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_Hicham_is there anyone in here?Apr 06 00:40
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_Hicham_Balrog_ : did u rip ur DVDs?Apr 06 01:05
Balrog_it's not something I'm doing right now...more of a long-term thing :)Apr 06 01:06
_Hicham_do just want to write a C/C++ program?Apr 06 01:12
Balrog_whatever dumps video_tsApr 06 01:14
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NeonFlossI bet you guys are happy about 06 05:16
NeonFloss:(Apr 06 05:16
oiaohmEEPApr 06 05:21
oiaohmHopefully google ibm group beat MS there NeonFlossApr 06 05:23
NeonFloss Apr 06 05:23
dsmith_reading that article makes me envision hospital 'tapping' a whoreApr 06 05:24
oiaohmGoogle and IBM are building a joint medical record storage solution.Apr 06 05:24
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schestowitzMorning.Apr 06 06:21
DaemonFCI think I just walked into a big fat Linux bugApr 06 06:21
DaemonFCXFS_IOC_SWAPEXT failed: ino=1614337296: Invalid argumentApr 06 06:22
DaemonFCI get those on some inodes when I run xfs_fsrApr 06 06:22
DaemonFCjust started with 06 06:22
schestowitzMy hard drive's a mess.... /home/roy/Main/Misc/BU/More_computers/ Programs-2nd-partition/PC-Side-Software/DOS/Arj/ARJ.EXEApr 06 06:23
DaemonFCI may just end up using git kernels til I figure out what the hell is going onApr 06 06:24
DaemonFCor I may just snag the 61 odd XFS patches and apply them to my stable kernel sourceApr 06 06:24
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schestowitzWhat is this..? Is Europe becoming  a nation? Blair steps up fight to be crowned first 'President of EU' < >Apr 06 06:50
schestowitzWales is taking all the credit for Wikipedia :-( 06 06:52
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schestowitzSun-IBM Merger Talks Collapse < http://www.enterprisestorageforu... > It would be bad if Sun sold to a company like Fujitsu.Apr 06 07:16
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schestowitz (Google uncloaks once-secret server)Apr 06 07:23
schestowitzIBM Talks Teeter as Sun Board Splits  < >; I.B.M. Withdraws Offer for Sun < >Apr 06 07:26
schestowitzIBM, Sun Micro talks collapse over price -source < >; I.B.M. Withdraws $7 Billion Offer for Sun Microsystems < >Apr 06 07:28
schestowitzA look at the current software patents situation in the US and EU: 06 07:45
oiaohmGoogle was keeping a lot more secrect like 100 percent custom made motherboard for them.Apr 06 07:55
oiaohmSupposs when ordering in Google numbers you can have what ever you like.Apr 06 07:56
schestowitzCan anyone order these? :-|Apr 06 07:59
schestowitzoiaohm: did you see this < >?Apr 06 08:04
oiaohmGigabyte made the board that google has but no you cannot order it.Apr 06 08:05
oiaohmThat merge was to be expected it was going to be 2.6.30 or 2.6.31Apr 06 08:05
oiaohmSo its something is on time for once.Apr 06 08:05
oiaohmBig annoyance it looks like ksm is going to be delayed for another cycle.Apr 06 08:08
oiaohmOppsApr 06 08:08
oiaohmksm is a used memory compression system.Apr 06 08:08
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oiaohm  << This feature I want schestowitzApr 06 08:11
oiaohm  << Also this is pushing for 2.6.31Apr 06 08:13
iwmwnice driverApr 06 08:15
oiaohmStill needs more test but yes one mainline it will be nice.Apr 06 08:16
oiaohmone/onceApr 06 08:16
iwmwwhat kind of tests?Apr 06 08:19
iwmwif it scans for identical and merges and split at a change time it should be quite allrightApr 06 08:20
iwmwperformance loss should be rather great at plenty of splitsApr 06 08:20
oiaohmOk ksm  that is patent dispute betwen vmware and Linux.   compcache is plan b it needs proper testing run on it.Apr 06 08:21
oiaohmYes its pure stupid if identical blocks are found when they get pushed to the swap vmware patent does not apply.Apr 06 08:24
schestowitzIt's interesting that VMware is now in the hands of Microsofters because of patents tooApr 06 08:30
iwmwin which way compcache can interfere with someone's patents?Apr 06 08:38
iwmwor ksmApr 06 08:40
oiaohmksm steps on vmwares.Apr 06 08:43
iwmwit's just like saying that bubble-sort can interfere with someone's patent on sorting as a an abstract ideaApr 06 08:43
oiaohmThe process of making pages be shared.Apr 06 08:44
oiaohmvmware patented it for there virtual machine and hypervisor.Apr 06 08:44
oiaohmschestowitz ms attack on vmware is also about the same patent.Apr 06 08:44
iwmwit just doesn't make senseApr 06 08:45
oiaohmIf you are running multiable the same virtual machines.Apr 06 08:45
iwmwyou can't patent "addition ova natural numbers"Apr 06 08:45
oiaohmCompressing used memory between them is really useful.Apr 06 08:45
oiaohmEven better if its using the cpu memory management to make it transparant.Apr 06 08:46
iwmwas a ratio at which it stops caching or uses lighter algorithms or parameters of itApr 06 08:46
oiaohmLot of software patents don't make sence.Apr 06 08:50
MinceRhayApr 06 08:57
iwmwpatents shouldn't existApr 06 08:59
iwmwor be restricted in a very funny wayApr 06 09:00
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taconeschestowitz: french three-strikes internet-doctrine approved: http://www.assemblee-nationa...Apr 06 09:05
schestowitzYes, I saw thatApr 06 09:06
oiaohmLike having to visit every active volcano in the worlds after getting the patent to make it valid if you die or don't do it patent rejected?  iwmwApr 06 09:06
schestowitzBN is down at the moment, no idea why..Apr 06 09:06
taconenot downApr 06 09:06
taconei see it.Apr 06 09:06
oiaohmIts not down from me either schestowitzApr 06 09:09
taconeguess it was a moment.Apr 06 09:09
oiaohmThe network is still highly disrupted.Apr 06 09:11
schestowitztacone: yes, it's backApr 06 09:12
schestowitzJust a hiccup for some minutesApr 06 09:12
schestowitzoiaohm: why is it disrupted?Apr 06 09:12
schestowitzI ask, I don't knowApr 06 09:12
schestowitzSympton in this case: server accessible, site not responding even to W3C validator in JapanApr 06 09:13
schestowitz*SymptomApr 06 09:13
oiaohmDisrupts most likely be around for another few days.Apr 06 09:13
oiaohmLet overs form the responce to the virus.Apr 06 09:14
taconeohApr 06 09:14
taconethe virus, yesApr 06 09:14
taconei had some problems last days as well.Apr 06 09:14
taconedidn't thought it may be because that.Apr 06 09:14
iwmwoiaohm: of course this patent is rejectedApr 06 09:15
iwmwit can't existApr 06 09:15
oiaohmYou don't switch the internet into equal to death con 5 and turn to back off without issues.Apr 06 09:16
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taconeschestowitz: a good url (BN) url about ISO being worthless ?Apr 06 09:17
schestowitzThere's "boycott ISO"Apr 06 09:18
schestowitzFrom zoobab01 Apr 06 09:18
taconeit's emptyApr 06 09:18
taconedo you have an article where you highlight iso being worth nothing ?Apr 06 09:18
schestowitzMaybe this: 06 09:32
taconenice !!Apr 06 09:32
iwmwobviously, is mostly a horror-news site :)Apr 06 09:52
