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Links 26/07/2022: Tails 5.3 and OpenMandriva Lx ROME (Rolling) Technical Preview

  • GNU/Linux

    • Linux LinksLinux Around The World: Portugal - LinuxLinks

      We cover events and user groups that are running in Portugal. This article forms part of our Linux Around The World series.

    • Linux Format 292

      Hack your graphics card and discover the inner working of the Linux kernel graphics stack. Delve into the open source display driver world, from how windows get tiled to how compute is accelerated with GPGPU and raytracing is added to games.

    • Desktop/Laptop

      • 9to5LinuxSystem76’s Pop!_OS Linux 22.04 Distro Is Now Available for Raspberry Pi 4 PCs

         Pop!_OS Linux 22.04 LTS was released in late April 2022, shortly after the release of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish), on which System76’s in-house built GNU/Linux distribution is based, but featuring a GNOME-based desktop environment called COSMIC.

        The Raspberry Pi flavor is called Pop!_Pi and it’s only supported on Raspberry Pi 4 SBCs with 2GB of RAM or more, as well as on Raspberry Pi 400 computers.

      • The Register UKCHERI-flavored computer runs KDE for the first time ● The Register

        Wayland and the KDE Plasma desktop now run on CheriBSD, the special version of FreeBSD for Arm's experimental Morello hardware.

        The University of Cambridge's Capability Hardware Enhanced RISC Instructions project, or CHERI for short, has been underway for some years, and usable results are starting to emerge. It aims to bake extra hardware-level security protections into processors, and Arm's Morello board incorporates that research work by CHERI.

        And Ruslan Bukin, a researcher at Cambridge's computer science department and also a FreeBSD contributor, has now ported the Wayland display server and KDE desktop to CheriBSD.

    • Audiocasts/Shows

    • Kernel Space

      • TechRadarThere's another great reason to update to 64-bit Linux now | TechRadar [Ed: No, this is actually a reason to abandon x86 (among other reasons)]

        Anyone still considering whether to update to 64-bit Linux kernels (opens in new tab) now has another big motivation after it was revealed 32-bit editions won’t be getting a major security fix.

        Intel’s Pawan Gupta recently took to the mailing list to answer customer questions, one of which concerned the fix to Retbleed for 32-bit OS’.

        "Intel is not aware of production environments that use 32-bit mode on Skylake-gen CPUs. So this should not be a concern.” Intel’s Peter Zijlstra chimed in to add: "Yeah, so far nobody cared to fix 32-bit. If someone *realllllly* cares and wants to put the effort in I suppose I'll review the patches, but seriously, you shouldn't be running 32-bit kernels on Skylake / Zen based systems, that's just silly."

    • Graphics Stack

      • July 2022 Turnip Status Update - Danylo’s blog

        All of them have reasonable frame rate. However, there was a bit of “cheating” involved. Only “The Talos Principle” game was fully running on the development board (via box64), other two games were only rendered in real time on Adreno GPU, but were ran on x86-64 laptop with their VK commands being streamed to the dev board. You could read about this method in my post “Testing Vulkan drivers with games that cannot run on the target device”.


        For Vulkan 1.3 conformance there are only a few extension left to implement. The only major ones are VK_KHR_dynamic_rendering and VK_EXT_inline_uniform_block required for Vulkan 1.3. VK_KHR_dynamic_rendering is currently being reviewed and foundation for VK_EXT_inline_uniform_block was recently merged.

    • Applications

      • Findex – Fast And Easy Tool to Search Apps in Linux

        Looking for an alternative app launching tool for your Linux? Findex is one with highly customizable interface and fast performance.

        The app runs silently in the background. Once you hit the shortcut key, a search box pop-up in screen center allows to quickly search and open desired applications.

      • OMG UbuntuSunamu is a Slick 'Now Playing' Widget for Your Desktop - OMG! Ubuntu!

        Sunamu is a cross-platform desktop tool designed to be blingy first, practical second.

        It shows whatever the currently playing song is (from any MPRIS compatible music player/client, e.g., Spotify, Rhythmbox, VLC, Elisa, etc) along with lyrics (fetched from an online source) on your desktop.

        And that’s pretty much it!

