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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: December 7th, 2008 – Part 2

Posted in IRC Logs at 7:51 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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Eruaran Watching this thing on tv right now Dec 07 13:38
PetoKraus till… TODAY? WTF? Dec 07 13:38
PetoKraus Eruaran: which Dec 07 13:38
benJIman PetoKraus: Well the alternative is virgin who throttle non-http traffic, throttle all traffic at peak times, run all traffic through phorm, and block sites they don’t like such as mp3 sharing sites. Dec 07 13:39
Eruaran You know how in the US they catch Paedophiles by going to chat channels (or whatever) and posing as 13 year old girls etc Dec 07 13:39
PetoKraus benJIman: i’ve got Virgin :/ Dec 07 13:39
Eruaran I watched the footage Dec 07 13:40
PetoKraus hmm Dec 07 13:40
benJIman £127 is only £10 a month over 12 months, if you pay £22 for your internet per month that’s £30 per month for your connection over the year. Dec 07 13:40
Eruaran This guy does drive up to meet a girl at this park Dec 07 13:40
Eruaran But he seems to have second thoughts Dec 07 13:40
PetoKraus benJIman: and which provider over BT would you recommend? BE? Dec 07 13:40
Eruaran Heads back to his vehicle to leave Dec 07 13:40
Eruaran Then they arrest him Dec 07 13:40
benJIman PetoKraus: Until yesterday certainly. Not sure now, will see what comes out of this wikipedia filtering thing. Dec 07 13:41
Eruaran My thinking on this is, sure he thought he wast talking to a 13 year old girl online and his head is clearly in a “bad place” Dec 07 13:41
Eruaran But, heres my problem Dec 07 13:42
Eruaran The police set this whole thing up Dec 07 13:42
Eruaran And at the last minute, the guy has second thoughts or maybe comes to his senses Dec 07 13:42
Eruaran So he never attempts to meet with this ficticious girl Dec 07 13:43
Eruaran (because there is no girl) Dec 07 13:43
Eruaran And they arrest him though he hasn’t really done anything Dec 07 13:43
schestowitz Eruaran: maybe they have knowledge about him Dec 07 13:43
Eruaran maybe Dec 07 13:43
Eruaran I suppose, if he has already committed crimes then ok Dec 07 13:44
schestowitz Unless they do it randomly they might try to trip up known troublemakers Dec 07 13:44
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twitter Ran across an analysis of Vista EULA the other day, http://www.securityfocus.com/co… I’m not sure I shared it. Dec 07 15:33
twitter The important parts of these licenses is their unilateral clauses, which basically give M$ the ability to do anything they want from spying to deleting all of your work and disabling your computer. Dec 07 15:34
twitter technical details now are only important as they report the mechanisms used to spy on people, but even that is secondary to intent. Dec 07 15:35
Eruaran Good news for Kopete users: Windows Live Messenger support with webcam support and now Yahoo webcam support as well… Telepathy is in the works Dec 07 15:44
schestowitz It’s more outrageous that some OEMs push these EULAs onto people Dec 07 15:46
Eruaran In svn playground there is a kpart called konqueror-webkit Dec 07 15:46
Eruaran KHTML/Webkit merging is in progress. Dec 07 15:53
schestowitz What about Apple? Dec 07 15:55
Eruaran Apple has nothing to do with it Dec 07 15:56
trmanco Our guide to building your own online distro: http://www.techradar.com/news/software/… Dec 07 15:57
trmanco http://www.instalinux.com/ Dec 07 15:58
trmanco *sounds* good Dec 07 15:58
Eruaran QtWebKit is free and does not rely on Apple for contributions. KHTML and QtWebKit are being merged. (basically putting an end to the mess Apple created). Dec 07 15:59
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twitter Eruaran, that is good news about kopete. Dec 07 16:16
twitter I’m waiting for it all to work better with jabber though. Dec 07 16:16
twitter RMS is blogging today, http://www.stallman.org/archives/20…  lots of interesting news. Dec 07 16:17
Eruaran nite all gtg Dec 07 16:20
PetoKraus gn Dec 07 16:20
twitter later Dec 07 16:24
schestowitz l8er Dec 07 16:26
trmanco http://brad.livejournal.com/23… Dec 07 16:29
trmanco “Google employees not using the secret OS are employing various versions of Unix, such as Linux or Ubuntu, and some older operating systems, like X11, he says.” Dec 07 16:30
trmanco :O Dec 07 16:30
twitter :-D Dec 07 16:30
schestowitz They have Goobuntu Dec 07 16:32
schestowitz SOS: The Secret OS Dec 07 16:32
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neighborlee hi all Dec 07 16:34
trmanco http://benzilla.galbraiths.org/2008/12/06/usab… Usability Hall of Shame: Excel Dec 07 16:34
trmanco Hi Dec 07 16:34
neighborlee you know, gnome has really gotten lame anymore, not sure why I bother at all Dec 07 16:34
schestowitz Hi, neighborlee Dec 07 16:40
schestowitz trmanco: “Error 404 – Not Found” Dec 07 16:41
trmanco wai Dec 07 16:41
trmanco those 2 dots at the end Dec 07 16:41
trmanco http://benzilla.galbraiths.org/2008/12/06/u… Dec 07 16:41
trmanco how do you call these ” : ” ? Dec 07 16:42
neighborlee power management only allows up to 1 hour before it powersdown..vista at least offers up to ’5′ yours if you wish..some might find that extreme, but sometimes choice IS better when it comes to how your apps function ;) Dec 07 16:44
neighborlee I guess linus couldn’t endure gnome anymore for that reason, and im getting there Dec 07 16:44
