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Privacy Crimes at Europe's Second-Largest Institution, in Partnership With Microsoft

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Summary: The EPO is crushing patent law as well as labour rights and very basic rights such as privacy rights; the situation is worse than absurd and Microsoft is the main beneficiary

THE European authorities are ignoring EPO corruption and EPO crimes at their own peril. This discredits or delegitimises the EU, even if the EPO isn't an EU institution (unlike the UPC which they've envisioned in vain for well over a decade).

It should be noted, at least in passing, that the scandals of Team UPC are contributing a great deal to this delegitimisation. They break laws, they bribe the media, they spread lies (fabricated fake news), and they pretend that constitutions simply do not exist or can be conveniently disregarded for some alleged "greater good". But this post isn't about UPC scandals. These merit some other post one day...

"This discredits or delegitimises the EU, even if the EPO isn't an EU institution (unlike the UPC which they're envisioned in vain for well over a decade)."Following two posts this morning [1, 2] I've decided to do another video regarding buzzwords like DPA, namely Data Protection Board (DPB), Data Protection Rules (DPR), and Data Protection Officer (DPO). The announcement below says "EPO Data Protection Rules (DPR)": (warning: link)

Following the adoption of an updated data protection framework by the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation on 30 June 2021, the new EPO Data Protection Rules (DPR) enter into force today.

The new DPR lay the foundations for modern, integrated data protection legislation at the EPO. Bringing the EPO into line with the principles and key requirements of international best practices in the area of data protection, they are an essential step in strengthening individuals' fundamental rights in the digital age and guarantee all EPO staff, users and the general public that the same standard of protection of personal data will apply to all data processing activities carried out by the EPO.

Those "data processing activities" have been outsourced to Microsoft, a longtime criminal firm which presents itself as a legitimate business and has an obvious conflict of interest.

Myself, a strong EU proponent, can't help but feel like we've all been betrayed by corrupt officials -- including German officials -- who look the other way because they're bought and paid for. Crime does not bother these people; they either ignore it or contribute to it (or even participate in it for personal gain).

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