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New (Sub)Site for TechBytes and SIP

SIP Communicator

Summary: TechBytes is getting a new home and another attempt to strictly use SIP will be made

WITH HELP FROM OUR KIND Web host, yesterday we set up, which is the new address of TechBytes (for the time being it only redirects to a Wiki section). There are several addresses for TechBytes, residing in different domains. It has been two months since Tim and I started the show and our audience grew steadily. We also became a group of 3 hosts rather than just 2 and torrents were made available of the show (thanks to Gordon), which Tim/OpenBytes stores in another mirror. As the show is freely shareable, it has neither a single home nor a platform. Feel free to host and to share it. This month we did not have much time to do a lot of shows (15 shows in November) because of commitments to our daytime jobs. The large quantity of recordings (over 20 hours in total last month) also came at the expense of Techrights blog posts, but that's okay. A few days ago we struggled to record also because Tim suffered from [43583 Skype problems]. Yes, after trying Ekiga for a while way back in October we failed to find a recording utility, so we temporarily used Skype and watched the show expand. As we discovered at the time, recording under SIP with Ekiga is not possible (with a GUI at least) and from the command line it may require some hacks that work with ALSA but not Pulseaudio. Built-in support is said to work in SIP Communicator, but it does not work yet with my Webcam, which does work well in Ekiga. We'll try to move the whole shebang to SIP somehow. Having Skype as a fallback for guests who require it is wonderful either way. For future guests who use Skype we do have recording software on GNU/Linux, so fallback will exist. Freedom always requires some compromises to be achieved.

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The Debian Project Leader said the main thing Debian lacked was more contributors
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