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Apple Now Worth Almost Twice as Much as Microsoft


Summary: Teletubbies-style XP land marks the end of the life cycle of so-called 'desktops' and Microsoft is left behind

Microsoft is losing the battle in a very major way. Following its latest financial results the stock sank like no time before (in the past 2 years at least) and part of the reason was the realisation that so-called 'desktops' are a shrinking market. Can Microsoft adapt to the new markets? Absolutely not, and this is why it is suing using software patents. According to one analyst, the number of phones sold with a Microsoft platform is "catastrophic". Microsoft of course is lying about the numbers or at least spinning it all:

Russian tech blogger and analyst Eldar Murtazin, the man credited for predicting the Nokia-Microsoft tie-up way back in December, has published a damning report that claims Microsoft sold only 674,000 Windows Phone 7 devices in its first six weeks.

Using 2010 data he claims he received from operators and retailers, Murtazin said Microsoft only sold 674,000 WP7 units in November and December, when you take out the number of phones given to all its employees.

"Failure? Definitely yes. Unfortunately, in spite of the ecosystem, developer support, Microsoft could not create a product that would be attractive to the consumer," Murtazin wrote in a blog post (Google translated).

According to this analysis promoted/passed to us by Will, "Microsoft has the Wal-Mart Disease":

This week Microsoft’s market capitalization is about $215B, while Apple’s is about $365B – about 70% higher. The difference is, of course, growth – and how a lack of it changes management – including Microsoft

Putting market capitalisation on "Linux" is not possible, but companies like Google and IBM are among the benefactors and they are doing very well, too.

Tim has made the prediction that Ballmer will exit or be thrown out some time around the middle of the year.


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