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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: December 30th, 2008 – Part 1

Posted in IRC Logs at 3:51 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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MinceR gn Dec 30 01:09
schestowitz “The US Navy has settled a whale-saving lawsuit filed by environmentalists challenging the use of military sonar for testing and training exercises around the world, with both parties proclaiming victory.” http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/12/29/us… Dec 30 01:20
schestowitz 75 percent job cuts at Free Radical < http://www.itwire.com/content/view/22492/1093/ > Dec 30 01:38
schestowitz “The depression had devastating effects in virtually every country, rich or poor. International trade plunged by half to two-thirds, as did personal incomes, tax revenues, prices, and profits.” < http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_… > Dec 30 01:39
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schestowitz Good news. BN is almost in 2xxxth place for traffic, based on Netcraft. Groklaw, here we come. Dec 30 08:29
PetoKraus sorry? Dec 30 08:43
schestowitz Never mind. Dec 30 08:47
schestowitz The hecklers are at full force today Dec 30 08:48
schestowitz /Everything/ to prevent the site from being seen as legitimate. Dec 30 08:48
PetoKraus hehe, seems like AMD gave it a nice buzz yesterday Dec 30 08:54
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schestowitz Is The Physical Bookstore A Thing Of The Past? http://techdirt.com/articles/20081… Dec 30 10:56
trmanco :O Dec 30 11:01
trmanco Spam alert on COLA Dec 30 11:01
trmanco oh, they are already expired Dec 30 11:01
schestowitz Oh no. It’s back??? Dec 30 11:01
schestowitz http://groups.google.com/gro… Dec 30 11:02
trmanco it a gmail domain Dec 30 11:02
trmanco example: http://groups.google.com/group/comp…. Dec 30 11:02
schestowitz I’ve just noticed that COLA activity rose in 2008. Dec 30 11:03
schestowitz Over 10,000 posts per month Dec 30 11:03
trmanco some might be spam Dec 30 11:04
schestowitz What a loser: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/0… Dec 30 11:05
schestowitz I knew he was going to sell out as soon as he gets in Dec 30 11:05
schestowitz I’m writing about it now. He’s accepting cheques from Ballmer, BillG and chums. Dec 30 11:06
schestowitz Change… change my behind. Dec 30 11:06
trmanco obama? Dec 30 11:09
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schestowitz Yes, trmanco. I have a good post coming. :-) Dec 30 11:14
schestowitz Hey, SR Dec 30 11:14
trmanco ok Dec 30 11:14
TheOriginalSR Hi there. Dec 30 11:14
TheOriginalSR It’s been a year. I’m a bit concerned :-( Dec 30 11:15
schestowitz Why? Dec 30 11:16
schestowitz You’re SR from the commente, right? Dec 30 11:16
schestowitz *comments Dec 30 11:16
TheOriginalSR Dissenting voices seem a bit, err… over punched :-( Dec 30 11:16
TheOriginalSR Aye, that’s me, mate. Dec 30 11:16
TheOriginalSR The dissenting comments are quite good, even if I disagree. Dec 30 11:17
TheOriginalSR They strengthen the arguement, but labeling them somehow detracts from things :-( Dec 30 11:17
TheOriginalSR I wrote your first guest article, so it’s not as if I disagree with you… Dec 30 11:18
TheOriginalSR And I’m even willing to write more. Dec 30 11:18
TheOriginalSR But the red text for some people, who make alot of sense, even if the opinion is contrary – - i Dec 30 11:19
TheOriginalSR it removes credibility :-( Dec 30 11:19
schestowitz Which comments specifically? Dec 30 11:19
TheOriginalSR good question – and not one I have a ready answer for :-( Dec 30 11:19
schestowitz TheOriginalSR: which one (Article)? Dec 30 11:20
