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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: December 31st, 2008

Posted in IRC Logs at 5:15 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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schestowitz Which picture? Dec 31 00:00
neighborlee breasts Dec 31 00:00
neighborlee 3d virtual stuff..oh lovely ;( Dec 31 00:00
schestowitz It won’t kill you. Dec 31 00:00
neighborlee LOL Dec 31 00:00
schestowitz 3-d virtual breasts? Dec 31 00:00
neighborlee I mean I dont see any links TO them Dec 31 00:00
neighborlee LOL Dec 31 00:00
neighborlee no ;) Dec 31 00:00
neighborlee language can be a  silly barrier sometimes ;) Dec 31 00:00
schestowitz Oh :-( Dec 31 00:00
neighborlee lol Dec 31 00:00
schestowitz What was that funny thing.. Dec 31 00:00
schestowitz Wait.. Dec 31 00:00
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schestowitz When you said yum at the wrong time.. Dec 31 00:01
neighborlee cute ;) Dec 31 00:01
schestowitz I can’t recall how it went or what was said. Dec 31 00:01
neighborlee although, ive been subjected to alot of breast feeding as of late ;) Dec 31 00:02
neighborlee my good friend’s baby has done alot of it last several months ;)( Dec 31 00:02
neighborlee she’s very good about taking cover when im there of course..kinda funny/cute though ;) Dec 31 00:02
neighborlee LOL her child was crawling all around up inside her upper torso area one day..as he would if he was climbing or something, it was very funnny!! Dec 31 00:03
neighborlee would have made a perfect , most funnny videos I can say without hesitation ;) Dec 31 00:03
neighborlee as well the laughter jack makes just before she starts breast feeding him..its just hillarius ;) Dec 31 00:03
neighborlee rious Dec 31 00:03
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schestowitz gn Dec 31 00:16
neighborlee gn ;) Dec 31 00:17
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MinceR gn Dec 31 03:23
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twitter High all.  I’m back. Dec 31 04:13
twitter I expect most of you are sleeping, so I will too.  I’ll see you in the morning. Dec 31 04:14
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schestowitz wb Dec 31 07:25
schestowitz “Jobs’ Health Rapidly Declining, Inevitable News Spring 2009″ < http://www.osnews.com/story/20709/Jobs_H… > Dec 31 07:52
schestowitz ‘According to the anonymous source, Steve Jobs’ health situation may be far worse than we imagined. “Steves health is rapidly declining,” the source claims, “Apple is choosing to remove the hype factor strategically vs. letting the hype destroy Apple when the inevitable news comes later this spring.” ‘ Dec 31 07:53
schestowitz CBS newsman’s $70m lawsuit likely to deal Bush legacy a new blow http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/200… Dec 31 07:56
schestowitz “As George W Bush prepares to leave the White House, at least one unpleasant episode from his unpopular presidency is threatening to follow him into retirement.” Dec 31 07:56
schestowitz Just like Microsoft… they try to pressure people out of their job if they don’t obey the nastiness. Peter Quinn comes to mind. Dec 31 07:57
schestowitz http://www.prwatch.org/node/8100 “President-elect Barack Obama’s close advisers “tend to shudder at any parallels to George W. Bush,” writes Mark Leibovich, “but many reporters and rivals have noted the ‘Bush-like’ tendencies the Obama campaign demonstrated in its ability to control information” Dec 31 07:59
schestowitz “Alan Rusbridger, who edits the British Guardian, thinks fear of libel lawsuits from big corporations may have contributed to journalists’ failure to adequately report on the dangerous economic decisions that led to the recent implosion of the global financial system.” < http://www.prwatch.org/node/8102 > Dec 31 08:01
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ikle hi Dec 31 08:02
schestowitz Hey there. Dec 31 08:02
ikle guys i came across your channel on google Dec 31 08:02
ikle anyone does jailbreak here for iphones? Dec 31 08:02
ikle :P Dec 31 08:02
ikle hi schestowitz Dec 31 08:02
schestowitz I think G3 was cracked too Dec 31 08:02
schestowitz They keep trying to C&D those guys, IIRC Dec 31 08:03
