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15,000 Blog Posts

Posted in Site News at 8:06 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Summary: Techrights has over 15,000 blog posts now

We have just crossed the 15,000 milestone and we still serve about a quarter of a million hits per day at the back end (not cache), owing primarily to our extensive archives. Thanks to all those who follow the site and provide input.

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  1. Michael said,

    March 1, 2012 at 10:25 pm


    You are welcome. And I am glad I can help you improve.

    XFaCE Reply:

    Ugh, your USI is blinding, Mikey.

    Dr. Roy Schestowitz Reply:

    Black comedy from the resident troll.

    Michael Reply:

    Ah, name calling.

    The best Roy can do. You used to claim to be against that. Face it: if you thought my ideas were *really* wrong you would explain why… you would welcome me on your show and give specific examples of your ideas “beating” mine. You would take pride in your views. You would make your views on plagiarism clear… as I have with mine.

    But you fear debate and disagreement because you know your claimed views are completely unsupportable. You have no faith in your claims. You just hope your followers, mostly Stallman-cultists – will back you and and give you some sense of worth by having numbers.

    You have a cult to back you. I have reason and logic and data.

    It really is that simple.

  2. NotZed said,

    March 2, 2012 at 4:35 pm


    Unfortunately, you cannot reason with a crazy person: and this initial response seems to indicate Mike is a bit more than a troll, and that he’s suffering from some sort of behavioural disorder.

    He should really seek professional help. I’m not sure that entertaining his delusions is doing him any favours.

    Dr. Roy Schestowitz Reply:

    “[B]ased on my anxiety disorder I have seen a number of professionals.” –Michael, writing in USENET years ago.

    Michael Reply:

    For you to use an *anxiety* disorder, that has no relation to the technology issues being discussed, does not help your point. It supports mine.

    You know you have no backing of your views… you have the backing of the Stallman cult and now ad hominem attacks.

    Why not focus on technology, Roy? Why not place your views against mine – voice to voice on your show. Easy: you run because you know I am right. The first time I was on your show you reacted by lying about what I said (such as claiming the media I *made* to demonstrate aspects of KDE were a sign that such media was a sign I had not used KDE).

    You lie and run in fear. You refuse to speak of your support of plagiarism in a direct way, you refuse to speak about most of your claims… because you know you cannot defend your views nearly as well as I can mine – I use reason and logic and evidence.

    But feel free to try to prove me wrong. We both know you will not. We both know I am right. But your Stallman-cult will never admit to it… I am the one who suffered from the anxiety disorder, but you are the ones who live in fear.

    Dr. Roy Schestowitz Reply:

    Get well soon.

    You have a lot of free time in your hands; with several jobs in my hands, I don’t have free time, so I write blog posts while I’m at the gym (between sets, on my PDA). If I spent time answering your endless drivel (you have a form of OCD), I would not get blog posts done. I made the mistake of feeding the ACCESS troll in 2009. We lost precious time and reduced productivity due to this.

    One last thing: I don’t fear you. I don’t think you understand the term “fear”. To use the proper term, I laugh at you.

    Michael Reply:

    First, I do not think you fear me as in thinking I would do you any direct harm – I have never suggested I have any desire to and do not. I would never do anything to hurt you and if my comments about your obvious fear seemed in any way threatening I assure you that is not how they were meant.

    What I mean is you fear the *ideas* I talk about. You *fear* responding to my criticisms of the obvious irrational and biased claimed you make. This is why you

    * out and out lied about my comments from the one time I was on your show (claiming the media I *created* to show you and others aspects of KDE somehow meant that I had not used KDE and knew it only through this media)

    * you never were able to offer a response to the facts I showed you which proved you wrong about usability issues on modern PCLOS or on older versions

    * you refuse to discuss your repeated ad hominem attacks such as your “cult” BS and your references to the referenced anxiety disorder years ago (and your made up stories about OCD)… just attacks you post out of your own fear

    * you refuse to discuss your claims about MS and the Ribbon UI (when you said Corel was the first to have it and how MS has a patent on it)

    * You refuse to discuss your own repulsive your comments about Jobs which you made around the time of his death

    * you refuse to talk about Stallman’s comments about sexuality and children

    * you refuse to discuss your views on plagiarism, given how you even you know your tacit support for it is completely indefensible

    On and on and on…. you fear, to your very core, discussing these things. To do so on your show and have to face someone such as myself who you know would rip your claims apart is simply too much for you to take. If you really believed your claims – truly thought you were in the right – the chance to prove your case would be one you would welcome. But you run from it: on your own blog (though, as I have repeatedly noted and given you kudos for, you do let me post here, and that speaks well of you), in COLA, and – most of all – on your show.

