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SUEPO's EPO Staff Survey: Confidence in Staff Representatives at All-Time High and Confidence in EPO President at Only 3%

Three soda drinkers: European panzer office

Summary: Early preview following a staff survey showed how awful things had become at the Office even after two years with the supposedly 'nice' and 'improved' President (he's even less popular than his predecessor at equivalent periods of the presidency)

"Preliminary results of the 2020 EPO Staff Survey (run by Technologia)," SUEPO wrote, "are available in English and French." That was quite some time ago. We already wrote about some of the findings back in summer, taking note of the fact that Benoît Battistelli's record after two years at the EPO (Office) was better than that of António Campinos, judging by what staff thought of him (same survey). Under normal circumstances such appalling approval rates would necessitate or make an impeachment imperative. For the EPO's very survival...

"There's more than one "orange dictator", but European media cares only about Trump's violations of the law..."Right now Campinos fights against the survival of the EPO. He makes it a vastly less attractive workplace, he plans to lay off many more employees, and he keeps breaking the law while smiling to the cameras. Sort of like Donald Trump. There's more than one "orange dictator", but European media cares only about Trump's violations of the law...

Here's what SUEPO wrote about early findings from the Technologia staff survey:

26 May 2020 su20027cp

Preliminary results of the 2020 EPO Staff Survey (run by Technologia)

Dear SUEPO members, dear colleagues,

The 2020 Staff Survey is now complete. Thanks to all of you who participated despite all the difficulties generated by the current pandemic!

Some preliminary results are available in English and French.

Final results and analysis will follow in due course.

As you know, this year's survey asked the same questions as the previous surveys conducted in 2010, 2013 and 2016 in order to be able to reliably compare the results.

Although we are waiting for Technologia’s full evaluation, it is already clear that our collective working experience at the EPO has not improved over the past four years. The trend is worrying.

We thank you for your trust and support. Be assured of our commitment to trying to improve the situation.

SUEPO Central

Here are the slides/deck in English:

SUEPO survey 0

SUEPO survey 1

SUEPO survey 2

SUEPO survey 3

SUEPO survey 4

SUEPO survey 5

SUEPO survey 6

SUEPO survey 7

SUEPO survey 8

SUEPO survey 9

SUEPO survey 10

SUEPO survey 11

SUEPO survey 12

SUEPO survey 13

Later on SUEPO would shed/share further pertinent details.

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