schestowitz TheOriginalSR: those who are labeled do something interesting. Dec 30 11:20
schestowitz At first they just attack people Dec 30 11:20
schestowitz Attack, attack, attack. Dec 30 11:20
TheOriginalSR but it seems, skimming the last few days in general, it seems there is either !) c Dec 30 11:20
schestowitz Then, when they get labeled, they suddenly engage in an actual argument Dec 30 11:20
TheOriginalSR a) Agreement, or B) shilling, with no ground to just honestly disagree Dec 30 11:21
schestowitz Then they can whine that we abuse voices rather than label vandals Dec 30 11:21
TheOriginalSR Wow. It’s been so long, I can’t remember the article. Dec 30 11:21
schestowitz What was it about? Dec 30 11:21
TheOriginalSR I actually had several written, but my wife’s work made us run SLED for almost a yyear Dec 30 11:21
schestowitz I think Mark gave the first guest post Dec 30 11:21
schestowitz Oh Dec 30 11:22
schestowitz Sunday Refugee. Dec 30 11:22
TheOriginalSR and I was *discouraged* from doing anything else. Dec 30 11:22
TheOriginalSR Aye, that’s me, mate ;-) Dec 30 11:22
schestowitz Cool. Dec 30 11:22
TheOriginalSR SR is just easier to type ;-) Dec 30 11:22
TheOriginalSR I’m only commenting because I care ;-) Dec 30 11:22
schestowitz There is just one vandal that changed his ways in the sense that he gives arguments Dec 30 11:22
schestowitz One of them vanished Dec 30 11:22
schestowitz There are only 3 Dec 30 11:22
schestowitz eet is the worse Dec 30 11:22
schestowitz You remember eet, right? Dec 30 11:23
schestowitz He nymshifts a lot. Dec 30 11:23
TheOriginalSR I remember him well. He ad-hommed me many times for no reason at all. Dec 30 11:23
schestowitz He attacked readers too Dec 30 11:23
TheOriginalSR Trying to engage him in rational debate just got me called names… Dec 30 11:23
schestowitz He’s still around, but he uses other nyms Dec 30 11:23
schestowitz “eet” is too tainted now. Dec 30 11:23
schestowitz The Michaels guy was one of the most vicious vandals Dec 30 11:24
schestowitz Now he actually argues, not just vandalises Dec 30 11:24
TheOriginalSR AlexH makes some good points in the last few days. I don’t necessarily agree, but I’d hate for him to get a label :-( Dec 30 11:24
schestowitz He also stalked a reader and libeled him. He still does that, but only as an appendage to an argument Dec 30 11:24
TheOriginalSR I haven’t seen his past, so I can’t comment on Micheals ;-) Dec 30 11:24
schestowitz Alex won’t get a label Dec 30 11:24
schestowitz I never accused of of trolling Dec 30 11:24
schestowitz He’s just nitpicking a lot Dec 30 11:25
schestowitz And Microsoft can never do wrong in his eyes Dec 30 11:25
TheOriginalSR I’m actually downloading Mint, and getting ready to purge the last of Novell from my PC  LOL Dec 30 11:25
schestowitz Even the SFLC has begun talking out loud about Mcirosoft’s fake gesture to OSS Dec 30 11:25
schestowitz SUSE fell behind Dec 30 11:25
schestowitz I see it ranked quite poorly among those who try it. Dec 30 11:25
schestowitz Like 4th Dec 30 11:25
TheOriginalSR Aye. I nearly have my  wife ready to convert. Dec 30 11:26
TheOriginalSR She ran SLED for a year, and it was solid. Dec 30 11:26
schestowitz TheOriginalSR: follow the links in the red text and you’ll see the past Dec 30 11:26
schestowitz SLED is old Dec 30 11:26
TheOriginalSR She got Vista, and it’s now decided to blacklist her DVD drive in her PC Dec 30 11:26
schestowitz 1006? Dec 30 11:26
schestowitz 2006 Dec 30 11:26
schestowitz Blacklist.. is that a feature? Dec 30 11:26
TheOriginalSR So it shows up, but it’s not useable. Dec 30 11:26
TheOriginalSR Security Feature LOLll Dec 30 11:27
TheOriginalSR So she remembers the reliability and freedom of GNU/Linux, but doesn’t want to be Dec 30 11:27