        Its own developers describe it as a “music controller whose only purpose is to look as fancy as possible on secondary displays”, and is popular with (and has some settings catering to) streamers in particular.

        It displays lyrics for the playing track where possible, shows album art, has smooth transitions, and condenses down into a ‘mini’ mode when you mouse away from the widget. It can run as a windowed app (with a colourful background) I find it works best for me as a transparent desktop widget (which, helpfully, is the default setting).

        You can drag the widget anywhere on your desktop, maximise it (by dragging it to the top of the display), and resize it (mouse near the edge to find the invisible resize grip).

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • UbuntubuzzHow To Install OpenShot Video Editor on Ubuntu

        This article explains how you can install OpenShot Video Editor on Ubuntu. OpenShot is a simple, very easy to use free software to edit videos that is suitable for general purpose users including teachers at school. This works with the OS version 22.04 and later as well as 20.04 and before.

      • TechRepublicHow to manage a Docker Swarm with Portainer | TechRepublic

        I’ve said this many times before, and I’ll say it many times in the future: Portainer is my go-to container management platform. With Portainer, I can do any task required to manage and monitor container deployments. I can use Portainer on an isolated docker development machine or a multi-node Swarm Cluster.

        Wait. Did I just say multi-node Swarm Cluster? I did.

        If your Docker deployments are of a large-scale nature, chances are pretty good you’re dealing with a Docker Swarm. For those who don’t know, Swarm mode is built into the Docker Engine and allows you to manage a cluster of Docker nodes for more scalability, decentralized deployments, desired state reconciliations, multi-host networking, load balancing and rolling updates.

      • MakeTech EasierVIM Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet - Make Tech Easier

        Vim is a powerful command-line code editor tool that’s an enhanced version of the venerable vi editor. Although most people use it with Linux, Vim is compatible with most of the commonly used operating systems, including macOS, Windows, and DOS.

        Despite the abundance of graphical rich text editors, familiarity with Vim will help every user, from an experienced system administrator to a newbie programming a Raspberry Pi. However, one important thing to note when using Vim, is that the function of a key depends on the “mode” the editor is in. For example, pressing the alphabet “j” will move the cursor down one line in the “command mode”. You’ll have to switch to the “insert mode” to make the keys input the character they represent.

        If you’re new to Vim, open a terminal and run vimtutor to get you started with some initial commands before diving into the rest.

      • ID RootHow To Install Apache Cassandra on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS - idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Apache Cassandra on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, Apache Cassandra is a free and open-source NoSQL database management system drawn to manipulate large amounts of information across many servers with no single point of failure. Its linear scalability and proven fault tolerance on commodity hardware or cloud infrastructure make it the perfect platform for mission-critical data.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish). You can follow the same instructions for Ubuntu 22.04 and any other Debian-based distribution like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Pop!_OS, and more as well.

      • Make Use OfHow to Connect to a Serial Console in Linux

        A serial port connection allows a user to control systems without a display. Here's how you can access and use serial consoles in Linux.

        One of the indispensable elements when working on embedded Linux projects is accessing your device via the serial console interface. For this, the computer on which you are developing an embedded system must have a serial port. However, very few computers today have a serial port, and that's why we use USB to serial converters instead.

      • dwaves.deGNU Linux bash – optimizing basics – the ll alias to ll

        ok an alias is simply an appreviation (ll) of a longer command (ls -lah –color) defined in one of those files...

      • Check out Gate number for your flight from CLI with Chrome
      • Track flight information from the command line
      • ID RootHow To Install PeaZip on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS - idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install PeaZip on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, PeaZip is a free and open source file archiving and encrypting software that has been designed based on the 7-Zip and supported compression formats such as GZip, and RAR, ZPAQ, Brotli, and other archiving. It is compatible with both Windows-based and Linux operating systems.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the PeaZip file archiver utility on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish). You can follow the same instructions for Ubuntu 22.04 and any other Debian-based distribution like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Pop!_OS, and more as well.

      • Ubuntu PitHow To Speed Up Your Slow Running Chromebook

        Chromebooks are laptops running relatively lightweight, user-friendly, and effective ChromeOS. It is a full-fledged operating system, which means one can use all their favorite apps on this operating system. If you are a Chromebook power user, you have probably experienced performance issues on your Chromebook. Your system may perform slowly for several reasons, such as crashing, lagging, or shuttering. But don’t worry; we are here to help! We will show you ten ways to speed up your Chromebook and ensure your Chromebook experience is faster again.

