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IRC #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: June 8th, 2008

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ZiggyFishgood morningJun 08 00:04
moparxheyJun 08 01:02
ZiggyFishheyJun 08 01:12
*moparx yawns and ponders as to what kinds of snacks he could possibly acquire from the kitchenJun 08 01:42
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schestowitzI resent this contest (news):,1... . This insinuates that software patents have validity and that can have you sued. Unsurprisingly, it's funded by Microsoft. They can get away with this, too.Jun 08 05:08
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Sun Jun 8 05:11:27 2008
**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Sun Jun 8 05:11:27 2008
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schestowitz ... Technical things compared to political ("communism") and religious ("fundamentalist") concerts. The Redmond FUD factory keeps busy.Jun 08 06:21
cozubschestowitz: while WinRiver has been doing some linux stuff recently, afaik VxWorks has nothing to do with linux... is so, then iz nonsenseJun 08 08:31
cozubs/ is / if/Jun 08 08:31
cozub(commenting on that, as you linkes to that in here )Jun 08 08:31
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schestowitzYes, seen the correction in the few places and added mine in Tux Machines.Jun 08 08:34
cozubokJun 08 08:36
schestowitzdsmith_, if Lenovo is /definitely/ not selling FreeDOS PCs, please let me know so that I can post awayJun 08 11:03
ZiggyFishschestowitz: are you going to be doing some posts soon?Jun 08 11:04
schestowitzJust did. I'm not sure if something can be said about Lenovo yet. Let's do some links now.Jun 08 11:27
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EruaranhelloJun 08 16:24
schestowitzHey there, I came back a minute ago.Jun 08 16:27
EruaranAnything interesting happening ?Jun 08 16:45
schestowitzI'm catching up. Microsoft has been eerily quiet in recent weeks (virtually no new products, just 3 dead ones) and it hasn't assaulted much either, so hopefully it ain't the calm before a storm... I wonder how long before Microsoft gets cozy with Linux Foundation, which would sidle with Microsoft before it ever meets the the Free Software Foundation. Sharing funds and ideology would help them tremendously though (FSF and LF).Jun 08 16:55
schestowitzThere's also the ambivalent IBM with its so-called 'MSO killer'. It is based on an old version on OOo. Still, better Lotus Symphony than MSO. Standards are a good start. One could learn from the Eclipse roadmap and suppose IBM will get it right eventually (Lotus Symphony would otherwise be a dinosaur with the dwindling IBM brand name/logo on it and nothing more).Jun 08 16:56
EruaranI dunno why they based it on OOo 1.1 thoughJun 08 16:58
arebenti 08 17:00
EruaranYes already know about that... I've heard some reassuring statements but I'm still uncomfortable about NokiaJun 08 17:02
schestowitzThanks. I saw this earlier. I'm not sure sure Nokia is dangerous to GNU/Linux, but patents are a problem. Back in late May Nokia hailed Linux but at the same time sheltered its crown jewels (Symbian)Jun 08 17:03
EruaranI don't get the impression that Nokia has long term future plans for Symbian any moreJun 08 17:04
schestowitzReally?!?! I'd be very interest in more evidence.Jun 08 17:04
schestowitzinterested, I meanJun 08 17:04
EruaranUnless they are thinking of running QTopia on Symbian...Jun 08 17:05
EruaranBut that just smacks of effortJun 08 17:05
Eruaran:PJun 08 17:05
EruaranThey already have linux devicesJun 08 17:06
schestowitzNokia "definitely" preparing Linux-based phones, flavor unknown 08 17:06
schestowitzIn The Register they sort of denied rumours of adopting more Maemo/GTK/Qt for phones.Jun 08 17:06
schestowitzIt got started in Reuters: "Nokia eyes wider usage of Linux in cellphones" ( )Jun 08 17:07
arebenti 08 17:08
schestowitzWhen they made the deal I immediately thought they tried to block OHA, OpenMoko, and maybe even Motorola and Palm.Jun 08 17:08