TheOriginalSR *warned* again of my *subversive* thoughts on freedom. Hence, Mint is downoading ;-) Dec 30 11:28
schestowitz Security of course. Dec 30 11:28
schestowitz Go to secure the MPAA from financial bankruptcy Dec 30 11:28
schestowitz *Got Dec 30 11:28
TheOriginalSR oh, of course. Which means, a hacker in Bangladesh found out a way to rip DVD’s Dec 30 11:28
schestowitz It’s a pointless wart Dec 30 11:29
schestowitz You shut one hole, another one opens Dec 30 11:29
TheOriginalSR so everyone globally has the drive disabled until (if?) the manufacturer decides to develop a patch Dec 30 11:29
schestowitz You only aggravate the good people. Dec 30 11:29
TheOriginalSR Precisely. Like my wife, who was only trying to save a slideshow she made for her L6 class children Dec 30 11:30
TheOriginalSR brb roy Dec 30 11:30
schestowitz Ha. Teachers… those fiends! Trying to steal and pirate from poor artists.. those “criminals” (Glickman’s terminology) Dec 30 11:33
TheOriginalSR Aye, mate. She made a slide-show about slavery, set to music, to distribute to children to watch at home Dec 30 11:36
TheOriginalSR Vista, unfortunately, has flagged her cd-burner as possibly DRM-breaking Dec 30 11:37
schestowitz Slavery is an important subject Dec 30 11:37
TheOriginalSR so she’s stuck. Dec 30 11:37
schestowitz It’s not properly covered in education Dec 30 11:37
schestowitz They should spend more time educating kids about ethics, freedom and human rights. Dec 30 11:37
TheOriginalSR I convinved her that the newer OpenSuSE would work better. Dec 30 11:37
schestowitz Less about genocidal literature like the bible. Dec 30 11:37
schestowitz Also, mathematics and biology should be emphasised Dec 30 11:38
TheOriginalSR Imagine my surprise when I discover that *any* cd-burner must be launched as root from a terminal in any DE in SuSE 11 Dec 30 11:38
schestowitz None of that creationism (IMHO) and global warming being “an undecided issue” Dec 30 11:38
TheOriginalSR 11.1 Dec 30 11:38
schestowitz Weird Dec 30 11:38
schestowitz Mandriva and Ubuntu don’t work this way Dec 30 11:38
TheOriginalSR She agrees. Her district mandated that she can’t disclose the age of the Grand Canyon Dec 30 11:39
schestowitz Why? Dec 30 11:39
schestowitz Ha!! Dec 30 11:39
schestowitz No way! Dec 30 11:39
schestowitz Cause the Earth can’t be older than /what/?\ Dec 30 11:39
TheOriginalSR Because it might go against “Intelligent Design” ;-) Dec 30 11:39
TheOriginalSR than 6,000 years old ;-) Dec 30 11:40
schestowitz Sorry… not earth… “world” (with hell underneath and heaven above Dec 30 11:40
TheOriginalSR There is a work-around in Suse 11.1 – add yourself to a user group Dec 30 11:40
schestowitz This is outrageous. Dec 30 11:40
TheOriginalSR But if you have trouble running from a command line, you’re NEVER going to figure out adding yourself to a user grroup Dec 30 11:40
schestowitz “Intelligent Design” = stupid by design Dec 30 11:40
schestowitz [Apologies to religious readers] Dec 30 11:41
TheOriginalSR my thoughts exactly ;-) Dec 30 11:41
schestowitz They make children stupid, by design Dec 30 11:41
schestowitz They manufacture ignorance Dec 30 11:41
TheOriginalSR And Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” means teachers have to teach how to pass tests Dec 30 11:41
schestowitz Praise the gods and do your work 9-5, then start a second job Dec 30 11:41
TheOriginalSR instead of teaching material and how to learn ;-) Dec 30 11:41
schestowitz A levels have some similar issues Dec 30 11:42
schestowitz The goal is not to educate by to produce better marks Dec 30 11:42
schestowitz SATs likewise– they teach tricks and methods for ‘hacking’ the test, so it’s no longer about intelligence, but about perseverance mostly… a test of patience Dec 30 11:42