MinceRthe real world is horrible ;)Apr 06 09:52
iwmwbut news about m$ making yet another step toward complete fail make it lighterApr 06 09:53
schestowitziwmw: is that a compliment?  horror-news??Apr 06 09:58
schestowitzMaybe Microsoft makes horrorApr 06 09:59
taconeguess he referred to his feelings about the facts exposedApr 06 10:04
iwmwschestowitz: yeah, it does. someone should point at this horror so there's always a way to make references to it.Apr 06 10:05
iwmwand yeah, tacone, for me reading about it is compared to watching news on tv or watching a horror filmApr 06 10:05
iwmwso i don't watch horrors, is quite enough for me xDApr 06 10:06
taconeschestowitz: consider asking for legal age before loading photos of steve ballmer :)Apr 06 10:06
schestowitzVery weird... some girl who promotes Microsoft junk in India has just tried to connect to me in LinkedIn. Why?Apr 06 10:06
taconeon linkedin is weird.Apr 06 10:07
schestowitzWe were fighting her MSP bulls* (getting schools hooked) on MicrosoftApr 06 10:07
schestowitzMaybe to see who the person is connected to, who knows...Apr 06 10:07
taconereply with your email adressApr 06 10:07
taconelolApr 06 10:07
iwmwmay be she wants to ask stupid questions and make an article of fudApr 06 10:08
taconegoing away. bbApr 06 10:08
*tacone ( has left #boycottnovell ("ERROR: crap-talking overflow - Aborting.")Apr 06 10:08
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MinceR 06 10:14
MinceRway to go, UK and EUApr 06 10:14
MinceRfucking fascistsApr 06 10:14
schestowitzAnd they make fun of China... :-)Apr 06 10:22
schestowitz 06 10:22
iwmwwtf...Apr 06 10:22
iwmwit should've been posted on the 1st of aprilApr 06 10:24
schestowitzBut it's no joke... nor a surpriseApr 06 10:25
schestowitzNot for the UK anywayApr 06 10:25
schestowitzMore quietly , the Register has been reporting about this for over a year. It's been largely hush-hushApr 06 10:25
MinceRthe problem is that now they've managed to make this an eu directiveApr 06 10:26
iwmwtwas written there only about ukApr 06 10:31
iwmwah... i misread most likelyApr 06 10:31
MinceR"A European Union directive, which Britain was instrumental in devising"Apr 06 10:31
*mib_xpt2o5 (i=d928a25d@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 10:32
MinceRapparently the only function the EU is capable of fulfilling is making buying laws cheaper for megacorpsApr 06 10:32
*mib_xpt2o5 has quit (Client Quit)Apr 06 10:33
schestowitzMinceR: I don't think this one is just about megacorpsApr 06 10:40
schestowitzOnly by inferences, assuming the megacorps -- not people -- are the stateApr 06 10:40
MinceRwell, it's likely that our "leaders" are fond of limiting freedoms themselvesApr 06 10:41
schestowitzRemember that painting of "state is people" from france?Apr 06 10:41
MinceRthe political "elite"Apr 06 10:41
MinceRi don't know itApr 06 10:41
schestowitzReplace the people with logos of the likes of GM and Proctor Gamble.Apr 06 10:41
Eruaran"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." - MussoliniApr 06 10:41
MinceRi know most of the people gladly accept this and they deserve itApr 06 10:41
schestowitzMessage from the FFII regarding software patents in Europe: 06 10:56
iwmwwhy should there be sw patents at all?Apr 06 11:03
EruaranPerhaps I should patent an arrangement of musical notesApr 06 11:04
schestowitzYou can, if you have money to buy the lawApr 06 11:05
EruaranI would if I had the moneyApr 06 11:05
EruaranIf only to highlight the ridiculousness of itApr 06 11:05
schestowitzPiece together a sod story about poor musicians and economic impact of notes patentabilityApr 06 11:05
EruaranI realised today that FOSS has actually influenced me in unforseen waysApr 06 11:07
EruaranLike, what kind of music I am exposed toApr 06 11:08
EruaranI'm a frequenter of MagnatuneApr 06 11:08
EruaranPrimarily becuase of AmarokApr 06 11:08
*mib_mno0wp (i=3d06a316@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 11:08
EruaranIf it weren't for Amarok, would I have stumbled upon Magnatune ?Apr 06 11:08
*oiaohm (n=oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 11:09
EruaranWould I be listening to the likes of Brad Sucks and Very Large Array ?Apr 06 11:09
*mib_mno0wp (i=3d06a316@gateway/web/ajax/ has left #boycottnovellApr 06 11:09
EruaranI thought I'd try last.fmApr 06 11:09
EruaranBut I was bored with most of it as most of what you hear is pretty mainstreamApr 06 11:10
EruaranThere's some nice ambient material thoughApr 06 11:10
iwmwchat by could possibly show number of users in the roomApr 06 11:10
iwmwso it makes it much more attractiveApr 06 11:11
schestowitzThee's a alternativeApr 06 11:25
schestowitzNew one.. AGPL-basedApr 06 11:25
MinceRi'd patent the process of moving air into and out of the lungsApr 06 11:39
MinceRand then i'd demand a patent license from everyone who breathesApr 06 11:40
MinceRi mean i'd demand payment for that license :>Apr 06 11:40
iwmwcan the license get rejected?Apr 06 11:40
MinceRof course, i'd have to kill everyone older than i am so they can't show prior artApr 06 11:40
schestowitzlicence for the apparatus called lung?Apr 06 11:40
MinceRindeedApr 06 11:40
MinceRand its operationApr 06 11:40
schestowitzThere's a patent thicket there.Apr 06 11:41
iwmwyou could also patent a cost-free way to perform a killing in the state prisonsApr 06 11:41
schestowitzMany infringements. The human anatomy leapfrogged science.Apr 06 11:41
iwmwlike rejecting the licenseApr 06 11:41
amarsh04Debian unstable goes KDE 4.2: 06 11:46
amarsh04If you run Debian unstable and want to stay at KDE 3.5.10, watch your updatesApr 06 11:47
iwmwyeah, one of them will just remove 3.5.10Apr 06 11:52
amarsh04too many of my kde apps need the kde3 libsApr 06 11:53
MinceRso they're going to throw the kde3 libs away?Apr 06 11:55
amarsh04no MinceR, but I'd still like to run kde3 apps under kde 3.5.10, even though kde3 libs will be available to run kde3 apps under kde 4.2Apr 06 11:56
MinceRicApr 06 11:56
iwmwwhen i installed 4.2.2 ova 3.5.10 the 3.5.10 got removedApr 06 12:02
iwmwtwas mandriva 2009.0Apr 06 12:02
iwmwoh... twas ova 4.1.2 but there still were 3.5.10 apps and libsApr 06 12:05
iwmw4.2.2 removed emApr 06 12:05
amarsh04ouch iwmw... Debian seems to be trying for a more gradual changeApr 06 12:35
iwmwi just remember that when i isntalled some part of kde422 the installer told me that smth like kde3510core and some other package are bothering so they gotta be removedApr 06 12:37
schestowitzWhy not just wait until you install it fresh with KDE4? I'm still on Mandriva 2008.1Apr 06 12:38
amarsh04some apps like quanta plus and rosegarden are nowhere near finished being ported to qt4/kde4Apr 06 12:38
amarsh04nor k3b (k4b?)Apr 06 12:38
schestowitzmandriva is working on itApr 06 12:42
schestowitzit's being portedApr 06 12:42
schestowitz 06 12:42
amarsh04thanks schestowitz, I had read something similar recentlyApr 06 12:50
iwmwschestowitz: because mandriva 2009.0 comes with kde 4.1.2 and i better have 4.2.2 :)Apr 06 12:50