schestowitzSo does this Erkki Ormala chap inherit the swppats love?Jun 08 17:09
EruaranI think Nokia isn't interested in shouting "were using Linux" from the rooftops, they are more interested in promoting their brand name with hopefully good products without the customer needing to know anything about the software... Nokia doesn't come from or play in a market where people usually ask, "what OS does this run ?"Jun 08 17:10
schestowitzYou know, it was a former Microsoft employee who now works at Nokia that produced the FUD piece to intercept Ogg in HTML5. He wanted DRM and said Ogg suffered [sic] from swpats.Jun 08 17:10
EruaranhmmJun 08 17:11
EruaranI'm starting to think that "former" Microsoft employees are kind of like "former" CIA agents.Jun 08 17:11
schestowitzYes.Jun 08 17:11
arebentiour assumption is that there is a thin industry platform for swpat lobbying in Europe.Jun 08 17:11
schestowitzThey ruin Google as well.Jun 08 17:12
schestowitz<arebenti> , can you elaborate plase?Jun 08 17:12
EruaranDRM will eat itself.Jun 08 17:12
arebentiNokia is an essential part of it.Jun 08 17:13
arebentiNokia, Siemens, Microsoft.Jun 08 17:13
arebentietcJun 08 17:13
schestowitzyes, Siemen. Ben keeps harping about it.Jun 08 17:13
schestowitzSiemems.Jun 08 17:13
arebentiand you know, there are internal discussions, divergent interests.Jun 08 17:13
schestowitzACTA?Jun 08 17:14
arebentiACTA and TEC are special.Jun 08 17:14
schestowitzList of attendance from Switzerland would be good. Microsoft also has meetings with RIAA.Jun 08 17:14
schestowitzI wonder about SAP's role also.Jun 08 17:15
arebentiActa and TEC: Dinosaur vampires. Cast light on it and they will burn.Jun 08 17:15
schestowitzThey had the Agassi fellow (he ran away) doing a lot of anti-FOSS mouthwork.Jun 08 17:15
dsmith_"[06:10:24] <schestowitz> dsmith_, if Lenovo is /definitely/ not selling FreeDOS PCs, please let me know so that I can post away"     OK...Jun 08 17:16
EruaranThere's something all these corporates seem to forgetJun 08 17:16
arebentianti propaganda is helpfulJun 08 17:16
schestowitzReach is hard. Getting beyond the choir.Jun 08 17:16
EruaranThe customer.Jun 08 17:16
schestowitzThe customer isn't forgotten.Jun 08 17:17
schestowitzNever.Jun 08 17:17
schestowitzBut it ain't you.Jun 08 17:17
schestowitzThe customer is Hollywood and OEMs.Jun 08 17:17
EruaranhehJun 08 17:17
schestowitzYou're a worthless side effectJun 08 17:17
schestowitzWhatever is on the shelf thou shalt takeJun 08 17:18
arebentiacta is an indirect outcome from WIPO symposiums on piracy and counterfeiting.Jun 08 17:18
arebentiNo 4 here 08 17:19
EruaranWhen our customers discover the dark side of DRM, we can see what the long term future of DRM is.Jun 08 17:20
schestowitzWIPO is a big problem. You know this a lot better than me, but a lot of the pwpats mess leads back to them.Jun 08 17:20
arebentino.Jun 08 17:20
arebentiWipo is a diplomatic consensus based UN institution currently obstructed by Brazil.Jun 08 17:21
schestowitzIt's hard to criticise it. I can't remember what role in played that made me associate it with intellectual WHIPPING (or people WEEPING)Jun 08 17:23
schestowitzI think of it as a front, but a very sophisticated one that's immune to criticism. A bit like MPAA, UN, White House...Jun 08 17:23
arebentiTRIPs was done via GATT because WIPO could not deliver, forum shopping.Jun 08 17:23
schestowitzTo what extant are they involved in patents?Jun 08 17:25
arebentiWIPO does PCT, it is basically forwarding of patents. Worldwide application. A substantial income source for WIPO, thus the conflicts about developing agenda.Jun 08 17:26
arebentiWIPO is one of the richest UN institutions because of these income sources.Jun 08 17:27
arebentiSPLT (Substantiver Patent Law Treaty) failed at WIPO. substantive == unify dogmatic what is patentable and what criteria are usedJun 08 17:28
arebentiSo they continued in the B+ subgroup (industrial nations) where it also failedJun 08 17:29