      • LinuxiacHow to Apply a Theme to GRUB Boot Loader Quickly and Easily

        This guide shows how to add a theme to GRUB to improve your Linux user experience. In addition, you get our free GRUB Linuxiac theme.

        GRUB (GNU GRand Unified Bootloader) is a boot loader from the GNU Project that loads the Linux kernel. It is also responsible for displaying an options menu from which you can pick the operating system you want to boot into.

        However, the default view of the GRUB boot loader is not that appealing. And that’s perfectly normal, given that the main focus here is on functionality. Namely, to load your operating system seamlessly.

      • Added remote capability to virtnbdbackup – Michael Ablassmeier

        Latest virtnbdbackup version now supports backing up remote libvirt hosts, too.

      • ZDNetHow to create users and groups in Linux from the command line | ZDNet

        Linux is a multi-user environment, which means more than one user can use the system at one time. Granted, that mostly takes the form of console access (via SSH), because you can't easily have two people simultaneously logging into the desktop GUI (although multiple users can forward X11 GUI applications over SSH with ease). The point is, that a Linux system can include hundreds of users (if necessary). Although you wouldn't want this, a Linux server can handle 4,294,967,294 concurrent and distinct users.

      • How to List Linux Services using Systemctl - buildVirtual

        Linux runs a multitude of services in the background, including network and system functions. Linux services are also referred to as daemons, which is the term for a collection of back-end processes. Various techniques and technologies can be used to list and manage services on a Linux system. A software package called Systemd is commonly used to administer Linux systems and is a replacement for the init process. Its primary goal is to standardise service behaviour and configuration across Linux distributions; A “system and service manager” is the main part of it.

        Systemd provides control over all system Linux tasks. With the help of this tool, a process can be launched or stopped, and Systemd also allows for the listing of all enabled, running and disabled Linux services.

      • Adam Young: Can you run a Minecraft Server on an Ampere Computing based System? [Ed: It would be better to run Minetest, not proprietary stuff from Microsoft]

        Most Minecraft servers are run on x86_64 based hardware. Ampere AltraMax chips run AARCH64…which is the non-ARM specific way of saying ARM64 instruction set.

      • VideoHow to install Inkscape on Pop!_OS 22.04 - Invidious
      • Linux Made SimpleHow to install NSMB Mario Versus Luigi on a Chromebook

        Today we are looking at how to install NSMB Mario Versus Luigi on a Chromebook. Please follow the video/audio guide as a tutorial where we explain the process step by step and use the commands below.

        If you have any questions, please contact us via a YouTube comment and we would be happy to assist you!

      • Ubuntu HandbookEnable Animated Mouse Hover App Icons in Ubuntu 22.04 Dock Panel | UbuntuHandbook

        For Ubuntu 22.04, there’s now an extension to enable animation when you move mouse pointer over app icons on the left/bottom panel.

        It’s a magnifying animation for the dock app icons under mouse cursor. Which, remind me of the old popular Avant Window Navigator.

        The extension is called ‘Dash Animator‘ designed for Ubuntu with the default GNOME Desktop. As it requires GNOME 40+, only Ubuntu 22.04 meet the request so far. Though, it should also work on other GNOME based Linux that uses Dash-to-Dock, such as Manjaro Linux.

      • How to install Redis on Ubuntu 22.04 – NextGenTips

        Welcome to this tutorial where we will learn how to install the Redis server o Ubuntu 22.04.

        Redis server is an open source in-memory data store used by many developers as a database, cache, streaming engine, and message broker.

        Redis as a real-time data store means Redis’ versatile in-memory data structures let you build data infrastructure for real-time applications requiring low latency and high throughput

        Caching and session storage. Redis speed is ideal for caching database queries, complex computations, API calls, and session states.

        Streaming and messaging. Streamed data type enables high-speed data ingestion, messaging, event sourcing, and notifications.

      • How to Install Snap on Linux - buildVirtual

        Working with Linux, you will likely have heard of Snap in relation to installing software on a Linux system.

