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Novell is Run by Microsoft, Claims PC Pro

from the 'duh' dept.

Microsoft has issued a few new statements which address some uncertainties or ambiguities.

Microsoft: We won't sue, but run Novell


Now, in a statement sent to PC Pro, the company claims it has no intention of taking legal action against open-source organisations. 'If we wanted to go down that road we could have done that three years ago,' the statement reads. 'Rather than litigate, Microsoft has spent the last three years building an intellectual property bridge that works for all parties - including open source - and the customer response has been tremendously positive. Our focus is on continuing to build bridges.'

Yet, despite claiming it's not pursuing legal remedies, Microsoft delivers a veiled warning to open-source users. 'The real question is not whether there exist substantial patent infringement issues, but what to do about them. Microsoft and Novell already developed a solution that meets the needs of customers, furthers interoperability, and advances the interests of the industry as a whole. Any customer that is concerned about Linux IP issues needs only to obtain their open source subscriptions from Novell.'

This is not exactly new. Microsoft invites (if not urges) people to use SUSE Linux. Essentially, it wants these people trapped inside a contract. It also wants other distributors pressured through punishment (in terms of customer loss). Is anyone still thinking that Novell dislikes Microsoft's patent assault? Novell's passive attitude speaks volumes.

Carla criticises all the misleading headlines and drama which instilled fear in people's minds. She also offers some other words of wisdom to offer.

If companies want to appease the bully, that's their business. Some folks fear it will set a legal precedent that could be used against all Linux users, not just commercial Linux vendors. I think that's a pretty remote possibility, though in this here modern world you never know what sort of insanity will triumph. And that's exactly what the root of all of this is -- if you're in doubt that a company can be mentally ill, Microsoft's patent shenanigans make the case for it.

So now we are told that Novell is run by a "mentally ill" company. See how this post began. None of this tactless manipulation is news. It does, however, offer validity and empowers the argument. As Shane said months ago, it has become harder and harder to tell the difference between Microsoft and Novell.


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