ikle how do you jailbreak g3 Dec 31 08:03
ikle i got the g3 Dec 31 08:03
schestowitz http://www.iphonehacks.com/jailbre… Dec 31 08:04
schestowitz http://www.iphonehacks.com/2008/07/j… Dec 31 08:04
ikle i think thats where i was Dec 31 08:05
schestowitz There are more resource, but it’s a moving target Dec 31 08:05
schestowitz Apple hates freedom Dec 31 08:05
schestowitz “Jobs’ Health Rapidly Declining, Inevitable News Spring 2009″ < http://www.osnews.com/story/20709/Jobs_Heal… > Dec 31 08:06
schestowitz [just in] Dec 31 08:06
ikle oh ok Dec 31 08:07
schestowitz Here’s the thing Dec 31 08:08
schestowitz Apple is getting popular in the US, but Linux is a lot bigger outside the US Dec 31 08:08
schestowitz English-speaking sites don’t draw the correct picture. Dec 31 08:08
schestowitz And it’s the same with iPhone. In few countries the iPhone is popular, but those are the places our media covers Dec 31 08:09
schestowitz It’s ideal if closed phones are avoided altogether and discouraged through one’s wallet. Dec 31 08:09
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macabe Hi Dec 31 08:16
schestowitz Hey there. Dec 31 08:18
macabe I have this terminal on continuously and logged to IRC all the time-for the rest of our support staff to see and learn. Dec 31 08:18
macabe Is it causing any conflicts for you? Dec 31 08:18
schestowitz No, no conflicts Dec 31 08:20
macabe Cool, I appreciate it. We’ve bought our fearless leader a membership to Free Software Foundation for XMAS. Dec 31 08:21
macabe He’ll like the GNU membership card when he gets it. Dec 31 08:22
schestowitz Very cool Dec 31 08:26
schestowitz I know others who did too Dec 31 08:26
*schestowitz catches up with an attack at http://lxer.com/module/forums/t/28295/ Dec 31 08:27
schestowitz There is so much BS there that I don’t know where to start. Dec 31 08:27
macabe The “SLOG”. Dec 31 08:27
schestowitz The usual people defend me. Dec 31 08:28
schestowitz I’ve just caught up with this thread. I’m always sad to see lies about me posted without challenge, but I suppose I should expect them because some people who are affiliated with things I write about are not so happy, so they shoot my character, sometimes with libel they pick up somewhere and reuse. Dec 31 08:28
schestowitz Like many people, I sometimes err and I have many hostile readers who nitpick my writings to find some word they don’t like. Others try to associate me with some people who read the site and use these other people(‘s character) to discredit me. That’s not fair. Dec 31 08:28
schestowitz I’ll do a quick comment there actually. Dec 31 08:29
macabe Never is when you put a mirror to someone’s face and show them what they really are. Dec 31 08:29
schestowitz OK, posted. “If you find factual mistake, please correct them. Don’t scrape some false insults from somewhere and then glue elsewhere them to just spread them. BTW, people failed to detect some sarcasm from Shane Coyle. He later clarified. As for me, I haven’t lived in my parents’ house since I was 18, so enough with the BS, please. Happy new year, Roy” Dec 31 08:30
schestowitz I needed to just say *something* Dec 31 08:31
schestowitz I guess the bigger the sites grows (we had about 250,000 hits yesterday), the more subjected to scrutiny we’ll become Dec 31 08:31
tessier http://minimsft.blogspot.com/2008/12/no-… Dec 31 08:38
tessier No layoffs afterall? Everyone seemed so sure there would be… Dec 31 08:38
schestowitz tessier: an analyst advised this too Dec 31 08:38
schestowitz tessier: I saw this yesterday. It might not mean much. Dec 31 08:38
tessier It sure seemed to mean a lot when we were expecting layoffs Dec 31 08:39
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/28/o… Dec 31 08:39
schestowitz That’s nothing to do with ‘mini’ Dec 31 08:39
macabe Is the anyway to get an .ogg(v) of Revolution O/S? We have a class on intro to computers at the community center and would like to show it. Dec 31 08:49
schestowitz It’s too large for me to put on the server. Dec 31 08:50
schestowitz It’s also a copyrights issue. Dec 31 08:50
macabe OK. Can we point to the post and overhead it? Dec 31 08:51
schestowitz You can do it full screen. Dec 31 08:52
schestowitz http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=77… Dec 31 08:52
