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MinceRand that's why apple must die.Mar 07 13:50
schestowitzAnd in a weak economy, forget about it... Office is now becoming free+ads (ads model)Mar 07 13:50
schestowitzMinceR: Apple can't patent-trollMar 07 13:50
schestowitzTechnicallty speakingMar 07 13:50
MinceRwell, they do patent FUD all the timeMar 07 13:51
schestowitzBecause they don't buy patents, they write stuff up based on ideas or codeMar 07 13:51
schestowitzCall it patent aggressorMar 07 13:51
MinceRthey act like they've invented everything while in reality they steal everything from othersMar 07 13:51
schestowitzPeople who chose lawyers over engineersMar 07 13:51
MinceRi'll call them assholes who deserve to die.Mar 07 13:51
MinceRalso, if it weren't for apple, the gnome HIG might actually make senseMar 07 13:52
MinceRand i wouldn't have to deal with randomly scrambled dialog boxes and hidden optionsMar 07 13:52
MinceRand i wouldn't have to click "Continue without Saving" when what i really mean is "Quit without saving"Mar 07 13:52
MinceRbtw, usian politicians are still idiots: 07 13:53
oiaohmApple has over there time invented lots of things.Mar 07 13:54
oiaohmMost of Microsoft invents are to fix there own oversites.Mar 07 13:54
MinceRwell, they didn't invent the things they most loudly keep claiming ownership ofMar 07 13:56
MinceRconsider their patent FUD against Palm, for exampleMar 07 13:56
schestowitz*LOL* 07 13:57
MinceRthey didn't even plan to go court, they just tried to harm their competitor with lies.Mar 07 13:57
schestowitzAnd you can't say how old the Grand Canyon really is. It might offend people.Mar 07 13:57
oiaohmApple did invent some of the tech Palm has used.Mar 07 13:57
MinceRschestowitz: it was created last Thursday, just like the rest of the world. :>Mar 07 13:57
schestowitz'Invest'?Mar 07 13:57
schestowitz"Invent"?Mar 07 13:57
oiaohmCreateMar 07 13:57
MinceRwhich one?Mar 07 13:57
MinceRalso, let's not forget that palm invented a few things crApple usedMar 07 13:58
MinceRthey seemed to be somewhat quiet about those thingsMar 07 13:58
oiaohmFont rendering to start off with is apples.Mar 07 13:59
oiaohmApple did have the right to give palm notice just like palm has the right to give Apple notice over its patents.Mar 07 13:59
oiaohmThere are cases where its normally for two companies to be aggressively threaten each other before deciding that rules of MAD have to be followed.Mar 07 14:00
MinceRand we all know the official way to do so is openly telling half-lies to the press.Mar 07 14:01
MinceRjust keep defending crApple if it makes you feel better.Mar 07 14:01
oiaohmMinceR: Patent law is a prick.Mar 07 14:01
Omar871Seriously guys, I find it even a dirtier tactic that a company throws its fans in hallucinative dreams just in order to cover its wounds and try to appear like a hero in front of 'em.Mar 07 14:01
MinceRoiaohm: so is apple.Mar 07 14:01
oiaohmIts patent law.Mar 07 14:02
oiaohmIf you say that you are using there patents and they are using yours.  You defence can be stuffed.Mar 07 14:02
MinceRso, next excuse coming up: 'DURRRR HURRRRRRR they're businesses and businesses are allowed to do anything!'Mar 07 14:02
oiaohmSo purely you give notice they give notice to you and that is how it goes.Mar 07 14:02
oiaohmThey both decides on that its MAD to do anything.Mar 07 14:02
MinceRyou do realize "notice" is normally done via mail, right?Mar 07 14:03
oiaohmIe Muturally assured destruction.Mar 07 14:03
oiaohmNormally to be legally solid it has to be done publicly MinceRMar 07 14:03
schestowitzOmar871: yes, that's MicrosoftMar 07 14:03
oiaohmYes the annoying requirements of Patent law.Mar 07 14:03
schestowitzCommit crime, pay for PRMar 07 14:03
MinceRoiaohm: yes, an agreement between companies must be done publicly. what was i thinking?Mar 07 14:04
