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Media Censorship is Spreading and Infesting the World Wide Web

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Summary: Media and social control media are manipulating what people are reading and writing; this is done in the name of protecting us from misinformation, but oftentimes it's done to actually hide verifiable information (in order to protect a government's self-serving disinformation campaign)

THE corruption at the European Patent Office (EPO) is very profound (Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos basically belong in prison for their crimes, but they enjoy diplomatic immunity) and the media almost completely ignores this corruption. It's mystifying, isn't it? Why are so many so-called 'journalists' ignoring the obvious? The EPO is Europe's second-largest institution, so clearly it's in the public interest to report all that. There are official sources, including authentic documents*.

"...we must at least consider the danger of a covert 'thought police'."Speaking of official documents (or data), putting aside the EPO suppressing free speech (even speech of its own staff representatives!) I've noticed that COVID-19 realists -- i.e. people who insist the pandemic is not over -- receive not just a gaslighting treatment but a demonising treatment from the corporate media. I did a long video about it a few days ago and my latest 6 posts in my personal blog -- all posted in the past 24 hours -- should raise eyebrows. The government is basically lying to us and hiding from us the true death toll of COVID-19. Likewise, social control media is suppressing many who merely mention the virus (no matter the context) and with communications between individuals increasingly controlled by few American firms (days ago we mentioned GMail not supporting standard IMAPS and instead supporting a slightly incompatible variant) we must at least consider the danger of a covert 'thought police'. The issue is discussed in the video above and shows some examples along the way. _____ * As a side note, we're still subjected to copyright trolling (for almost 2 months now; we might release all the documents when it's all done) over something we published about the EPO last year. It was perfectly factual, it was about corruption, and it presented official documents.

Note: This video was recorded as one of 6 videos in a row (only short breaks in between) as part of a current, still-ongoing experiment, so focus/concentration is far from ideal. The goal is to see how tenable it is to produce many videos per day along with many articles.

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