schestowitzWho pushed SPLT forward, I wonder.Jun 08 17:29
arebentiso discussions get continued on a transatlantic trade talk base, in the TEC trade process outside WIPOJun 08 17:30
arebentipushed by TABD - they set the agenda what politicians (EU-Commissioners, US Trade Commissioners) discuss.Jun 08 17:31
arebentilast meeting 13 MayJun 08 17:31
arebentiIt was pushed a bit amateurish without knwoledge of the insights.Jun 08 17:32
schestowitzIs this related the the warning that came from FFII about the Commissioner and harmonisation? Also, to what extent can they affect the east?Jun 08 17:32
arebentiyes.Jun 08 17:32
arebentiThe press release says they agreed on a road map.Jun 08 17:33
schestowitzOSIndia reports that they try to spread the swpats seeds in their also, but I haven't read the details.Jun 08 17:33
arebentiThe point you also find in the ffii pr is: the US needs to move first.Jun 08 17:33
arebentiThis is commonly agreed.Jun 08 17:33
schestowitzPrivate road map for now?Jun 08 17:33
arebentiThe precondition for SPLT is that the US moves to first to file.Jun 08 17:34
schestowitzThat's insane.Jun 08 17:34
arebentiroad map: not publicJun 08 17:34
schestowitzHa!Jun 08 17:34
schestowitzWho funds this?Jun 08 17:34
arebentiNow, what we know about the road map is that it was written by amateurs.Jun 08 17:35
schestowitzSame in Quebec recently. Also in BECTA and Newham in the UK (MoU)Jun 08 17:35
arebentiThey want an agreement this year. Won't work.Jun 08 17:35
schestowitzAmateurs = less liability in case of mistakes.Jun 08 17:36
arebentiamateurs in the sense of unexperienced.Jun 08 17:36
arebentiThese industry guys from the US have no clue how the political process moves.Jun 08 17:36
arebentiSo when they write a road map that pushes really hard and fast...Jun 08 17:38
schestowitzYes, it's a bit like filing for patents pretending now to have known about prior art or starting a lawsuit under these conditions. punishments are less severe...Jun 08 17:38
schestowitzWhat sources are you using to gain visibility -- a glance into such things?Jun 08 17:39
arebentiTEC is a "strange" political process. the agenda is too extremist.Jun 08 17:39
schestowitzI'm mainly fixed on the software side.Jun 08 17:40
arebentirss feeds are a real productivity toolJun 08 17:40
schestowitzYes, but which ones? I'm on all of FFII's ones, I think.Jun 08 17:40
arebentiAs of TEC its all public.Jun 08 17:40
arebentihttp://www.tabd.comJun 08 17:41
schestowitzI see you mainly on NOOOXML. Am I missing a research sandbox?Jun 08 17:42
arebentiThey even write it like "We set the agenda, politician will do x"Jun 08 17:42
schestowitz*watching URL*Jun 08 17:42
arebentiyes. private wikisJun 08 17:43
schestowitzTypical 'brochure' (i.e. useless) site: 08 17:43
zoobabhiJun 08 17:47
arebentihiJun 08 17:47
zoobabI injected the idea of IRC in arebenti's mind yesterdayJun 08 17:48
schestowitzThanks for that.Jun 08 17:48
arebentiI am just here to improve by black list ranking...Jun 08 17:48
schestowitzI haven't used IRC for over 10 years.Jun 08 17:48
schestowitzHeh. You should have seen some of the trolls that came in and got banned.Jun 08 17:48
zoobabyou mean your visibility online: (publicly logged)Jun 08 17:49
zoobabI am dead after yesterday partyJun 08 17:49
zoobabbut the weather is nicer todayJun 08 17:49
arebentiit was gre4atJun 08 17:49
zoobabfinally some sunJun 08 17:49
zoobabI have a posterJun 08 17:49
zoobab 08 17:50
schestowitzSame here (Sun)Jun 08 17:50
schestowitzWas out running for an hour in Trafford.Jun 08 17:50
arebentihow2 download a complete website with wget?Jun 08 17:50
zoobabwget -mJun 08 17:50
schestowitzI have a cron jab for it.Jun 08 17:50
zoobabthe problem is that you cannot download a portion of a websiteJun 08 17:51
schestowitzEverything I cite get stored locally twice a day. Handy for 404sJun 08 17:51
zoobablike 08 17:51
schestowitz+subdirs?Jun 08 17:53
zoobabhaving a lookJun 08 17:53
zoobabyou mean --cut-dirs?Jun 08 17:54
arebentiMy visibility? No goal.Jun 08 17:55