neighborlee :)oh well…bitch bitch huh ;) Dec 07 16:44
neighborlee gnome simple is more , I get that..but you would think    advanced features would be at least accessible  or what do you think ? ;) Dec 07 16:45
schestowitz trmanco: colon Dec 07 16:45
trmanco thanks Dec 07 16:45
trmanco http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-10116543-… Dec 07 16:59
schestowitz I’m writing about it. Sorta Dec 07 17:05
schestowitz I’ll add your link Dec 07 17:10
PetoKraus PK went on a rant: http://pk.gjhak.sk/?uid=126 Dec 07 17:11
schestowitz You deserve Dec 07 17:11
schestowitz Democracy is under fire Dec 07 17:12
schestowitz Not that it was ever democratic in thew first place Dec 07 17:12
trmanco :-) Dec 07 17:12
PetoKraus i need to do some front page design Dec 07 17:14
schestowitz Naaa.. Dec 07 17:14
PetoKraus i don’t like the fact that older pages just scroll out of the menu on the left Dec 07 17:14
PetoKraus though, finally, i moved from tabled design to <div>’s Dec 07 17:15
PetoKraus some parts are still generated as a table… i am crappy coder Dec 07 17:15
PetoKraus oh well Dec 07 17:15
PetoKraus at least, there is enough prog rock and psychedelia in my playlist Dec 07 17:17
schestowitz Wikipedia. Meh.. Dec 07 17:20
schestowitz Black Wikpedia… Dec 07 17:20
schestowitz That’ll stop the perverts… Dec 07 17:20
schestowitz They won’t move anywhere else. Dec 07 17:20
schestowitz Wikipedia *is* the Web. Dec 07 17:20
schestowitz You’re getting sleeeeeeeeeepy… Dec 07 17:20
PetoKraus i mean honestly Dec 07 17:21
PetoKraus censoring wikipedia is like Dec 07 17:21
PetoKraus censoring textbooks Dec 07 17:21
schestowitz They already use PEDOPHELIA to KILL THE WHOLE OF USENET Dec 07 17:21
schestowitz Political newsgroups… Dec 07 17:21
schestowitz Technical newsgroups… Dec 07 17:21
schestowitz What’s left? CNN? Dec 07 17:21
schestowitz whitehouse.gov? Dec 07 17:21
schestowitz They are idiots, like the media industry Dec 07 17:22
schestowitz They think that if they block p2p PORTS, then people won’t swap CDs? Dec 07 17:22
schestowitz Or that DRM will stop people from striping the locks? Dec 07 17:22
schestowitz *stripping Dec 07 17:22
PetoKraus i mean what can you do Dec 07 17:22
schestowitz Not much Dec 07 17:22
schestowitz Just scaring people Dec 07 17:22
PetoKraus in slovakia, it’s fairly easy to create ltd company Dec 07 17:22
schestowitz Like the MAFIAA threatens with lawsuits Dec 07 17:23
PetoKraus and provide your mates with internet Dec 07 17:23
PetoKraus cause, you know, in SIX (slovak internet exchange), all the folks are friends Dec 07 17:23
PetoKraus UK just feels like it’s not europe anymore Dec 07 17:24
*PetoKraus np: Pink Floyd – One Of My Turns (The Wall) Dec 07 17:24
benJIman You could do something useful like writing to your MP instead of complaining on IRC. Dec 07 17:24
PetoKraus benJIman: right, i’ll do so Dec 07 17:24
PetoKraus good stuff the school is over Dec 07 17:25
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PetoKraus benJIman: could you give me a hint as to where to start? Dec 07 17:29
benJIman http://www.parliament.uk/about… Dec 07 17:30
PetoKraus you know, in slovakia, i’d complain to the state trade inspection office… Dec 07 17:30
benJIman Worth writing to ofcom too. Dec 07 17:30
benJIman http://www.ofcom.org.uk/c… Dec 07 17:31
PetoKraus thank yee Dec 07 17:31
PetoKraus i feel like a bitching idiot… I’ve already sent like 4 letters this term to various companies just complaining Dec 07 17:36
schestowitz Complaints drive behaviour Dec 07 17:42
schestowitz Barriers. Dec 07 17:42
schestowitz People gravitate towards misbehaviour. Dec 07 17:42
schestowitz bbl Dec 07 17:55
twitter ut oh, P.J. is operating under a flawed assumption, “Novell is interested in making it very clear that Linux is perfectly safe to use in the enterprise, after all.” http://broadcast.oreilly.com/2008/11/the-lawsuit-ain… Dec 07 17:56
schestowitz I didn’t read it. Dec 07 17:57
schestowitz She must be referring to the SCO case in isolation Dec 07 17:57
schestowitz bbl Dec 07 17:57
twitter google responded to ATT bandwith fud http://www.pcworld.com/article/155076/goo… Dec 07 18:10
twitter indeed, ATT bought the “study” Dec 07 18:10
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_doug …………………………………………………… Dec 07 18:35
PetoKraus benJIman: ofcom page says, send formal complaint to your ISP first. I guess i’d follow the procedures Dec 07 18:46
PetoKraus thank you anyway, you’ve been helpful Dec 07 18:46
PetoKraus would you like to read the letter i’ve typed? Dec 07 18:46
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_doug later .. Dec 07 18:53
_doug gtg Dec 07 18:56
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PetoKraus who said “analysts sell out, it’s their business model” Dec 07 20:04
macabe “Analysts sell out – that’s their business model… But they are very concerned that they never look like they are selling out, so that makes them very prickly to work with.” (Pg.54) Dec 07 20:18
macabe -Microsoft, internal document http://antitrust.slated.org/www.iowaconsume… Dec 07 20:18
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schestowitz Hey, I’m back. PetoKraus it’s part of Microsoft’s seminar material. Dec 07 20:27
PetoKraus yes, i found it Dec 07 20:31
PetoKraus i am trolling page of one politician in slovakia Dec 07 20:31
PetoKraus she is running for president Dec 07 20:31