    You fear such discussions. You have no faith in your own claims. In some cases, such as your direct attacks against me, you know you are simply lying. In other cases you know your claims would crumble at the slightest shining of any reasonable light on them.

    You know this. Your actions prove it. The fact you spend hour upon hour working on this site and yet cannot find time to have an hour / hour and a half show where you discuss these things with me shows how little faith you have in your views.

    In short: not even you believe the claims you make. You do not. Your actions show this pretty much daily.

    Dr. Roy Schestowitz Reply:

    Once again you throw bogus accusations at me and expect me to “clean up”. It’s a Creationist debating tactic. I won’t do this. It’s a fight of persistence in innuendo and you have more free time than me.

    You fail to accept the personal and professional sacrifice I made to run this site and you spit even at a post celebrating a milestone. You have no sense of dignity. I won’t be feeding you anymore,

    Michael Reply:

    None of those accusations are “bogus”. Here – prove me wrong. Pick *two*. The two you think are the most wrong. I will prove them. Happily.

    Or if you like I will take them one by one later today… your choice.

    Or we can talk about them on your show or other Skype-like conference we can make public.

    I have nothing to fear from this because I know I have data and facts and evidence to back my claims. My prediction: you will not be willing to do any of these things – you know as well as I do that I am right.

    Michael Reply:

    Well, no comment from you. As expected. So let’s look at them all… each of my accusations. Let us see what the *data* shows. The *evidence*.

    * out and out lied about my comments from the one time I was on your show (claiming the media I *created* to show you and others aspects of KDE somehow meant that I had not used KDE and knew it only through this media)

    From your own show, on your own site (so no chance I modified it or falsified things), this is what was said:

    Snit: 8:47
    I don’t use KDE that much…
    Roy: 9:42
    Have you had a chance to use KDE3 before?
    Snit: 9:43
    I have – I mean I have mostly used Gnome – but I have used
    Roy: 9:47
    What did you find very confusing about it?
    Snit: 9:52
    Well, in the past I’ve had screenshots and even some videos
    online – I don’t know if you’ve seen some of those…

    In other words, I talked about media I had *made* which showed problems with distros running KDE. Some examples of those media files are here, here, here, here, here, and here. And there have been others… but it surely shows I have used KDE based systems and spoken about areas I have had problems with. Your post to COLA in reference to this:

    On the show he also said that he had tried KDE. Later it
    turned out that he lied because he said he had only judged it
    based on videos and/or screenshots.

    Your claim is clearly inaccurate… I never said I judged it based on those videos and screenshots – I *made* those videos and screenshots to support my views. I made those media files to present data and evidence. But even with your claim being completely inaccurate, I defended you that maybe you were merely confused… that you were mistaken. I did not accuse you of lying. You finally commented on the issue (it took some time but I believe you were on holiday) and you insisted your clearly inaccurate claims were truth. In other words, you lied. And you have yet to back away from that lie.

    * you never were able to offer a response to the facts I showed you which proved you wrong about usability issues on modern PCLOS or on older versions

    From the same show:

    Snit: 32:28:
    [Of the newest PCLOS] I will post – I will make screenshots or maybe even a quick video and we can look at it. Now I haven’t used the newest one … but let me look at PC Linux
    and I can pretty much guarantee you there will be a mix of
    quit and exit, there will be a mix of hot keys, there will
    be a mix of save dialogs, there will be a mix of print
    dialogs, … some programs will lose the clipboard when you
    quit some programs won’t…
    Roy: 33:15
    [talks about how development happens... ] Interesting that
    you raise this point … when you are using something like
    a file dialog you might say that will be inconsistent but
    that is just not true … the way it works in KDE I would
    be quite surprised if it is very inconsistent. I would be
    very happy if you found some cases where it’s not
    consistent – maybe even help developers.


    Snit: 24:45
    When you have "Save" on the left and "Save" on the right -people click on the wrong button. And it’s user error -
    that’s what it’s called – but it’s not; it’s an error of
    the system. [About older PCLOS] looking at its default
    programs … and there is a mish mash [quit/exit, save
    dialog with "Save" on left or right]
    Roy: 25:32
    I’ve used it before and I don’t think it’s true what you are saying now.

    I then did as I said I would – I looked at old and new PCLOS and produced a document to show the findings. Turns out I was mostly correct and you were mostly incorrect (though as I note in the document, I was not quite 100% correct, either… I was happy to be wrong and had no problem admitting to it).