zoobabandre, can you have a look in the office if you don't see a DVDJun 08 17:56
zoobaba DVD without any jacketJun 08 17:57
arebentinegativeJun 08 17:58
zoobabcan you have a look in your pile of blank CDs?Jun 08 18:04
schestowitzInteresting new comments (found moments ago) from "NoSoftwarePatents": 08 18:05
schestowitzThe Moox translators are C#-infected.Jun 08 18:06
arebentinegativeJun 08 18:07
arebentimoox, I see. what speaks against c#?Jun 08 18:08
schestowitzSoftware patents, bias against P/Ls that are not associated with and controlled by Microsoft... among other things. Long story.Jun 08 18:09
arebentithe ximian culture to proactively create dependencies on half-baked solutions is the problem here.Jun 08 18:12
zoobabwifi antenna from the trash:Jun 08 18:12
zoobab 08 18:12
zoobabcoming to the office, I need to find this DVD to give it backJun 08 18:14
schestowitz"yes, but does it run Linux?"Jun 08 18:15
schestowitzJust caught beneath the headlines: Microsoft India Managing Director jumped ship. The India ops are a mess (can provide refs if anyone is interested). Jun 08 18:40
EruaransureJun 08 18:41
schestowitzNews: 08 18:42
schestowitzRecent:Jun 08 18:42
EruaranthxJun 08 18:42
schestowitz..hold on...Jun 08 18:42
EruaranInternode is hosting a sourceforge mirror in Aust nowJun 08 18:43
schestowitzThis one is a 'wower': (plenty to read in older comments... leaks rather)Jun 08 18:43
EruaranSomebody at Internode loves open sourceJun 08 18:43
EruaranIf you choose Internode as your ISP you get free Ubuntu repositories and SourceforgeJun 08 18:44
schestowitzsourceforge seems to become somewhat of a Microsoft buddy, even the NewsForce umbrella.Jun 08 18:44
schestowitzFrom the news:Jun 08 18:44
schestowitz 08 18:44
EruaranyesJun 08 18:45
schestowitz"Take, for example, "Most Likely to Be Ambiguously Accused of Patent Violation." This one calls attention to the perennial problem of so-called submarine patents, where software developers run afoul of patents that were awarded to speculators years earlier. Another category, "Most Likely to Get Users Sued," points out that not even customers are safe from intellectual property disputes."Jun 08 18:45
Eruaranread that articleJun 08 18:45
schestowitzContest sponsored by Microsoft, of course. There's more FUD and VS2008 promo on its way from sf.netJun 08 18:45
EruaransadJun 08 18:46
Eruarannevertheless, Internode customers get free Ubuntu reposJun 08 18:46
EruaranThat means it doesn't affect download limitsJun 08 18:46
schestowitzWhich country is that in again?Jun 08 18:52
schestowitzOh wait.Jun 08 18:52
schestowitzAIJun 08 18:52
schestowitzAUJun 08 18:52
schestowitzAs I thought, I want to show you something:Jun 08 18:52
EruaranI'm interested in anything local as I don't hear muchJun 08 18:53
EruaranIts not reported muchJun 08 18:53
schestowitzI can't recall the name of the ISP that blocked or neglected OOo downloads because it competed with its own new service.Jun 08 18:54
schestowitzIt was on iTWire of TechBlorge but it might take me a while to find the URLJun 08 18:55
EruaranPretty sure it was OptusJun 08 18:55
EruaranOptusnetJun 08 18:55
EruaranOptus is owned by SingtelJun 08 18:56
EruaranSingtel is a Microsoft partnerJun 08 18:56
EruaranBefore Singtel bought Optus out, their call centers used Macs and Optus actively kept track of GNU/Linux use amongst their customers, including which distro's people were using.Jun 08 18:58
schestowitzI'm not sure.Jun 08 19:02
schestowitzIt doesn't ring the same bell. Let me check.Jun 08 19:02
Eruaranah sorry it was bigpondJun 08 19:03
EruarantelstraJun 08 19:03
schestowitzYup, found it.Jun 08 19:04
schestowitz"Major Aussie ISP Telstra BigPond shafts open source OpenOffice "Jun 08 19:04
dsmith_shafts?Jun 08 19:04
schestowitz Jun 08 19:04
schestowitz"Australia’s largest Internet service provider Telstra BigPond has removed the free open source office suite OpenOffice from its unmetered file download area following the launch of its own, free, hosted, office application, BigPond Office. [...] Our reader was outraged by Telstra’s move, which he sees as an attack on the open source software movement."Jun 08 19:05