oiaohmEven the noticeMar 07 14:04
schestowitzThey also used association with KIDSMar 07 14:04
MinceRit's not like they keep secrets about their agreements normallyMar 07 14:04
MinceRoh, waitMar 07 14:04
MinceRthey do!\Mar 07 14:04
MinceRs/.$//Mar 07 14:04
oiaohmAs per normal press see notice and goes overboard.Mar 07 14:04
MinceRschestowitz: crApple and m$ alike do thatMar 07 14:04
MinceRoiaohm: and this isn't the first time we see apple (or jobs, for that matter) tell lies, eitherMar 07 14:05
oiaohmNote MAD agreement is not a formal agreement between the companies.Mar 07 14:05
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovellMar 07 14:05
oiaohmMAD agreement is basically formed by both companies threating each other then not going deeper into legal enforcement.Mar 07 14:06
oiaohmIt allows that the patents you have have still be enforced.Mar 07 14:06
oiaohmStupidlity of patent law.Mar 07 14:07
oiaohmOnly thing you have to do to keep you patents not nuked is threat to use them on people useing them.Mar 07 14:07
oiaohmIf you don't enforce your patents they can be argued as public domain.Mar 07 14:07
oiaohmYes stupidity of patent law MinceRMar 07 14:08
oiaohmIt directly promotes companies threatening each other.Mar 07 14:08
schestowitzMonopolies tooMar 07 14:09
schestowitzWith legal deptsMar 07 14:09
oiaohmPatent law directly promotes lots of thing people class as bad behaviour.Mar 07 14:10
MinceRso, does patent law directly promote campaigning for sw patent laws in other countries too?Mar 07 14:12
MinceRlike apple and microsoft backed BSA in doing?Mar 07 14:12
MinceRso they might threaten more companies because the poor things are forced to by evil, nasty patent law they didn't want? :>Mar 07 14:13
oiaohmApple and Microsoft and a lot of other companues backing software patents see it as a way to save themselves from being taken under by open source.Mar 07 14:13
oiaohmIe a way to still make money after closed source software is gone.Mar 07 14:14
oiaohmSome things are basic trying to stay alive as well MinceRMar 07 14:15
MinceRso the way they can save themselves is by destroying FLOSSMar 07 14:15
MinceRbut that doesn't seem to stop them from cashing in on it firstMar 07 14:15
MinceRyes, that's what i call ethical behavoir.Mar 07 14:15
MinceRs/oi/io/Mar 07 14:15
oiaohmDestroying no.Mar 07 14:15
oiaohmControlling yes.Mar 07 14:16
MinceRoiaohm: apparently the way they see it, it's either us or them.Mar 07 14:16
MinceRwell, i've made my choice.Mar 07 14:16
MinceRwhose side are you on?Mar 07 14:16
oiaohmI see it as foolishnessMar 07 14:16
MinceRif they control it, it isn't FLOSS anymoreMar 07 14:16
oiaohmSoftware patents are more risky to them.Mar 07 14:16
oiaohmThan to FLOSSMar 07 14:16
MinceRnobody will create sw to distribute libre if they're instantly taken over by a patent bully the moment they give it to someone else.Mar 07 14:17
MinceRor worse, just sued into bankruptcy in that momentMar 07 14:17
oiaohmSame can apply to a closed source software maker.Mar 07 14:17
oiaohmThat is the problem they have overlooked.Mar 07 14:17
MinceRwell, sw patents also make small sw companies impossibleMar 07 14:17
oiaohmPatent Trolls could grined the complete software industry to a stand still.Mar 07 14:18
MinceRapple and m$ use all means (including the most unethical ways -- ones they seem to prefer) they can to eliminate competitionMar 07 14:18
oiaohmNote trolls with no interest in helping anyone.Mar 07 14:18
MinceRmicrosoft has some patent trolls in their pocketMar 07 14:18
MinceRthey're coming out of the woodwork now.Mar 07 14:18
oiaohmSo do a lot of companies MinceRMar 07 14:18
MinceRoh, and that makes it all rightMar 07 14:18
MinceR"equally evil", right?Mar 07 14:19
MinceR(except that it's far from equal)Mar 07 14:19