PetoKraus apart from the fact, that i don’t agree with her policy, her fanbois include stuff like Dec 07 20:31
PetoKraus “according to social analysis” Dec 07 20:31
PetoKraus it’s the same momentum as barack obama Dec 07 20:33
PetoKraus she’s young and woman. He’s young and umm, what’s the current way to say it politically correctly? Dec 07 20:33
schestowitz Haha. Dec 07 20:33
schestowitz Unity, hope, change… Dec 07 20:33
schestowitz Repeat the slogan Dec 07 20:33
schestowitz “he’s such a nice guy… a special person”… WHAT ABOUT HIS BL00dy policies? Dec 07 20:34
schestowitz It’s very bad when important issues are replaced by personality. Just watch how Bush plays the “good Christian” card to win votes Dec 07 20:34
schestowitz Some politicians even fake it just to win votes… they have “Campaign Managers”… Dec 07 20:34
PetoKraus the point is Dec 07 20:44
PetoKraus presidentship in slovakia is… Dec 07 20:44
PetoKraus being a lame duck from the start, basically Dec 07 20:44
PetoKraus you can return laws which you don’t like back in the parliament. Once. Dec 07 20:44
PetoKraus that’s it? Dec 07 20:44
PetoKraus it’s more of a representative function Dec 07 20:45
PetoKraus when you want to have someone to represent slovakia, you put there someone who looks good in national clothing, who doesn’t speak any language, who can out-drink any other president in drinking contest (except russia), who can dance and stuff Dec 07 20:46
PetoKraus you don’t put a woman, who studied in oxford… that’s just so not-slovak Dec 07 20:47
schestowitz *LOL* Dec 07 20:47
schestowitz Dancing and drinking Dec 07 20:47
schestowitz It seems like the US is the same. Dec 07 20:47
PetoKraus yeah, and you wonder why bush came to our country so many times :) Dec 07 20:47
schestowitz Sax play who’s having oral sex with young women in the white house… now some dancer guy. Dec 07 20:47
schestowitz *payers Dec 07 20:48
schestowitz *player I mean Dec 07 20:48
PetoKraus yeah Dec 07 20:48
schestowitz Bush drinks a lot Dec 07 20:48
schestowitz It shows… not only in him, but also in the form of the wine cellars he has in his ranch. Dec 07 20:48
schestowitz Some intellectual have shelves with books…. US president has ‘shelves’ with alcohol. Dec 07 20:49
PetoKraus i mean, the difference between US president and Slovak president is only that simple thing – US president actually can do something with the country. Slovak president is representative puppet. Dec 07 20:49
schestowitz A pupoet to whom? Dec 07 20:49
PetoKraus well to the country Dec 07 20:49
schestowitz Puppet to people or corps? Dec 07 20:49
PetoKraus he doesn’t have any real power Dec 07 20:49
schestowitz What is country? Dec 07 20:49
PetoKraus except of that veto Dec 07 20:49
schestowitz Economy?  Social beings? Dec 07 20:49
PetoKraus other than that, he just has to appoint people…. and the appointments are handed to him from Prime Minister Dec 07 20:50
schestowitz States (people) are rarely the problem; those that run them can become problem. Dec 07 20:50
PetoKraus it’s useless position. think US vice president Dec 07 20:50
schestowitz Oh, wait.. Dec 07 20:50
schestowitz PM is not President in SK. Dec 07 20:50
PetoKraus yeah :) Dec 07 20:50
schestowitz I know other countries where President is just a symbol. Dec 07 20:51
PetoKraus or Queen ^^ Dec 07 20:51
schestowitz America (US)) is a little more totalitarian than that. Dec 07 20:51
schestowitz US is like a monarchy without a functioning PM equivalent. Dec 07 20:51
schestowitz Spirituality (the religion is money) drives the country. Dec 07 20:52
PetoKraus i mean, the political system in slovakia is quite good Dec 07 20:52
PetoKraus unless someone gets over 80% of votes Dec 07 20:52
PetoKraus THEN you’re in trouble (constitutional majority) Dec 07 20:52
PetoKraus there’s parliament, which is directly elected body every 4 years (and by directly elected, i mean % representation, not some freaking electoral votes system); the parties in parliament have to form a coalition with 51% of overal votes; they hand the list of ministries and PM to the president, he appoints them, and that forms our government… for 4 years. Presidential elections are in the midterm, and the only real power p Dec 07 20:56
PetoKraus resident has is the veto power, but only once for each law… Dec 07 20:56
PetoKraus what I find a bit weird though Dec 07 20:57
PetoKraus is you vote for a party and not for a person…. Dec 07 20:57
schestowitz What’s with the number 4? Dec 07 20:57
schestowitz Where does it come from? Dec 07 20:57
PetoKraus no idea… Dec 07 20:57
schestowitz And 8-year ‘expiry’.. Dec 07 20:57
PetoKraus we don’t have that, luckily enough Dec 07 20:57
schestowitz Once in 4 years people have the chance to pretend they have power.. and then be left off… that’s not necessarily effective. Dec 07 20:58
schestowitz Referendums are better. Dec 07 20:58
PetoKraus well yeah, but costly Dec 07 20:58
schestowitz But they can be manipulated through brainwash and disinformation. Dec 07 20:58
PetoKraus i mean, we had the referendum whether we wanna join EU Dec 07 20:58
schestowitz Invasion of Iraq was costly too, PetoKraus Dec 07 20:58
PetoKraus the turnover rate was what, 15% of population Dec 07 20:59
schestowitz The issue is that they brainwashed the masses, so many would have voted for it. Dec 07 20:59
PetoKraus I was quite surprised there’s like regional PM for every county in UK Dec 07 21:00