        Snap is a software packaging and deployment system for Linux operating systems. Software packages, which are called snaps, and the program for using them, which is called snapd, work on many Linux distributions and provide a way for software developers to package and distribute their applications. Snaps are self contained applications, which run in a sandbox, with controlled access to the host operating system.

        Snap provides a solution to the problem of having to develop applications to run on different Linux distributions, which require different packages etc. Snap applications run in a container with restricted access to the host system. Users can grant an application mediated access to extra functionalities of the host via Interfaces, such as recording audio and capturing video.


        GRUB, stands for GRand Unified Bootloader, is default boot loader for most Linux operating systems. GRUB boot loader is the first program that runs when the computer starts. As you may noticed, the default theme of the GRUB menu is bland. It's just a black background with white characters on it. Some of you may not like the default GRUB theme. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to change GRUB theme or apply gorgeous themes in-order to make your GRUB menu more beautiful and elegant in Linux.

        A few years ago, we published a guide that explained how to configure GRUB2 bootloader settings in Ubuntu. In that article, we showed you how to change the GRUB background.

        But, changing background is not the real customization. In this guide, we are going to change not only the wallpaper but also the fonts, theme and the overall design of GRUB.

      • Red Hat OfficialHow to hide PID listings from non-root users in Linux | Enable Sysadmin

        In general, what runs on your server should be considered private information that is shared only on a need-to-know basis. If there's no reason for a user to have insight into what services are running on a server, then a user probably shouldn't have permission to view process ID (PID) listings.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC/Qt

        • Adriaan de GrootAdriaan de Groot: KDE Plasma 5.25 delayed on FreeBSD | [bobulate]

          KDE Plasma in FreeBSD ports is still version 5.24.6 (in ports HEAD, while the quarterly has 5.24.5). It will remain stuck at that release for a while longer.

          KDE ports are mostly administered in the Mk/Uses/ file in the FreeBSD ports tree. You can look in there to see what the current versions of most-everything is. Individual ports (e.g. x11/konsole) defer to settings in that centralized administration.

      • GNOME Desktop/GTK

        • Jens Georg: dLeyna has moved

          The four previously separated repositories core, connector-dbus, renderer and server have been combined into this single repository. I was amongst those who promoted for the split, but since then the conditions have changed and it is far easier to maintain in an all-in-one repository now. Most files should have kept history.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • PCLinuxOS/Mageia/Mandriva/OpenMandriva Family

      • OpenMandriva NewsOpenMandriva Lx ROME (Rolling) Technical Preview - OpenMandriva

        Here is the Technical Preview of the upcoming OpenMandriva Lx ROME (Rolling), and after a few time also the 5.0 ’Rock’ snapshot Installing Rolling is pretty much the same as installing Rock.

        There is an auto updater tool in ABF (OpenMandriva Automated Build Farm) which has been kept turned off for longer that we anticipated so Rolling has not been getting many upgrades recently and has not really been ’rolling’. This is because developers have been making some big changes to tool-chain/system packages in the Cooker branch (where the upgrades come from) that would make it unsafe and unwise at this time. After Rolling official released we will turn auto updater on again and we will have Rolling back to actually ’rolling’. We believe now Cooker has reached the quality level we want to get in order to release a reliable system.

    • SUSE/OpenSUSE

      • The Register UKHints about SUSE's 'Adaptable Linux Platform' emerge ● The Register

        Compilers have supported these levels since GCC11 and LLVM Clang 12. Over in Red Hat territory, distros since Fedora 32 in 2020 and RHEL 9 this year have targeted and required x86-64-v2. So far, we haven't heard anyone complaining too much about it – but requiring x86-64-v3 is another matter.

        Although SUSE is not yet confirming anything, recent announcements from the openSUSE project are giving some ideas of how this future family of distributions might look. The openSUSE project is asking users to try out the MicroOS Desktop distro "to gain user perspectives on its applicability." The distro offers both GNOME and KDE flavors, and is still somewhere between alpha and beta testing stage depending on which desktop you choose.

        The openSUSE community also has a working group discussing the impact of these technologies. Interestingly, one of the early reactions we've read is strongly positive.

      • Community to celebrate openSUSE Birthday - openSUSE News

        The openSUSE Project is preparing to celebrate its 17th Birthday on August 9.

        The project will have a 24-hour social event with attendees visiting openSUSE’s virtual Bar.

