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schestowitz 26 00:47
MinceRlolJan 26 00:54
MinceRgnJan 26 00:56
schestowitznnJan 26 00:56
schestowitzPalm Quietly Responds to Apple's Quiet Threat 26 01:04
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schestowitzAlec Baldwin favourited... Novell employee... ... we had one troll posting under 'Alec Baldwin'... interesting.Jan 26 01:32
schestowitz"Alec Baldwin (IP: ,"Jan 26 01:33
schestowitzQuantum Leap: Information Teleported between Ions at a Distance 26 01:41
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schestowitzThe other GNU (Africa): (The GNU is a Ponzi Scheme)Jan 26 09:07
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MinceRr4wrJan 26 10:09
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logger_botOK, it's back upJan 26 10:42
logger_botMy 21' monitor (secondary) is f*ed over here and BIOS is misbehaving as well. Ho hum..Jan 26 10:43
schestowitzNSA whistleblower: Warrantless wiretaps targeted journos < >Jan 26 13:41
schestowitzLots of discussion goes on in KDE about Linus' choice: Jan 26 13:57
schestowitz 26 13:57
schestowitzNetbooks Damaging The Tech Economy? Say What?!? < >Jan 26 14:02
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schestowitz Brazil's secret Palm OS developer < >. Intel's  Barrett to leave in May... is Palm using ARM?Jan 26 14:49
schestowitzMicrosoft is hopefully not demoralising people.Microsoft is more feeble than the Average Joe realises.. 26 15:01
schestowitzSOmeone wrote to me: ""You've put together a huge amount of information on your website.  I hope it all does some good.  I sometimes feel like it's too late to make a difference because MS is already too influential.  Microsoft people seem already to have infiltrated every company and organization that could oppose them." Jan 26 15:01
schestowitzAlso: "A while back I had collected some links about Bill Gates dad and how much power his law firm has.  I'll see if I can find that information again.  If I remember correctly it was from news releases about the Gates law firm buying up other law firms to the point where they now have offices nationwide. "Jan 26 15:02
schestowitz"I actually believe that's where the real power behind Microsoft comes from, but who can know for sure..." We'll see corruption exposed, that's for sure. 26 15:02
schestowitz "He also serves as a director for Costco wholesale, a bulk retail corporation. "Jan 26 15:05
schestowitz"About the two Firms JAG worked for: - - The firm of William H. Gates Sr., father of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, merged with Preston in 1990. The later old line Seattle firm started when Harold Preston relocated to Seattle from Iowa in 1883 and began practicing law. Jim Ellis joined Preston in 1949. "Jan 26 15:06
schestowitz"Members of JAG were registered lobbyists for Microsoft. During the 90's PGE became a Top 10 lobbying Firm based on lobbying gross revenue. Much of their lobbying success and revenue was due to the success of JAG." 26 15:06
schestowitz 26 15:10
schestowitzEU Might Force OEMs to Offer Choice of Browsers During Setup < >Jan 26 15:15
schestowitz"THERE AREN’T MANY widely told anecdotes about the current financial crisis, at least not yet, but there’s one that made the rounds in 2007, back when the big investment banks were first starting to write down billions of dollars in mortgage-backed derivatives and other so-called toxic securities." 26 15:28
schestowitzWhat a sham: Microsoft dresses up .NET with "open source": 26 15:30
trmanco 26 15:30
schestowitz 26 15:35
trmancoI read someJan 26 15:36
trmanconot all of themJan 26 15:36
trmancooh, I see a first slated replyJan 26 15:40
trmancomind games, pffJan 26 15:44
schestowitz"I thought that I would let you know about Stormy Peters' Mexico school project, in case you have not yet heard about it. ..."Jan 26 15:53
schestowitzTuxMachines has been down for half a dayJan 26 15:53
trmancoTomorrow I'm going to update my 2.6.28.x kernel to the latest version on Fedora :DJan 26 15:56
schestowitzThe news (in general, not just FLOSS) is diminishing. THis leaves me wondering about ways forward.....Jan 26 15:58
schestowitzLinux Foundation Announces Formal Kick Off for "We're Linux" Video Contest < >Jan 26 16:01
schestowitzDoesn't qualify as news though... compare "company announces new brand of macaroni" with "John like "macaroni". A lot of the news these days are the latter type (+layoff announcements)Jan 26 16:02
schestowitzI'll do a lot more Comes exhibits in the near future.. we shall see.............Jan 26 16:03