PetoKraus like, glasgow north has it’s own PM… Dec 07 21:00
PetoKraus in slovakia, the “city council” forms this sort of low-level government… meaning the capital itself has over 600 MP’s Dec 07 21:00
PetoKraus talk about admin overhead Dec 07 21:00
PetoKraus on another note, Pepsi Cola sucks quite a lot Dec 07 21:01
schestowitz Dissemination of power is effective though. Dec 07 21:01
schestowitz There’s still the opportunity for cronyism (puppet states inside a state) Dec 07 21:02
PetoKraus schestowitz: did you see/read Hitchhiker’s guide by Adams? Dec 07 21:02
schestowitz I haven’t, no. Dec 07 21:02
PetoKraus there is this concept of noticeboard Dec 07 21:02
schestowitz I haven’t hitch hiker for almost 10 years Dec 07 21:02
PetoKraus where all the relevant information (for your galaxy) are posted Dec 07 21:02
schestowitz I mean, /proper/.. with sleeping bad and all… I used to do that often. Dec 07 21:02
PetoKraus so earth gets demolished, and when earth people ask why no one told them Dec 07 21:03
PetoKraus they get reply “the notice was on the noticeboard on Alpha Centauri for 4 years, enough time to comment on” Dec 07 21:03
schestowitz Enjoy Earth while it lasts Dec 07 21:04
schestowitz Likewise, enjoy a wasteful Xmas while it lasts (this year) Dec 07 21:04
PetoKraus it’s something very similar in slovakia. They put notices on weird noticeboards somewhere, and then you read about ridiculous laws they pass on city-scale level Dec 07 21:04
schestowitz People are fooled into believing they should carry on spending to ‘drive the economy’ Dec 07 21:04
schestowitz Too bad next year people will lose jobs, houses, and remainder of the loan/savings. Dec 07 21:04
PetoKraus schestowitz: yes. economy is crumbling so…. let’s lower the VAT! Dec 07 21:04
PetoKraus so we get LESS money in the budget! Dec 07 21:05
schestowitz As for planet Earth, we are told by the High Propaganda that Planet Earth has infinite resources as a garbage dump Dec 07 21:05
schestowitz This helps large company drive demand that they create and fulfill it to the max at the expense of whatever’s ruined. Dec 07 21:05
schestowitz Lower the VAT? Dec 07 21:05
PetoKraus yeah Dec 07 21:05
schestowitz What about the bailout? Dec 07 21:05
schestowitz Gotta pay out tax to rich people. Dec 07 21:06
PetoKraus :) Dec 07 21:06
PetoKraus but you know, the bail out actually may help Dec 07 21:06
schestowitz If not ‘drive the economy’ (euphemism), then ‘save the economy’ Dec 07 21:06
schestowitz All are forms of taxation Dec 07 21:06
PetoKraus the VAT change… not at all Dec 07 21:06
schestowitz The loan givers earn Dec 07 21:06
schestowitz People spend money they don’t have, so they take more loans with higher interests rates. Dec 07 21:06
schestowitz The only ones earning are the people in Asia who export the merchandise while deficist in the west grows. Dec 07 21:07
schestowitz *deficit Dec 07 21:07
schestowitz Bailout… help?? Who do you think pays for it? Dec 07 21:07
schestowitz They try to sell people the story that when you and I pay to save… let’s say… some company that makes cars… or save some corrupt bank and make it ‘nationalised’ then we somehow ‘win’. Dec 07 21:08
schestowitz It’s an international problems, but not all nations are in considerable debt . Some have skills and worforce. The likelihoods seem to suggest that China can buy American to be their ‘slaves’ some time in the not-so-distant future. Dec 07 21:09
schestowitz Shame on CNN < http://lessig.org/blog/2008/12/sha… > Dec 07 21:12
schestowitz Lawrence Lessig: http://www.newsweek.com/… Dec 07 21:12
schestowitz NTY shilling for Microsoft again: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/02/business/… Dec 07 21:25
schestowitz Microsoft endless yet-no is a way of just battering Yahoo! and making it cheaper (while emitting employees). Dec 07 21:27
schestowitz No…. http://www.brandrepublic.com/News/8661… ($20bn Microsoft-Yahoo! deal disputed)  … then “yes” … http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601… (Yahoo Rises After WSJ Says Miller May Buy Company (Update3)) Dec 07 21:27
schestowitz Microsoft: we’re the best … http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/1550… (more lies about numbers that are bogus and don’t account for downgrades) Dec 07 21:30
schestowitz John Paczkowski, troll < http://digitaldaily.allthingsd.com/20… >: he neglects to mention that Microsoft is the motor that lobb^H^H^H^H^Hrrupted the DOJ to sue Google after it was clear for takeoff with no opposition from anyone but shills whom they hired via LawMedia and existing cronies. Dec 07 21:36
schestowitz plays chherleader for the Vole:  But: “Lies damn lies and statistics :) From your very own chart, Google search only: 650 mil increase Msn live search : 77 mil increase So Google also increased its total search volume by 10x as Microsoft’s as well. Dec 07 21:39
schestowitz Please don’t use these cheap tricks, low volume search engines might have %1000 increase and it does not mean anything” Dec 07 21:39
schestowitz [From Joseph Tartakoff at http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/microsoft/a… ] Dec 07 21:40
GoblinRFD Hi Roy, sorry I wasnt ignoring, Ive just been running through Hv3 alpha ver…. Dec 07 21:42
schestowitz The browser? Dec 07 21:42
GoblinRFD yeah Dec 07 21:43
GoblinRFD verdict: Dec 07 21:43
GoblinRFD pants Dec 07 21:43
GoblinRFD slow, poorly rendered pages wrapped up in a gui that cant decide if it wants to crash or not. Dec 07 21:43
