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Linux Foundation Revenue Plunges ($18,000,000 Decrease in One Year) and Jim Zemlin's Wife Has Her Company Sued for Securities Fraud (Class Action)

The fraud that the Linux Foundation has become isn't quite what it seems or what it's called; nor is the company of Sheela Microsoft (Zemlin), where she is Chief Revenue Officer, defrauding a lot of people

Sheela Zemlin: SEC form
Source page from the SEC

Summary: The Linux Foundation is truly struggling during this pandemic and the business of its chief's wife not only collapsed; it seems like a fraud and there are major lawsuits

LATELY we have been writing about the Zemlins a great deal in light of the fact that the company of the wife, closely connected to Microsoft, had collapsed. Upon close inspection the company isn't only in financial trouble but also in serious legal trouble.

But we'd like to begin this post by talking about the Linux Foundation. We shall revisit this subject another day as we're still trying to locate the original (PDF) copy from the IRS. Once we have it we'll make a local copy of it and annotate the relevant bits.

Want some spoilers?

Revenue of the Linux Foundation is down by $18,000,000 but salaries increased 10% in the same year!! Jim Zemlin now gives himself a total salary of nearly 1.2 million dollars for the year (i.e. that salary nearly doubled in just a few years).

Is the Linux Foundation a "fraud"? That certainly depends on which formal definition of fraud one chooses. In our eyes, for a number of different reasons, Mr. Zemlin is what many casually dub "charlatan and fraud", lying about his credentials to advance in life and sell scams.

"Revenue of the Linux Foundation is down by $18,000,000 but salaries increased 10% in the same year!!"Does one charlatan and fraud attract another charlatan and fraud? Seems probable. Such people can relate.

Who does it favour if a charlatan and fraud runs the Linux Foundation? Foes of Linus (and Linux), obviously. They want hostile actors in charge of the person and the project, flexing their muscles every now and then (whilst openly rejecting Linux). Maybe Mr. Zemlin thinks Microsoft is a puppy that is loved by us. Maybe his wife tells him that. But he's wrong. They're both wrong. They are harming Linux while promoting stuff like Microsoft's GitHub, which is not only an attack on Linux but also an attack on Git and on Open Source/Free software in general.

Microsoft "pisses off and/or stabs in the back everyone eventually," an associate said today, "at least anyone that pays attention will notice either or both events gaming has been one of the ways that Microsoft marginalized Apple in addition to blocking desktop GNU/Linux. If it weren't for an addiction to top titles, which are Microsoft-only, many would have drifted away starting 20 years ago increasing over time. The inability to play games has been used repeatedly as an excuse especially in the business community, which should be ironic as hell."

Jim Zemlin is still not using Linux and he does not seem to think that this is a problem. In the meanwhile he's emptying the coffers of goodwill, giving himself massive salaries (he created nothing himself!) to the point where these coffers are a net loss. According to the latest IRS filing (that we caught a glimpse of but cannot download), the coffers lost almost 20 million dollars in revenue in just one year. What does Sheela Microsoft, a "Chief Revenue Officer", have to say about this massive loss of... revenue?

Earlier today we wondered, if when Jim Zemlin and Microsoft Sheela started dating GNU/Linux had already been very mainstream (and she disliked it back then) we cannot assume she has changed her mind since then, so she will reinforce bad policies in "pillow talk". Remember that she has worked for several consecutive companies that are closely connected to Microsoft.

"Remember that she has worked for several consecutive companies that are closely connected to Microsoft."So the wife of Jim Zemlin is a Microsofter and she never really liked Linux. "She would not change her mind and might even work harder to subvert and damage it," an associate told us today. In fact, from Jim Zemlin's stories (told several times both in text and video), it's clear he was the one wooing her and she was impatiently just looking at her watch while they dated, looking for a way out. She is judging people by nothing except money, just like her (soon) husband. This is not compatible with the ideals of the Linux development community, especially not its users.

