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HOWTO: Divide a Community and Get OOXML Approved

Microsoft keeps its enemies closer so that it can crush them later. Corel, Netscape, (NetWare era) Novell, and many more companies would serve as decent examples. It should all be a case of learning from history. Getting inside the 'fort' is the best Microsoft can do to fracture and destroy communities. As we stated dozens of times before, it is not this Web site that divides; this Web site spots the attempted division (by Microsoft) and warns about its nature, using soft and hard evidence that piles up until it becomes too compelling.

”Several years from now Microsoft will have the last laugh, until/unless more people wake up.“Microsoft will continue it's divide-and-conquer strategy. That's what Port 25, for example, is all about. It's a Trojan horse that got Microsoft inside the OSI, already fooled Kroes and her Commission (software patents), introduced GPL poison, added 'patent tax' to some Linuxes, and ushered proprietary formats (OOXML) which Microsoft needs to be recognised as standards.

If only everyone could actually see this by learning from history...

The evidence we have collected speaks for itself, but we've neglected hyperlinks this time (there's room for almost a hundred in the few paragraphs above). Several years from now Microsoft will have the last laugh, until/unless more people wake up.

One person wisely tell me that that if OOXML is approved, Microsoft wins. If not, the GNOME community is splintered (and so is the FOSS community). The way this is set up, there can be only one winner -- Microsoft.

To use an analogy I was sent by E-mail, "Microsoft always tries to butter the toast on both sides so no matter which way it falls, it sticks. We just want to make sure our they get very little butter on our side."


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