GoblinRFD sorry, pants is a very unprofessional word. Dec 07 21:44
GoblinRFD “Rather poor and lacks luster” Dec 07 21:44
trmanco http://www.junauza.com/2008/12/7-best-free… Dec 07 21:44
trmanco F-spot for last Dec 07 21:45
GoblinRFD Im testing Dillo next. Dec 07 21:45
schestowitz Mono-spot? Dec 07 21:46
schestowitz GoblinRFD: Dillo ought to be mature. Dec 07 21:46
schestowitz There’s another one with a very long name… Firefox derivative maybe. Dec 07 21:46
GoblinRFD I havent heard anything about it. Dec 07 21:46
PetoKraus GoblinRFD: Dillo is nice Dec 07 21:47
PetoKraus what are you doing, anyway? Dec 07 21:47
PetoKraus :P Dec 07 21:47
GoblinRFD just a comparison for my blog Dec 07 21:47
PetoKraus right Dec 07 21:47
PetoKraus be sure to include arora and epiphany-webkit :) Dec 07 21:47
GoblinRFD MS-watch has been dull and shillerless for the last couple of days. Dec 07 21:47
PetoKraus or is it only small-scale stuff? Dec 07 21:47
GoblinRFD small scale Dec 07 21:48
schestowitz Six critical: Eight bulletins wrap up Microsoft’s security year <http://www.vnunet.com/vnunet/news/22321… > Dec 07 21:48
*schestowitz looks at mswatch Dec 07 21:48
GoblinRFD Im thinking of coding my own browser at the end of this.  I have a few ideas. Dec 07 21:48
PetoKraus umm Dec 07 21:48
PetoKraus that’d be a good idea ;) Dec 07 21:49
schestowitz Very quiet… Dec 07 21:49
schestowitz I see.. Dec 07 21:49
schestowitz It was better when Mary Jo Foley ran the place.. http://www.microsoft-watch.com/ Dec 07 21:49
GoblinRFD I love Andre Da Costa, he’s class entertainment. Dec 07 21:50
schestowitz Her old articles still score some hits and she passed many subscribers to those who inherited Dec 07 21:50
schestowitz A Microsoft employee/turncoat (Peter galli) used to write in this site Dec 07 21:50
schestowitz (Just to shed light on the Mcirosoft connection to such sites) Dec 07 21:50
GoblinRFD Andre could put a positive spin on the end of the world. Dec 07 21:50
schestowitz Isn’t that the guy who runs a Winders site? Dec 07 21:51
schestowitz Like Windows Pro or something? Dec 07 21:51
schestowitz One of the fans of Win7 and boot lickers for the Vole? Dec 07 21:51
GoblinRFD He claims no connection with MS Dec 07 21:51
schestowitz Haha. Dec 07 21:51
schestowitz Let me check soemthing. Dec 07 21:51
schestowitz Haha. Dec 07 21:52
schestowitz ActiveWin Dec 07 21:52
GoblinRFD win 7 Dec 07 21:52
GoblinRFD article? Dec 07 21:52
schestowitz No connection.. yeah… like I’m not connected to my cousins. Dec 07 21:52
schestowitz I mentioned him here: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/0… Dec 07 21:52
GoblinRFD I started a new section on my blog.  “Lord of The Shills” a sort of tribute to the best of best on the net.  Recieved quite a few nice mails about it too. Dec 07 21:55
schestowitz GoblinRFD: don’t call them AstroTurfers; they are boosters. Dec 07 21:55
schestowitz They boost the Microsoft brand and receive all kinds of awards (material or not) for it. It’s part of the ‘ecosystem’, sometimes known as movement or even cult. Dec 07 21:56
GoblinRFD ah. Dec 07 21:56
schestowitz Remember that freedom cannot be a cult because it’s natural for people to attain and maintain freedoms. On the other hand, you have those corporate clubs with Silver/Gold/whatever partnership. This is supposed to motivate them to fight rivals and protect the ‘emperor’ APple has that too. Dec 07 21:57
GoblinRFD brb smoke break – got to go outside! Dec 07 21:58
schestowitz Apple more proprietary than Microsoft, survey finds < http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505_3-10… > Dec 07 21:59
MinceR oh, it’s from asay Dec 07 22:01
*MinceR promptly closes it Dec 07 22:01
*kapipi has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host)) Dec 07 22:01
schestowitz Bill Gates Urges Obama to Increase Spending < http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/a… > Dec 07 22:03
schestowitz MinceR: I tossed Asay out of my feeds. He still makes it into Google News ’cause of Allen Paul’s/MS precious CNET Dec 07 22:03
MinceR ic Dec 07 22:04
schestowitz Gates: spend, spend… don’t regulate… me? I don’t pay taxes… I invest in BP via my charity shell. Dec 07 22:04
schestowitz Antitrust Complaint Filed Against Microsoft in Europe… Again < http://www.hardocp.com/news.html?news=… > Dec 07 22:08
schestowitz When will Microsoft be embargoed? It was close to it. Maybe it bribed some cronies to give a cold shoulder…. Dec 07 22:09
schestowitz Is Microsoft Now Banned from EU Contracts? Dec 07 22:09
schestowitz http://www.computerworlduk.com/toolbo… Dec 07 22:09
schestowitz Euro MP thinks Microsoft should be banned from government contracts Dec 07 22:09
schestowitz http://www.theinquirer.net/gb/inquirer/new… Dec 07 22:09
schestowitz Green MEP says Microsoft should be excluded from EU contract awarding procedure Dec 07 22:09
schestowitz http://www.heise.de/english/newstic… Dec 07 22:09
schestowitz maybe it’s the way I was brought up, but I was taught that criminals needs to go to prison and Big Criminals get life. Dec 07 22:10
MinceR why do i get the feeling the EU won’t do anything effective against m$? Dec 07 22:10
schestowitz They don’t Dec 07 22:10
schestowitz FFII carries on complaining. Dec 07 22:11
schestowitz They are too soft (and you can read it in two ways) Dec 07 22:11
MinceR recently we’ve found out that sarkozy is the king of the EU Dec 07 22:11