TheOriginalSR Exactly! And teachers are sick to death of it… but they get the brunt of the attacks… Dec 30 11:43
schestowitz RMS’ got 1600 in his SATs Dec 30 11:43
schestowitz I only found this out last week. Dec 30 11:43
TheOriginalSR That doesn’t surprise me. Dec 30 11:43
TheOriginalSR My irritated commenting was based from reading the sun/ooxml thread, mate. Dec 30 11:44
TheOriginalSR Is Sun responsible for ooxml in oo.o? Dec 30 11:44
TheOriginalSR Being on SLED for a year, we’ve had a, rather, outdated version ;-) Dec 30 11:44
schestowitz It implemented this at a later stage because Microsoft managed to bribe enough companies (Novell included) to ram it down ISO’s throat. Dec 30 11:45
TheOriginalSR So then Novell forked a version that already had ooxml? Dec 30 11:45
TheOriginalSR If so, as much as I despise Novell, it doesn’t seem like thier fault… Dec 30 11:46
schestowitz Not quite Dec 30 11:46
schestowitz Go-OOXML is older Dec 30 11:46
schestowitz And Novell built a ‘translator’ as part of its commitment to Microsoft Dec 30 11:46
TheOriginalSR so Go had ooxml *before* Sun implemented it? Dec 30 11:46
schestowitz Yes Dec 30 11:46
schestowitz Novell built software Dec 30 11:46
schestowitz Linspire and Turbolinux too Dec 30 11:46
TheOriginalSR ok. then that clarifies my understanding greatly. Dec 30 11:47
schestowitz That was part of their dfeal with Microsoft Dec 30 11:47
schestowitz Microsoft: “we won’t shoot your knees if you support and implement OOXML” Dec 30 11:47
schestowitz By doing so, they enabled Microsoft to say, “look, we have FOSS companies supporting OOMXL” Dec 30 11:47
schestowitz They just didn’t say that it was bribed for Dec 30 11:47
TheOriginalSR *nothing* Novell does surprises me. Dec 30 11:48
schestowitz That was just ‘insignificant’ details Dec 30 11:48
schestowitz Acquires (bought) consent Dec 30 11:48
TheOriginalSR Microsoft *buys* everything. Novell becomes a prop to make it look like they have legit competition Dec 30 11:49
TheOriginalSR and if worse comes to worse, they aquire Novell and the rights to Unix. Dec 30 11:49
schestowitz Can you help me proofread this? http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/… Dec 30 11:50
TheOriginalSR I’ve already been threatened by the Novell system – I know what happens to dissenting voices ;-) Dec 30 11:50
schestowitz I could use a second pair of eyes Dec 30 11:50
TheOriginalSR Hence, me not posting for a year. Dec 30 11:50
TheOriginalSR Sure Dec 30 11:50
schestowitz It’s also about the same topic of payments for favbours Dec 30 11:50
schestowitz but it’s new (posted 30 secs ago) Dec 30 11:50
schestowitz > “Hence, me not posting for a year.” Yes, well, I learned a lot over the past year Dec 30 11:51
schestowitz The research is very cumulative Dec 30 11:51
TheOriginalSR Is Gates buying CDs, or are they more direct investments? (less traceable) Dec 30 11:53
schestowitz CDs? Dec 30 11:54
schestowitz Stands for? Dec 30 11:54
schestowitz Congress delegates? Dec 30 11:54
TheOriginalSR http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Certif… Dec 30 11:56
TheOriginalSR guaranteed investmens, if you will. Dec 30 11:56
schestowitz Like SCO’s? Dec 30 11:56
schestowitz Larry Goldfarb, Baystar, key investor in SCO: “[Microsoft's] Mr. Emerson and I discussed a variety of investment structures wherein Microsoft would ‘backstop,’ or guarantee in some way, BayStar’s investment…. Microsoft assured me that it would in some way guarantee BayStar’s investment in SCO.” Dec 30 11:56
TheOriginalSR not really. it’s like buying stock in a government, almost like a loan. Dec 30 11:57
TheOriginalSR not entirely ethical, as reciprocation is “expected”, but not quite an outright bribe ;-) Dec 30 11:57