macabe Thanks. That will work also. Dec 31 08:53
schestowitz Oh, it’s snowing! Dec 31 08:53
macabe Also here in Rochester. Dec 31 08:54
schestowitz 17 Telecommuting Pet Peeves < http://www.cio.com/article/473164/_… > “Telecommuting is great. I’ve been doing it full time for most of 20 years. But it isn’t perfect. Working at home has its own set of irritations, some of which aren’t well understood—particularly by those who don’t telecommute.” Dec 31 09:00
tessier No snow here in San Diego Dec 31 09:56
schestowitz :-) Dec 31 09:58
schestowitz On the Charity Killer (Intel) and Linux: Dec 31 09:59
schestowitz http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/1… Dec 31 09:59
schestowitz And another one bites the dust: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/188/… Dec 31 09:59
schestowitz Maybe a non-MS-funded fork of go-oo? (I have yet to use it, but will try it now on your recommendation.) < http://ostatic.com/blog/a-diatribe-ag… > Dec 31 10:08
-christel-[Global Notice] As Chatham Island, NZ enters 2009 I’d like to wish each and every one of our users a very happy New Year! As normal #freenode-newyears is open and you’re welcome to join us there! We may send the occasional wallop over the next day, however, this will be the only global notice. If you wish to see further messages from staff please set yourself +w. Dec 31 10:14
schestowitz http://www.stormyscorner.com/2008/12/is-ope… She says “intellectual property”… yes… director or whatever of GNOME. Dec 31 10:15
schestowitz What is this nonsense about ‘right’ to ‘own’ knowledge? It’s time for IBM to call it a day with its ‘IP’ bubble (like the economic crisis which was triggered by imaginary property) and ‘pull a Bilski’ on software patents. Dec 31 10:15
schestowitz Copyrights are hardly an issue in this case, but this has always been an /excuse/ for GPU makers (oh! Our precious IP!!), which they _later REFUTED_ by going open source. Dec 31 10:15
schestowitz Just told someone about Enderle “Be aware that you feed a friend of Ballmer whose opinions are up for sale.” http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/23/ro… http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/11/rob… Dec 31 10:20
schestowitz Rob Enderle: Putting the ‘Anal’ in ‘Analyst’ < http://daringfireball.net/2003/12/enderle > Dec 31 10:21
schestowitz “Enderle for years has been banging the drum that Apple is doomed unless it switches gears and starts making Wintel-compatible PCs and competing with Dell on “style”.” Dec 31 10:22
schestowitz http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/2008123… “A joint packaging effort between the two distros was also recently announced for the transition to Mono 2.0.” Dec 31 10:24
schestowitz Link there to Jo Shiels pushing the dotnets [sic] into the distros Dec 31 10:25
trmanco http://gizmodo.com/5121311/reports-30gb-… Dec 31 12:15
trmanco scheduled DRM shutdown Dec 31 12:15
schestowitz *LOL* Dec 31 12:24
schestowitz Happy Zew Year Dec 31 12:24
trmanco LOL Dec 31 12:30
MinceR j0 Dec 31 13:23
schestowitz I probably have some typos here: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/31/i… Dec 31 13:37
trmanco schestowitz, nop, no typos Dec 31 15:38
schestowitz Thanks. I have a good one coming up Dec 31 15:41
schestowitz Antitrust Dec 31 15:41
trmanco ok Dec 31 15:44
trmanco people are trying to push go.oo to ubuntu Dec 31 15:44
trmanco https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubunt… Dec 31 15:45
trmanco well, it already is in Ubuntu Dec 31 15:46
trmanco sort of Dec 31 15:46
schestowitz Sort of? Dec 31 16:00
trmanco yes Dec 31 16:06
trmanco it disguised in Ubuntu with Sun branding I think Dec 31 16:06
trmanco it’s Dec 31 16:06
schestowitz Who is John Moser? Dec 31 16:08
schestowitz I’m writing about this now. Dec 31 16:09
schestowitz http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=mozclie… Dec 31 16:09
trmanco it might just be some user Dec 31 16:12
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trmanco 14 million euros for microsoft just in portugal: http://blog.softwarelivre.sapo.pt/2008/12/… Dec 31 16:29
schestowitz What is the gist? Dec 31 16:29
trmanco gist? Dec 31 16:29
schestowitz Short story? Dec 31 16:30
schestowitz Some other uni sold out? Dec 31 16:30