EruaranTelstra is a monopolistJun 08 19:06
EruaranSo no surprises thereJun 08 19:06
dsmith_dates news, but Bravo Sierra nonethelessJun 08 19:06
dsmith_*datedJun 08 19:06
schestowitzThat's the danger of throttling of tiered Web. It permits abuse. Comcast and the other Microsoft buddies (yes, they work with MS against Google, using actual deals) intercepted torrents and not they target users, not protocols.Jun 08 19:08
schestowitzOBS: Asay (CNET), Foley ((ZDNet) and  the Ramji Trojan horse do the 'damage control': 08 19:10
schestowitzMore on Microsoft's open-source embarrassment: 08 19:14
Eruaran“The principle of the matter upsets me,” he said. “The fact that BigPond has removed previously allowed open source software is un-ethical. They are discriminating against me, even though I pay the same as other customers.  They are attacking the Free Software movement.”Jun 08 19:28
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arebenti 08 21:11
arebentisearch for "software"Jun 08 21:13
*yuhong ( has joined #boycottnovellJun 08 21:44
yuhongI am kind of neutral on Vista, but I do hate the MS-Novell deal.Jun 08 21:47
yuhongAlso, in terms of openness: ODF, OOXML, and of course the worst is the MS Office 97-2003 formats: .DOC, .XLS, PPTJun 08 21:48
taconeyuhong: vista worked like a charm for me. I turned the new pc, downloaded firefox, downloaded a linux iso with firefox and burned it without a problem. oh, and it shutted down properly either.Jun 08 21:49
yuhongIt does for me too, most of the time. Somewhat slow, but that is because I got only 1GB of RAM.Jun 08 21:50
taconeyuhong: I was kinda ironic, sorry :-)Jun 08 21:50
yuhongI do think that eliminating of software patents would be much better than trying to back off the deal.Jun 08 21:52
taconeyuhong: sw patents are valid only in a number of countries. but I don't think those will disappear anytime soon. the maximum to be obtained would be a reform, imho.Jun 08 21:55
yuhongBecause if MS was not able to sue. the patent deal is meaningless.Jun 08 21:55
yuhongThe deal comes into play only after you are sued, with the deal you can still use Linux, without the deal you canJun 08 21:56
taconeactually MS itself. is quite damaged by sw patents. they loose a lot of money on being sued all the time.Jun 08 21:56
yuhongIhe deal comes into play only after you are sued, with the deal you can still use Linux, without the deal you can'tJun 08 21:56
yuhongThe deal comes into play only after you are sued, with the deal you can still use Linux, without the deal you canJun 08 21:56
yuhongThe deal comes into play only after you are sued, with the deal you can still use Linux, without the deal you can'tJun 08 21:57
yuhongSo yes the deal could effectively make Linux non-free software, but only if MS was able to sueJun 08 21:57
yuhongA reform would be a good first step.Jun 08 21:58
taconelinux can't be made non-free imho. it would just get stripped down, changed or outlawed.Jun 08 21:58
yuhongYep even non-free software is damaged by patents.Jun 08 21:58
yuhongStripping down Linux is another alternative and probably much better.Jun 08 21:59
taconeyuhong: the entire world is damaged by patents, of any type. sw and not-sw. medical patents, for example. oe hardware patents (see the keyboard issue of OLPC)Jun 08 22:00
yuhongYep, and I know that, that is why reform is so important.Jun 08 22:00
taconeyuhong: much better ? you can live without mp3 but not without a gui. the problem is more wide, there are not only no-nonsense patents. never heard of jpeg-on-website patent ?Jun 08 22:01
yuhongYea, I know about the Forgent Networks patent, and big thanks to PUBPAT for fighting patent.Jun 08 22:02
taconeI am not optimistic about the chance of a reform. it won't happen imho.Jun 08 22:02
yuhongUnfortunately, the bill that was passing through the US Congress had a flaw related to third party reexamination, so...Jun 08 22:03
taconeyuhong: I was referring to jpeg-on-website not jpeg itselfJun 08 22:09