iwmwgtgApr 06 12:50
*iwmw ( has left #boycottnovell ("Leaving")Apr 06 12:50
oiaohmNotice that k3b is also will be targeted at windows.Apr 06 13:02
schestowitzMaybe they'll appreciate it and come to GNU/Linux. That's the hope anyway.Apr 06 13:04
oiaohmIts more targeting cdrom drive makers.Apr 06 13:04
oiaohmTo be correct burning drive makes.Apr 06 13:04
oiaohmIf we can get k3b bundled with every drive produced compadbilty goes up.Apr 06 13:05
amarsh04there are still some issues with k3b and verifying burned cd's/dvd'sApr 06 13:07
oiaohmcheck your version of cdrecord.Apr 06 13:08
amarsh04the original and copied discs match, but k3b doesn't get it rightApr 06 13:08
oiaohmI had verifying problems until I updates.Apr 06 13:08
amarsh04cdrecord 1.1.9Apr 06 13:09
oiaohm  That is way old.Apr 06 13:09
oiaohmDespute over licencing caused debian and others to be shipping old and no working versions of cdrecordApr 06 13:11
amarsh04what I'm saying is that disks burn fine and their md5sums match the original data, but that k3b doesn't agreeApr 06 13:12
oiaohmYes and cdrecord own internal way does not work.Apr 06 13:14
amarsh04so cdrecord is calculating the md5sum?Apr 06 13:14
oiaohmYep.Apr 06 13:14
oiaohmHad same headache.Apr 06 13:15
amarsh04I'd love to have k3b compare original and written images byte by byte to identify any patterns of where data corruption occursApr 06 13:15
oiaohmI would love something else intergated.Apr 06 13:15
oiaohm 06 13:16
oiaohmFar better tool that byte by byte compare.Apr 06 13:16
*amarsh04 clicksApr 06 13:16
oiaohmIt is basically how to make stronger backups.Apr 06 13:19
amarsh04thanks for the link... must get some sleep now. night allApr 06 13:24
schestowitzgnApr 06 13:35
oiaohmschestowitz you have dvdisaster in your tools ?Apr 06 13:38
schestowitzI heardly even burn any CDsApr 06 13:41
schestowitzHaven't done so for almost a year in fact.Apr 06 13:41
oiaohmIf you have to burn something important remember about it.Apr 06 13:42
oiaohmMaking disk tolerate upto a 20 percent loss is a handy feature.Apr 06 13:42
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*Eruaran ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 15:21
zer0c00lhello goodevening :)Apr 06 15:21
EruaranhelloApr 06 15:22
schestowitzHey there.Apr 06 15:36
schestowitzzer0c00l: your MSP 'friend' sent a LinkinIn invitationApr 06 15:36
zer0c00lschestowitz, i saw that :PApr 06 15:36
zer0c00li was also sent an invitationApr 06 15:37
*amarsh04 has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Apr 06 15:41
schestowitzzer0c00l: what do you make of it?Apr 06 15:51
zer0c00lschestowitz, i dont understand the questionApr 06 15:52
schestowitzWhy would MSPs befriend critics?Apr 06 15:52
zer0c00lshe is ma classmateApr 06 15:54
zer0c00l:PApr 06 15:54
zer0c00lshe was pissed off b4Apr 06 15:54
zer0c00ldon't know why she sent a frnd invitationApr 06 15:54
zer0c00lshe stopped talking to me :PApr 06 15:55
schestowitzUsing American celebrities as an avatar-ishApr 06 15:55
zer0c00lyesApr 06 15:55
zer0c00lavrilApr 06 15:55
schestowitzAnyway...Apr 06 15:55
zer0c00li saw you in her profileApr 06 15:55
zer0c00li just pinged her got an answerApr 06 15:58
*PeterFA has quit (Connection reset by peer)Apr 06 15:58
zer0c00li am inviting her to #boycottnovellApr 06 15:58
zer0c00l:PApr 06 15:58
*acidburn (n=acid_bur@ has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 15:59
zer0c00lhelo acidburnApr 06 15:59
acidburnhelloApr 06 15:59
schestowitzHey, acidburn Apr 06 16:07
acidburnhi royApr 06 16:07
schestowitzMan detained, threatened and abused by TSA for flying with $4700 in cash < >Apr 06 16:10
schestowitzAnd Homeland Stupidity on Great Depression II < >Apr 06 16:11
schestowitzIs this a joke, one wonders...  < >Apr 06 16:16
zer0c00lschestowitz, i just added ken starks :DApr 06 16:18
zer0c00lschestowitz, i love his blog :-)Apr 06 16:18
zer0c00ldid you see his recent post?Apr 06 16:18
schestowitzNo yet, I thinkApr 06 16:18
zer0c00lthat inkscape storyApr 06 16:19
zer0c00l 06 16:20
schestowitzSaw it alreadyApr 06 16:21
schestowitzGood one.Apr 06 16:21
schestowitzI'm pressured to  write a response to EBoA... :-( 06 16:21
schestowitzThese people rely on companies that are paid to speak 'for the peopleApr 06 16:22
schestowitzThis is ridiculous.Apr 06 16:22
schestowitzDo they expect SMEs to throw away their excessive work just to keep some peace with sw patents out of Europe?Apr 06 16:22
schestowitzzoobab01: 06 16:22
zer0c00lrainy season is manchester?Apr 06 16:24
schestowitzMusician strip-searched falsely. What world is this? Terrified musician targeted in armed anti-terror raid < >Apr 06 16:25
schestowitzzer0c00l: no, sunny these days. Quite niceApr 06 16:25
zer0c00lohApr 06 16:25
schestowitzSouth Korea prepares to nuke its technological competitiveness with a three-strikes copyright rule < > It's an ACTA world.....Apr 06 16:25
*zer0c00l directs acidburn to 06 16:27
schestowitz "Apr 06 16:27
schestowitzLast Thursday, the Guardian reported him saying, “This crisis was caused by no black man or woman or by no indigenous person or by no poor person...this crisis was fostered and boosted by irrational behavior of some people that are white, blue-eyed."Apr 06 16:27
acidburnzer0c00l:gotchaApr 06 16:27
EruaranApril 6 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. stocks fell for the first time in five days as Mike Mayo, analyst at Calyon Securities, advised selling bank shares and International Business Machines Corp.’s purchase of Sun Microsystems Inc. collapsed.Apr 06 16:27
Eruaran 06 16:28
schestowitzThe UK police now uses attack dogs, literally. (Baton charges and kettling: police's G20 crowd control tactics under fire)Apr 06 16:29
acidburnzer0c00l:wats the intent??Apr 06 16:29
zer0c00lyou asked me about IRC logs acidburnApr 06 16:30
EruaranIBM withdraws $7 billion offer for Sun MicrosystemsApr 06 16:30
Eruaran 06 16:30
zer0c00lwhy IBM wants to buy sun?Apr 06 16:31
zer0c00lsorry *wanted toApr 06 16:31
acidburnzer0c00l: alrytApr 06 16:31
schestowitzEruaran: see The Quiet Coup < >Apr 06 16:31
acidburnzer0c00l:tat was yest's - i was talkin abt todays.Will chk tomo. gettin off now.Gud byeApr 06 16:32
schestowitzHow Obama Took Over the Peace Movement < >Apr 06 16:32
schestowitzEruaran: good for SunApr 06 16:33
schestowitzI quite liked the newsApr 06 16:33
schestowitzThe issue is, Sun wants to sell itself and IBM was the least evil capable suitor.Apr 06 16:33
zer0c00l*least evil :)Apr 06 16:33
schestowitzAnother company that's going down fast has a name similar to MicrosystemsApr 06 16:33
*zer0c00l laughs Apr 06 16:34
zer0c00lMicrosystem :PApr 06 16:34
acidburnschestowitz:have a good day . ps:the american pic thingy - i like her music,tats all.ntn more ntn less. :)Apr 06 16:34
schestowitzIt gives freebiesApr 06 16:34
schestowitzActually, it bribes people to use its stuffApr 06 16:34
MinceRnow cisco is considered likely to buy sun :/Apr 06 16:34
