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Using Gemini to Moan About Linux and Spread .NET

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Dec 04, 2023

Toxic, acidic post in Gemini

Bottle of vinegar with water droplet over

I initially wanted to do a detailed rebuttal, as someone in Gemini decided to make some drama by writing a provocative post, then spread it everywhere possible. Writing a lot about it would give the impression that it's very important or legitimate rather than widely marketed (or "publicised").

So what is it about?

Someone who wrote some decent software in Gemini (good software, I will openly admit this, but written with .NET and a Microsoft chatbot backend) decided, seemingly out of the blue, to blast "Linux". This isn't the first public blasting of something (like gaming consoles with slowness and mega-updates), but this one hits 'close to home'.

I am not going to name the person in this post, keeping it impersonal instead to spare the discomfort of admonishing people. We prefer to just focus on the context and the substance.

An hour ago we wrote about the "Gemini" name getting hijacked by Google, which stands to lose the most from Gemini (and now uses Microsoft tactics against the name, having hired loads of people from Microsoft).

Two years ago we also wrote how Microsoft staff was entering Gemini communities to promote Microsoft software without even disclosing they're working for Microsoft.

The latest rant comes not from a Linux lover.

It is a .NET booster, i.e. a person who likes Microsoft and maybe just deploys to Linux (because, let's face it, that's just vastly more reliable). "If Linux users get offended, I don't really care anymore," the person said, "because it's not my problem." (Also here...)

Of course not, as long as .NET does not get offended.

There's clearly an effort to put this in everybody's face - to the point of using mostly neglected or barely used portals and hubs in Gemini. Revived for shameless self-promotion. Or for Linux bashing.

The title is provocation: "Linux, Our Savior and Redeemer" (the strawman of comparing engineering and sharing to a religion and blind following/faith).

I've long known that there are some Microsofters in prominent positions in Gemini, including this person. I just didn't say anything. I relied on some of the software. Some Microsofters vanished over the years, but very few stayed around (this has long been one of them).

Well, without drawing attention to his specific post, as I was advised by a friend not to, I want to just quickly summarise the arguments. It mostly boils down to antiquated bashing I saw 20 years ago, e.g. "WiFi doesn't work" (typically a lie or Microsoft hardware).

It starts with some straw man, generalisation, stigmatisation (like the religion theme). Sometimes people are being provoked with intentionally hostile questions, then the respondents are cast as "rude".

The people who do this are then pushing WSL to people, i.e. Windows while pretending to do "Linux". They push people to Windows or end up promoting dual-boot... or, on the server side, pushing BSD on some VPS, as if GNU/Linux is "Cancer" and one isn't against "UNIX" (it just needs to be GPL-free). The latter is typical of the thugs and militants who attack Techrights a lot.

The opening paragraph says:

Being in and around the Linux community allowed me to observe several things about the community that I always find interesting, a trend that I am calling "Linux Fundamentalism". Perhaps this label would have been more applicable about 5-10 years ago, because I do believe that it is wearing off more recently as people become disillusioned by Linux, but it unfortunately still applies to a large portion of the community today.

Who exactly is "disillusioned by Linux" and what is meant by "around the Linux community" rather than in it?

Either way...

Linux is a kernel, not an OS, and the matter at stake is software freedom (or a licence like GPL), not some brand or glorified word, which has been thoroughly diluted, partly by Microsoft.

The author immediate promoted this to some hubs, got 33 comments at the time of writing, and it's basically a time-wasting flamewar. Way to waste people's time. Enjoy Microsoft and .NET. Quit comparing people who use neither to fanatics.

That's just acidic or toxic (pun intended, a hint about the name).

The author is being abundantly hypocritical; openly inflammatory language while accusing "Linux" people of rudeness.

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