TheOriginalSR Oh, this one hurts, Roy. I campaigned for Obama :-( Dec 30 11:58
schestowitz Me too Dec 30 11:58
TheOriginalSR This is *very* odd. I’m under the understanding that “personal” contributions are capped at 2K Dec 30 11:59
schestowitz I promoted his candidancy in BN Dec 30 11:59
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schestowitz But I am not blind to issues Dec 30 11:59
schestowitz I like Linux, but I don’t approve Linus’ stance on GPLv3 Dec 30 11:59
schestowitz I also disagree with RMS on some issues, but I love GNU and FSF Dec 30 11:59
schestowitz Unconditional admiration or love is dangerous Dec 30 12:00
TheOriginalSR Oh my. This is fairly common here in the States, I must admit. Dec 30 12:00
schestowitz That’s how leaders can push people into a ‘war’ in Vietnam and other stupid things. Dec 30 12:00
schestowitz Don’t idolise Obama yet Dec 30 12:00
schestowitz He’s the lesser bad choice Dec 30 12:00
TheOriginalSR Corps often contribute under “employee” names, often without even thier knowledge Dec 30 12:00
schestowitz The whole system in the US is seriously broken Dec 30 12:00
schestowitz Characteristics of Failed State(R) Dec 30 12:01
TheOriginalSR Aye. We’re run by special interest groups, with the populace only catered to during “elections” Dec 30 12:01
schestowitz TheOriginalSR: being common never makes a thing alright Dec 30 12:01
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/16/… Dec 30 12:01
TheOriginalSR no, not at all. I didn’t mean to say that. Just that sadly, it happens often :-( Dec 30 12:02
schestowitz “Microsoft’s perspective is best reflected by Bob Herbold, Chief Operating Officer, to whom the CFO reports. Bob very sincerely replied, “Bill, everyone is doing it.” “ Dec 30 12:02
schestowitz There are countries that were destoryed by blind love for a ‘fuhrer’ Dec 30 12:02
schestowitz Obama faces obstacled Dec 30 12:03
schestowitz Obama faces obstacles Dec 30 12:03
schestowitz They say (some say) that Kennedy was killed for trying to change the system Dec 30 12:03
schestowitz As in reform it Dec 30 12:03
schestowitz Mandela almost died too Dec 30 12:03
TheOriginalSR Yep. Fuhrer Bush almost destroyed mine. “You’re either for me or terrorists” directllly mirrors Goebellls Dec 30 12:04
TheOriginalSR Kennedy was. He was shot precisely *4* days after announcing he would end the Vietnam War ;-) Dec 30 12:05
TheOriginalSR My hero, Steven Bantu Biko, *did* die for attempting peaceful reform and peace ;-) Dec 30 12:05
schestowitz TheOriginalSR: I know too little about Kennedy Dec 30 12:06
TheOriginalSR What is the money-trail now? Where are these outlandish monies going… Dec 30 12:07
schestowitz Not my home  country (nor my days) Dec 30 12:07
trmanco http://www.internetling.com/2008/12/2… Dec 30 12:07
*schestowitz looks up Steven Bantu Bik Dec 30 12:07
schestowitz trmanco: I saw it but won’t feed it Dec 30 12:07
schestowitz It feeds a Microsoft lackey (Adrian) Dec 30 12:07
TheOriginalSR brb – going to boot up Mint instead of SuSE Dec 30 12:07
trmanco ok Dec 30 12:08
*TheOriginalSR has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Dec 30 12:08
schestowitz What do you mean? Whicfh money trails? Dec 30 12:08
schestowitz Oh, he’s gone Dec 30 12:08
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trmanco Scammers Use Microsoft and IRS Websites To Install Viruses On Computers – Antivirus 2009 And Other Spyware Programs: http://www.bestsyndication.com/?q… Dec 30 12:12
MinceR r4wr Dec 30 12:14
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schestowitz Hey Dec 30 12:18
schestowitz trmanco: I saw that earlier Dec 30 12:18
schestowitz I wrote about it in BN Dec 30 12:18