oiaohmWhat is the long term effects.Mar 07 14:19
MinceRthe long term effect is that either m$ and crApple dieMar 07 14:19
MinceRor the rest of the industry does.Mar 07 14:19
oiaohmNoMar 07 14:19
MinceRbut at least with the products of the rest of the industry, i can actually do some workMar 07 14:19
oiaohmEither M$ or Apple  and anyone else backing software patents.  Or everyone dies.Mar 07 14:20
oiaohmNo speciall acceptions here.Mar 07 14:20
MinceReven then, it's obvious who should dieMar 07 14:20
oiaohmTrolls who independant to Apple and MS are currently fighting to block patent reform.Mar 07 14:21
oiaohmThey don't want to lose there cash stream.Mar 07 14:21
oiaohmThere is a lot more evil in the patent game than Apple and MS.Mar 07 14:21
oiaohmPart of the problem is staying alive.Mar 07 14:22
oiaohmMicrosoft started the stupid idea that software patents would save them from 0 prices software.Mar 07 14:22
MinceRa lot of that evil is backed by m$Mar 07 14:22
MinceRprobably exactly like SCO is.Mar 07 14:22
oiaohmSCO is a Novell setup.Mar 07 14:23
MinceRiirc they were paid by m$ so they could keep suing even when they ran out of money.Mar 07 14:23
MinceRbut anyway, m$ and novell are the same thingMar 07 14:23
oiaohmHere you go from Novell all the rights to Unix we can transfer.  Forgetting to tell SCO they key ones they cannot transfer because they lost the right to in the BSD case.Mar 07 14:23
oiaohmSCO fell for it hook line and sinker.Mar 07 14:24
oiaohmCompared to Novell.  Apple is angellic.Mar 07 14:24
oiaohmMicrosoft and Novell deserve each other.Mar 07 14:27
trmancoUAC Whitelist Hole In Windows 7: 07 14:28
PetoKraus^^Mar 07 14:28
PetoKrausoh god, this VNC delay is killing meMar 07 14:28
PetoKraustrmanco: nice oneMar 07 14:29
trmancothank the /. AIM bot :-PMar 07 14:29
oiaohmThere are many holes in UACMar 07 14:31
oiaohmSimplest of all is servicesMar 07 14:31
oiaohmWith SCO Novell plan was simple.  If SCO could extract money they could step in and take it and kill one of there compettors.  If SCO could not make money from it.  Still step in and kill one of there competitors.Mar 07 14:33
oiaohmWith SCO Novell had nothing to lose and everything to gain.Mar 07 14:33
PetoKraus/. aim bot?Mar 07 14:34
PetoKrauswell yeah i guessMar 07 14:35
oiaohm  Hmm instant on race is kinda starting up.Mar 07 14:37
MinceRcompared to novell, apple is the same crap.Mar 07 14:43
*oiaohm has quit (Remote closed the connection)Mar 07 14:43
MinceR153652 < trmanco> thank the /. AIM bot :-PMar 07 14:43
MinceRaimbot? :>Mar 07 14:43
benJImanschestowitz: openSUSE has never had a fixed 6 month release cycle. In fact most releases have been longer.Mar 07 14:45
benJImanI can think of only 2 releases that had a 6 month or shorter cycle.Mar 07 14:45
*mib_vozqdv (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 07 14:50
schestowitzbenJIman: "As a six-month release schedule is not something we consider feasible to maintain high-quality standards, we are proposing a fixed eight-month schedule"Mar 07 14:51
schestowitzSome were 6 months apaerMar 07 14:52
schestowitz*apartMar 07 14:52
schestowitzMatch 2008: 11.0Mar 07 14:52
*Omar87 (n=omar@ has joined #boycottnovellMar 07 14:53
schestowitzOops. Even laterMar 07 14:53
schestowitzThen one in XmasMar 07 14:53
schestowitz11.1Mar 07 14:53
schestowitzSo around 6 monthsMar 07 14:53
schestowitz10.3: Oct 2007.Mar 07 14:53
*Omar871 has quit (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))Mar 07 15:00
*mib_vozqdv has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Mar 07 15:02
trmancoMinceR, yes SlashdotomaticMar 07 15:15
schestowitzFelony Charge For Craigslist Prank < > "A similar Craigslist prank has triggered a criminal probe of a Texas man who allegedly posed as a female acquaintance and posted a Valentine's Day ad offering sexual favors. "Mar 07 15:21