schestowitz I haven’t used Google Translate yet. Dec 31 16:30
trmanco no0 Dec 31 16:31
trmanco no uni Dec 31 16:31
trmanco that was a couple of months ago Dec 31 16:31
trmanco the AMA was/is sold out Dec 31 16:31
trmanco Modern Administration agency translated I think Dec 31 16:33
trmanco it has a limit for these kind of thing of 75 000 € but the “wasted” 14 million just in Microfoot licensing Dec 31 16:33
trmanco things* Dec 31 16:33
trmanco they* Dec 31 16:33
schestowitz What to do about it..? Dec 31 16:34
schestowitz Is there evidence of misconduct like kackbacks? Dec 31 16:34
schestowitz or BillG ‘visiting’ Portugal for some *ahem* handshakes? Dec 31 16:34
trmanco yes billy boy came here some time ago Dec 31 16:35
trmanco and ballmer too IIRC Dec 31 16:35
trmanco nothing better than to email Mr.Rui for more info on this, he knows better about this stuff than I do Dec 31 16:35
trmanco here is the official thingy -> http://www.base.gov.pt/_layouts/ccp/Aju… Dec 31 16:38
schestowitz If there’s no dirt, then all we can do is say: “this is tah sucks, waste of money…” Dec 31 16:39
schestowitz But politicians are not good at covering digital tracks Dec 31 16:40
schestowitz Get the names of those involved in both side and do some googling for intersections between them. Dec 31 16:40
schestowitz This give circumstantial evidence. Dec 31 16:40
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schestowitz Private firm ‘may run’ phone log < http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7805610.stm > Dec 31 17:07
schestowitz “A private company could be asked to run a huge database containing details of all telephone calls, emails and internet use, it has been reported.” Yay! Surveillance!! Dec 31 17:08
twitter Ah, good morning.  When you said “Jobs health” I thought of the continuing economic collapse http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=2060… Dec 31 17:13
twitter -“The underlying picture is terrible for the labor market,” said Joshua Shapiro, chief U.S. economist at Maria Fiorini Ramirez Inc. in New York. The initial claims figures were “distorted by some sort of breakdown in the seasonal adjustment process, with the holidays.” Dec 31 17:13
twitter In other words, it’s worse than they are telling you, again. Dec 31 17:13
schestowitz Duh Dec 31 17:29
schestowitz No, they try to scare you. :-) Dec 31 17:30
twitter Not having had a real job in more than a year, I’m reasonably scared. Dec 31 17:31
twitter My classmates got jobs, and some of the next class.  I’m afraid I’m blacklisted and smeared. Dec 31 17:32
twitter The economic meltdown only makes things more difficult. Dec 31 17:32
twitter easier for them, difficult for me. Dec 31 17:32
neighborlee twitter, blacklisted ? Dec 31 17:34
neighborlee maybe its all gods way of telling us to stop dividing ourselves by income, and start acting like real human beings and help each other ;) Dec 31 17:35
neighborlee ya just never know ;) Dec 31 17:35
twitter I know there’s a utility blacklist, which kept me from getting a job back in 2002 when I was canned last.  It is difficult for me to explain my not getting a job in the last year after graduating from a program where no one in the last 18 years has gone jobless. Dec 31 17:36
schestowitz Socialism? :-) Dec 31 17:36
neighborlee shhoooo not to loud you make wake them ;) Dec 31 17:36
schestowitz Hehe. Dec 31 17:36
schestowitz No, not quite Dec 31 17:36
schestowitz The theory a wise friend explains is to do with regulation Dec 31 17:36
twitter There’s little and nothing I can do for others while I can’t feed myself. Dec 31 17:36
schestowitz That also relates to that Nader video I showed you the other day Dec 31 17:37
twitter AlexH is an insulting ass, isn’t he?  http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/29/sun-resp… Dec 31 17:37
schestowitz They loot and spoil the system (assuming infinite abundance) and then leave the ‘little people’ to pick up the bill and clean up the mess. Dec 31 17:37
twitter It is hard for me to imagine a job so shitty that people can pull together 4 vacation days to link Christmas and New Years this year. Dec 31 17:38
schestowitz People compromise obs Dec 31 17:38
twitter AlexH shows us that PR is one of those shitty jobs. Dec 31 17:38
