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The Internet is Breaking and We Need Contingencies

Video download link | md5sum 6a84c3a45403cd4467e8f79cf7fb51ae Internet is Under Attack, Governments Say They Protect You Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: A lot of the Internet (connectivity over UDP/TCP) and stuff built on top of it seems to be rotting and/or ebbing away, not just in Russia and China (among other Internet villains/scapegoats, notorious for extensive censorship/blocking); This scope of sabotage and obstruction goes further and further, extending far beyond the corporate Web, so that necessitates a rapid change in online behaviour (failing that, offline fallbacks)

THE national news sites have been warped into government propaganda sites, corporate media is selling war, and Twitter profits from conflict.

Where are we heading?

"Our self-hosted IRC network is a lot better anyway."Well, surely enough alternatives will be sought. I quit social control media (all of it) 5 days ago and so far I'm loving it. Our self-hosted IRC network is a lot better anyway. It's very diverse in all sorts of ways and it allows rapid response (native software has better interfaces than Web interfaces), it's quicker to type in it, and there's no time delays for responses (rather than wait for notifications people speak almost in real time).

The video explains rather bizarre things we've seen on the Internet lately, especially US-based ISPs (blocking things that they really ought not block), and then reminds people that we've invested a lot of time and effort improving the Gemini capsule. It's not that it's robust to censorship, not inherently anyway, but it's 'off the radar' for the most part. Sanctions, for example, don't impact Gemini capsules. The same is true when it comes to IRC, especially with many networks coming online all the time. Setting up an IRC network is vastly simpler than running and maintaining social control media platforms.

"Principles of the cornerstones of the Net aren't being tolerated anymore."With rotting economies (the full effect of soaring corporate and residential energy prices -- with their knock-on effect on travel, food etc. -- is yet to be seen) and an unstable world at risk of nuclear confrontation the governments will likely resort to unprecedented measures. Adapting when things already escalate is adapting too late.

Self-hosting has never seemed so attractive. Third parties cannot be relied upon as many shut down (due to government, corporate, or financial pressures), the censorious tendencies aside. 2022 is going to be a very interesting year for the Internet because we're seeing it stress-tested on many levels. Principles of the cornerstones of the Net aren't being tolerated anymore.

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