        Commonly referred to as the openSUSE Bar or slash bar (/bar), openSUSE’s Jitsi instance has become a frequent virtual hang out with regulars and newcomers.

        People who like or use openSUSE distributions and tools are welcome to visit, hang out and chat with other attendees during the celebration.

    • Red Hat / Fedora / IBM

      • Red Hat OfficialThe Path to GitOps: A new e-book to guide you on your GitOps journey

        Continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD) and DevOps — you often hear these terms used interchangeably, and you’ve likely heard them bundled in together with GitOps. So what is GitOps? And when you’re comparing GitOps vs. DevOps, how are they different?

      • The Next PlatformIBM Uses Power10 CPU As An I/O Switch

        Back in early July, we covered the launch of IBM’s entry and midrange Power10 systems and mused about how Big Blue could use these systems to reinvigorate an HPC business rather than just satisfy the needs of the enterprise customers who run transaction processing systems and are looking to add AI inference to their applications through matrix math units on the Power10 chip.

        We are still gathering up information on how the midrange Power E1050 stacks up on SAP HANA and other workloads, but in poking around the architecture of the entry single-socket Power S1014 and the dual-socket S1022 and S1024 machines, we found something interesting that we thought we should share with you. We didn’t see it at first, and you will understand immediately why.

        Here is the block diagram we got our hands on from IBM’s presentations to its resellers for the Power S1014 machine:

      • Enterprisers Project5 ways to embed privacy compliance into your culture

        After more than five years of leading Red Hat’s Global Privacy Program and overseeing its creation, growth, and maturity, I know what it takes to cultivate a culture of trust. Our associates, customers, and others are confident that we take privacy seriously, their information is safe, and we’re doing the right things.

      • Enterprisers ProjectArtificial Intelligence: How to stay competitive

        Many companies are adopting artificial intelligence (AI) to drive strategic decisions or introduce new business models. According to a global McKinsey study, 56 percent of all respondents report AI adoption in at least one function in 2021, up from 50 percent in the previous year.

        Whether your company is just getting started in its AI journey or you are leveraging it across multiple business functions, there are numerous competitive advantages to gain from improved employee experience, deeper customer insight, and enhanced business functions.

      • Fedora ProjectCreation of the Nest/Flock/Hatch logos and Colúr! – Fedora Community Blog

        My name is Jess Chitas and I am an intern at Red Hat focusing on contributing to the Fedora community. Over the past couple of months, I have been fortunate enough to work on the new Nest, Flock, and Hatch logos as well as — Colúr — a new Fedora character! In this post, I document my journey from creating Colúr to revamping the Nest, Flock, and Hatch logos!

      • SlashdotFedora Sours On Creative Commons 'No Rights Reserved' License - Slashdot

        Fedora, the popular Linux distribution, will no longer incorporate software licensed under CC0, the Creative Commons "No Rights Reserved" license. In order to support the wide re-use of copyrighted content in new works, CC0 provides authors "a way to waive all their copyright and related rights in their works to the fullest extent allowed by law." The license arose in response to the 1998 Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act (CTEA), which extended the duration of copyright by 20 years at the expense of the public domain. But CC0 explicitly says the licensor does not waive patent rights, which for free and open source software (FOSS) is a potential problem. That means, for instance as described here, if you use CC0-licensed code in your project, and the author of that code later claims your project is infringing a patent they own regarding that code, your defense will be limited. Avoiding the use of CC0-licensed code is one way to steer clear of these so-called submarine patents that could years later torpedo you.

    • Debian Family

      • TailsTails 5.3 is out

        Automatic upgrades are available from Tails 5.0 or later to 5.3.

        You can reduce the size of the download of future automatic upgrades by doing a manual upgrade to the latest version.

      • Its FOSSDebian May Consider Including Non-Free Firmware in Official Releases

        Debian is one of the most loved Linux distributions for its approach to stability and a balance between new features.

        Also, it does not come with any non-free firmware.

        However, that is becoming an issue for users who want to use Debian on newer hardware.

        Most of the latest devices and configurations need non-free firmware to make things work, which includes Wi-Fi, graphics, and more.

        And to address that, Steve McIntyre, a Debian developer and a former Debian project leader, has been actively discussing the issue for a while.