MinceR not its president or anything. Dec 07 22:11
MinceR or perhaps it’s “emperor” Dec 07 22:11
schestowitz Label Blackstone “tainted” by Microsoft cronies now: hires former Microsoft India chief < http://www.livemint.com/2008/12/01220827/Blacks… > Dec 07 22:12
schestowitz Same with BMW and Blockbuster, who use Linux on their PVR (BMW turned to Ballnux to please Microsoft) Dec 07 22:13
schestowitz They’re like Wal-mart… http://www.slipperybrick.com/2008/11/… and http://www.liveside.net/main/archive/2008/1… (Blockbuster teams up with Microsoft to offer services via Live Mesh platform). We need to have some chart with companies and their cronyism levels Dec 07 22:14
MinceR indeed Dec 07 22:14
MinceR who’s blockbuster? Dec 07 22:14
schestowitz Sarko gets backing from those to whom he;’s a front Dec 07 22:14
schestowitz it’s similar with B’Liar and Clown. Dec 07 22:15
MinceR actually not just levels but also links to articles detailing it Dec 07 22:15
schestowitz They summon the power to win the election from all those G8 summit-typo people they met in the secret meetings, at least according to some theories. Dec 07 22:15
MinceR clown? Dec 07 22:15
schestowitz Brown Dec 07 22:15
MinceR oh. Dec 07 22:15
schestowitz Bilderbergers. Dec 07 22:15
schestowitz “You give us 3-strike…we give you presidency” Dec 07 22:16
schestowitz It’s easy to buy the election Dec 07 22:16
MinceR still, the eu shouldn’t be structured to allow this Dec 07 22:16
schestowitz The likes of Gates and Murdoch own the press, so they can say and filter anything. Dec 07 22:16
schestowitz There are historical examples of media distortion of this kind. Dec 07 22:16
schestowitz later I’ll write about Microsoft’s latest manipultors in govt Dec 07 22:17
schestowitz Microsoft names new top lobbyist [...] Humphries has strong ties to Democrats. http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/microsoft/archiv… Dec 07 22:17
schestowitz The system there (administrative, not just juridical) can make you barf once you realise how it truly operates. They keep it low profile, behind closed doors. Dec 07 22:19
schestowitz Chief Lobbyist Leaves Microsoft < http://undertheinfluence.nationaljournal.c… >. They recently bought some EU lobbyists too. Dec 07 22:19
schestowitz Groklaw reckons it was in order to get away with the corruptions of OOXML, unpunished. That’s how it works. Commit crime, then poison the system and pray to hell you stay out of jail. Same with SCO. Dec 07 22:20
macabe There are three orgs in US that according to the constitution are illegal Dec 07 22:22
MinceR is m$ one of them? Dec 07 22:23
macabe The Federal Reserve, IRS, and Social Security. How were lobbyists originated? Dec 07 22:24
macabe According to the law M$ should be. Dec 07 22:25
macabe Fannie mae Freddie Mac also. Dec 07 22:25
schestowitz They run the country with some others. Dec 07 22:25
schestowitz They are above ones like mthe IRS Dec 07 22:25
schestowitz Microsoft hardly even pays any tax (Ireland); neither does Gates Dec 07 22:25
schestowitz They mooch the system and then advise the President to spend more (of the public’s money, because it bails out the likes of Microsoft) Dec 07 22:26
macabe Also why the fake Gats foundation? Dec 07 22:26
macabe *Gates Dec 07 22:26
MinceR and above the IRS there’s the Cult of $cientology. :) Dec 07 22:27
MinceR macabe: money laundering, buying the press, things like that Dec 07 22:27
schestowitz Education with Microsoft: Topics Education lands Microsoft deal < http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/stor… > Dec 07 22:28
schestowitz I just caught another cronies trying to push Microsoft lockin into the Open university… will write about it later. Dec 07 22:28
schestowitz MinceR: you can’t say that. The NYT would object (they are owned) Dec 07 22:29
MinceR what’s the NYT? Dec 07 22:29
schestowitz You are supposed to believe that white is black and criminals are philanthropists Dec 07 22:29
macabe They (NYT) lost credibility a while back Dec 07 22:30
MinceR well, i’m sorry, but i’m a turrist, that is, i dare to think for myself Dec 07 22:30
MinceR ;) Dec 07 22:30
schestowitz You are also expect to believe that presidents who are terrorists by their own definition are heroes fighting terror. Dec 07 22:30
macabe By whittiling away rights grated by the Constitution Dec 07 22:30
macabe sorry fot the typos Dec 07 22:31
schestowitz Don’t worry about typos Dec 07 22:31
schestowitz I don’t :-) Dec 07 22:31
schestowitz I have some good posts coming Dec 07 22:31
schestowitz What I don’t put here is typically better stuff that’s worth a good bunch of referemce Dec 07 22:32
macabe There are no lobbyists for the common man. Dec 07 22:32
schestowitz No. Dec 07 22:32
schestowitz Common man has no money. Dec 07 22:32
schestowitz Money is earned by corrupting the system Dec 07 22:32
schestowitz That money is a cyclic thing. Corrupt, make money, pay for someone to corrupt further. Dec 07 22:33
schestowitz Regularisation comes from people who stand up and demand change Dec 07 22:33
schestowitz .Lulling them is easy. brainwash/marketing/media… tradionally called in the older says “propaganda” (the Nazis must have added a bad connotation to the word) Dec 07 22:33
schestowitz Watch celebs, foorball, drink beer and have sex and drugs… just don’t watch what happens in DC, let alone understand it. Dec 07 22:34
