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Apple is 'Faking' Signal Bar and Microsoft Has Battery Issues

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Summary: Dishonesty from Apple and Microsoft; a new threat of hidden 'Microsoft tax' in standard batteries

APPLE has just been sued [1, 2] for design issues that make hypePhone 4 receive low signal. Despite or partly because of strength bars comparisons (Apple versus Linux/Android), it emerges that Apple has been giving customers the illusion that they get a strong signal even when they do not. From John Gruber:

We decided from the outset to set the formula for our bars-of-signal strength indicator to make the iPhone look good — to make it look as if it “gets more bars”. That decision has now bitten us on our ass.

This means that Apple's indicators -- just like the company in general -- are sexying up bars. It's an illusion.

Speaking of illusions, this new blog post speaks about Vista 7 performance:

This is what I discovered:

1. Remember that you must run a clean install, which means that your HD has to be erased. Some people are saying that this lack of upgrading compatibility is Microsoft's revenge on you for rejecting Vista.

2. Under 7, some users have reported problems with XP compatibility mode. This means that some of your programs might crash.

3. Make sure you can locate ALL of your drivers for Windows 7. So get ready for a good driver hunt...

4. If you have a laptop, CONSIDER THE BATTERY ISSUE.

The battery issues [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] in Vista 7 -- issues that Microsoft silently confirmed by action -- hardly receive any press coverage. But they ought to.

According to reports from last week, Microsoft is trying to impose patents tax on all batteries right now. "Embrace, Extend, Extinguish," calls it Pogson who explains why:

Even when everyone knows what M$ did with non-interoperability over the last decade, M$ is still at it. They have apparently obtained a patent on battery-compartment contacts that do the right thing whichever end of a dry cell is inserted. If this becomes widespread, consumers will demand everyone use the technology and M$ will rake in the cash from yet another monopoly. Well, they do need to diversify but they don’t need a monopoly to do it. They could earn money the old-fashioned way, by earning it.

The idea behind it is too simply; it's of the level of college projects. Is Microsoft becoming a patents company? As Glyn Moody put it (regarding the news above), Microsoft may have realised that is hasn't a promising future in software.

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