*benJIman wonders why the rss feed doesn't include the whole story. Makes it a lot less likely for me to read a whole article.Jun 08 22:20
*foobar_ has quit ("Lost terminal")Jun 08 22:37
*tacone has quit ("Going. Much love.")Jun 08 22:39
yuhongBTW, it isn't just MS that is evil, there are many corporations in the world that are evil.Jun 08 23:09
*chocolateanus (i=choco@gateway/tor/x-8270d11a7506ca30) has joined #boycottnovellJun 08 23:27
chocolateanusgood day!Jun 08 23:27
chocolateanusschestowitz, wonderful website!Jun 08 23:28
chocolateanusschestowitz, [H]omer arebenti benJIman cozub Eruaran logger_bot moparx tessier tessier_ yuhong zoobabJun 08 23:34
chocolateanus[Obscene stuff censored]
*chocolateanus has quit ("Leaving")Jun 08 23:40
*balzac ( has joined #boycottnovellJun 08 23:57
balzachelloJun 08 23:58
balzacI just read about Mark Shuttleworth licensing proprietary software from Microsoft.Jun 08 23:58
balzacThat really makes it clear that Mark Shuttleworth is not serious and I should be looking for another distro.Jun 08 23:58
moparxheyJun 08 23:59
balzachi moparxJun 08 23:59
balzacGnewsense or Debian - that's what I'm thinking about now...Jun 09 00:00
moparxlet the deciding begin :)Jun 09 00:01
balzacwell, I'm mulling it over. I really like aptitude.Jun 09 00:02
balzacI don't like the idea of being downstream of some project I don't really have full confidence in.Jun 09 00:02
balzacI don't yet know the implications of Ubuntu being downstream of debian or of Gnewsense being downstream of Ubuntu.Jun 09 00:03
balzacI want to get rid of any proprietary blobsJun 09 00:04
balzacI've compared the proprietary blobs in the Linux Kernel to a case of the measles.Jun 09 00:04
balzacwhat are you using, moparx?Jun 09 00:04
moparxI run arch linux & slackware right now. going to put together a debian machine soonJun 09 00:05
balzacI'm not happy when someone serves up proprietary crap in my distro's repository.Jun 09 00:07
balzacIt reminds me of when I order turkey bacon or turkey sausage and then I get paranoid I'm getting real bacon or real sausage.Jun 09 00:08
balzacI don't like being paranoid about my restaurants, nor about my linux distro.Jun 09 00:08
moparx*nod*Jun 09 00:08
balzacI wonder if debian keeps their repositories clean.Jun 09 00:09
balzacI think RMS is using Gnewsense, which is a cleaned-up, derivative of ubuntu.Jun 09 00:10
moparxhe is if I recall correctlyJun 09 00:10
balzacbut I don't like being downstream of some distro I don't have full confidence.Jun 09 00:10
moparx 09 00:11
balzacIt's like eating vegetables chopped on the same cutting board which had pork on it a minute ago and you get pork juices on your veggies.Jun 09 00:11
balzacthanksJun 09 00:12
moparxno problem :)Jun 09 00:12
balzacI guess he was favoring Utotu before.Jun 09 00:12
moparxIt is a shame that the list on that page is so smallJun 09 00:16
balzacI'm still getting data off of my last windows box so I can delete it.Jun 09 00:16
balzacI've been inspired by RMS to get rid of all non-free software and not to have contact with it except for during an emergency.Jun 09 00:17
balzacI'm going to get an open moko phone too, when new ones are available.Jun 09 00:17
balzacYeah, it's a shame the FSF budget is so low as well.Jun 09 00:17
moparxI'd love to have an open moko myselfJun 09 00:18
balzacIt's not easy for me as a web developer.Jun 09 00:18
balzacI'm checking my websites with a remote desktop session to a windows machine. I'm not direction "using" windows or IE.Jun 09 00:18
balzacBut I have to get my style sheets working right.Jun 09 00:18
moparx*nod*Jun 09 00:19
balzacTechnically, I'm downloading images of a windows session and sending clicks back.Jun 09 00:19
balzacthe RDC connection is kind of like a condom which keeps me from direct contact with windows.Jun 09 00:19
balzacBut I'd really like to not have to do that.Jun 09 00:20
balzacI can ask my friends to do what must be done with proprietary software, but it seems kind of hypocritical.Jun 09 00:20