schestowitzLook at subnotebooks, or SMBs... tactics of misery now that software is a commosityApr 06 16:35
schestowitzMinceR: Cisco sells hardware, so they'll do alrightApr 06 16:35
MinceRcisco believes in security by obscurityApr 06 16:35
schestowitzCisco has no use for SolarisApr 06 16:35
EruaranThat would certainly put Cisco far deeper into the server businessApr 06 16:35
MinceRthat could be goodApr 06 16:35
schestowitzMinceR: or using other people's secure codeApr 06 16:35
MinceRoh, rightApr 06 16:36
schestowitzAND...Apr 06 16:36
schestowitzNow giving backApr 06 16:36
MinceRwas it cisco/linksys that said that the GPL doesn't apply to them?Apr 06 16:36
schestowitzThus the gpl-violations suitApr 06 16:36
schestowitz*notApr 06 16:36
zer0c00lcisco once sued for not adhering to GPL right?Apr 06 16:36
zer0c00lyesApr 06 16:36
schestowitzYupApr 06 16:36
schestowitzThey pretend it didn't happenApr 06 16:36
MinceRthat will be a fitting combination with sun :/Apr 06 16:36
*acidburn has quit ("Leaving")Apr 06 16:36
MinceRperhaps someone will sue them to oblivionApr 06 16:37
schestowitzSo I said, when they opened some blogs, how about tracking their violations. They keep silent on the subjectApr 06 16:37
schestowitzThey suck up to Linux with a $100,000 award nowApr 06 16:37
EruaranIts bad for businessApr 06 16:37
schestowitzIt started raining again.Apr 06 16:46
*lukas__ ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 16:48
schestowitzHow Can We Save Thunderbird Now Email is Dying? < >. People foolishly offshore their communications now, but then again, the UK government is now retaining all E-mails sent and received.Apr 06 16:48
schestowitzHi, lukas__ Apr 06 16:48
schestowitzGreat news: All Tatarstan Schools Moving to Free Software < >Apr 06 16:48
schestowitz"According to the Deputy Minister, in each of the school-level workshops are planned to open courses on the work of €«Linux€» students. But before that is still to prepare professionals who will lead these clubs."Apr 06 16:49
*lukas__ has quit (Client Quit)Apr 06 16:49
zer0c00lgood news :-)Apr 06 16:50
schestowitzStudent finds mobile phone while out celebrating his 18th birthday and is ARRESTED after handing it in to police < > Yes, we're moving to fascism over here, apparently. People just aren't told yet.Apr 06 16:50
EruaranCorporatism = Fascism.Apr 06 16:51
schestowitzThe police has infinite power. They can do anything if you look funny... catching an old lady for photographing an empty pool.Apr 06 16:51
schestowitzEruaran: I used the wrong word in reference to this one articleApr 06 16:51
zer0c00lwe are not allowed to have mobile phones in our schoolApr 06 16:51
zer0c00l:PApr 06 16:51
schestowitzBut the idea that /other/ news like 3-strike is being passed in Ireland means that MAFIAA is calling the shotApr 06 16:51
schestowitz*shotsApr 06 16:51
schestowitzzer0c00l: good, keeps radiation levels low.Apr 06 16:52
zer0c00l:DApr 06 16:52
zer0c00lif some one found possession of mobile phone, they will be fined and suspended for a weekApr 06 16:52
zer0c00lthats bad royApr 06 16:52
zer0c00l:(Apr 06 16:52
Eruaran'theft by finding'Apr 06 16:52
EruaranOne of the most absurd things I have ever heardApr 06 16:53
zer0c00lsuspension for using mobile phonesApr 06 16:53
schestowitzCould be worse, Eruaran: Kremlin owns up to new media empire < >Apr 06 16:53
schestowitzOld but good news: T-Mobile to Use Google Software in Devices for Home  < >. Google's Linux will hopefully open up a bit.Apr 06 16:54
EruaranThey dropped the charges. I notice there was no apology and no reprimand of the moron who arrested him. Furthermore, I suppose they'll keep the fingerprints taken, along with the DNA swab and a photo for police records..Apr 06 16:57
schestowitzFraudsters for sale: 06 16:58
schestowitzEruaran: maybe.Apr 06 16:59
schestowitztessier: Openmoko Neo FreeRunner discontinued < >Apr 06 17:03
schestowitzWe still have code and designs.Apr 06 17:03
schestowitz"Dixons shares jumped nearly 12 per cent today on news that it has started cutting its Nordic stores and is considering a rights issue to speed the rest of the restructure." < >Apr 06 17:05
schestowitzGeneral Morons: "So it's goodbye to Rick Wagoner, General Motor's youngest ever CEO and a man whose legacy will have people arguing long into the evenings."Apr 06 17:07
schestowitzMicrosoft has finally found a way to 'kill' Google -- a new name < >Apr 06 17:08
schestowitzTime for PGP: (Net firms start storing user data)Apr 06 17:09
zer0c00llive search, people still using it ? :PApr 06 17:10
zer0c00lmicrosoft people even wont use that i guessApr 06 17:10
schestowitzzer0c00l: it declinesApr 06 17:10
schestowitzSame with HotmailApr 06 17:10
schestowitzEven bribing users did not helpApr 06 17:11
schestowitzThey run at a loss at like half a billion per year or quarterApr 06 17:11
zer0c00l:-)Apr 06 17:11
zer0c00lif you cannot provide values to users eventually you will die :DApr 06 17:12
zer0c00lmicrosoft will die soonApr 06 17:12
schestowitzAlison Brimelow (EPO) dissed @ "activities as such."  ...  "programs as such" ... "programs as such" Apr 06 17:17
schestowitzzer0c00l: not soon.Apr 06 17:17
schestowitzNot die anyway.Apr 06 17:17
zer0c00lthen how it will be in future?Apr 06 17:18
zer0c00lbecome another company like redhat?Apr 06 17:18
schestowitzThey try to shove their small neck through the doors of winners who are gaining at its expense. That's why it invades so many enemy territories.Apr 06 17:18
schestowitzThey also try to ruin disruptionApr 06 17:18
schestowitzLike the MAFIAA tries to sue its competition out of businessApr 06 17:18
schestowitzOr like Luddites attacked the machinesApr 06 17:19
schestowitzThey are afraid of the world where Windows is worth just $0 and software is libreApr 06 17:19
schestowitzYou should call it LudditeSoft(TM)Apr 06 17:19
zer0c00llolApr 06 17:19
schestowitzWhere do you want to go today?>Apr 06 17:20
schestowitzBillG and SteveB: 06 17:20
schestowitzBusy at work.Apr 06 17:20
zer0c00lluddite>> one of the 19th century English workmen who destroyed  labor-saving machinery that they thought would cause unemploymentApr 06 17:21
schestowitzMaybe we should call Microsoft Ludditesoft for attempting to simply break new business models. 06 17:22
zer0c00l:PApr 06 17:22
schestowitzhere's the issueApr 06 17:22
schestowitzMicrosoft may be a b ig companiesApr 06 17:23
schestowitz*a big companyApr 06 17:23
schestowitzBut even Microsoft+Ilk is very small compared to those who evolve with change (IBM) and grow in change (Google)Apr 06 17:23
*lukas__ ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 17:24
schestowitzSun tried to evolve but it was too late. Same with SCO and now Microsoft, which is possibly already in debt (it's not something one can check publicly)Apr 06 17:24
*lukas__ has quit (Client Quit)Apr 06 17:24
zer0c00lyesApr 06 17:25
zer0c00lluddite i will use it in future :-)Apr 06 17:26
schestowitz (Sun shares plunge on reports of IBM deal collapse)Apr 06 17:26