schestowitzThey go after the real criminals, don't they? Why aren't they cracking down on the Big Crime, which is run from places like Redmond?Mar 07 15:21
schestowitzPranks and pot keep policemen busy while Microsoft bribes and fuels companies to sue a rival for a billion dollarsMar 07 15:22
*mib_vg01tg (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 07 15:31
[H]omerHello folksMar 07 15:38
[H]omerWhat's new?Mar 07 15:38
schestowitzMicrosoft is SCO2Mar 07 15:40
schestowitzJust like PJ had surmisedMar 07 15:40
[H]omerWell that's not surprising :)Mar 07 15:40
schestowitzYou know the next stage.Mar 07 15:41
schestowitzChapter BallmerMar 07 15:41
schestowitzApple might be SCO3Mar 07 15:41
[H]omerStalker Smith will be wiping the egg off his face, right about now ("Microsoft only patent's defensively")Mar 07 15:42
schestowitz:-)Mar 07 15:42
schestowitz       >"egg off his face"Mar 07 15:43
schestowitzHe has a boyfriend?Mar 07 15:43
[H]omerWhat do you know about setting up SSL certs Roy?Mar 07 15:43
[H]omerI'm trying to set up something hereMar 07 15:43
schestowitzNot much, never set that up. I use cpanelMar 07 15:43
[H]omerhmmMar 07 15:43
[H]omerThis is a painMar 07 15:43
benJImanschestowitz: Because 6 months was one of the proposals, not because that was what was used before.Mar 07 15:43
schestowitzbenJIman: The separation increasesMar 07 15:44
benJImanAs I said there were two that were approximately 6 months but that was just a coincidence, it varies between 5 and 10 months.Mar 07 15:44
schestowitzRecent releases?Mar 07 15:44
benJImanYeah.Mar 07 15:44
schestowitz[H]omer: take snit's advise and find a "user-friendly" Apple-like G00uiMar 07 15:45
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schestowitzThe Decline and Fall of Robert Scoble < >. Good riddance.Mar 07 16:02
*[H]omer has quit (K-lined)Mar 07 16:06
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trmancolooolMar 07 16:16
trmancohe is one twitterMar 07 16:16
trmancoonMar 07 16:17
schestowitzSomeone says: "This account has started suddenly after 5 years of inactivity. I wonder what its about."Mar 07 16:17
schestowitz"That's the first one in months and only the second in 5 years.  Revived accounts are ..."Mar 07 16:18
MinceRlol @ mentioning apple and user-friendly on the same dayMar 07 16:38
trmancohas anybody ever heard em php-gtk? :-PMar 07 17:14
trmancosounds very promisingMar 07 17:14
MinceRexcept for the php part? :>Mar 07 17:15
trmanco 07 17:26
trmancothat is the best partMar 07 17:26
trmanco 07 17:26
trmancoit still a side project of PHPMar 07 17:26
trmancoit's*Mar 07 17:26
*neighborlee (i=kvirc@unaffiliated/neighborlee) has joined #boycottnovellMar 07 17:27
trmanco 07 17:28
neighborleePlease be aware that Boycott Novell is written by either a troll or an idiot. I'm not sure which yet, though Hanlon's Razor makes the decision for me < nice guy , isnt he ;)Mar 07 17:29
schestowitzHey, neighborlee Mar 07 17:31
schestowitzTook you a long time to return. Did you try to remove Mono from SLED? ;-)Mar 07 17:31
schestowitzDifficulty level: higher than LFS on BlueGeneMar 07 17:32
schestowitzneighborlee: URL?Mar 07 17:33
neighborleepastingMar 07 17:35
neighborleesorry as on phineMar 07 17:35
neighborleeoneMar 07 17:35
neighborlee 07 17:35
schestowitzneighborlee: you should not use TomTom to defend your contention that Mono is poison because: 1) Microsoft is suing over use of Linux; 2) It implants de facto standards like FAT, makes a promise not to sue, and then sued anyway (causing problems due to dependency at a low level, thus hard to remove)Mar 07 17:35
neighborleeive been very busy lately so I hadn't been fllowing latest mono stuffMar 07 17:35
trmanco 07 17:36
neighborleeschestowitz: tomtom ?Mar 07 17:36
schestowitzAnyway, that's the core of the new argument, which blasts the Mono loversMar 07 17:36