trmancoJust found this -> 26 16:51
schestowitzCheck this out: 26 16:57
schestowitzWalt Mossberg?????? WTF? He's a journalist.Jan 26 16:57
PetoKrausoh wellJan 26 17:13
PetoKrauslatest beranger's "oh linux is not mature" post is shiteJan 26 17:13
schestowitzI don't read him anymoreJan 26 17:17
PetoKrausyeah wellJan 26 17:18
PetoKrausi'm skipping quite a lotJan 26 17:18
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schestowitzShaping up a bit... 26 18:12
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trmanco 26 20:07
schestowitzI've just added all the Intel items, inc. anti-Linux at Intel: 26 20:09
schestowitzit's a lot of work to be done... some day, some time.. hopefully *before* Microsoft is history (in which case it beats the purpose)Jan 26 20:09
schestowitzI've made local copies of almost all PDFs. The wiki takes good shape.Jan 26 20:16
schestowitztrmanco: has RMS gained weight? ;-SJan 26 20:20
trmancomaybeJan 26 20:21
trmancohe is getting oldJan 26 20:21
schestowitzBut the two things may be mutually independent.Jan 26 20:22
trmancoyep, they areJan 26 20:22
schestowitz 26 20:23
schestowitz "BRITAIN'S new database which will contain all the personal details of every kid in Britian will be open to nearly 400,000 people."Jan 26 20:26
schestowitzRomanian Senate Web site helpfully takes *nix users to IEs 4 Linux page so we can experience the joy of IE - Thanks, not 26 20:27
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schestowitzCNET is pushing pro-MS fluff into CNN... not even news, just some promise. Shame on CNN..Jan 26 20:28
trmancoOOo 3.0.1 is going to be released tomorrowJan 26 20:47
schestowitzSecurity patches?Jan 26 20:47
schestowitzBTW, I think "Barca" is Gary flatfish StewartJan 26 20:47
schestowitzPhilips admits first loss in six years < >Jan 26 20:49
schestowitzSee... that's the only type of 'significant' news one finds these daysJan 26 20:50
schestowitzNo product announcement.Jan 26 20:50
schestowitzWithout products, thingshardly changeJan 26 20:50
schestowitzI'll turn more attention to Comes while it lasts...Jan 26 20:50
schestowitzSprint Nextel chops 8,000 workers < >Jan 26 20:51
trmancoschestowitz, not sure, more like a maintenance bug updateJan 26 20:52
trmancoI don't know if it got any security patchesJan 26 20:52
schestowitzNone I've heard of.Jan 26 20:52
schestowitzOOo is harming Office.Jan 26 20:52
schestowitzGoogle maybe more soJan 26 20:53
schestowitzOffice got very cheap provided one looks around... and the revenue suffer accordingly.Jan 26 20:53
schestowitzHere is a message I got some hours ago: "I don't doubt Microsoft is on the ropes, financially.  It's always been hard to see how they kept above water when they obsessively insisted on getting their fingers in every pie.  They never seemed to focus on anything but chasing everyone else's markets.  They've HAD to be bleeding money, profusely, in every department.  The ODF nonsense, alone, had to have cost them plenty...mostly in husJan 26 20:53
schestowitzh-money, wouldn't you think? "Jan 26 20:53
schestowitz"I guess what bothers me most is that they have infiltrated so many places in Washington DC.  I just think they'll find as many ways as possible to get the government to help them out.  They are much too greedy to stand back and watch everyone else get bailout money.  They'll want a big chunk too, if they can get it (by hook or by crook).  After all, lots of politicians owe favors to Microsoft."Jan 26 20:53
schestowitz"We all think that Microsoft will (eventually) show itself to be one of the biggest worldwide scams in history...probably not THE biggest, but definitely in the top ten.  But they'll have caused a lot of damage before that happens."Jan 26 20:54
schestowitz[this is from a very conservative source BTW]Jan 26 20:54
schestowitz"If this horrible economic "downturn" (as the press politely calls it) helps to cause the demise of Microsoft, then at least some good will come of it.  It should be interesting to see how many disgruntled ex-employees start talking after the layoffs are done."Jan 26 20:54
schestowitz"I'm sure they all have to sign papers promising never to talk about MS internal stuff, but sometimes people get mad enough to become whistleblowers.  It'll be interesting."Jan 26 20:54
schestowitzAs you may know, I intend to expose many more TRUTHS pretty soon. ;-)Jan 26 20:54
schestowitzHow table turn... Wikipedia tames the very predecessors that brag being better: Britannica Tests Wikis < >Jan 26 21:02