schestowitzeBay says Skype operations could be halted due to Joltid litigation < >Apr 06 17:27
zer0c00lconflicker ran by russian gang consisting of 14 yr old? :P 06 17:32
zer0c00lfunny discussion on conflicker 06 17:33
*Eruaran has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Apr 06 17:34
zer0c00lOpen source trojan programming forum : :DApr 06 17:42
zer0c00lanother one: 06 17:42
zer0c00l:DApr 06 17:43
*trmanco_ ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 19:05
*trmanco has quit (Remote closed the connection)Apr 06 19:05
*trmanco_ has quit (Client Quit)Apr 06 19:07
*trmanco ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 19:07
*zer0c00l has quit (Remote closed the connection)Apr 06 19:07
*trmanco has quit (SendQ exceeded)Apr 06 19:08
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 19:08
*trmanco ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 19:09
schestowitzAnswers regarding the patentability of software in Europe: 06 19:15
schestowitz"I'm sure you knew about that, but just in case: Microsoft is once more begrudgingly extenging XP life: "Apr 06 19:16
schestowitz"€¿An attempt to avoid OEMs pre-installing GNU/Linux in the meantime Vista-7 is ready? The proof that Vista-7 will be delayed at least until 2010, or either it won't be ready for netbooks (or the netbooks won't be powerful enough as to run it) until that date? Either that, or the OEM are starting to rebel against MSFT's chokehold. Probably both."Apr 06 19:16
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Apr 06 19:19
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 19:20
schestowitzIf IBM/Sun breaks down, what happens to Sun? < >Apr 06 19:25
schestowitzWill Cisco jump in?Apr 06 19:29
PetoKraushmmApr 06 19:33
PetoKrausdid you notice 06 19:33
schestowitzYes, not newsApr 06 19:35
PetoKrauswellApr 06 19:35
PetoKrausi'm wondering why was it mentioned againApr 06 19:36
schestowitzThe news about UK spying is not news. One year ago: 06 19:37
schestowitzmaybe it's mentioned again because now it becomes a realityApr 06 19:37
*mib_nfhhyb (i=c122bf57@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 19:38
*mib_nfhhyb (i=c122bf57@gateway/web/ajax/ has left #boycottnovellApr 06 19:39
schestowitz"Con respecto a distribuidores de Linux, tienen acuerdos con Novell, TurboLinux y Xandros. En cuanto a empresas de electrónica de consumo, ha llegado a acuerdso con LG, Samsung, y Fuji Xerox. Ahora además con TomTom." They forgot a couple. 06 19:40
*Carl_Rover2k12 ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 19:44
schestowitzFun with elive... "This unstable version had some issues with some of the aspects that drew me to the distribution in the first place. No longer did the 3D cube work." 06 19:48
schestowitzJim Lynch is still throwing c* at Ubuntu: Ubuntu Linux 9.04 Beta Review--Jaunty Jackalope <,2... >Apr 06 19:53
schestowitzMac user finds comfort in GNU/Linux: (From OSX to Ubuntu)Apr 06 19:56
schestowitzNovell's fan site seems to be ghost-writing for rpath now. 06 19:58
schestowitzPetoKraus: this guy chose Arch and rejected the *buntus 06 19:59
PetoKrausschestowitz: yeah. :)Apr 06 20:02
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: seriously who listens to some of these blogsApr 06 20:03
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: I wonder if it wasn't for businesses handing out capital to these bloggers as though they were lobbyists, would their sites be still around or even this robust?Apr 06 20:03
schestowitzAnother new Archer: 06 20:03
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: echannelline?Apr 06 20:04
schestowitzThey are mostly dormantApr 06 20:04
*zer0c00l has quit ("bed time")Apr 06 20:04
schestowitzThey used to bombard with Novell rah-rah-rahApr 06 20:04
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: I was thinking more about extremetechApr 06 20:04
schestowitzHim tooApr 06 20:04
schestowitzJimApr 06 20:04
schestowitzHe wrote a review with the headline "Crappy Cow"Apr 06 20:05
schestowitzSomething like "Ubuntu Edgy: Crappy Cow". He gave it 4/10 IIRCApr 06 20:05
schestowitzGot lots of attention, obviously.Apr 06 20:05
schestowitz 06 20:06
*trmanco has quit ()Apr 06 20:07
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: and to think I was actually interested in Xandros at one pointApr 06 20:07
schestowitzLinproxandros..Apr 06 20:07
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: yep, but I figured I can get the same usibility for a fraction of the cost and issues with actual Linux apps running Red Hat and WINEApr 06 20:08
schestowitzMaybe I'll use wine one day, but I doubt itApr 06 20:08
schestowitzIt's not healthy from a legal POV, either, methinksApr 06 20:08
schestowitzAs Microsoft dies (sort of), it'll ramp up the legal card, as it did with TomTomApr 06 20:09
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: well the NT kernel is based of off VMS when you get to the bottom of itApr 06 20:09
*trmanco ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 20:09
schestowitzNovell's deal with Microsoft revealed what projects Microsoft had sight on... Easter 2007 redacted formsApr 06 20:09
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: do you have a link to that article?Apr 06 20:12
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: btw, do you think Sun Micro will go the way of the Dodo Bird since IBM turned down the aquisition?Apr 06 20:12
trmancohello guysApr 06 20:13
Carl_Rover2k12hiyoApr 06 20:14
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: its alright I just don't know about the 2007 redacted forms you mentionedApr 06 20:16
schestowitzHey, trmanco Apr 06 20:17
schestowitzHow was Spain?Apr 06 20:17
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: I don't know about SunApr 06 20:17
schestowitzWhich article specifically?Apr 06 20:17
trmancoschestowitz, very cool, but no I'm facing the consequencesApr 06 20:17
schestowitzI see...Apr 06 20:17
schestowitzYou met a girl, eh?Apr 06 20:17
schestowitzSomeone just mailed me: "Just checked out Google Chrome, it runs like a dream, a pleasure to use. Blindingly fast even on problem sites. Now what was the name of that imaginary kernel OS browser that MS said was more secure than Chrome? VAPORWARE is all. I wonder what techno-whores they got to write up that piece of fiction."Apr 06 20:18
trmancoschestowitz, many, but nothing related to thatApr 06 20:18
schestowitzNow get this: "Fester: Quick Google Chrome is stealing too much mindshare, quick write up a BS techno report on a more secure browser. Don't worry if it actually has to work, after all, we have no intention of ever building it. We just want to freeze migration to Chrome, at least until 'Internet Explorer 8' comes out." Microsoft said it was like 5000 lines of code, IIRC. Vapourware!Apr 06 20:18
trmancoI'm sick now, I've got a fluApr 06 20:18
schestowitzflu-dfuApr 06 20:18
Carl_Rover2k12trmanco: hmmm, bad tappasApr 06 20:19
Carl_Rover2k12just kidding, but thats too bad.Apr 06 20:20
Carl_Rover2k12(not sarcasm)Apr 06 20:20
