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Gemini Links 17/05/2023: Contact Juggling and 'Debt Ceiling Bullshit'

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Personal

      • Contact Juggling

        Contact Juggling is a physical skill and performance art that is close to juggling, except the balls stay in contact with your body.

        It’s much less well known than juggling.

        When I saw performers contact juggling in the background in an episode of Deep Space Nine I had no idea what it was called, even, but I thought “That looks great! It must be possible to learn. I’ll do that."

      • 🔤SpellBinding: AEKMVRO Wordo: TWATS
      • Parallels

        Some things related to my experiences of being a trans woman, experiences i feel parallel another area of my life: one which should be a source of joy, but is actually a source of painful exclusion for me. No, i won't elaborate here; the situation is difficult enough as it is.

    • Politics

      • Debt Ceiling Bullshit

        Once again mainstream media is escalating the last-minute debt ceiling doomsday propaganda.

        The so-called debt ceiling is complete bullshit. A piece of paper is signed, and for no good reason at all the state can borrow trillions of dollars. This was done 78 times since 1960, more than once every year. It's a joke.

        Every now and then, a 'crisis' develops. A bunch of morons can't sign a piece of paper, and we can't pay our bills... The world might end at the end of the month.

    • Technical

      • Reflecting on Recent Experiences

        The last several weeks have been extremely consequential for me. Back in April, I had the privilege to travel to California as a result of participating in a group project involving the career technical organization my IT class is a part of, which was frankly a fantastic experience. I also finally passed the CCNA, if slightly surprisingly given my 30% in Automation and Programmability (thankfully it is only 10% of the test itself). I am now failing at obtaining a job within IT Networking :D. Beyond that, I am also graduating from both my trade school and HS soon and already had my last day of school. At this point, I'm looking to start CS50 at the behest of a good friend that did it and is planning to take the exam for an amateur radio license soon.

      • Capsule Update: New Tools Section

        I'll have a more detailed post on this coming up, but I have completed the initial CGI support for smolver, the server running this capsule. Right now there's only one script, an IP address checker, but more will be incoming eventually.

      • Musings on Gemini Server GUI

        What if there were a Gemini server with a graphical user interface (GUI) for administration?

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