      • Raphaël HertzogFreexian’s report about Debian Long Term Support, June 2022

        Like each month, have a look at the work funded by Freexian’s Debian LTS offering.

      • Colin Watson, Steve McIntyre & Debian, Ubuntu cover-up mission after Frans Pop suicide

        We present a new email today revealing that Steve McIntyre (sledge), formerly of ARM Ltd, was invited to remove the servers from the home of Frans Pop.

        The email reveals that Debian was Pop's entire way of life. He lived with his servers doing free unpaid work for different Debian teams.

        If a volunteer kills himself and gives you a house full of servers it smells a lot like some Debian people got a reward for working Frans Pop to death.

        Therefore, if there are no consequences for killing somebody, if they get a reward from his assets, there is no reason for these people to change their behavior towards volunteers.

        To put the email in context, remember that Colin Watson was trying to downplay the significance of that phrase "His main concern was his work for Debian". Yet he lived surrounded by his computers.

        We could think of this visit to Frans Pop's house as some sort of cover-up mission.

        McIntyre also tries to use Pop's previous cancer as a scapegoat for the suicide. His musings about this are absurd. McIntyre lacks the competence to make judgments about such medical matters, just as WIPO lawyers lack the competence to judge who is or isn't a developer

    • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

      • NeowinLinux Mint 21 release could be imminent as testing of ISOs begins - Neowin

        Earlier this month, the Linux Mint 21 betas arrived for public testing. Just 12 days later, the Mint team has begun testing the ISO images for the final, stable release of Linux Mint 21. We usually see ISOs being tested several days before the launch of a new Linux Mint version, but sometimes they can fail, which delays things slightly.

        Linux Mint 21 is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, which arrived in April. This means that Linux Mint 21 can be installed on a computer when it comes out and will receive security updates until 2027. This long lifespan is great for people who want to run Linux on production machines because they won’t have to reinstall the operating system for five years.

        Linux Mint 21 is a pivotal release, not only has the Timeshift backup tool been adopted by the Linux Mint XApp programme, but there’s a new graphical Upgrade Tool now. With Upgrade Tool, Linux Mint users will be able to perform in-place upgrades between major versions of Linux Mint. Previously, you could only graphically upgrade between point releases. The preferred method for major upgrades before was a clean install, but a command line option was available too.

      • UbuntuOmnichannel Enablement: 4 technology success factors | Canonical/Ubuntu

        The days in which a business could thrive by serving customers through brick-and-mortar stores alone are long gone. Almost all retailers now offer a variety of online and offline channels, often with some degree of integration to ensure a smooth customer journey across different touchpoints. However, even these multichannel and cross-channel strategies are increasingly falling short of modern expectations.


        Compute capability, in the form of hypervisors and operating systems is at the heart of every omnichannel implementation, and these core infrastructure components must be reliable. Retailers need to know that their solutions will be well supported not just today, but in the long-term, so it is important to choose technology vendors with a longstanding track record for stability and quality.

        At the same time, these infrastructure solutions must be extensible. Omnichannel strategies depend on flexibility to continue meeting evolving customer expectations, which means that infrastructure needs to be able to seamlessly grow out and integrate with newly emerging technologies.

        To cut operational complexity while maximising agility, it is best to utilise the same operating system and tooling across platforms. By deploying the same solutions at the edge, on-premises, and in the cloud, it becomes much easier to port workloads and manage the environment without duplicating effort.

    • Mobile Systems/Mobile Applications

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • OSI BlogOSI to attend SCaLE 19x conference

      We’re off again! This time to SCaLE 19X- the 19th annual Southern California Linux Expo happening July 28th – July 30th. SCaLE is the largest community-run open-source and free software conference in North America and is held annually in the greater Los Angeles area. We would love to meet you if you’re planning to attend. We’ll be at booth 501.

      Check out OSI board member Aeva Black’s keynote presentation on Saturday, July 29th. Aeva will be discussing the impact of this year’s developments on developers and users of OSS software. There is an impressive amount of speakers, all the way up to Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the internet.