trmancodefine tappasApr 06 20:20
trmancoI can barely think straightApr 06 20:21
trmancobrbApr 06 20:21
*tessier_ (n=treed@kernel-panic/sex-machines) has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 20:21
tessier_ <- Linux dudes get the hot chicksApr 06 20:22
schestowitzI was expecting a picture of newly-hatched eggs on a grill.Apr 06 20:23
schestowitztessier: you're afraid of fire ;-) 06 20:24
schestowitzDell to sell more sub-notebooks with GNU/Linux preinstalled: 06 20:26
schestowitz"This morning, as we go to press, the (JAVA/SUNW) shares are down 22 per cent ..." 06 20:29
schestowitzOpenMoko has a secret plan going: 06 20:30
schestowitzNot a single word about the fact that Samsung sold out to Microsoft (tax): 06 20:44
tessier_schestowitz: I hope openmoko makes it. I bought  one of their phones. Still can't really use it yet. If the whole project dies I am going to be really bummed.Apr 06 20:46
schestowitzI thought they were making Android available for itApr 06 20:46
tessier_I'm not sure what the current plan is.Apr 06 20:47
schestowitzI've always reckoned Likewise are former Microsoft employees putting Trojans in *NIX: 06 20:48
schestowitzLike Mono, but this group is actually Microsoft employees, not just a guy who wanted to become one and joined hands with another (Nat Friedman, Microsoft, now Novlel)Apr 06 20:49
schestowitzBig money votes GNU/Linux: Morgan Stanley Growing Its Use of Linux < >Apr 06 20:51
schestowitz"MIDs (mobile Internet devices) may be the channel for Linux to reach mainstream consumers in Asia, according to an analyst." 06 20:54
schestowitzSigns that Vista7 will be out next year, and suck (Microsoft will allow Windows 7 users to downgrade to XP)Apr 06 20:59
balzacI hope OpenMoko will make their software run on the T-mobile G1 and colonize their hardware, as well as plan compatibility with other good hardware.Apr 06 21:04
schestowitzSome Gremlins took an old article and renamed it "KDE Strides Ahead While Gnome Stagnates" for hits.Apr 06 21:04
balzacUltimately, they need to get back on track with their own hardware, but mimmicking the iPhone was not the best design choice.Apr 06 21:04
schestowitzPlan B -- what does the B stand for?;-)Apr 06 21:05
schestowitzBinary?Apr 06 21:05
balzacOpenMoko needs more capital invested for them to do bigger manufacturing runs with more competent manufacturersApr 06 21:05
schestowitzBreaking jail?Apr 06 21:05
balzacThe commitment to free software and open hardware specifications are important. Intelligent venture capitalists should see the eventual ROI in the OpenMoko project.Apr 06 21:06
schestowitzParty for which they wear grey hats.. ( What happens at a hackathon? )Apr 06 21:07
tessier_But apparently they don't.Apr 06 21:07
schestowitzVC is down significantly tooApr 06 21:07
schestowitzLike a third of what it used to beApr 06 21:07
balzacOpenMoko should colonize android-compatible hardwareApr 06 21:07
schestowitzI doubt many startups have hopes of getting backing ATMApr 06 21:08
schestowitzBalrog: BigG won't like thatApr 06 21:08
schestowitzOops. balzac Apr 06 21:08
balzacjust maintain their own mobile device distro until such time as they get updated specs for the open hardware. the keyboard is a must.Apr 06 21:08
balzacI don't appreciate the exclusion of GNU from android.Apr 06 21:09
schestowitzIt's not called gphoneApr 06 21:09
schestowitzThat's what people called it before it was announedApr 06 21:09
balzacor the refusal to host or provide GSOC grants to AGPL-licensed projectsApr 06 21:09
schestowitzgPhoneApr 06 21:09
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: any cellphone can be really considered a gPhone if it is compatible with and the user utilizes google apps for it. Even the iPhone is g to an extent due to its built in GoogleMaps functionsApr 06 21:11
schestowitzSoftware->ServiceApr 06 21:11
Carl_Rover2k12balzac: Android OS is like a more sophisticated BREWApr 06 21:11
schestowitzDoes Maps already generate profit for Google? They do listingsApr 06 21:12
schestowitzYouTube still loses loadsApr 06 21:12
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: I'm sure it does, they already include Zegats findings within itApr 06 21:12
schestowitzGood for themApr 06 21:12
schestowitzServices without forcing the use, BUT... there is a dangerApr 06 21:13
schestowitzGoogle can starve a lot of competitors... in Web video, mapping, search (exclusive gateway to information), old books, etcApr 06 21:13
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: not to mention hosting documentsApr 06 21:14
balzacCarl_Rover2k12: it's a good thing you can put a debian image on the g1 so you have gnu user-space in addition to androidApr 06 21:14
schestowitzbalzac: not many people would do thatApr 06 21:14
schestowitzThey haven't the skills and Google won't hold their handsApr 06 21:14
schestowitzSame with PS3 LinuxApr 06 21:14
balzaci want bash on my g1, not some kind of neutered terminalApr 06 21:14
schestowitzwow. http://vistasucks.files.wordpress.c...Apr 06 21:15
balzacgrep, awk, sed, etc.Apr 06 21:15
balzacnano, emacs, vi - why wouldn't i want these available for my g1 via a well-maintained repository?Apr 06 21:15
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: nice artApr 06 21:16
schestowitzNice screenshots here: 06 21:16
balzacwhy would I want a neutered, consumer-grade OS, with no options to upgrade or modify on such a nice little computer?Apr 06 21:16
schestowitzbalzac: Google uses a lot of GNUApr 06 21:16
balzacyeah, but why put developers in a little rat-maze?Apr 06 21:17
schestowitzIn fact, Chris DeiBona attributes some Google success explicitly by mentioning GNUApr 06 21:17
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: lol 06 21:17
schestowitzBut he's their FOSS chiefApr 06 21:17
schestowitzNot necessarily a reflection of the whole.Apr 06 21:17
balzacDiBona should go and kiss the lapels of RMS' suit like a general of Saddam HusseinApr 06 21:17
balzacjkApr 06 21:18
schestowitzFrom my POV, Google has helped me a lot with information and entertainment, just like LATEX served as a good tool and so has GNU/Linux. Microsoft is another story altogether... like a hardware leech.Apr 06 21:18
balzacHe should bow to RMS like Obama bowed to King AbdullahApr 06 21:18
balzacagain, just kidding...Apr 06 21:18
schestowitzI think he's cool with himApr 06 21:19
schestowitzI correspond with both sometimes.Apr 06 21:19
schestowitzGoogle is RMS' new antithesisApr 06 21:19
balzacI have a higher expectation of respect and payment of tribute for the "GNU-Father" than "open source" people.Apr 06 21:19
schestowitzThey take away his OWN code and proprietarise it to the extent that they can, using the network.Apr 06 21:19
schestowitzSome open source people are actually FS peopleApr 06 21:20
schestowitzDefends on you you refer toApr 06 21:20
balzacI knowApr 06 21:20
schestowitzIf ESR, then yetApr 06 21:20
schestowitzBut some are more GNU-oriented, even in the "open source" campApr 06 21:20