macabe Bad is good-good is becoming bad. It was predicted a while back. Befor the birth of US. Dec 07 22:35
schestowitz That’s what the constituttion is for Dec 07 22:36
schestowitz But it’s being overridden or violated now. All sorts of Marshal laws and stuff… Dec 07 22:36
schestowitz Political philosophy foresees lots of this but not enough people protect the rules from self-appointed elites that mock them (not politicians but companies that pull their strings). Dec 07 22:38
macabe Standing up for the constitutuion; they label us loonies and that we interpret it wrong. Dec 07 22:38
macabe It was written in simple english. Dec 07 22:39
schestowitz Ingram Micro enters the subculture too: http://www.channelinsider.com/c/a/Distribution/Ingram-… Dec 07 22:39
schestowitz No, don’t listen to them Dec 07 22:39
schestowitz Typical tactics Dec 07 22:39
schestowitz Distancing people like RMS from national radio.. Dec 07 22:39
schestowitz Trying to stick labels on people to conceal reasonable arguments. Dec 07 22:39
schestowitz Journalists like Dan Gillmor still have some guts to talk about these issues like the “copyrights cartel” and how they use the media (which they own.. DUH!) to brainwash people buy voicing only /their/ side of the debate. Dec 07 22:40
macabe General apathy & entitlements are ruining a lt of people. Dec 07 22:42
macabe lt=a lot Dec 07 22:42
macabe It’s almost as a massive bribe to keep quiet Dec 07 22:43
schestowitz Memo to Microsoft: Enough With The Bribery < http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/a… >. If only he knew it was not just in search. OOXML is one recent example where there is evidence that leaked. Dec 07 22:44
schestowitz RMS must have realised that his fight from freedom ascends to corruptible politicians where is why he spends so much time on this now. Dec 07 22:45
schestowitz Microsoft Brings Holiday Cheer with LOCKIN (in disguise of cheapness): http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/Micr… Dec 07 22:47
GoblinRFD sorry to interupt, does anyone know whats happened to Gutsy Geeks Radio show?  The site is now parked. Dec 07 22:52
macabe Targeting Hispanics – we’ve been trying to get a movement going in Puerto Rico; exposing MS’s crimainal activities. Dec 07 22:52
schestowitz Predators in Turkey where they move to Linux (Pardus and SaaS): http://www.todayszaman.com/tz-web/detaylar…. Dec 07 22:53
schestowitz GoblinRFD: I remembered the show but haven’t heard about it in a while. Dec 07 22:54
schestowitz macabe: they manufacture Vista in Puerto Rico..I can only guess why. Dec 07 22:54
GoblinRFD it was up last week… now its…gone :( Dec 07 22:56
macabe Every time my buddy in Universidad De San German gets something going it get shot down by the profs and staff. Dec 07 22:57
macabe I ask him to get me something I can show to expose curruption in the school; they’re always watching him and he’s getting real paranoid. Dec 07 23:00
macabe Crime in P.R. is worst than the States. Same in Brazil. Dec 07 23:01
schestowitz They can leak information Dec 07 23:04
schestowitz It’s measier to shoot from overseas. Dec 07 23:04
macabe We’re looking into that. All politicians in P.R, bar none, are on the take. Dec 07 23:05
schestowitz Same in the U.S. Dec 07 23:06
schestowitz The west likes to accuse other administrations of being corrupt Dec 07 23:06
schestowitz It enables the to justify wars to ‘save the people’ and overtake other government and regimes where the vote as the population is seen as the ‘wrong vote Dec 07 23:07
schestowitz Then they can use the CIA agents to assist assassinations of leaders and appoint “out type of guy” (real quote), who serves agenda of other countries too and promote ‘democracy’. Lots of this was done in Asia, the middle east and central America. Dec 07 23:08
*kentma has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host)) Dec 07 23:08
macabe Been there, done that, worked with the spooks in southeast asia. Dec 07 23:09
schestowitz More Microsoft talking points in the ‘news’: http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/micro… Dec 07 23:10
schestowitz You did? Dec 07 23:10
macabe In ’71, went into Laos & Cambodia, yet when filing reports we were near the DMZ. Dec 07 23:10
schestowitz So there was no total invasion then, just uncover? Dec 07 23:11
macabe Yes, in the dead of night – to convince tribal leaders. The pheonix program. Dec 07 23:13
macabe Nothing on paper, always led by two or three really clean dressed guys. Dec 07 23:14
PetoKraus it seems shit hit the fan Dec 07 23:14
macabe Not suits, just extremely clean jungle gear. Dec 07 23:15
PetoKraus the Virgin_Killer thing has been slashdotted three hours before my rant Dec 07 23:15
PetoKraus the measures have been introduced only on friday Dec 07 23:15
schestowitz Without documentation history will stay deficient. Dec 07 23:16
PetoKraus buddies definitely stumbled upon wrong toe, censoring internet in the UK… let’s see how the folks can handle it Dec 07 23:16
schestowitz I’ve learned a lot about missing of selective documentation Dec 07 23:16
schestowitz ‘Irrelevant’ information is left out to tell the story which sounds better. Dec 07 23:16
schestowitz They’ll get raped, PetoKraus It’s a fight over control of information. Dec 07 23:17
PetoKraus well, i selfishly hope i can get on the wave Dec 07 23:17
PetoKraus i can imagine the shitstorm Virgin Media will get in their Customer Support today and tomorrow Dec 07 23:17