    • SUSE's Corporate BlogTech Talks: An HPE and SUSE webinar series starting on Aug 10 [Ed: SUSE in Germany flirting with the company that infamously helped Microsoft attack GNU/Linux in Munich]
    • Web Browsers

      • Mozilla

        • TechRepublicFirefox finally ships with long-awaited swipe gestures

           Firefox has been my web browser of choice for a very long time. Sure, it’s had its ups and downs — such as one extended period when the browser suffered from serious bloat — but, for the most part, the open-source browser has been solid, secure and easy to use.

          But there’s one feature I’ve been waiting for a long time to see: One that makes using the browser considerably more efficient when a trackpad is involved, and a feature that makes me jealous every time I hop on my MacBook Pro and use just about any browser. It is a feature that so many users have begged to get, especially in the Linux version of Firefox, which is my go-to combo.

    • Programming/Development

      • MediumGraalVM 22.2: Smaller JDK size, improved memory usage, better library support, and more!

        Today we’re releasing GraalVM 22.2! This release brings new features and lots of improvements to the developer experience — let’s go through the highlights!

        This release includes support for JDK 11 and JDK 17. As always, you can download GraalVM Community from GitHub, or get the GraalVM Enterprise builds from OTN. You can also install the latest version of GraalVM via the GraalVM Extension Pack for Java for VS Code or with Homebrew on macOS. Now, let’s take a look at what’s new in this release!

      • Mirantis Acquires to Bring NoOps to K8s - Container Journal

        Mirantis today announced it has acquired to advance adoption of a “ZeroOps” approach to deploying applications in Kubernetes environments.’s open source Lagoon platform provides a layer of abstraction that analyzes how an application is constructed using containers on a local desktop or in a Git repository. Lagoon then automatically invokes the application programming interfaces (APIs) required to deploy that application on a Kubernetes cluster.

      • Drew DeVaultConciseness

        Conciseness is often considered a virtue among hackers and software engineers. FOSS maintainers in particular generally prefer to keep bug reports, questions on mailing lists, discussions in IRC channels, and so on, close to the point and with minimal faff. It’s not considered impolite to skip the formalities — quite the opposite. So: keep your faffery to a minimum. A quick “thanks!” at the end of a discussion will generally suffice. And, when someone is being direct with you, don’t interpret it as a slight: simply indulge in the blissful freedom of a discussion absent of faffery.

      • ISTIO-SECURITY-2022-006

        Due to a process issue, CVE-2022-31045 was not included in our Istio 1.14.2 and Istio 1.13.6 builds.

        At this time we suggest you do not install 1.14.2 or 1.13.6 in a production environment. If you have, you may downgrade to Istio 1.14.1 or Istio 1.13.5. Istio 1.14.3 and Istio 1.13.7 are expected to be released later this week.

      • XSAs released on 2022-07-26

        The Xen Project has released one or more Xen Security Advisories (XSAs). The security of Qubes OS is not affected. Therefore, no user action is required.

      • A quick test of MongoDB 6.0 with syslog-ng - Blog - syslog-ng Community - syslog-ng Community

        Any time I see that one of the syslog-ng destinations has a major new version, I'm a bit scared, as it is not uncommon to introduce breaking changes with them. MongoDB 6.0, however, was a pleasant surprise. I gave it a quick try, and everything worked as expected. Along the way, I even learned about MongoDB Compass, an easy-to-use GUI for MongoDB databases.

        Note that I only did a quick test of MongoDB 6.0. I did not try the new 6.0 specific features. All I did was sending logs from syslog-ng to MongoDB and browsing the collected logs using MongoDB Compass.

      • Apache BlogThe Apache News Round-up: week ending 22 July 2022

        We’re wrapping up another great week with the following activities from the Apache community...

      • Perl / Raku

        • PerlNumeric Variable Names With Leading Zeroes | Tom Wyant []

          Over on the p5p mailing list, a user raised the issue that use of variable $00 is an error starting with Perl 5.32, and asked that this "regression" be fixed.

          I have always understood that variables whose names begin with anything but an alphabetic or an underscore are reserved to Perl, and you mess with them at your peril. And this is the gist of the Porters' response to the post. Recent versions of perlvar say this explicitly, though earlier versions of that document restrict themselves to describing currently-implemented special variables.