schestowitzMicrosoft is so yesterday. I fail to find any new product from them, just vapourware and catchup for the most part. This is good.Apr 06 21:21
schestowitzMSFT ought to report results in a few weeks. It'll be ugly, unless they lowered their forecast sufficiently.Apr 06 21:22
schestowitz Clinton calls for stricter Antarctic tourism limits < > Did Hillary /fly/ over to make the statement?Apr 06 21:23
schestowitzMore authors turn to Web and print-on-demand publishing < > The notion of publishing books is an aging one, for sure.Apr 06 21:24
Balrogschestowitz: as long as they give me unencrypted PDF's I'm happyApr 06 21:27
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: but but what about Windows 7 as well as Windows Mobile 6.5 and 7?Apr 06 21:28
schestowitzVista7 is vapourware and Mobile is in trouble, by Ballmer's admissionApr 06 21:29
schestowitz[not in these words]Apr 06 21:29
schestowitzWM is having a crisis, as does Vista. Vista7 is a gown and it makes no moneyApr 06 21:29
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: WinMo in trouble? heresy! they got HTC, HP and Asus smartphonesApr 06 21:30
schestowitzHow much is a WM licence?Apr 06 21:30
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: their market share is not high and they lag behind in terms of featuresApr 06 21:30
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: enough to pay for M$ legal team and continue to develope as much back door piracy tracking DRM software as possibleApr 06 21:30
schestowitzControversy Erupts Over Possible MS Mobile App Fee < 06 21:31
schestowitz >Apr 06 21:31
schestowitzMicrosoft kills Windows Mobile honeycomb < >Apr 06 21:31
schestowitzWindows Mobile Is Still Immobile < >Apr 06 21:31
schestowitzWindows Mobile misses annual shipment target < >Apr 06 21:31
schestowitzWhy Windows Mobile Is In Trouble < >Apr 06 21:32
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: in more news M$ shoots themselves in the foot some more by trying to immitate the competition but with monpoly styled levied feesApr 06 21:32
schestowitzIs it time to ditch Windows Mobile? < >Apr 06 21:32
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: thanks for the linksApr 06 21:32
schestowitzWindows Mobile Bluetooth vulnerability allows access to any files < >Apr 06 21:32
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: don't be misled by MS marketungApr 06 21:33
schestowitzIt's a very competent company when it comes to litigation, theft and marketingApr 06 21:33
schestowitzCan Microsoft make its future mobile? < >Apr 06 21:33
schestowitzDoes Microsoft prefer the iPhone to Windows Mobile? < >Apr 06 21:33
schestowitzWindows Mobile: What Microsoft Needs to Fix < 06 21:33
schestowitz >Apr 06 21:33
schestowitzMicrosoft's mobile strategy has gone missing <,10... >Apr 06 21:34
schestowitzMicrosoft falls behind in mobiles < >Apr 06 21:34
schestowitzWindows Mobile - Like Being Dropped in a Toilet < >Apr 06 21:34
schestowitziPhone 2.x Beats Windows Mobile 6.x into Coma < >Apr 06 21:34
schestowitzWhy Windows Mobile will die.< >Apr 06 21:35
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: Microsoft sees an opportunity the iPhone styled mobile environment brings to create future mobile platforms that further limit the user to utilizing apps they only see fit and they should be happy so long as the GUI is intuitive and prettyApr 06 21:35
schestowitzMicrosoft Hides Its Mobile and Business Apps Divisions < > Sheesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Windows Mobile loses loads of money.Apr 06 21:35
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: they bought DangerApr 06 21:35
schestowitzBSDApr 06 21:35
schestowitzThey hireApr 06 21:35
schestowitzUNIX developersApr 06 21:36
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: think about it, M$ already has MSN, Live Search with maps and even an online dictionary such as EncartaApr 06 21:36
schestowitzThe United States loves Windows Mobile... Cryptome: NSA has access to Windows Mobile smartphones < >Apr 06 21:36
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: all of them LOSE moneyApr 06 21:36
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: NSA doesn't like BlackberriesApr 06 21:36
schestowitzThey have some very profitable products like OfficeApr 06 21:36
schestowitzBut having one success story and MANy products can be worse than just one successApr 06 21:37
schestowitzLike Google with search/adsApr 06 21:37
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: which is why they are counting on Winmo to confine the user to those services, so they make moneyApr 06 21:37
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: CanadiansApr 06 21:37
schestowitzThey have iPhoneApr 06 21:37
schestowitzWith the Bush buddies at AT&TApr 06 21:37
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: also NSA had problems with Blackberries creating a documented trail of all action done on the phone, because under law since Nixon a President must always leave a paper trail of every action they doApr 06 21:38
schestowitzAT&T is horrid: 06 21:38
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: here in the UK copies of the calls is stored for at least one here in a datacentreApr 06 21:38
schestowitzSkype -- well, I dunno if they already got the codesApr 06 21:39
schestowitzThe Italian police is screaming at Skype and in Germany I think they caved alreadyApr 06 21:39
schestowitzIn China, the government reads people's IM in Skype. fact.Apr 06 21:39
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: in Germany the police did an unwarranted raid of the Wikileaks German domain owner because of an article published there concerning which websites will be blacklistedApr 06 21:40
schestowitzThey did the same with a TOR adminApr 06 21:41
schestowitzThey are toughApr 06 21:41
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: ahh AT&T the persuit of patents, as well as constantly changin their TOS to try to make sure they continue to force people to exclusively use their services while promoting themselves as a "unlocked phone" company for as long as possibleApr 06 21:41
schestowitzAT&T is very close to the government AFAICTApr 06 21:42
schestowitzLike the oil companiesApr 06 21:42
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: I heard the CIA is taking a more favored approach for TOR by setting up their own hosts which packet sniffApr 06 21:42
schestowitz"Come play in our sandox"Apr 06 21:44
schestowitz*boxApr 06 21:44
schestowitzVista helps GNU/Linux: "Thanks in part to Vista, open source software has entered into the OS discussion"Apr 06 21:45
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: yea sort of like that, but unless people know the exact DNS of every CIA honeypot in the world it will be hard to pinpoint which are being hosted on TorApr 06 21:46
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: this is why in a way a Proxy could be more trustworthy, if you know who hosts them. Then just set up a VPN to itApr 06 21:46