schestowitz Some German cop (maybe secret service) took Wikipedia down less than a months ago after he did not like his profile there. Dec 07 23:17
schestowitz PetoKraus: I put a link to you in BN. I suppose you saw? Dec 07 23:18
PetoKraus and all over the week, since some people (like me) preffer paper communication Dec 07 23:18
PetoKraus schestowitz: no, where? Dec 07 23:18
schestowitz It’s far from over Dec 07 23:18
schestowitz In latest links Dec 07 23:18
macabe Had the bronze, 2 purples, field commendations up the kazoo. DD214 says I was in for 2 months. Even though was in country 13 months, 2 weeks. Dec 07 23:18
PetoKraus cheers man ;) Dec 07 23:19
schestowitz Training in how to be a Microsoft customer: http://www.cleveland.com/sunsentinel/communitylife/… Dec 07 23:20
schestowitz They treat it as though learning how to use the GUI in Microsoft Word is ‘learning computers’ Dec 07 23:20
schestowitz macabe: did you make any literature about this? Dec 07 23:21
*kapipi (n=tor@ has joined #boycottnovell Dec 07 23:21
schestowitz it disturbs me deeply that the US committed quite a few acts of terrorism along with other countries (sheesh. We can’t say that) and then let history be kinder. There are many examples of this, even in technology (e.g. Intel+Microsoft assault on OLPC). Dec 07 23:22
macabe Started to write to SOF at one time. Was rejected. Didn’t pursue it ’cause too many of my people were dying with agent orange crap. Dec 07 23:23
schestowitz Here is the Microsoft press using the death of people to elevate the public image of Microsoft: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/local… Dec 07 23:23
macabe Attended too many funerals. Dec 07 23:23
schestowitz What does SOF stand for? Dec 07 23:23
schestowitz Sorry to hear that. Dec 07 23:24
schestowitz Is it true that veterans are quietly being re-recruited? I heard it from two sources. Dec 07 23:24
macabe Soldier of Fortune. Big mistake, they weren’t what I thought they were and they were in position to really publicize. Dec 07 23:25
macabe Yes, in Texas heard of a group of ex-GI’s (specilizing in crowd control). Sonics Blasters and the like. Dec 07 23:26
schestowitz Do you stil possess the submission somewhere? Dec 07 23:26
macabe Disrupters not blasters. Dec 07 23:26
schestowitz back then you hadn’t the possibility to publicise on the Net. Dec 07 23:27
schestowitz They already manufacture these? I didn’t know. Dec 07 23:27
schestowitz I thought it was under testing the last time I heard of it Dec 07 23:27
schestowitz In the UK they use water streams… Belgium for sure. Dec 07 23:27
macabe They showed them off at the WTC anniverary in NY. Dec 07 23:28
schestowitz The British cops just got some new toys too… about 5000 tazers, IIRC Dec 07 23:28
schestowitz macabe: did they do a demo? :-s Dec 07 23:29
PetoKraus i dunno what’s bad about good old usp Dec 07 23:29
PetoKraus i mean, i’ve never heard of someone shot in slovakia by the police… Dec 07 23:29
macabe No. They were parked, but not hidden; about quarter mile from the site Dec 07 23:30
schestowitz Nothing like display of power and weaponry… like in Soviet Russia. :-) Dec 07 23:30
macabe NYC police where confiscating cameras and phones. Dec 07 23:30
PetoKraus schestowitz: well but doh Dec 07 23:32
PetoKraus it actually works Dec 07 23:32
schestowitz macabe: did they also delete brains? People can draw. ;-) Dec 07 23:36
schestowitz Unisys diverted away from FOSS: Unisys, Microsoft Team For Collaboration Solution < http://www.telecomweb.com/tnd/… > Dec 07 23:38
macabe May be able to get a pic from one of the guys in connecticut. He’s a spy gadget freak. Has a lapel cam. Dec 07 23:39
schestowitz Web cam? Dec 07 23:39
macabe Will call him and let you know. Dec 07 23:39
schestowitz What would we do with it? Dec 07 23:39
schestowitz It’s dodgy to write on the Web about politics. Dec 07 23:40
schestowitz Groklaw avoid politics like the plague Dec 07 23:40
macabe I know it back to fighting, “He’s a loon”. Dec 07 23:40
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Dec 07 23:44
*PetoKraus (n=pk@cpc3-broo2-0-0-cust711.renf.cable.ntl.com) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 07 23:44
schestowitz What do you mean? Dec 07 23:46
schestowitz I notice that one of the BN protesters keeps polluting the comment sections with insults against “twitter” Dec 07 23:46
schestowitz Totally off topic garbage-tossing. Dec 07 23:47
macabe It’s like what you do. You show people documents of criminal behavior with the corps. They totally ignore that. Dec 07 23:52
macabe And they start calling you all kinds of names. Nothing has to do with the argument at hand. Dec 07 23:52
macabe You show them a mirror, they don’t like what they see. Dec 07 23:54
schestowitz It’s a distraction. Dec 07 23:55
schestowitz I thought about closing comments on some items, but then we receive no corrections or additional info Dec 07 23:55
schestowitz Recently about 70% of the comments were from anti-BN people. It takes up a lot of time and space. Dec 07 23:56
schestowitz Hehe. I’ll do a batch of “Microsoft crimes” posts before I go to bed. Dec 07 23:56
macabe People have short, convenient memories. Have to keep showing them again. Dec 07 23:58
schestowitz Old articles don’t work Dec 07 23:59
schestowitz http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=2… Dec 07 23:59
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