schestowitzThat's like Microsoft testing Linux (as alternative to Windows) for own useJan 26 21:02
schestowitz (Sony Loses $2.9 Billion, Makes New PSP Colors)Jan 26 21:03
MinceRit's going the other way too, now :>Jan 26 21:03
MinceR 26 21:03
schestowitzLinux has that too (patchmaster). It makes sense if it scalesJan 26 21:05
schestowitz"Scott McNealy, the Sun Microsystems co-founder and chairman, is legendary for his Microsoft jokes. But the Redmond company should probably take seriously what McNealy is saying these days -- at least considering the audience." < >Jan 26 21:12
schestowitzMaybe Microsoft can hire McNealy..Jan 26 21:12
schestowitzSome reader says: "[re: corporate Internet presence...] I notice it's been a while since I posted my question of whether "Dan O'Brian" has some professional link to Novell or Microsoft and so far he has not answered.  He sure seems to have gotten more emotional lately.  I guess some of these posts are really starting to hit home for him."Jan 26 21:12
schestowitzI wonder if we have Novellers posting 'out of work'... "Also, I should mention that I just got out of a meeting where the topic of corporate presence on the Internet came up.  The guy sitting next to me is an Exchange administrator and he mentioned that Microsoft encourages their employees to write their own blogs."Jan 26 21:14
schestowitz"I'm sure that's not news for either of us but I was a little more surprised when someone else mentioned that she subscribes to Comcast and she posted of a problem she was having with their service to her blog.  Someone from Comcast found her post quickly and her problem was escalated and resolved."Jan 26 21:14
schestowitz"This was after frustration going through normal technical support channels.  It turns out that Comcast has a group of people who spend their time searching the Internet for "Comcast sucks" and following up on any matches.  Another interesting story is that my predecessor used to run a blog lambasting our vendor."Jan 26 21:14
schestowitz"Even though my predecessor is long gone and that blog probably is no longer maintained since she no longer works with this vendor, the vendor representatives still bring up this issue from time to time with my bosses.  This all means that corporate concern over their image on the Internet has become mainstream."Jan 26 21:14
schestowitz"I guess I'm also saying that it would surprise me even less if "Dan O'Brian" is a paid astro-turferwho now figures that, since he has not succeeded appreciably with toning down Boycott Novell's coverage, he might as well just try to make the site a more unpleasant place by making ad hominem attacks."Jan 26 21:14
schestowitzTuxMachines is still down... almost been a day now...........Jan 26 21:15
schestowitz Why celebrities love Twittering < >. Twitter valuation a quarter of a billion?Jan 26 21:21
PetoKrausbahJan 26 21:24
schestowitzMicrosoft servants unite around Xen and Windows.... Intel, Citrix To Collaborate On Virtualized Desktops < >Jan 26 21:25
PetoKrausanything new on conficker?Jan 26 21:27
PetoKrausi really wonder what'll it doJan 26 21:28
*twitter ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 26 21:28
schestowitzTime to cut off ZDnet|IDG: 26 21:30
schestowitzTalking points galoreJan 26 21:30
schestowitzPetoKraus: it's said to have stopped around 10 million . I saw a report this morning.Jan 26 21:30
schestowitzWhy of why do they feed the TALKING HEADS? 26 21:31
schestowitz*why ohJan 26 21:31
schestowitz"And anyway, the idea that the OS will disappear, or become a commodity is something I've been reading about in computer magazines since Apple's ill-fated Copland OS project in the mid-90s. The idea comes and goes, but ain't happened yet. "Jan 26 21:32
schestowitzOh noes! Linux is gonna die!! Don't bet your business on it.... that's the message they try to send.Jan 26 21:33
twitterWhat's up with Walt Mossberg?  I just added him to my poison pens collection yesterdayJan 26 21:33
schestowitztwitter: why did you add him?Jan 26 21:33
schestowitzI intend to write about his tomorrow. He's a buddy of Gates.. there goes some credibility (also for the WSJ)Jan 26 21:34
twitterI noticed he was a consistent linux basher parading as the voice of reasonJan 26 21:34
twitterI think we also noticed him in some of the journalist manipulation emails.Jan 26 21:34
MinceRi guess it's something apple wishes to happenJan 26 21:34
MinceRever since they've realized they can't hack up an os worth usingJan 26 21:34