schestowitz I know people who worked in computers and finance and now guard schools. Dec 31 17:39
schestowitz [Sheesh. Shane might be an example] Dec 31 17:39
schestowitz But there are more, they just typically keep quiet about it because they are shy Dec 31 17:39
twitter Blacklisted? Dec 31 17:39
schestowitz No Dec 31 17:39
schestowitz Who is/was? Dec 31 17:39
twitter Shane? Dec 31 17:40
schestowitz No. Dec 31 17:40
schestowitz Not as far as I know Dec 31 17:40
schestowitz You can ask him. He wrote about it in October, IIRC Dec 31 17:40
twitter That’s the thing about blacklists and smears, you can’t tell unless someone blows the whistle Dec 31 17:40
twitter The kind of people who won’t hire you, won’t tell either. Dec 31 17:41
schestowitz I don’t know.. Dec 31 17:41
schestowitz But I think we’re talking about crisis time for the ecnomy in general Dec 31 17:41
schestowitz Either way, the number of people lining up for jobs is vast Dec 31 17:42
schestowitz Whereas almost no companies have openings. Dec 31 17:42
twitter Like I said, crisis time makes things easier for powerful people. Dec 31 17:42
schestowitz So likelihoods are always bad. Dec 31 17:42
schestowitz In situations like this, judging by history, radical measures are taken Dec 31 17:42
schestowitz Protetsts/police states/overthrowing of governments/etc Dec 31 17:43
schestowitz The US is a “Failed State”, accoding to somer Dec 31 17:43
schestowitz *some Dec 31 17:43
schestowitz But it takes other dependent countries down /with/ it Dec 31 17:43
schestowitz Fair enough, I guess. Dec 31 17:43
schestowitz America lives on steroids (energy it did not really have) Dec 31 17:43
twitter I want justice, not riots. Dec 31 17:43
schestowitz So — being totoalyl frank about it — it’s morbidly ill now. Dec 31 17:44
schestowitz Justice without riots? Dec 31 17:44
twitter Yes. Dec 31 17:44
schestowitz All change has ALWAYS come from the bottom Dec 31 17:44
schestowitz People who know history will tell you Dec 31 17:44
schestowitz Change never comes from above (comfort) but from those demanding it Dec 31 17:44
schestowitz The secret is in controlling people’s mind. Dec 31 17:44
schestowitz *minds Dec 31 17:45
twitter The US already has the laws required, they simply need to be enforced.  There’s no need to trash everything. Dec 31 17:45
schestowitz It’s a challenge to both sides. Dec 31 17:45
schestowitz twitter: Dec 31 17:45
schestowitz No so simple Dec 31 17:45
schestowitz Watch the second and third videos I just posted Dec 31 17:45
schestowitz it’s at the top of page 1 Dec 31 17:45
schestowitz The Republicans, as a matter of pracitce, enforce no regulatory rules. Dec 31 17:45
schestowitz That’s ‘their thing’ Dec 31 17:45
schestowitz That assume “Free market” (free to defraud, etc.) is acceptable conduct Dec 31 17:46
schestowitz But now the price is paid Dec 31 17:46
schestowitz For a stupid admin. that sent troops to invade Iraq and spend more than the sum of the bailout.. Dec 31 17:46
schestowitz “…if this is anything like the bug that caused Windows 98 to crash after 49 days when the tick-count exceeded 32-bits :P]” http://www.osnews.com/story/20714/… Dec 31 18:03
schestowitz Sex Offenders In Georgia Required To Hand Over Passwords… To Protect The Children http://techdirt.com/articles/2008123… Dec 31 18:04
schestowitz “It’s really amazing what sort of laws are being passed in the name of “protecting the children.” The latest is a law in Georgia that requires all sex offenders not only to hand over all of their online usernames and email addresses (which some other states require), but also the passwords to all of their accounts.” Dec 31 18:05
schestowitz http://techdirt.com/articles/200812… “Over the past few years, as the newspaper business got in deeper and deeper trouble, we seemed to increasingly hear some particularly clueless suggestions on how newspapers should save themselves — almost always revolving around some sort of backwards effort to put the genie back in the bottle, such as by all banding together, violating all sorts of anti-trust rules and collu Dec 31 18:07
schestowitz ding to charge for content. “ Dec 31 18:07
neighborlee well its a double edge sword I think..parents can help by educating kids, but that doesn’t always work ;) Dec 31 18:13