balzacI have friends who develop flash and I'm glad we can do contracts which require it but I won't touch flash anymore.Jun 09 00:21
balzacI gave up photoshop, flash, dreamweaver, and all proprietary games. No more Halo on the Xbox.Jun 09 00:21
balzacIt's going to feel damned good to be rid of the last proprietary software in my life.Jun 09 00:23
moparxyou should play tremulous. it is a great open source multiplayer game :)Jun 09 00:23
balzacit's built in blender?Jun 09 00:24
moparxnahJun 09 00:24
balzacI'll try it out. I probably need a faster computer. I can barely play alien arena.Jun 09 00:25
moparxahJun 09 00:25
*[H]omer has quit ("Leaving")Jun 09 00:48
*moparx yawnsJun 09 00:56
*tessier drops a prawn down moparx's gaping mawJun 09 00:57


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CMA (UK) ought to step in and investigate why Canonical (UK) refuses to even compete
Poul-Henning Kamp: Why Freedom in 'FOSS' Matters
Openwashing is more widely recognised as a growing problem
[Meme] EU Chat Control: The Problem is Too Much Privacy???
So what's with GDPR then? The EU is contradicting itself!
Lithuania: GNU/Linux Usage Climbs to Highest Level in Years
consistent abandonment of Microsoft
"Remarkably Little Had Changed."
Black or African American not even mentioned
Rumours That Nat Friedman (CEO) Was 'Fired' by GitHub/Microsoft
"Microsoft Refused to Fix Flaw Years Before SolarWinds Hack" A Step in a Positive Direction
We hope that Guardian Digital and will rectify the matter and persist with real articles
Links 20/06/2024: Somali Piracy Surges, Juneteenth Discussed
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Gemini Links 20/06/2024: Gemini is 5 Today (Still No Gemlog Entry From its Founder)
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Over at Tux Machines...
GNU/Linux news for the past day
IRC Proceedings: Wednesday, June 19, 2024
IRC logs for Wednesday, June 19, 2024
Morocco: GNU/Linux Surges From 0.1% to 4.21%
Microsoft has mass layoffs in Africa these days
[Meme] EU Chat Control II
Stuff like "Chat Control" means that GDPR will lose credibility and the true motives be rightly scrutinised/questioned
You're Only Proving Our Point, Sir
clearly obsessed with what we write
Just Because It Happened Over 20 Years Ago Doesn't Mean It's "Old News" or Stopped Happening
This strategy merely evolved
Thanking Solderpunk for 5 Years of Gemini Protocol
Long live Gemini Protocol and long live Solderpunk!
[Meme] He Who Controls the Boot
And licks the Microsoft boot
[Meme] systemd-recovery
Imagine "Linux" (Poetterix) becoming so unreliable that it needs factory resets
Almost Every Day This Month the GNU/Linux "Market Share" Grows in statCounter
Advocates like to see progress
Dawg, I Herd You Like Freedom
In the context of Software Freedom, little is ever said about free speech
Links 19/06/2024: Microsoft Faces Big Backlash, Bytedance Referred to US Department of Justice
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Gemini Protocol Turns 5 in 15 Hours
Geminispace is still very much alive
OSI's Blog is Still 100% "AI" Nonsense Sponsored by Microsoft (the Authors Are Also Salaried by Microsoft)
The founder of the OSI no longer supports the OSI
Poland is Another Country Where Bing Lost a Lot of Market Share Since the LLM Gimmicks
down from 3.24% to 2.4%
Jean-Pierre Giraud, Possible Forgeries & Debian: elections, judgments, trademark already canceled, archaeologist
Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock
It Took Microsoft More Than 3 Years to Get a Quarter of Windows Users to 'Upgrade' to Vista 11 (3 Out of 4 Windows Users Still Reject It)
That is exactly what's happening right now
[Meme] The Empire
Don't be like Putin
They Want 'Transparency' Only for the General Public (Every Bit of Communication Available to the Government, Usually Via Corporations)
The EU might decide to effectively ban SSH
Justices Jeremy Johnson and Victoria Sharp to Decide the Fate of Julian Assange in About Three Weeks
Will he be back home in Australia by year's end?