TheOriginalSR The only problem I can see with the article is that if, say, %100 percent of the monies go to charity, the article could backfire.. Dec 30 12:18
trmanco meh, you always beat me to it :-P Dec 30 12:18
TheOriginalSR but if there’s no money trail, there’s *serious* trouble… Dec 30 12:20
TheOriginalSR also – has Red Hat possibly donated? Or the FSF? Dec 30 12:23
schestowitz Which money? Dec 30 12:23
schestowitz The Gates money? Dec 30 12:23
schestowitz What *is* charity? Dec 30 12:23
schestowitz Drugware? Dec 30 12:23
schestowitz ‘Free’ addictionware? Dec 30 12:24
TheOriginalSR good question. not as in “Gates Foundation” charity. Dec 30 12:24
schestowitz Did you follow the link on anchor ‘charity’? Dec 30 12:24
schestowitz A lot of people have misconception about what it is Dec 30 12:24
TheOriginalSR I must not have. Let me read again… Dec 30 12:24
schestowitz Because the media which reports about it is owned by the very same entities it reports on Dec 30 12:25
TheOriginalSR http://voices.washingtonpost.com/sleuth/2008… Dec 30 12:28
TheOriginalSR so “individual” contributors is as close as legally possible to a bribe ;-) Dec 30 12:29
schestowitz Well… Dec 30 12:30
schestowitz I didn’t say that, but you did. Dec 30 12:30
TheOriginalSR I did. Because it appears to be true ;-) Dec 30 12:30
trmanco Windows 7 Fails to Play Nice with Legacy USB Network Adapters: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Windows-7-Fails-t… Dec 30 12:30
TheOriginalSR Win7 is going to get alot of debugging before GM, though. Dec 30 12:31
schestowitz Vista 7 doesn’t exist yet Dec 30 12:31
schestowitz It’s just Vista with some gloss Dec 30 12:31
schestowitz For Microsoft fans to play with early for rave ‘reviews Dec 30 12:31
TheOriginalSR Of course, it’ll still be DRM restrictive, but trivial issues like that won’t exist. Dec 30 12:31
schestowitz It’s like Vista circa 2005 all over again. Dec 30 12:31
schestowitz Let the Windows  fanatics play with it and pretend it’s drek on a plate Dec 30 12:32
TheOriginalSR It’s Vista with a slightly different DE. Same restrictions on freedom, nicer wallpaper ;-) Dec 30 12:32
schestowitz trmanco: unless it’s to do with manipulation, I’d rather not mention Vista7. That’s what Microsoft would want Dec 30 12:32
schestowitz If you put vapourware in people’s faces, they can almost feel like it’s already out Dec 30 12:33
schestowitz That’s the point of vapourware.. to freeze the market Dec 30 12:33
trmanco it an illusion Dec 30 12:33
schestowitz Microsoft’s patent troll Myhrvold wrote this in an E-mail. Dec 30 12:33
TheOriginalSR remember Allchin’s +1 evengelism quote ;-) Dec 30 12:33
schestowitz TheOriginalSR: yes, it has a nice wallpaper Dec 30 12:33
schestowitz I can’t wait until it comes out Dec 30 12:33
*schestowitz has about 60 wallpaper from the Vista set Dec 30 12:34
PetoKraus :) Dec 30 12:34
trmanco some people are trying it in a VM, it is not real hardware, where you have to download drivers for 3d acceleration Dec 30 12:34
schestowitz shuffles these among hundreds more in KDE3.5 Dec 30 12:34
trmanco anti virus and stuff Dec 30 12:34
TheOriginalSR Yeah. So even more teachers can be locked out of teahing devices, just in case someone has figured out how to copy movies from the same deevice ;0* Dec 30 12:34
schestowitz Nothing was said about Vista7 secuerity mind you. Dec 30 12:35
trmanco so people are saying it is faster, and that is because it hasn’t been bloated up as it is going to be when OEM start to ship that crap Dec 30 12:35
TheOriginalSR gah. I can’t see half of my posts LOL Dec 30 12:35
schestowitz No coincidence.. Vista is a security mess for so many reasons and Vista7 leaves it as is. Dec 30 12:35
schestowitz trmanco: /which/ people say this? Dec 30 12:35
