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Calling Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenMoko to Resolve Mono Problem, Not Ignore It

Sweeping one's discomfort under the rug is only a temporarily solution

SOME short while ago we wrote about the problem with Mono. We ought to have elaborated.

Ubuntu Openness Disputed

It is natural for a Free software distribution to accommodate open discussions, but Mono 'guards' in Ubuntu Forums are trying to defend Mono because they have vested interests. They do Mono stuff for a living, so it's in their interests to have it spread inside Ubuntu, regardless of the consequences. Here is a discussion about Mono being closed.

Thread closed, as it's been hijacked by a running spat from another closed thread.

Mark Shuttleworth's stance on Mono, which already fills Ubuntu, is not helpful and one possible solution was proposed just a few hours ago.

When Java was not Open Source, it was not installed by default. Wine is not installed by default. Mono is installed by default, if we want it or not. This needs to change. If you want to build or run mono applications, then you can install it - it is your computer and we will not stop you.

Keeping Mono Away from the Fedora

Looking back at Fedora's decision-making, here is what one finds.

The reasons Red Hat decided to go ahead [with Mono] have since been revealed. It's because of the Open Invention Network.

We also wrote about this back in June. Additionally, the OIN is only protecting the Linux kernel GNU/Linux and the approach of the OIN is not terribly helpful.

Keeping Mono from the Moko

As we revealed the other day, OpenMoko had come under patent attack by a 'front' of Philips. This ought to teach people a lesson about the use Ogg, but also troubling is this new observation that OpenMoko is becoming OpenMONO because of Mono enthusiasts.

OpenMoko is a open-source development platform for cell phones. OpenMoko sells the hardware and offers a Linux-based operating system to run on top of it. OpenMoko is known amongst .NET developers as being the first phone to support the Mono runtime.

There are some more details about the patent dispute in Heise.

The Openmoko project temporarily removed all firmware versions from its download section last weekend and replaced them with different ones this morning. Openmoko is developing a mobile Linux distribution and sells the open Freerunner Linux smartphone. The reason for removal of firmware appears to be a dispute with patent holding company Sisvel.

It's worth remembering that there were attempts to contaminate Android with Mono (courtesy of Mr. de Icaza himself) and a Windows ISV tried to contaminate LiMo as well, using Mono.

"There is a substantive effort in open source to bring such an implementation of .Net to market, known as Mono and being driven by Novell, and one of the attributes of the agreement we made with Novell is that the intellectual property associated with that is available to Novell customers."

--Bob Muglia, Microsoft

A bad penguin -- Novell


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