    With the next ones I note what you refuse to do… and it is hard to prove you have not done so… but you will not, I predict, show a single counter example. If you do, of course, I will admit I was wrong.

    * you refuse to discuss your repeated ad hominem attacks such as your “cult” BS and your references to the referenced anxiety disorder years ago (and your made up stories about OCD)… just attacks you post out of your own fear

    You claim to not post ad hominem attacks, but – as noted with the above examples – you often do.

    * you refuse to discuss your claims about MS and the Ribbon UI (when you said Corel was the first to have it and how MS has a patent on it)

    I have looked for evidence of this and not found it. Others had tabbed toolbars (such as Macromedia with Dreamweaver) but I cannot find any evidence of a full Ribbon solution like what MS offers – nor any evidence of a patent MS has on it. Wikipedia specifically says they do not. So where is your evidence? I have asked repeatedly only to have you repeatedly run.

    * You refuse to discuss your own repulsive your comments about Jobs which you made around the time of his death

    Your comments were grotesque. Here are just some:

    Roy’s article title:
    Linux Wins, Steve Jobs Flees
    And when you were told how tasteless that was you responded with:
    It was Jobs himself who said he would leave when he no longer does a good job running Apple.
    And then:
    If they give him an enema, they’ll be able to bury him in a matchbox. ;-)
    And then:
    > Maybe Steve Jobs is dying of guilt.
    Good one…
    And even this:
    Knock knock
    Who’s there?
    Liver delivery for Steve.

    You tried to tie the actions of a dying man leaving his position as CEO as a sign he was talking about Linux "winning". And you just went down hill from there. Just repulsive of you.

    Again, I cannot prove a negative: but where have you spoken about how Stallman thinks all types of porn, even illegally produced child porn, should be made available – uncensored – to teens in public schools? Where have you discussed your views on plagiarism? Where? I ask and you run.

    * you refuse to talk about Stallman’s comments about sexuality and children
    * you refuse to discuss your views on plagiarism, given how you even you know your tacit support for it is completely indefensible

    On and on and on. I have data and evidence and logic on my side… you have the backing of Stallman’s followers. You have nothing. This is why you refuse to face me directly. But prove me wrong – let’s set up a one or two hour discussion on audio format. Let’s discuss these things.

    Michael Reply:

    My prediction: even though Roy has posted several posts since this was written, he will never give a reasoned response to the above.

    Roy knows I am right. Time for him to hide in his shell again and pretend he is ignoring me because… um… what will his excuse be today?

    Bottom line: I am, at least mostly, right. And even Roy knows it.

  3. mcinsand said,

    March 6, 2012 at 12:32 pm



    I get a lot out of your articles and links compilations, but the site has taken a downturn since it became trolly-owned some months ago. There is a difference between tolerating dissent and letting a disruptive individual trash the atmosphere of discourse. I think most of us readers do try to not feed the troll, but that only creates frustration as he dependably posts childish, afactual tirades. How many times a week does he claim that you lie even when you document what you post? How often does he post ‘evidence’ that Android has copied iOS that actually proves that Apple has done nothing innovative.

    Which reminds me… I have had my own suspicions, especially given statements that can only come from meeting at least one of three conditions: lack of knowledge (ignorance), lack of ability to comprehend the knowledge (stupidity or mental disorder), or dishonesty. Given the time invested and the ability to construct a sentence while being consistently riduclous, I was leaning to believe that he is a paid shill, hired to destroy the communication value of your source by deterring readers and commenters. You might be right, though, with the mental idea; being mentally disabled would explain him very well.

    However, even if he just isn’t capable understanding or polite discussion, he is still a potent deterrent, and he damages the site, at least from my perspective.

    Regards, and congratulations on your 15k posts!


    Michael Reply:

    If you think I am wrong, then by all means quote my “wrong” comment and state why you think I am wrong. Use evidence and support and data. Logic. These are the things which are of value.

    Look at what I show, above. Roy and I disagreed and I showed, above, the data which shows I am right. And, of course, Roy will ignore it and then just repeat his claims later. He – and you – do not use logic and evidence and data.

    You do use personal attacks and ad hominem attacks, but that is intellectually weak. These stories of my being paid to be honest or my having to have some personal problem to be honest and use data… that is just silly.

    In other words, here is the challenge: if I am wrong, call me on it and show it. *Show* it. Use data and evidence. If I am wrong I will admit to it.

    But also use the same standards with Roy. When he is wrong, such as with his BS about me judging KDE based only on the media files I created (how would that even work?), ask him to back his claims, too. He will not.

    I back my claims – and when I am wrong I admit to it.
    Roy does not back his claims… and when wrong he runs.

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