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A 3-Year Campaign to Coerce/Intimidate Us Into Censorship: In Summary

posted by Roy Schestowitz on May 30, 2024,
updated May 31, 2024

OVER the past week or so we've written about the campaign of intimidation from a serial defamer, who had spent over 10 years defaming me in social control media and elsewhere. He attempted to hurt not only everyone associated with this site [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] but also the webhosts, relatives, and so on. Apparently if the target of defamation is thick-skinned, then it's "fair play" to start attacking the target's family... it's "funny", right?

It should be noted that this serial defamer does it to a whole bunch of people and has done it to them for well over a decade. Some of them contacted me to tell me so. Some high-profile examples include Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, Theodore Ts'o, and Bruce Perens. The serial defamer aims both high and low, trying to signal self-importance by picking on people who, unlike him, actually accomplished a lot.

Hospital Entrances

So between ER visits, which he boasts about in public* (he keeps writing in public about his medical conditions, including TB), there are calls for sympathy.

See, he's always the victim apparently. Always the victim. The serial defamer is a sad, poor victim. Even private, modest woman are "out to get him"... so he must retaliate and creep them out with empty threats, occasionally abusing the system (to make the threats look more potent, but not taking action as that would cost money and be less "funny").

The serial defamer has been scaring writers, scaring any webhost available, scaring people's family members, and poisoning the minds of people by lying about "targets" while trying to keep them gagged about those threats. Calls to deplatform entire sites are like a bodily function. The bully is always the victim. The poor bully. Privileged white heterosexual male... always the victim.

The victims deserve to know the modus operandi. The bullying by the serial defamer must end. The worst of them all? Misapplication of laws to suppress legitimate criticism and harass people close to his "targets" in order to undermine further writings.

Society cannot withstand unproductive, depressed people who live at taxpayers' expense while seeing psychologists and misusing taxpayers' money some more by filing frivolous 'cases', trying to compel their "targets" to pay lawyers, some of whom charge 10 pounds per minute (yes, per minute!), just to stave off the harassment. This Microsoft 'poison pen' is trying to hurt people and even their relatives. Those are classic cult tactics. When the dissenting member steps out of line, peer pressure and isolation tactics are invoked.

The biggest victim in 2022-2024 was my wife, a Computer Scientist who runs Tux Machines and has run it every day since 2013**, even whilst on holiday; it is rather revealing that the serial defamer is envious that our sites receive many visitors, unlike his blog where he barely posts even 10 articles per year; he may be also jealous that we are healthy, happy, and highly productive (producing over 10,000 pages per year in our respective sites). So what do these mobsters want from my wife? To be clear, she was harassed and merely wrote about the harassment she had been subjected to for a long time (local authorities told her that she can write about it, even encouraged her to). People who support women - including women themselves - must not be foolishly charmed by the serial defamer. He's no friend of women. He's a narcissistic bully and a serial defamer. He may have perfected "Ritual Defamation", but that's nothing to admire, only to condemn.


* Later he asserts that it is a privacy violation to mention that.

** The serial defamer must be jealous of a lot of people. He is morbidly obsessed with real developers (with real qualifications in the area). He tries to tear them down by insinuating they're rapists or rape apologists or anything to that effect.

Theodore Ts'o

Talk about obsession. His Web site still obsesses over an E-mail Theodore Ts'o (above) sent 13 years ago. There's almost nothing else in his site. One might get the feeling that the serial defamer, a privileged white heterosexual male, fancies picking on people of Asian descent.

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