As we noted here some days ago, the company where she is an executive managed to fall from $50+ per share (post IPO) to almost nothing (quick slide downwards to about $2 within weeks or months). The Chief Revenue Officer probably has a 7-figure salary and we know at whose expense.

She nowadays 'hides' her twitter account, whereas her husband deleted all of his tweets last year (strange behaviour unless one hides from his/her own words).

Looking deeper into the company of Sheela Microsoft, it turns out they're in trouble and one can find evidence of that in the public domain. About the IPO, an associate said that "it's a religion of sort," as "IPO are mostly when the company's principals decide to bail and cash out. Many companies have no purpose (and no result) other than an IPO spike like Bakkt demonstrated. It's a handout for those that got in prior to the IPO and were in a position where they were able to sell in hours. Those chumps in the company that had stocks which they were forced to retain got taken to the cleaners."

This is exactly what happened there. And her husband gloated about her career there only months ago, in public.

"It's not special in any way, not even in its catastrophic failure," the associate said. "That is part of a common, established pattern."

From a recent comment: "So this one also typical pump and dump down from 50 without bad news this is not a correction but 15-16 might me good opportunity to buy we shall see..."

That's an understatement ("we shall see") about what soon becomes a penny stock.

There's this lawsuit and investigation, proceeding rapidly.

"Looking deeper into the company of Sheela Microsoft, it turns out they're in trouble and one can find evidence of that in the public domain."A lot of real money (not the fake currencies they've been flaunting) gets lost and and there's a "Securities Fraud Lawsuit" building up. According to this, it's a class action. "The deadline to join the class action suit passed more than a month ago," our associate noted.

So it is moving forward already. Regarding the Linux Foundation, we've decided to wait for a bit and gather more information, though it seems crystal clean, based on the Linux Foundation's own admission, that it lost a lot of revenue. It's not in the IRS site yet, but there are ways around it, revealing that the Linux Foundation's revenue fell by nearly 20 million dollars. "The IRS has provided extracted financial data for this filing, but has not yet released the source documents," it says.

"In a future part/post we'll hopefully have the full IRS statements."At Bakkt, the revenue is 39 million dollars and net income is -183 million dollars, i.e. the losses are far higher than any revenue.

"At the end of the day there is unlikely to be anything special about Bakkt," our associated cynically noted, "it might be a garden variety pumpanddump undergrad business school project."

In a future part/post we'll hopefully have the full IRS statements. "If showing salaries," an associate said. "please be sure to compare the salaries of the deadweight to those that actually bring home the bacon."

As noted above, Jim Zemlin's salary went up sharply while the Foundation lost a lot of revenue. Shades of Mozilla, whose CEO seems to be undermining Firefox for Google's gain.

"Maybe some background about the original purpose of OSDL / Linux Foundation is in order," the associate said. "Also, what is its current charter. Don't let anyone assume anything based on the name."

"Finally, at least for the time being, please stay tuned because we might find a way to bypass the absence of a PDF."The Linux Foundation's loss of revenue (also reputation loss) harms the idea that people should confide in this current strategy. Based on recent developments, they nowadays replace events with diploma mills (especially these past 2 years) and then bribe publishers to promote the scammy "diplomas". Last week they promoted these with the controversial World Bank (WB). The IRS disclosure happens to validate what we said about them turning to diploma mills.

Finally, at least for the time being, please stay tuned because we might find a way to bypass the absence of a PDF. The Bill Gates-bribed ProPublica outsourced its tool to proprietary software of Microsoft (MSFT), so short of playing with GitHub GUIs and mazes we cannot quite put the data together for neat, formal presentation. This is part of a disturbing pattern; the Linux Foundation itself outsources far too many things to Microsoft and "clown computing". It's good that they still have, but that's about it. Its presence online, including its site, has been outsourced to proprietary software. That's clearly not compatible with its original mission.

What are the diclcosure obligations? Why is it taking so long? "IPO are mostly when the company's principals decide to bail and cash out," an associate said, and one must remember that Sheela Microsoft had also worked for other Microsoft partners -- ones that are paid to lie for Microsoft and the EPO.

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