schestowitzneighborlee: yes, catch up with the news. I'll get you linksMar 07 17:36
neighborleeif you mean tomboyMar 07 17:36
neighborleetomboy is poison becuse gnome is using itMar 07 17:36
schestowitz 07 17:37
neighborleeok, ye smaybe im very out of date LOLMar 07 17:37
schestowitzNo, tomtom, not tomboyMar 07 17:37
schestowitzbrbMar 07 17:37
neighborleeWEIRDMar 07 17:37
neighborleeokMar 07 17:37
schestowitzI've got to go now. bblMar 07 17:40
neighborleeok have fun,I ll look into tomtom np at allMar 07 17:40
neighborleetake careMar 07 17:41
neighborleeschestowitz: ok np,,I responded to his pure vitriol by posting that link you gave me; eyes wide open ;))Mar 07 17:53
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*zer0c00l_ (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovellMar 07 18:18
*zer0c00l_ is now known as zer0c00lMar 07 18:18
PetoKraushello guysMar 07 18:53
BalroghelloMar 07 19:27
Balrogbe right back.. need to rebootMar 07 19:27
Balrogbut tomtom vs. ms is real and clearly shows what MS wants.Mar 07 19:28
Balrogand the mainstream linux sites are starting to realize thisMar 07 19:29
Balrogok I'm around nowMar 07 19:38
*zer0c00l has quit ("Leaving")Mar 07 19:41
amarsh04hi BalrogMar 07 20:04
*neighborlee has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Mar 07 20:07
schestowitzBalrog: I'm not entirely sure that's the only intention. it's multi-factedMar 07 20:19
schestowitz*facetedMar 07 20:19
schestowitzAnd as SCO shows, one of those 'facets' when you sue a rival is that customers ditch you and you're toast.Mar 07 20:19
BalrogcertainlyMar 07 20:59
trmancoKDE 4 beauty -> 07 21:03
schestowitzNice. I love his work.Mar 07 21:04
*schestowitz pinheiro's artwork installed on KDE 3.5 at home and workMar 07 21:04
schestowitz (KOffice 2.0 Beta 7 Released)Mar 07 21:06
schestowitzNo signs of Mono or C# in this digest of patches. 07 21:11
schestowitz"The researchers found three pieces of evidence that showed people, on what is now the northern steppes of the country of Kazakhstan, were riding and milking horses about 5,500 years ago, over one thousand years earlier than previously thought by scientists." 07 21:12
schestowitzExcellent analysis from OSI on Microsoft's latest patent plot. < >Mar 07 21:13
schestowitzHow long will Americans wait for economic change?  < >Mar 07 21:15
trmancothe latest fiasco in Portugal -> A computer program called Gcompris has syntactical and grammatical errors, and journalists are making a lot noise without hearing what both sides have to say about thisMar 07 21:15
schestowitzI heard about it.Mar 07 21:15
schestowitzWhere it the fiasco?Mar 07 21:15
trmancothey are also making up a false story stating that the person who translated the program had only 4 years of schoolMar 07 21:16
schestowitzYou mean like those people who made storage work on paper?Mar 07 21:16
schestowitz(Fraud)Mar 07 21:16
trmancoand the person who translated the program has a PhD in philosophy and something related to computersMar 07 21:16
schestowitzFound it: 07 21:17
trmancothis was discovered by a "retired" politician, just to defend his interestsMar 07 21:18
schestowitz"Vole said that it will not be fixing a critical Excel vulnerability, which allows attackers to launch malicious code remotely on users' computers via an infected Excel spreadsheet file." 07 21:18
schestowitzPoliticians these days are lawyers. They monopolised itMar 07 21:18
schestowitzI've gotten some E-mails this afternoon about monopoly abuse and SAPMar 07 21:19
schestowitzNot only Microsoft is dying with the 'licensing' modeMar 07 21:19
schestowitz"I’ll be giving the final morning keynote at OSBC, the Open Source Business Conference, in San Francisco on March 25. The title of my talk will be “Open Source, Linux, and a Smarter Planet”." << Microsoft will poison this event alsoMar 07 21:20