neighborlee kids are smart these days,,they find ways. Dec 31 18:13
neighborlee so other means are, sadly necessary. Dec 31 18:13
schestowitz Kids are brainwashed the most at schools Dec 31 18:13
neighborlee its that , or help offenders kill innocent children , imo anyway. Dec 31 18:13
schestowitz The plot is smarter Dec 31 18:13
schestowitz Keep the parents busy at work Dec 31 18:13
neighborlee yes,there are many issues at play here sadly Dec 31 18:14
schestowitz When they get back exhausted they just sleep, maybe run on some treadmill and get zombified by some telly, which is part of the culture. Dec 31 18:14
schestowitz So the kids are told what the teacher is forced to teach Dec 31 18:14
neighborlee of course yup Dec 31 18:14
neighborlee we had our mom at home for a longtime Dec 31 18:14
schestowitz The teachers in the US (I found out yesterday) are sometimes not allowed to say how old the Grand Conyon is. Dec 31 18:14
neighborlee dad had great job as enginner..no brainer Dec 31 18:14
schestowitz This is INSANE Dec 31 18:14
schestowitz They raise kids to not think for themselves or be told truths. Dec 31 18:15
neighborlee ok,that is JUST weird Dec 31 18:15
schestowitz As for the child offence thing, I missed your reference. Dec 31 18:15
schestowitz It’s an appalling thing, but they use it as back door to laws. Dec 31 18:15
schestowitz You can’t oppose terrorists or pedophile because then they label you one Dec 31 18:15
neighborlee well its a ugly situation I agree Dec 31 18:16
schestowitz Or call you terrorist sympathiser or whatever Dec 31 18:16
neighborlee people have rights  to be rehabiliated Dec 31 18:16
schestowitz The people in MOST need of surveillance are CEOs. Dec 31 18:16
neighborlee but children have rights to be protected from them, until they are ;)( Dec 31 18:16
schestowitz The BIG crimes are White-collar crimes Dec 31 18:16
schestowitz They cause the most damage and can result in suicides,drug addiction, countries going to war, etc Dec 31 18:16
schestowitz neighborlee: yes, but surveillance is no protection Dec 31 18:17
schestowitz To put it differently, as Schneir puts it, having utilities for spying does not always improve security Dec 31 18:17
neighborlee education is of course very important..but often its not enough Dec 31 18:17
schestowitz People can communicate by voice too and given spying, they probably will Dec 31 18:17
neighborlee so until we as a society figure out something else,,I dont know what else can be done Dec 31 18:18
schestowitz Education is a biased thing. Dec 31 18:18
neighborlee but necessary :) Dec 31 18:18
neighborlee its like medical science is only as good as those implemnting it ;) Dec 31 18:18
schestowitz Dogs have more instincts than us homo sapient. Dec 31 18:18
neighborlee and only as good as our research teams ;) Dec 31 18:18
schestowitz The human mind is more complex, so you can raise people to be civil.. or animals. Dec 31 18:18
neighborlee quite Dec 31 18:19
schestowitz You can’t make a dig religious… or a shrewd terrorist Dec 31 18:19
schestowitz But you can make a dig more (or less) violent Dec 31 18:19
schestowitz *dog Dec 31 18:19
neighborlee heh Dec 31 18:19
schestowitz Double typo Dec 31 18:19
neighborlee :) Dec 31 18:19
neighborlee I knew what you meant ;) Dec 31 18:19
neighborlee dogs are already religious ;) Dec 31 18:19
schestowitz So education matters a lot Dec 31 18:20
neighborlee they are our best friends ;) Dec 31 18:20
schestowitz Look at how kids in different cultures behave differently. Dec 31 18:20
schestowitz Like.. compare kids in China to ones who are , dunno… Dec 31 18:20
neighborlee the dont judge love us unconditionally..how many humans can do that ;) Dec 31 18:20
neighborlee the/they Dec 31 18:20
schestowitz Anything I say here might seem racist … Dec 31 18:20
neighborlee na its ok..we get it Dec 31 18:21
schestowitz No.. well… Dec 31 18:21
schestowitz With dogs, there’s no such issue. Dec 31 18:21
neighborlee there are major differences in culture Dec 31 18:21
schestowitz I don’t need to go into this argument Dec 31 18:21
schestowitz But peoeple are raised to assume there is supervision from above… but no monster under the bed. Dec 31 18:21
schestowitz Why assume the existence without proof rather than assume the inextestyence until proof is provided? Dec 31 18:22
