Bonum Certa Men Certa

The Abuses of the EPO's Management Against Staff Extend to Their Families

And why it's imperative for EPO staff to protest this Wednesday in Munich

Collective punishment Announcement of execution of 100 Polish roundup hostages, as revenge for the assassination of 5 German policemen and 1 SS member by Armia Krajowa resistance fighters in Nazi-occupied Poland. Background about such practices.

Summary: It is reported that the European Patent Office not only grossly abuses the human rights of staff but also threatens family members of this staff

"More union busting at [the] European Patent Office" was reported to us last night. Team Battistelli is scarring people for life and goes further by punishing their families, too. It's collective punishment (a war crime in another context). The EPO is totally out of control; no wonder suicides are said to have increased tenfold under Battistelli.

While it remains unclear what Jesus is accused of doing (he would be punished by the Battistelli-led 'gestapo' [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7] for merely speaking about it), what we did discover is that Jesus, who is a Netherlands-based union leader at the EPO, "got several seizures after the investigative unit ousted him from his office, also on 13 November 2015. He was hospitalized and is on sick leave. The EPO even threatened his wife."

"It’s collective punishment (a war crime in another context)."We have not gotten any details regarding these threats, but they wouldn't be so unbelievable given how the EPO threatened SUEPO's lawyers (intimidation, saying they would get disbarred), the way that Battistelli threatened delegates, and the way he also treats politicians who are rightly sceptical of his actions. Battistelli and his goons even threatened me, a blogger, with a lawsuit.

Anything other than a police raid in Battistelli's office in Munich would probably be too soft an action. One day from now there will be a protest in Munich and we hope that nearly all staff will be in attendance. Their employer has truly gone bonkers. Silence and inaction are a form of complicity or obedience at this stage. People are being harmed. Battistelli is clearly out of control.

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