trmancomicrosoft started dead from the beginningMar 07 21:21
schestowitzNot quiteMar 07 21:21
schestowitzIt corrupted the law thoughMar 07 21:21
trmancothey didn't even create DOS from scratchMar 07 21:21
schestowitzBilly's mom got a contrat with the monopoliser (IBM)Mar 07 21:21
schestowitzAnd Billy's dad was busy with his buddies changing laws and stuff.Mar 07 21:21
schestowitzLetter to lobbyistsMar 07 21:21
schestowitzLosses of $18 billion in 199Mar 07 21:22
schestowitz1889Mar 07 21:22
schestowitz1998Mar 07 21:22
schestowitzAnd the pyramid scheme had only just begun.Mar 07 21:22
schestowitzMythology for the ages speaks about a knight on a white MS horse "Bringing Computers to the Masses"Mar 07 21:23
schestowitzWhat's that Greek name of the man who killed his dad so that he can sleep with his mother?Mar 07 21:23
trmancono idea, I hate philosophyMar 07 21:25
schestowitzOh, I found it: 07 21:25
trmancoI associate the greeks to philosophy, so...Mar 07 21:25
schestowitzOedipusMar 07 21:25
trmancouaMar 07 21:25
trmancoweird name as alwaysMar 07 21:26
schestowitzAll the Week links redirect me to FP of week europe or something. What happens when you click this? 07 21:29
trmancoschestowitz, I see you got a boost in followersMar 07 21:29
Balrogwell now it's much more obvious what MS is trying to doMar 07 21:30
trmancoat least 3 of them are portuguese :-P on from Brazil :-PMar 07 21:30
trmancoone*Mar 07 21:30
schestowitzIBM's Vice President of Linux links to Bn :-)Mar 07 21:30
Balrogshow meMar 07 21:31
Balrog(linkMar 07 21:31
Balrog)Mar 07 21:31
schestowitztrmanco: does the link work for you?Mar 07 21:31
trmancoschestowitz, what link?Mar 07 21:31
schestowitzBalrog: some news picks. Also see the blogroll of Weir.Mar 07 21:31
trmancothe Greek  one?Mar 07 21:31
schestowitztrmanco: the eweek oneMar 07 21:32
trmancoohMar 07 21:32
schestowitzFor several days it has been redirectingMar 07 21:32
schestowitzI enabled JS too, to no avail.Mar 07 21:32
trmancoschestowitz, "Can Virtualization Make Red Hat Linux Desktop Pay?"Mar 07 21:32
schestowitzI'll purge cookiesMar 07 21:32
Balrogthat's what I getMar 07 21:33
schestowitzWeirdMar 07 21:34
schestowitzIt redirects me even in KonqyMar 07 21:34
schestowitz TO 07 21:34
Balrogdoesn't happen here.Mar 07 21:34
schestowitzMaybe localisation gone wrongMar 07 21:34
Balrogsomething with your IP address?Mar 07 21:34
schestowitzYesMar 07 21:34
Balrog:/Mar 07 21:34
trmancoMininova Hit By Massive DDoS Attack Windows botnets?Mar 07 21:34
schestowitzSince about 3 days agoMar 07 21:34
schestowitztrmanco: Ballmer YouthMar 07 21:35
trmancoyouth?Mar 07 21:35
trmancoLOLMar 07 21:35
schestowitz 07 21:36
trmancoPeople who use Windows need to start using condoms on there computerMar 07 21:36
schestowitzThey raise kids to hate Free software and love patentsMar 07 21:36
*MrMidland (i=5ad02612@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 07 21:36
schestowitzHey, MikeMar 07 21:36
MrMidlandHiMar 07 21:36
MrMidlandRoyMar 07 21:36
schestowitzRemy might be going out tonightMar 07 21:36
schestowitzIf so, will you join?Mar 07 21:36
schestowitzDo me a quick favbour, open this link: 07 21:37
schestowitzDoes it go to ?Mar 07 21:37
MrMidlandI have a ten k in the morning in Lichfield, a nice town, so need early night, thanks though, btw you are welcome to come along if you like, i can pick you upMar 07 21:37
MrMidlandyes it doesMar 07 21:38
schestowitzNo running for me.Mar 07 21:39
schestowitzMrMidland: thanks, they have an errorMar 07 21:39
schestowitzThey send UK IPs to the wrong place. Site errorMar 07 21:39
Balrogworks hereMar 07 21:39
Balrog:/Mar 07 21:39
Balrogyeah it's messed upMar 07 21:39
BalrogthenMar 07 21:39
schestowitzI'll use a proxy until they resolve itMar 07 21:39