schestowitzHas he written his "Windows 7 will [kill|kick|destory] Linux" 'article' yet?Jan 26 21:35
twitterDon't know.  I wrote up a little of what I found here ... digging up the link.Jan 26 21:35
schestowitztwitter: got examples of the mails?Jan 26 21:35
schestowitzI know about the Dell Ubuntu Linux article (laptop that *GASP* didn't work with his iPod).Jan 26 21:35
twitter 26 21:35
schestowitzCan you help me clean up the text?Jan 26 21:36
twitterwe turned them into text a couple of weeks ago.  I did not have time to dig up the link.Jan 26 21:36
twittersure, I got your email earlier.  will check that out tonight.  you have more?Jan 26 21:36
schestowitz 26 21:36
schestowitzOriginal PDF: 26 21:37
trmancoschestowitz, you can have your own pastebin (privateJan 26 21:37
schestowitzThat's OKJan 26 21:37
schestowitzIt's public material anyway now.. (Comes)Jan 26 21:37
trmanco 26 21:37
trmancoyou can just type in any subdomain and it will workJan 26 21:38
schestowitzI'll link to Poison Pens tomorrowJan 26 21:39
PetoKrausschestowitz: destory :PJan 26 21:39
schestowitzI ought to also find that other corresponse with him re VistaJan 26 21:39
PetoKrausthat's actually quite correctJan 26 21:40
twitterOh, thanks.  It's something I've been working on.Jan 26 21:40
PetoKrausright wellJan 26 21:44
PetoKrauswhich article does the linux-watch article talk about?Jan 26 21:45
schestowitzI've just gone through headers of 50 pages of Vista lawsuitJan 26 21:45
schestowitzNo Mossberg there...Jan 26 21:45
schestowitzPetoKraus: not worth seeinfgJan 26 21:46
PetoKrausdon't worry, i've got adblockJan 26 21:46
PetoKraus:PJan 26 21:46
schestowitzIt's probably W-E and other fools selling outJan 26 21:46
schestowitzFor traffic or favour of cash..Jan 26 21:46
*amarsh04 ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 26 22:01
schestowitz "Job seekers and job openings in Linux and OFSS"Jan 26 22:01
schestowitzBad typo for a front page that's been there for a long time... why don't they correct it..?Jan 26 22:01
schestowitzNewsvac is over as welll.... December.. 26 22:02
schestowitzGroklaw ought to return...Jan 26 22:02
schestowitz3,600 Microsoft Shoes Waiting to Drop < >Jan 26 22:04
schestowitzThis will get worse for them in the future.. sales and profit declining... 26 22:05
schestowitz"Kanye West says someone has taken control of his Twitter. Not to mention his Gmail and MySpace accounts. [...]" Kanye West blames Gmail hijack for bisexual porn hoax < >Jan 26 22:17
twitterewwJan 26 22:17
schestowitzIt reminds me of the trolls mischiefs against meJan 26 22:17
schestowitzThey hijack my name, then post all sorts of stuff about castration.Jan 26 22:17
schestowitzThen, even years later they link to many such posts that they had plantedJan 26 22:18
twitterha ha, -> "Who the fuck is Stephen Colbert?"Jan 26 22:19
twitterFake News, that's whoJan 26 22:19
twitterThe story is not so nice but it is good to watch big broadcasters in decline.Jan 26 22:23
twitterI saw someone complaining about fixed margins and a lot of <br> commands on a page today.  The page would have rendered OK without the breaks but it was a mess with them.Jan 26 22:25
twitterI can also see the complaint about text that does not scale with browser size.  I think it's a CSS downside but don't really know.Jan 26 22:25
schestowitzWhich site?Jan 26 22:28
twitterNIH, I thinkJan 26 22:35
twitternope, it was some kind of "Federal Biz Ops" page.Jan 26 22:37
*mib_7hb93i (i=5581f439@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellJan 26 22:37
*mib_7hb93i has quit (Client Quit)Jan 26 22:38
*Casperin has quit ("Leaving")Jan 26 22:52
schestowitzMinceR: (HU: Government withdraws tender requesting proprietary software)Jan 26 22:58
MinceRi've heard about it but not read about itJan 26 22:59
MinceRi've heard they did it because they couldn't agree who gets the bribe money :>Jan 26 22:59
schestowitzI can imagine. They'll be discussing it with SteveB over face omelete.Jan 26 23:01
twitterGood for Hungry!  Looks like the egg toss paid off.Jan 26 23:10
twitterLOL, SteveB's Open Face Omelet.Jan 26 23:11
schestowitzWho's Hungry? :-)Jan 26 23:11
twitter 26 23:12
twitterI'm hungry.Jan 26 23:12
twitterIt's time for dinner.  Don't tell anyone I misspelled the country.Jan 26 23:12
twitter 26 23:14
twitterI know people from there and they would be angry with me.Jan 26 23:14
schestowitzNo eggs, just goulash ... 26 23:14
*MinceR is from thereJan 26 23:14
MinceRbut misspellings happenJan 26 23:14
twitterbblJan 26 23:14
MinceRgnJan 26 23:59

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