neighborlee depends what religion, and what parents we had :)) Dec 31 18:22
schestowitz :-) Dec 31 18:22
neighborlee thankfully mine raised me with some sense Dec 31 18:22
schestowitz Most kids everywhere are taught religion  whilst young Dec 31 18:22
neighborlee I was given the choice to do as I willed,,though it harmed none. ;) Dec 31 18:22
schestowitz I can’t think of even /ONE/ culture that has no icons. Dec 31 18:22
neighborlee and with the knowledge god loves me..that was about it. Dec 31 18:22
schestowitz Either human or imaginary Dec 31 18:22
schestowitz Or ‘spiritual’ Dec 31 18:23
neighborlee yup Dec 31 18:23
schestowitz Which is OK, but. Dec 31 18:23
schestowitz The religious entity, because there is no access to it, can be used for propganda Dec 31 18:23
schestowitz Like “going to Iraq to defend Christian values” or blowing yourself up for Allah Dec 31 18:23
schestowitz Not that religious is an issue Dec 31 18:24
neighborlee ah yes you mean the extremeists ;) Dec 31 18:24
schestowitz The biggest atrocities have nothing to do with religion. Dec 31 18:24
neighborlee yeah god loves em too, even if they are slightly on the fringes of humanity ; ) Dec 31 18:24
schestowitz In fact, religion sometimes prevents crime Dec 31 18:24
neighborlee well we hope so ;)( Dec 31 18:24
schestowitz “Do this and God will punush you or you’ll  go to Hell” Dec 31 18:24
neighborlee yes extremists are busy  aren’t they ;) Dec 31 18:25
schestowitz But the supposititoon that world astrocities would end had it not been for religion is false. Dec 31 18:25
schestowitz Congo has a huge genocide going on (maybe the term is not correct), but there is an issue there of wealth and resources Dec 31 18:25
schestowitz Lack of water and territory can stir things up Dec 31 18:25
neighborlee people do stupid things,,not cause they are evil..they learn bad habits..and the plot continues adnoseium Dec 31 18:26
schestowitz Extremism is not related to religion Dec 31 18:26
schestowitz It’s a justfication Dec 31 18:26
schestowitz It’s means to an end. Dec 31 18:26
neighborlee extremeism is a neutral entity,,it has no group collective thought or religion..it is of its own making Dec 31 18:26
neighborlee sadly Dec 31 18:26
schestowitz A person could commit suicide because of anger, but instead pressure self into thinking that it was done _for someone_ Dec 31 18:26
schestowitz Extremism is nothing to do with religion Dec 31 18:27
schestowitz Or… it would have existed without it anyway Dec 31 18:27
neighborlee yup thats what I just said ;) Dec 31 18:27
neighborlee sorry if I didn’t convey it well Dec 31 18:27
schestowitz The religious argument is a recruitment tool. Dec 31 18:27
schestowitz Like… “join our church” Dec 31 18:27
schestowitz Or… join  the Klub (KKK) Dec 31 18:27
schestowitz Factionism. Dec 31 18:27
neighborlee thankfully not all religious groups are created equal ;) Dec 31 18:28
schestowitz How so? Dec 31 18:28
schestowitz Well, it’s an identity thing Dec 31 18:28
neighborlee fred phelps and his       crowed really need to get a life for example. Dec 31 18:28
schestowitz Like an umbrella that unites subgroups Dec 31 18:28
schestowitz Fred? Dec 31 18:28
neighborlee yes Dec 31 18:28
schestowitz What’s he doing? Dec 31 18:28
neighborlee the homophobe ;) Dec 31 18:28
schestowitz There are some crazies Dec 31 18:28
neighborlee hate mongerer,,yadda ;) Dec 31 18:28
schestowitz Like a group that said “thank God for 9/11″ Dec 31 18:28
neighborlee similar yes Dec 31 18:29
schestowitz It’s like 100 people, 7 of which from the same familyu Dec 31 18:29
schestowitz Maybe you know their names. Dec 31 18:29
schestowitz *7>70 Dec 31 18:29
neighborlee the pretend to be ‘of god’, yet they speak only of hate and discontent for their fellow man,,, Dec 31 18:29
neighborlee they Dec 31 18:29
schestowitz Attention seeking maybe. Dec 31 18:29
neighborlee of course Dec 31 18:29
schestowitz Counter productive Dec 31 18:29
schestowitz .And unethical Dec 31 18:30
neighborlee natural result of the hate ;) Dec 31 18:30
neighborlee always Dec 31 18:30
schestowitz .Unless ethics are death Dec 31 18:30
schestowitz Some think are ‘aximally’ good Dec 31 18:30
schestowitz Like the most basic things: food, sleep, life Dec 31 18:30