schestowitzMrMidland: I found lots of good videosMar 07 21:40
MrMidlandgoodMar 07 21:40
schestowitzThis one's decent: 07 21:40
trmancoMontaVista Launches Meld Community, Supports Moblin: 07 21:41
schestowitzMoblin -- yuck!Mar 07 21:42
schestowitzIntel needs to be out of business.Mar 07 21:42
schestowitzMontaVista supports them now? I know Wind River did (e.g. in automobiles push)Mar 07 21:43
amarsh04schestowitz, I get the eweek story ok about virtualisationMar 07 21:44
schestowitzYes, but UK IPs get sent for _all articles_ to the UK site (front page)Mar 07 21:44
schestowitzSame in IrelandMar 07 21:44
schestowitzI've just tried from my server in there.Mar 07 21:44
schestowitzActually, the server is down in London, the host is IrishMar 07 21:45
schestowitz > "The server at sent a HTTP redirect. Your web address has been updated. Please try again."Mar 07 21:45
schestowitzSo it affects Germany tooMar 07 21:45
schestowitzSee 07 21:47
trmanco 07 21:49
schestowitz"Wind River's 4Q Linux bookings, meanwhile, grew 48 percent year over year, says the company." < > What recession??Mar 07 22:03
*MrMidland has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Mar 07 22:06
BalrogWhat's the story with VxWorks?Mar 07 22:07
Balrog(wind river UNIX)Mar 07 22:07
schestowitzWhy BuisnessWeek is the SUX: "However the analyst believes Symbian's switch to open source will help the Symbian Foundation maintain its leadership over Android, Linux and Microsoft over the next few years. " 07 22:08
schestowitzLike Dana Blankenhorn, they think that Android id built from scratch or something.Mar 07 22:08
schestowitzBalrog: UNIX down, Linux up. At least it's a sign of the times.Mar 07 22:08
Balrogyes.Mar 07 22:08
Balrogbut many are still using VxWorks ... it's popular for embedded stuffMar 07 22:09
schestowitzNASAMar 07 22:10
PetoKrausbrbMar 07 22:11
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Mar 07 22:11
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovellMar 07 22:12
*neighborlee (i=kvirc@unaffiliated/neighborlee) has joined #boycottnovellMar 07 22:14
schestowitzGreen Olympics Planned for London in 2012 pr 'fluff'Mar 07 22:32
amarsh04Sydney Olympics were supposed to be "green" alsoMar 07 22:33
schestowitzIt's like "Green" planes or "friendly" fireMar 07 22:35
*dsmith_ ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 07 22:35
PetoKrausbut playing without friendly fire is not coolMar 07 22:37
schestowitz 07 22:38
trmancoFirefox reached 838 million downloads on 2009-03-07 22:39 UTCMar 07 22:42
PetoKrauswheeMar 07 22:43
*dsmith_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)Mar 07 22:43
schestowitzNokia's Eureka moment: Nokia May Drop DRM from its Music Service < >Mar 07 22:45
MinceRCamperStrike?Mar 07 22:45
schestowitzOver 1 of these download was from PearlyGMar 07 22:45
schestowitz*downloadsMar 07 22:45
schestowitzPetoKraus: AdBlock with a price tag: 07 22:47
PetoKrausi knowMar 07 22:47
schestowitzBusiness models for news sites are kaputMar 07 22:48
schestowitzHe gets readership sold out to IDG for something meager.Mar 07 22:48
schestowitzThe economy of abundance.Mar 07 22:48
Balrogwhat about adblock+flashblock, anyone?Mar 07 22:55
Balrogahh ... first amazon, then apple, now nokia......Mar 07 22:56
Balrog(well hopefully nokia)Mar 07 22:56
schestowitz 07 22:57
schestowitzYay! Techcorat is back!!Mar 07 22:57
schestowitzThis prevents hundreds of 404s from BN and also leave my comments there in tactMar 07 22:58
trmanconext step after PHP -> RubyMar 07 22:58
trmanco 07 22:58
schestowitzI asked him to do this.. just mailed him ("Thanks for bringing it back.")Mar 07 22:59
schestowitztrmanco: didn't Ruby lose momentum.Mar 07 23:00
trmancodon't know, but I agree with some people stating it's beautiful and artisticMar 07 23:01
trmancoGitHub was built on RubyMar 07 23:01
trmanco 07 23:05
