionNov 06 20:28
seller_liarokNov 06 20:28
*going_to_a_rave is now known as memenodeNov 06 20:28
schestowitz 06 20:28
seller_liarintel is  releasing another technologiesNov 06 20:28
seller_liarlike ssdsNov 06 20:28
seller_liarintel is trying a complete domination over PC technologyNov 06 20:29
*libervisco has quit (Nick collision from services.)Nov 06 20:29
*memenode is now known as liberviscoNov 06 20:29
seller_liarVGAs ,ssds,wireless,modemNov 06 20:29
schestowitzIntel: "oh noes... we lose profit [see their SEC filing]... we don't want to lose employees... it's our God-granted right to make money, so let's break the law."Nov 06 20:29
seller_liarthis is very bad for societyNov 06 20:29
schestowitzseller_liar: graphics cards too.Nov 06 20:30
seller_liarschestowitz: yes  I knowNov 06 20:30
schestowitzSound, GPU, CPU, Wi-Fi, storage, and they also have moblin.. (Linux)Nov 06 20:31
seller_liarschestowitz: I'm bit worriedNov 06 20:31
seller_liarschestowitz: intel is very dangerousNov 06 20:31
seller_liarschestowitz: What we can do?Nov 06 20:31
schestowitzThe behaviour is dangerous.Nov 06 20:31
schestowitzThey attacked Apple and ARM recently (with words)Nov 06 20:32
schestowitzThey already dumped, bribed and used FUD tactics to attack a charity... so there's no mercy therew.Nov 06 20:32
seller_liarschestowitz: I'm not buying intel anymoreNov 06 20:32
schestowitzI don't either.Nov 06 20:32
schestowitzI warn people about them too. 06 20:33
seller_liarschestowitz: heheh, yes,I know about of crimes of intelNov 06 20:33
schestowitz 06 20:33
seller_liarschestowitz: Novell supports wine indirectlyNov 06 20:33
schestowitzI labeled Intel all sorts of things, mainly "charity killer" about 1.5 years ago.Nov 06 20:33
seller_liarschestowitz: look at mono faqNov 06 20:33
schestowitzNews : ( Redhat and AMD migrate VMs across CPUs )Nov 06 20:34
seller_liarschestowitz: yes, the ms_intel planNov 06 20:34
schestowitzMicrosoft makes Intel happyNov 06 20:34
schestowitzTake 'netbooks' (Intel only), then pump up the specs by pressuring companies like ASUSNov 06 20:34
schestowitz1 year later it's goodbye to $100 or $200 PCs and now it's about $500Nov 06 20:35
schestowitzAnd Intel intimidated the rising MIPS giants in China... with $98 laptops running GNU/Linux.Nov 06 20:35
schestowitzIf you find more Intel corruption, post it here.Nov 06 20:35
seller_liarschestowitz: okNov 06 20:35
schestowitzI syndicated news for "Intel" for years... until I stopped Yahoo news (Microsoft bid).Nov 06 20:36
seller_liarlookNov 06 20:37
seller_liar 06 20:37
seller_liarintel supportsNov 06 20:37
seller_liarthe working code, including the Swing, AWT and Java 2D code which were contributed by Intel.Nov 06 20:38
schestowitzWhat might be the motives?Nov 06 20:38
seller_liarsupports java proprietary in moblin maybeNov 06 20:39
seller_liarpatentsNov 06 20:39
schestowitzWhich patents?Nov 06 20:40
schestowitzIsn't Moblin more of an umbrella for other vendors? They use Fedora now, not Ubuntu, which they dropped.Nov 06 20:40
schestowitzThey also have the Ballnuxes. 06 20:41
schestowitz "That’s the very same guy who brags about intellectual property “peace of mind”, i.e. payments to Microsoft for imaginary software patents. "Nov 06 20:42
seller_liarI do not know ,maybe apache licenses do not support protection against patentsNov 06 20:42
seller_liar Is Microsoft helping Novell with this project?  Until September of 2007 there was no no high level communication between Novell and Microsoft, but engineers who work on .NET or the ECMA groups have been very friendly, and very nice to answer our questions, or clarify part of the specification for us.  In September 2007 an agreement between Microsoft and Novell opened the doors to collaboration specifically on Nov 06 20:42
seller_liarThis is truue?Nov 06 20:42
seller_liar Will Mono allow me to run Microsoft Office on Linux?  No, it will not. Microsoft Office is a Windows application. To learn more about running Windows applications on Intel UNIX systems refer to the Wine Project ( 06 20:43
seller_liarnovell likes wineNov 06 20:43
schestowitzseller_liar: you think they want to cross-license?Nov 06 20:43