TheOriginalSR It’s only faster because of the Acer Ferrari’s it’s distributed with ;-) Dec 30 12:35
schestowitz Those whom Microsoft bribed with dual-core  laptops? Dec 30 12:35
trmanco as schestowitz says, it is Vista with some more lipstick Dec 30 12:35
trmanco schestowitz, no Dec 30 12:35
schestowitz Or those whose job is to sell Windows books (Ed Bott et al) Dec 30 12:36
schestowitz It’s naked emperor Dec 30 12:36
trmanco 1 sec Dec 30 12:36
schestowitz The mother with 3 kids doesn’t have a new $2000 laptop from Lenivi Dec 30 12:36
schestowitz Lenovo Dec 30 12:36
schestowitz And given the Depression that’s coming, she won’t buy a new one either. Dec 30 12:36
schestowitz Mint would do anything she needs for free, on the existing h/w, without turning her to part of t a botnet Dec 30 12:37
TheOriginalSR Hopefully, she’ll buy a netbook with Linux ;-) Dec 30 12:37
trmanco schestowitz, stuff like this: http://srcasm.com/2008/12/29/initia… Dec 30 12:37
TheOriginalSR We’ll see. I’m almost ready to boot into Mint 6 on hardware that XP chokes on ;-) Dec 30 12:37
schestowitz trmanco: it says nothing about h/w Dec 30 12:37
trmanco VM Dec 30 12:38
TheOriginalSR It’s already faster from LiveCD than XP was on the hard drive Dec 30 12:38
schestowitz Yup, nothing abouu h/w Dec 30 12:38
trmanco he tested it in a VM, it is not real hardware Dec 30 12:38
schestowitz The blog’s tag cloud is worth a glance Dec 30 12:38
TheOriginalSR Win7 is aiming for slightly-higher-than-Vista level hardware. Which puts it out of reach of probably 50% of the popullation. Dec 30 12:38
schestowitz http://srcasm.com/about-2/ Dec 30 12:38
TheOriginalSR installation complete. brb Dec 30 12:39
schestowitz trmanco: people with needed equipment and software benchmarked Vista7 Dec 30 12:39
schestowitz It’s as heavy as Vista Dec 30 12:39
trmanco yes I remember that Dec 30 12:39
schestowitz Some guy that says “Two words — It’s Fast!” is no benchmark Dec 30 12:39
schestowitz It’s like saying, “gosh! I’m so hungry I could east a horse” Dec 30 12:40
schestowitz To use that example from Elaine in Seinfeld. Dec 30 12:40
trmanco LOL Dec 30 12:40
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trmanco cool -> http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=… Dec 30 13:01
schestowitz trmanco: can you pls spot typos for me? http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/30/un… Dec 30 13:02
schestowitz Thanks, I saw the AMD news this morning. It’s big win. Dec 30 13:02
trmanco schestowitz, where? Dec 30 13:03
trmanco all the post Dec 30 13:03
schestowitz Yes, please. Dec 30 13:03
schestowitz If you read the site, then it’s easy.. Dec 30 13:03
schestowitz I mean, if people read it anyway, then they can easily report typos Dec 30 13:03
schestowitz Omar was doing that a few times. Dec 30 13:03
schestowitz It’s better to have that corrected once it’s spotted Dec 30 13:04
schestowitz In Groklaw there’s a thread only for corrections. Dec 30 13:04
trmanco ok, I’ll check in 5 minutes Dec 30 13:04
trmanco I have to go do something before I explode :| Dec 30 13:04
schestowitz Sounds like you need ./Wine Dec 30 13:05
PetoKraus :) well yeah Dec 30 13:07
trmanco back Dec 30 13:12
trmanco I’ll be checking it now Dec 30 13:12
trmanco schestowitz, I haven’t found any typo Dec 30 13:15
schestowitz Thanks Dec 30 13:16
trmanco you’re welcome Dec 30 13:16
*dsmith_ (n=dsmith@c-76-114-142-224.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 30 13:31
*dsmith_ has quit (Remote closed the connection) Dec 30 13:31
schestowitz zoobab: the file preview suit is connected to the Ray Niro troll. Dec 30 13:32
schestowitz I missed it the first time around. Dec 30 13:32