trmancoyep, Ruby is my next victimMar 07 23:06
trmancoPython can waitMar 07 23:06
MinceRpython > rubyMar 07 23:06
*schestowitz tried to find a graphMar 07 23:06
schestowitzHmmmmmm... 07 23:08
schestowitzI thought I had seen clear indications of Ruby losing steam somewhere. I guess it was also an article. Either way, as I remember it, for Ruby the honeymoon is overMar 07 23:08
schestowitzI had dinner with the FSFE in 2006 and one of the guys there was talking about how it was taking off and recently I've heard that Python is indeed gaining a lot, particularly on the server where so-called 'clouds' reside.Mar 07 23:09
schestowitzThis blog can make you fall asleep very fast: 07 23:11
trmancoPython is horrendous, looks ugly and it's confusing... but yes it is very power fullMar 07 23:11
*mib_3wy8wj (i=d541add9@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 07 23:11
mib_3wy8wjmono failsMar 07 23:11
schestowitz+1Mar 07 23:11
mib_3wy8wjAnd that was all.Mar 07 23:12
schestowitztrmanco: what do you mean by "ugly"/Mar 07 23:12
*mib_3wy8wj has quit (Client Quit)Mar 07 23:12
trmancoschestowitz, it's syntaxMar 07 23:12
schestowitzYes, pythons are ugly. 07 23:12
trmancoI'll give you and exampleMar 07 23:13
trmancoan*Mar 07 23:13
*trmanco finds some source codeMar 07 23:13
MinceRno, ruby is horrendous and uglyMar 07 23:13
MinceRpython is mostly beautifulMar 07 23:13
schestowitz 07 23:13
trmancoMinceR, hehe, programming language wars :-PMar 07 23:15
trmancolooks at this -> looks like crap, no offense though, the devs are doing a great jobMar 07 23:15
schestowitz "If he had have done then the small detail that Schiefer had been convicted of being a botnet builder, spreading malware to some 250,000 computers in the process. According to Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis they have a rigorous hiring process in place."Mar 07 23:16
*oiaohm (n=oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovellMar 07 23:16
schestowitzoiaohm: morning.Mar 07 23:16
schestowitztrmanco: looks fine to meMar 07 23:17
schestowitzPerl is harder to readMar 07 23:17
trmanconever tried perlMar 07 23:17
PetoKrausyeahwoeMar 07 23:17
PetoKrausnonstandard letters on the keyboard part 3Mar 07 23:18
PetoKrausΔ aka capital delta; μ aka small mu; π aka pi!Mar 07 23:18
PetoKrauslove xmodmapMar 07 23:18
trmancoLOLMar 07 23:18
oiaohmHow things going schestowitzMar 07 23:18
PetoKraus(if your client does not display it correctly, you are a wank for not using unicode)Mar 07 23:19
trmanco0x42Mar 07 23:19
*trmanco presses that button starting now -> HMM, IT WURKZMar 07 23:19
oiaohm  Who said the analog flaw could not be covered.Mar 07 23:20
trmanco"wanted a scripting language that was more powerful than Perl, and more object-oriented than Python"Mar 07 23:22
oiaohmPHPMar 07 23:23
oiaohmYes it can be used as a scripting languageMar 07 23:23
trmancothat's a quote from the creator of RubyMar 07 23:24
trmancoyeah, but for now, I'm still sticking with phpMar 07 23:25
schestowitzoiaohm: all right. Tired thoughMar 07 23:31
schestowitzgnMar 07 23:32
trmancoPersonal Home Page wowMar 07 23:34
trmancoPHP I guessMar 07 23:34
oiaohm  << No coding language trmancoMar 07 23:38
trmancoscripting languageMar 07 23:38
trmancoI think you can also use php as a coding language, it already has gtk bindingsMar 07 23:39
oiaohmRuby and PHP both have there different advantages.Mar 07 23:40
trmancodon't know, I just rushed through the basic of rubyMar 07 23:41
trmancobasics*Mar 07 23:41
oiaohmPHP if what you are doing could be used with a web server in future it simpler to fine providers providing PHP than RUBYMar 07 23:42
*kentma ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 07 23:54
*kentma1 has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Mar 07 23:57

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