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Gemini Links 22/05/2023: Smolver Security Hole Fixed

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Personal

      • 🔤SpellBinding: EILXPSM Wordo: LOXES
      • Music Index!!!

        This isn't really warranting an announcement... But I decided to carve out some of my music related posts into their own page. I often cite these posts and its nice to have a quick place to find them. I want to do more music related writing (even though I am bad at it) so I figured if I carve out its own page then maybe this can incentivize me.

        Every post I make is going to show up in my gemlog regardless - so I'm keeping my RSS feed the same. It'll just act as basically a "Tag filter"

      • Duolingo, Long Weekend

        Two weeks into Duolingo and I'm now in the Gold League (there's like, five or six tiers). Do enough lessons/get enough points each week, and you move up. So I have. I won my Bronze League by the skin of my teeth, then Silver last week pretty easily. I assume it will just get progressively harder. But, I'm sort of impressed. So many achievements! Gems! Shiny things! Challenges, and practices! The product managers have absolutely mastered the gamification of language learning, holy hell. Incredibly slick, engaging, no rough edges. And even a wicked sense of humour. One of my old online friends, much more fluent in Irish than me, started up again after a few months away. The first sentence Duolingo gave her: "I don't have time for five minutes a day."

    • Technical

      • Games Showcase: Hogwarts Legacy

        Hogwards Legacy, released this year, brings to life a world that many of us already know well.

        I’m not, I should say up front, a devotee of the series. I read and enjoyed some of the books, I watched and enjoyed the movies; and I think I understand why it’s been hugely successful. The world of Harry Potter is a fun, colourful place to allow one’s imagination to spend time.

        Still, it took me by surprise just how much I enjoy playing Hogwarts Legacy.

      • Sleepy morning

        Ah, okay. I'm typically in Amfora, and some related documentation seems to get me in the right ballpark. Thanks!

      • Internet/Gemini

        • One Week on Bubble

          The first week has been very useful for testing and bug fixing. Developing a multi-user system locally is a bit challenging, so many issues will only pop up when things are running live. I got up to v1.4 during the first week with some days seeing two upgrades.


          Using Bubble for issue tracking is promisingly fast and slick. All the cross-referencing and social feature (when they work...) are as useful as expected. Perhaps this will indeed be a viable choice from a developer's point of view, and maybe Gemini users will prefer this to going on GitHub or some other web interface? I can see myself preferring this.

          The search feature will need some improvement: it shows issues as regular posts...

          Issue trackers are hidden from All Posts so their activity is a bit hidden from view, but that is probably for the best. One can always follow the issue tracker subspace for more visibility.

      • Announcements

        • Public Service Announcement - smolver Security Hole!

          I have found a security defect in v1.1.0 or later in smolver: if you have client certificate authentication configured, client certificates (.pem files) could potentially be served if a URL request for the file is received. This is worsened by the fact that per-directory config files, .smol.json files, which may contain authentication configuration data, are also serveable in the same manner.

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It's like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

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