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Gemini Links 24/05/2023: Razors, Profit, and More

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      • Razors

        Note: if you want my thoughts on safety razors, you can skip to the section below, otherwise, directly following this is my background on how I got to using safety razors.

        When I started shaving I remember asking my father how to do it. I remember thinking to myself this is some kind of father-son rite-of-passage to manhood and that he hadn't offered yet to show me so I figured I might as well ask. I think I had these visions in my head of a father showing the son to go "with the grain" and whatever other sage advice he could give. And while my father did tell me, it was less than climactic and I remember him giving me a look that said to me that he hadn't really thought about it and it wasn't all that hard because he'd been doing it for years. This has stuck with me all these years later but not because I was mad or disappointed, but it was still a defining moment in our relationship and my progressing towards adult-hood.

      • Twenty-Three Years

        A week ago was my wedding anniversary. Usually I don't give specifics, but this is one day that I'm happy to have found someone who was willing to stick with me for twenty-seven years and not wander off for greener pastures… or at least pastures without me.

        When I first moved from my mother's home, burned out from too many hours and barely able to hold my life together, I had no intent on ever getting married. In reality, I had no intent on even finding someone and didn't really try. It just wasn't in the cards for me.

      • Smokey: New Job, Future Plans

        I am currently two weeks into a new job. I decided to try a custodial gig at a healthcare facility. I should update the 'now page' I guess.

        So far I am enjoying things. I get to listen to music all day, work at my own pace, and not deal with other people beyond the occasional "Hi, how are you, have a good one." Im not getting paid a huge amount of money compared to my old work, but as a trade off there is much less stress involved. Im basically my own boss. Just keep the place relatively clean and everyone is more than happy.

        The first week was a tough one. My body wasn't used to the activity and there was a covid situation I helped take care of. It was a little off putting but I didn't get sick so things all worked out.

      • 4 🔤SpellBinding: ABCKORS Wordo: BEGUN
      • short sleep

        in college when I felt invincible (unlimited stamina and so) I went a week or so reading creepypasta and then not sleeping much (as a consequence of not wanting to be eaten by a wall or whatever). then I read about dymaxion sleep or polyphasic sleep and thought maybe I'll give it a try someday, but never actually got to sleep in the morning or at noon (even when I had some classes I would definitely want to sleep through). now that I have to get used to a two hour on/off schedule, I definitely cannot recommend it.

    • Politics

      • On Profit

        I work for a big tech company—a megacorp—that for the sake of a simple life I’ll refer to as $company.

        I have noticed that discourse about $company often over simplifies to an extent that removes all value from the conversation.

    • Technical

      • Internet/Gemini

        • News group peering

          Oh boy, this is confusing! and I are trying to set up peering for cosmic.* and campaignwiki.* groups from our respective news servers. User xwindows is helping us out on IRC, but it's not easy to figure out what to do.

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