seller_liar 06 20:43
schestowitzBrazilian victim of USPTO tyranny: 06 20:44
MinceR"if you want to run windows applications on intel unix systems, refer to your microsoft priest about blasphemy."Nov 06 20:44
seller_liarNo ,I do not know, but intel indirectly libertinous licensesNov 06 20:44
*MinceR misses the verbNov 06 20:44
schestowitzI put it in BN last year: 06 20:44
seller_liarbecause of weak natureNov 06 20:44
seller_liarschestowitz: I was thinkingNov 06 20:48
seller_liaris very strange linus release a blogNov 06 20:49
seller_liarand linux foundation releasing a donation campaignNov 06 20:49
seller_liarFear of losing the open monopolyNov 06 20:49
seller_liarThe cause is probably OpenSolaris and SunNov 06 20:50
seller_liarI support OpenSolaris because sun the same game which linux foundation doesNov 06 20:50
seller_liarAnd moreNov 06 20:51
seller_liarlinux foundation uses a lot of evil people (hitler (IBM) ,judas(novell))Nov 06 20:51
schestowitzRebuttal to the Vista7 trolls: 06 20:52
seller_liarIbm does not like sunNov 06 20:52
schestowitzDonation campaign?!?!Nov 06 20:52
seller_liaryesNov 06 20:52
schestowitzseller_liar: Solaris and Sun are weak.Nov 06 20:52
seller_liarschestowitz: users can pay for linux foundationNov 06 20:53
schestowitzIBm collaborates with Sun now.Nov 06 20:53
seller_liarschestowitz: but I support solaris because linux foundation supports a lot of bad companniesNov 06 20:53
schestowitzThey work on ODD (many announcements this week) and not  they bring OpenSolaris to mainframes.Nov 06 20:53
schestowitzCompanies have no friends, they have /interests/Nov 06 20:53
schestowitz*LOL*Nov 06 20:54
seller_liarand sun is a very good companyNov 06 20:54
schestowitzUser to pay this /FRONT/?Nov 06 20:54
schestowitzLinux Foudnation?Nov 06 20:54
seller_liarschestowitz: yes!Nov 06 20:54
schestowitzWhat's next? Donations to OIN?Nov 06 20:54
seller_liarschestowitz: users can pay for linux foundationNov 06 20:54
schestowitz*LMAI*!!Nov 06 20:54
seller_liarschestowitz: wait a momentNov 06 20:54
schestowitzPaying for Zemlin to say "respect Microsoft!"Nov 06 20:54
seller_liar 06 21:00
schestowitzMore of the Linux defeatism, imposed by bribed bloggers: 06 21:01
seller_liarthey do the same what fsf doesNov 06 21:02
seller_liarthe user pay something and receives a memership accountNov 06 21:02
schestowitzVista7: like Vista all over again, with early fans saying it would be great. The Paul Thurrots and Enderles of the world...Nov 06 21:02
seller_liar 06 21:03
seller_liarschestowitz: m$ freezes the market with stupid windowz seven sinsNov 06 21:04
schestowitzWTF? 06 21:05
schestowitzseller_liar: Vista7 is false advertising at best... just Vista with makeup, but the media was bribed by Microsoft to hype it upNov 06 21:06
seller_liarschestowitz: linus have created this blog for conquer people and spread your ideologyNov 06 21:06
schestowitzThis way people have hope and they wait... Microsoft calls it "freezeing the market". They got sued for it.Nov 06 21:06
*levander has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Nov 06 21:10
schestowitzWTF is that? 06 21:13
schestowitzMicrosoft's invasion of Apache:" Friday's keynote sees Sam Ramji of Microsoft present his keynote entitled"future", :open, :microsoft). The providers of the live streaming are also making available other presentations from ApacheCon 2008 on a fee basis." < >Nov 06 21:16
*ZiggyFish1 has quit ("Leaving.")Nov 06 21:18
*trmanco has quit ("I just hit the close button :)")Nov 06 21:23
seller_liarRed hat employer is creating a new X server called waylandNov 06 21:31
seller_liarI do not know if is compatible with opensolarisNov 06 21:31
*seller_liar has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Nov 06 21:35
*MinceR has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Nov 06 21:59
*MinceR_ (n=mincer@unaffiliated/mincer) has joined #boycottnovellNov 06 21:59
*MinceR_ is now known as MinceRNov 06 22:00
MinceRgnNov 06 23:41
*logger_bot has quit ( 06 23:50
*logger_bot ( ) has joined #boycottnovellNov 06 23:51

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