schestowitz http://reddit.jaanix.com/94912-cygnus-files-p… “Cygnus Systems has initiated a patent infringement law suit with Niro, Scavone, Haller & Niro Partners against Microsoft, Google, and Apple Inc.” Dec 30 13:32
schestowitz http://www.stallman.org/archives/2008-sep-d…  “The UK government says that many ex-cons become homeless and commit crimes to get back in prison. To solve this tiny fraction of the homelessness problem, the Conservatives propose to withhold some of the meager pay prisoners get for their jobs.” Dec 30 13:35
schestowitz *LOL* I searched for troll and got this image: http://tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:S434… Dec 30 13:58
PetoKraus “This is part of why the UK and the US have such a high fraction of the population in prison.” Dec 30 14:00
PetoKraus i am glad he said “part” Dec 30 14:00
PetoKraus the other “part” is simply because of neds Dec 30 14:01
zoobab http://media.ffii.org/25C3/… Dec 30 14:05
schestowitz Thankls. Dec 30 14:06
zoobab video is in the same dir Dec 30 14:06
schestowitz zoobab: put it in Google Apps Dec 30 14:07
zoobab it needs to be splitted Dec 30 14:07
schestowitz Then I can put it in an iframe Dec 30 14:07
schestowitz For page to page through Dec 30 14:07
schestowitz hehe. Nice picture Dec 30 14:07
schestowitz Is that Sarko and Appel (MS exec) sharing a boat? ;-) Dec 30 14:07
schestowitz Good presentation Dec 30 14:09
schestowitz It delivers the point concisely and convincingly. Dec 30 14:09
schestowitz zoobab: I’ll post a roundup about patents in a moment, so iframe would help Dec 30 14:11
zoobab http://www.digitalmajority.org/forum/t-1… Dec 30 14:12
schestowitz Perfect Dec 30 14:13
schestowitz Niro, Scavone, Haller & Niro Partners = Raymond Niro, right? Dec 30 14:15
schestowitz Just to be 100% sure. Dec 30 14:15
*Omar87 (n=omar@ has joined #boycottnovell Dec 30 15:32
Omar87 hi all Dec 30 15:32
schestowitz Rumour again: http://minimsft.blogspot.com/2008/12/no-la… Dec 30 15:33
schestowitz Collaborative biz: Why (Real) Relationships Matter < http://discussionleader.hbsp.com/haqu… > Dec 30 15:38
Omar87 hi Dec 30 15:43
*kapipi has quit (Remote closed the connection) Dec 30 15:45
schestowitz How are you? Dec 30 15:47
Omar87 I good, thanks. Dec 30 15:48
Omar87 You? Dec 30 15:48
schestowitz Just posted this seconds ago: (that’s why I didn’t respond) http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/30/m… Dec 30 15:48
schestowitz I’m OK Dec 30 15:48
schestowitz Meeting a friend in a few hours.. new year’s preparations. Dec 30 15:48
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  24. Prof. Thomas Jaeger in GRUR: Unified Patent Court (UPC) “Incompatible With EU Law“

    The truth remains unquestionable and the law remains unchanged; Team UPC is living in another universe, unable to accept that what it is scheming will inevitably face high-level legal challenges (shall that become necessary) and it will lose because the facts are all still the same

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    Remember that the young Campinos asked dad for his immunity after he had gotten drunk and crashed the car; maybe the EPO should stop giving diplomatic immunity to people, seeing what criminals (e.g. Benoît Battistelli) this attracts; the German government is destroying its image (and the EU’s) by fostering such corruption, wrongly believing that it’s worth it because of Eurozone domination for patents/litigation

  28. EPO Dislikes Science and Scientists

    The EPO's management has become like a corrupt political party with blind faith in money and monopolies (or monopoly money); it has lost sight of its original goals and at this moment it serves to exacerbate an awful pandemic, as the video above explains

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