Free Software Won't Fix Equality, But It Helps
Let's examine Free software in the context of: 1) money. 2) justice.
Treating Them as Teammates, Not as Political Props, Trophies, or Objects
Most of the world's people are women
Links 19/06/2024: SFTP and Gopher Milestone
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Over at Tux Machines...
GNU/Linux news for the past day
IRC Proceedings: Tuesday, June 18, 2024
IRC logs for Tuesday, June 18, 2024
US Surgeon General's Advice on Social Control Media (and "Smart" Phones) Seems Reasonable
People forget what the real world is about
Quiet at Planet Debian has not had any updates since 5 days ago
Belarus: Bing Fell From 1.1% to 0.6% Since Microsoft Started the LLM Hype (Yandex is 50 Times Bigger Than Bing)
Now enter Belarus
Morale at Microsoft Sinks to New Lows
The annual 'Employee Signals' survey showed a drop from 69% to 62% in positive responses
Microsoft Windows is Being Abandoned in the UK, Relative to Other Platforms (New All-Time Lows)
Windows at new lows
Links 18/06/2024: More Executives Leave Microsoft, Attacks on the Press in Russia and 'Exile'
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[Meme] Always Livecasting
Wait Till Systemd-Recall
Australia: Bing Lost Market Share Since the LLM Hype ("Bing Chat")
Google rose, Bing went down
Gemini Links 18/06/2024: Unconscious Consumption and Firewall Autoban
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[Meme] Canonical Has Basically Become Novell II
Today's Canonical...
While Everyone is Furious at Vista 11 (Over TPM, Recall and Other Malicious 'Features') Canonical is Selling It to People
So the only thing Canonical says about Windows is that you should give it a try?
Links 18/06/2024: Adobe and Internet Archive in Trouble
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Peter Duffy Explains SystemD
Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer!
[Meme] The Doyen and the Colonel
EPO continues to prioritise lawbreaking over knowledge
EPO Union Action: Next Week SUEPO The Hague and SUEPO Munich Talk About New Pension Scheme (NPS) and Salary Savings Plan (SSP)
So there are basically 32 days left for more people to intervene
[Meme] Wait Till Systemd-Recall
The only thing Linux still needs is a forensics backdoor
GNU/Linux Up This Month in India (or Why Famous Criminal Bill Gates Keeps Visiting Modi)
truth tends to catch up with people
Microsoft Poetterix is Work in Progress
Linux's New DRM Panic 'Blue Screen of Death' In Action
24/7 Work Discipline
it's not so much about how much (or how long) one works, it's about how one works and whether one feels comfortable doing it
Adamant Conformism is an Enemy of Science
"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man"
Over at Tux Machines...
GNU/Linux news for the past day
IRC Proceedings: Monday, June 17, 2024
IRC logs for Monday, June 17, 2024
Links 18/06/2024: Further Mass Layoffs and Gemini Leftovers
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At IBM, "Brownnosing is the Norm."
Many of these comments are from IBM insiders
Myanmar/Burma: Google Gains One Percent, Microsoft Loses One Percent Since the LLM Hype ('Bing Chat')
it's not hard to understand LLMs didn't replace real search and didn't replace Google, either
[Meme] KISS, not SAAS
Gemini Protocol turns 5 in exactly 2 days
Hostageware: The Threat of Clown Computing (or 'SaaS', Another Misnomer or Buzzword) to Computer Users Everywhere
This problem isn't limited to Free software adopters