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Gemini Links 23/05/2023: Spending Time in Web3 and Mobile Compatibility

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Personal

      • silence, life, and comedy

        Usually there's a weird phenomenon that people like growing up, so that they'll finally be able to chase their dreams or whatever

        I think the reason is that, there has been lots of positivity in those people's lifes. "Come on! You can do it!" "It's ok, you've tried your best!" words like these, even if mostly not truly geniune, are mostly effective

      • Road Trip Music

        I went on a little bit of a road trip last weekend and tried something slightly new. Instead of relying on my phone or personal CD collection for music, I made a run to the local library and stocked up on music CDs there.

      • 🔤SpellBinding: FILMPSY Wordo: XYLEM
      • God takes care of us

        In trouble we sometimes ask God for help - but not neccessarily we believe that He will really help us. In fact we do many things *except for* trusting God. We do pray but we don't realle expect His help. Thus we don't get it, since God won't do anything in us if we don't let Him.

      • May Ham

        It is almost the end of the month and it has been a crazy one. It's been a few days since my last post and thought I would write a little something.

    • Technical

      • wrestling with mobile compatibility

        I keep seeing compelling arguments for making private neocities sites mobile-friendly and I can mostly get behind many of them. Still, it isn't as easy of a topic for me to just be on one side of the discussion, honestly; there is a lot I am not sure on yet.

        I completely get that smartphones are the device of choice nowadays, and maybe the small web, the retro web, the web revival (whatever you wanna call all these different spaces that overlap) need to get with the times instead of just being stuck on old times when the PC was the device of choice. Maybe this would make this space, community, or movement (depending on how you view it) more interesting and accessible to people. I know there are people who want to get the word out there and get people to stop supporting the big socials and reclaim the web. But I also know of people who enjoy everything being small, niche, and uninteresting to people who know nothing about the internet or tech except for how to open TikTok, so as to not attract specific kinds of people or their habits into the space they fled to. They are scared of the masses on social media following them to their new oasis and ruin the place. So while I see some who want the space to grow and become normalized, some want to gatekeep, and I empathize with both of these groups.

      • Edan's Capsule - My CLI System

        So I've just now got a CLI-only system working on my ancient (mid-2000s) MacBook. It's currently dual-booting GNU Guix alongside Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Thus far, everything's been going okay; although I haven't yet managed to get a framebuffer working (for w3m, Chafa, and MPlayer). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      • Domiply: Your Friendly Neighborhood Gateway

        Alternative protocols like Gemini have most of these barriers still, with the possible exception of setting up HTTPS.

        Even if a non-technical person was able to write up some hand-rolled HTML, or even use some WYSIWYG to create their site, they are still faced with further difficult challenges before they can have anything to show for their effort.

      • Internet/Gemini

        • First Month Retrospective

          I’ve been posting daily for a little over a month now; I guess I like it here.

          As well as writing, I’ve been reading. Actually, the biggest change for me after finding Gemini has been swapping Lagrange for Chrome on my phone.

          By that I mean, Lagrange now sits in the super-convenient spot for most-used apps, and Chrome has been relegated to a “util” folder.

        • Spending time in Web3

          Its been a while since my last post and - besides the time consuming fact in being the dad of a 3 month old - i used this time in gaining a deeper look into what some may call Web3 (or Dweb, or Web 3.0 depending who wants to sell you their ideas)... and to the contrary of what i anticipated i really like many things i have seen.

        • Tuesday morn

          I got Amfora to give up the certificate ghost to Bubble. So now I just need something to say there. :-)

          But I suppose s/discuss is rather open to variety.

          I overslept a bit today, but thankfully my wife is on the groggy side as well, so no need to rush. We've a first cuppa coffee under our belts, each staring at screens, the sound of geese occasionally rising above that of the floor stand fan running near the sliding glass door to a small balcony.

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It's like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

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