schestowitz[H]omer has thatApr 06 21:48
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: yep M$ really SNAFUd with Vista and 6.5 is getting just unfavorable feedback in the development stages they are already announce Winmo 7Apr 06 21:48
schestowitzThe secret services sometimes have their IPs leakedApr 06 21:49
schestowitzWikileaks revealed some actuallyApr 06 21:49
schestowitzLet me see if I can find itApr 06 21:49
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: but that probably has more to do with their HQ and domestic offices.Apr 06 21:49
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: what about their foriegn liaisons?Apr 06 21:49
schestowitzHere: 06 21:49
schestowitzGerman Secret Intelligence Service (BND T-Systems network assignments, 13 Nov 2008 < >Apr 06 21:50
schestowitzWhoa... "There is currently no text in this page, you can search for this page title in other pages or edit this page."Apr 06 21:50
schestowitzOh, here: 06 21:51
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: no text maybe because the German Police took it off after the raidApr 06 21:52
schestowitzpoageRank5... makes you wonder if that too is a reason for a Wikileaks crackdownApr 06 21:52
*imamilkydrunk ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 21:52
schestowitzCanada: Violation Of Open Source Licence Agreement Creates Liability For Copyright Infringement < >Apr 06 21:53
schestowitzOld news, still being brought upApr 06 21:54
Carl_Rover2k12anyway I got to get going now, thanks for being the wealth of information which points out the wrong doings and abuses by businesses as well as government bodies being bankrolled by the afformentioned against indivisuals along with honest IPsApr 06 21:59
Carl_Rover2k12IP= Intellectual PropertyApr 06 21:59
schestowitzInternet ProtocolApr 06 21:59
schestowitzI hate having to use the term Intellectual Property in papersApr 06 21:59
schestowitzHere in the US it's called UK-IPO too, which helps not at allApr 06 22:00
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: perhaps, but it is the way the legal system throughout North America and Europe define creative works and inventions. Its as hard to dislodge from their vocabular as it would be for programming to not call a menu for putting in text based commands into a terminal. Even if M$ insists on calling it a command promptApr 06 22:02
schestowitzYes, but it's not a lingual/semantic issue aloneApr 06 22:03
schestowitzThe business and even academic world still discourage dissemination of knowledgeApr 06 22:03
*amarsh04 ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 22:04
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: but is that the fault of the word, or how legal academia encourages milking it for any cent it could not even be worth so long as you can warp the opinions of others within the legal framework as it is?Apr 06 22:05
Carl_Rover2k12anyway I'll leave this discussion to another time, been a pleasure chatting with youApr 06 22:07
*Carl_Rover2k12 has quit ()Apr 06 22:07
*tacone ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 22:11
taconeif you like haikus :) 06 22:11
schestowitzWow. what a surprise.Apr 06 22:15
schestowitzAll his colleagues from Microsoft said "yes"Apr 06 22:15
schestowitzLies, damn lies, and monkeys (mono)Apr 06 22:15
taconeit has to have been a big decisionApr 06 22:16
taconeseems more a technology evangelist to me that a project manager or whatever else.Apr 06 22:16
*tacone ( has left #boycottnovell ("ERROR: crap-talking overflow - Aborting.")Apr 06 22:25
*amarsh04 has quit (Remote closed the connection)Apr 06 22:39
*amarsh04 ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 22:47
*trmanco has quit ()Apr 06 23:15
MinceRgnApr 06 23:30
*chips (i=4735ba76@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 23:33
chipsHello everyoneApr 06 23:33
chipsThis one is old, but I was wondering if you had seen it? 06 23:35
chipsU.S. Navy orders Bill Gates to install SPARC/Solaris with Sun RaysApr 06 23:35
schestowitzHey there.Apr 06 23:37
chipsHelloApr 06 23:37
schestowitzLet me see...Apr 06 23:37
schestowitzI think I heard about it.Apr 06 23:37
schestowitzStupid lobbyists work to loot people ATM: 06 23:38
chipsmostly I would expect that you haveApr 06 23:38
schestowitzAre you chips from MS-Watch BTW?Apr 06 23:38
chipsyesApr 06 23:38
schestowitzCool.Apr 06 23:38
schestowitzGoblin hasn't been here for like a month.Apr 06 23:38
chipsgreat respect for all your work and your team, BTWApr 06 23:38
schestowitz'Paul Murphy' is leaving ZDNetApr 06 23:38
schestowitzMaybe the site goes AWOLApr 06 23:39
schestowitzThanks, chipsApr 06 23:39
chipsZDNET is a M$ shill site mostly anywayApr 06 23:39
schestowitz 06 23:39
schestowitzZDNet has Microsoft connectionsApr 06 23:39
chipsyesApr 06 23:39
schestowitzIts job is to keep people stupidApr 06 23:39
schestowitzre technologyApr 06 23:40
chipspeople are ignorant by defaultApr 06 23:40
chipsits up to us to educate themApr 06 23:40
schestowitzIt's like ITFoxApr 06 23:40
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Apr 06 23:43
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 23:43
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Apr 06 23:44
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovellApr 06 23:45
chipsRoy I think your post does not link correctly:  Links 06/04/2009: IBM Withdraws Sun Offer, Linux Gets FS-CacheApr 06 23:45
chipsas no text available when clicking on the linkApr 06 23:46
schestowitzWhich link?Apr 06 23:46
chipsI usually check out your site almost every dayApr 06 23:46
chipsthe IBM withdraws Sun OfferApr 06 23:47
schestowitzI usually use the W3C validator to catch typosApr 06 23:47
schestowitzAre there broken links.Apr 06 23:47
schestowitzLet me see...Apr 06 23:47
chipsno story with the headlineApr 06 23:47
chipsthat is see, could be meApr 06 23:47
schestowitzI've just clicked on all 5 links re Sun/IBMApr 06 23:48
schestowitzThey all seem to workApr 06 23:48
chipsok, then its meApr 06 23:49
schestowitz 06 23:49
schestowitzI thought I screwed up but logged out it still worksApr 06 23:50
schestowitzBut it's good to check anyway ;-sApr 06 23:50
chipsguess I do not see the five links for the IBM/Sun storyApr 06 23:52
chipswith that linkApr 06 23:52
schestowitzIt's further down a bit. Main storyApr 06 23:52
schestowitzI'm doing another batch ATMApr 06 23:52
chipsOk, now I see, sorry about thatApr 06 23:53
chipsIn a way Sun had much of the same problem that Mac did before it moved to x86 and nixApr 06 23:55
chipsonly Sun did not have a real plan to make moneyApr 06 23:55
chipsthey needed to sell sparc, at least a cheaper sparc to consumers as well as businessesApr 06 23:56
chipsRoy, it was great chatting with youApr 06 23:57
chipsgood byeApr 06 23:58
*chips has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Apr 06 23:58
schestowitz 06 23:59


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