      • Python

        • CitizixGetting started with Django – A Simple CRUD application

          Django is a free and open-source, Python-based web framework that follows the model–template–views architectural pattern. Django advertises itself as “the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines” and “Django makes it easier to build better Web apps more quickly and with less code”. Django is known for the speed at which you can develop apps without compromising on robustness.

          When learning a new language or framework, a new way to go about it is to connect to the database and to architect a simple client to perform insert, read, update and delete records to it, i.e. CRUD.

      • Rust

  • Leftovers

    • Pseudo-Open Source

      • Openwashing

        • FOSSLifeOS-Climate Releases 3 Tools for Tackling Climate Change [Ed: Linux Foundation would have you believe Microsoft (crime) is "community" and GitHub is "Open Source", never mind the brand "Linux" being misused for greenwashing]

          Learn more about the OS-Climate community on GitHub.

    • Security

      • LWNSecurity updates for Tuesday []

        Security updates have been issued by Debian (spip), Mageia (libtiff and logrotate), Oracle (java-1.8.0-openjdk and java-11-openjdk), SUSE (gpg2, logrotate, and phpPgAdmin), and Ubuntu (python-bottle).

      • What Are the NSA K8s Guidelines and Why Should You Care? - Container Journal [Ed: Will you trust a project created by Google and which takes security advice from the most notorious back door proponent (NSA)?]

        The NSA's Kubernetes hardening guidelines are extensive and can feel overwhelming. Here's how you can comply with them.

      • LinuxTechLabWhy You Should Use a VPN On Your Linux Machine - LinuxTechLab

        Linux is an operating system used for many different purposes, including programming, ethical hacking, and simply studying. These activities require constant internet connection and security to protect critical data like code or client information.

        Since VPNs are often touted as a go-to tool for securing your internet connections, let’s explore exactly why you should use one on your Linux machine.

      • Linux Foundation's Site/BlogOSS Security Highlights from the 2022 Open Source Summit North America

        Last month, we just concluded the Linux Foundation’s 2022 Open Source Summit North America (OSS NA), when developers, technologists, and community leaders from industry, academia, and government converged in Austin, Texas, from June 21-24 to talk about all things open source. Participants and speakers highlighted open source innovation and efforts to ensure a sustainable open source ecosystem.

        What did the summit tell us about the state of OSS security? Several parts of the conference addressed different aspects of this issue – OpenSSF Day, Critical Software Summit, SupplyChainSecurityCon, and the Global Security Vulnerability Summit. Overall, the summit demonstrated an increased emphasis on open source security as a community effort with various stakeholders. More ambitious and innovative approaches to handling the open source security problem – including collaboration, tools, and training – were also introduced. Finally, the summit highlighted the importance for open source users to give back to the community and contribute upstream to the projects they depend on.

      • MakeTech EasierHow to Get a Free SSL Certificate for Your WordPress Website - Make Tech Easier

        Imagine if a customer lands on your website to make a purchase but is greeted with a safety warning instead? Not having an SSL certificate can not only result in a serious loss of traffic, but it can also affect your website’s rankings.

        However, an SSL certificate costs anywhere from $5/year to $1000/year and can add to the cost of running your small blogs. Luckily, there are several ways to obtain an SSL certificate for your website for free. In this article, we will go over some of the best methods to get an SSL certificate for your WordPress website.

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Personal

      • SpellBinding: XCIMOTA Wordo: MUFFS
      • The Dumbest Card Shuffle
      • Oh, Poop.

        Lately there was this smell coming from the rug in my hallway. It wasn't strong but sharp and I noticed it whenever I bent down to pick up my shoes.

        Last week I decided to get the smell out and poured some baking powder over it, and covered it with a wet towel. It worked, which was actually a bit surprising.

        Anyway, more or less just when I'd done that I went on a trip to Finland for a few days. At some point during that trip, I don't remember exactly when, I sat down cross legged to wait for someone or something and that same acidic smell hit me stronger than it had ever done in the hallway.

    • Technical

      • Why you should not disable SELinux
      • Finding images on Gemini with Kennedy Image Search

        I have added image search to Kennedy, my Gemini search engine. Now you can search for images across all of Gemini space which matches a query.


        The results for an image search includes metadata like the image type, dimensions, and file size. Image type is determined by actually parsing the image using an image library. This is needed because about 1% of respones with an "image/*" MIME type aren't actually valid images.

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It's like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

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