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EPO 2008-2014 Archive

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  • Colour codes:

    Above the law
    Software (abstract) patents
    Institutional abuse
    Staff deaths/suicides
    Ignoring court orders or due process
    Budgetary issues
    Patents on life
    Crushing protests
    Crushing oversight or other branches
    Reputation issues (EU)
    Patent maximalism/UPC
    Character assassination/Defamation
    Patent trolls
    Legal bullying
    Abolishing workers' rights
    Propaganda/Misinformation/Paying the media
    Conflict of interest/Dubious connections
    Systemic synthesis
    Illegal surveillance
    State within a state
    Alleged bribery
    Organisational crisis



  • EPO Imploding: Battistelli Throws a Fit at EPO’s Investigation Unit
  • EPO and UPC in Europe Now the Hope of Patent Maximalists, China Too is Assimilating
  • EPO Scandal: Benoît Battistelli's Arrogance Recognised by European Delegations
  • EPO Staff Protests Today and Protested Last Week, Targeting Corruption in the Institution
  • Exclusive: The Enlarged Board of Appeal Complains About Battistelli’s Corrupt Management to the Administrative Council
  • Protests Against EPO Corruption Approach 1,000 in Attendance
  • Rolling of Heads Likely Imminent at EPO
  • Dreaming of a Just Christmas: When a Third of EPO Walks Out to Revolt and European Judges Attack the EPO Over Abuses
  • EPO Corruption: Battistelli Augments His ‘Loyals’ Circle With Frederic Angermann and Charm Offensive in Patent Lawyers’ Sites
  • EPO Breaking News: The European Parliament Dismisses Complaint About EPO Abuses
  • EPO Staff Protests to Continue in the New Year, Techrights to Release New Material

  • Special report on EPO

  • The Case of Rikard Frgacic Versus the Croatian SIPO: Allegation of Corruption in Relation to Trademark Reassignment Under Željko Topić’s Watch: Part XVI
  • Corruption at the Croatian State Intellectual Property Office Which Željko Topić Came From: Part XV
  • The EPO Shaken by Croatian Revelations: Part XIV
  • The EPO’s Vice-President Željko Topić and the Case of Ivan Kabalin: Part XIII
  • France Gets Involved in Battistelli's Abuses in the EPO - Part XII
  • Vesna Stilin’s Remarks on Željko Topić: Part XI
  • Special Report: Many Criminal Charges Against EPO Vice-President Željko Topić
  • How the EPO’s Executive Branch (Battistelli and Topić) Banned Scrutiny and Created Authoritarian Model of Control: Part X
  • How to Complain About the EPO to National Delegations in Europe: Part IX
  • The EPO Is More Corrupt Under Battistelli Than Under Alison Brimelow: Part VIII
  • The EPO’s Public Relations Disaster Amid Distrust From Within (and EPO Communications Chief Leaves): Part VII
  • The EPO’s Protection Triangle of Battistelli, Kongstad, and Topić: Part VI
  • Benoît Battistelli’s Balkan Standards in EPO: Part V
  • European Patent Office Disorganisation: Problems With the Audit Mechanisms – Part IV
  • European Patent Office/Organisation – Suspicion of Improper Collusion Between EPO President and Chairman of the Administrative Council: Part III
  • Željko Topić, Benoît Battistelli, and the European Patent Office (EPO): Part II
  • Suspicion of High-Level Corruption at the European Patent Office (EPO): Part I

  • 2013

  • The EPO Has Gone Rogue, Disregards the Law
  • With Unitary Patent Scheme, EPO Pushes Hard for Software Patenting (More Leech Income)

  • 2012

  • EPO Decides to Listen to Anti-Patents Stance, USPTO Censors It
  • Google Helps EPO Manage Monopolies, Unitary Patent Aided
  • EPO Advisory Board Likes Patents

  • 2011

  • EPO and Other Lawyers-dominated Circles Push for Software Patenting
  • Cablegate: USPTO, JPO, and EPO Prepare a Global Patent System
  • EPO More Popular/Responsive Than the USPTO
  • EU Patent Failing to Materialise, But EPO and Politicians Begin to Overstep Their Line of Authority to Intervene
  • EPO Thinks More Patent Business (Filings) is a Good Thing, US Commerce Secretary Realises it is Not

  • 2010

  • US Patent Colonisation: EPO Promotes Machine Translation, New Zealand Still Resistant
  • “EPO Still Operating in a Vacuum”
  • USPTO Wants Feedback About Post-Bilski Guidelines, EPO Might Let Monsanto Patent Life
  • Lessons to the UK-IPO and EPO, Courtesy of USPTO Failure
  • Backlash Against The European Patent Office (EPO), The Extended Board of Appeal (EBoA), and Trolls-Friendly Patent Systems
  • BSA Blames Lack of Patents for Europe Being ‘Behind’, EPO Loses €2 Million in Kaupthing Bankruptcy
  • Patents Roundup: USPTO Grants Patents on Hotdogs and Harbours Pyramid Schemes, EPO in Transition, and Apple Turns Nasty

  • 2009

  • What on Earth is the EPO Doing?
  • The EPO Does Not Work for European Citizens
  • EPO in State of Turmoil, Patents Kill
  • EPO and the Swiss Department of Justice Want to Make Some Free Software a Crime
  • Goodbye, Alison Brimelow (EPO President)
  • Is the EPO Selling Out to Microsoft?
  • Patents Roundup: Microsoft, CSIRO, Patent Hawk, and “Corrupt, Malicious” EPO
  • European Patent Office Continues March for Software Patents

  • 2008

  • Alison Brimelow (EPO) Criticised for Referral to Enlarged Board of Appeal
  • Patent Problems: Google Unresolved, Bilski Resolved, EPO to be Resolved?
  • The EPO Crisis and Microsoft’s Patent Trolls
  • Patents Roundup: EPO Patent Numbers Decrease; Bilski Revisited
  • Software Patents Roundup: EPO, USPTO and Acacia