schestowitz You can build up logic from there. Dec 31 18:30
schestowitz So human rights are an extension of this Dec 31 18:31
schestowitz Freedom like speech, software, act, etc. are other extensions Dec 31 18:31
neighborlee they all flow from the same source ;) Dec 31 18:31
schestowitz Because, without them, people a re repressed and denies access to things like rights (a level below) or food, shelter, life. Dec 31 18:31
neighborlee or they are suppose to anyway ;) Dec 31 18:31
schestowitz Then comes the issue of wealth and power Dec 31 18:32
schestowitz That has too little to do with simply requirement Dec 31 18:32
schestowitz *simple Dec 31 18:32
schestowitz Monkeys have no currency Dec 31 18:32
neighborlee yes and abs. power corrupts, absolutely ;) Dec 31 18:32
neighborlee yadda ;) Dec 31 18:32
schestowitz And I never met a chimp with a private plane ;-) Dec 31 18:32
neighborlee at least with some people Dec 31 18:32
schestowitz Maybe except some CEO of a company from Redmond. :-) Dec 31 18:32
neighborlee lol Dec 31 18:33
schestowitz Cheap shot, never mind.. Dec 31 18:33
neighborlee not really cheap Dec 31 18:33
schestowitz Now the ecnomy is collapsing. Dec 31 18:33
schestowitz How’s it where you are? Dec 31 18:33
neighborlee a shot yes, but they  bring it on themselves. Dec 31 18:33
neighborlee oh.. Dec 31 18:33
neighborlee overall fine. Dec 31 18:33
schestowitz Good Dec 31 18:33
neighborlee many rich people out here Dec 31 18:33
neighborlee imagine that..M$,  boeing..yadda ;) Dec 31 18:34
schestowitz So they build fences now.. ? Dec 31 18:34
neighborlee ha Dec 31 18:34
schestowitz For the mob? Dec 31 18:34
neighborlee god knows ;) Dec 31 18:34
neighborlee i’d rather not atm..I have enough oh my plate ;) Dec 31 18:34
neighborlee oh/on Dec 31 18:34
schestowitz Taiwan Asks Powerchip to Resubmit Bailout Proposal < http://www.pcworld.com/article/156207/p… > Dec 31 18:42
schestowitz http://www.schneier.com/blog/archi… Dec 31 18:44
trmanco grr Dec 31 20:32
trmanco motzarella is down, no usenet for now :( Dec 31 20:32
neighborlee I dont even use usenet..I know about it but thats it,,is that c razy ? lol Dec 31 20:36
neighborlee o_0 Dec 31 20:36
schestowitz Bad timing Dec 31 20:36
schestowitz Mark’s is down too Dec 31 20:36
schestowitz I’ll catch up with followups in the weekend when it’s back up. Web-based is a mess for tracking high-activity NGs Dec 31 20:37
trmanco it is back online Dec 31 20:41
schestowitz Many trolls use motzarella, so I’m sure they’ll be delighted Dec 31 20:46
trmanco lol Dec 31 20:49
trmanco it was just for a couple of minutes, they probably didn’t notice Dec 31 20:49
trmanco http://groups.google.com/group/com… Dec 31 20:50
schestowitz I don’t want to view it from Google Dec 31 20:51
schestowitz The trolls are not invisible. ;-) Dec 31 20:51
trmanco what do you mean? Dec 31 20:53
trmanco they are visible, some of them Dec 31 20:53
trmanco there is only one “ghost” Dec 31 20:54
schestowitz Yes, but no killfile Dec 31 21:03
schestowitz It’s too k00ky Dec 31 21:04
tessier http://www.fudzilla.com/index.php?option… Dec 31 22:06
tessier WTF? So are there layoffs or aren’t there? Dec 31 22:06
*kentma (n=user@GLPHON22-1168101524.sdsl.bell.ca) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 31 22:48
kentma Happy new one to all Dec 31 22:49
trmanco happy new year to you too :) Dec 31 22:53
*kentma has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Dec 31 23:06
*kentma (n=user@GLPHON22-1168101524.sdsl.bell.ca) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 31 23:06
*kentma1 (n=user@GLPHON22-1168101524.sdsl.bell.ca) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 31 23:18
*kentma has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Dec 31 23:19
trmanco http://www.groklaw.net/article.ph… Dec 31 23:24
*kevin_ (n=kevin@adsl-71-132-192-32.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 31 23:30
kevin_ did you hear about the massive zune meltdown? Dec 31 23:30
MinceR i did Dec 31 23:31
kevin_ quite funny Dec 31 23:33
trmanco Leaked Windows 7 Beta Includes Free Security Holes: http://www.blogpirate.org/2008/12/31/leak… Dec 31 23:34
trmanco Microfoot has an explanation for the Zune failure Dec 31 23:35
kevin_ we can always go back to 1969… hehe Dec 31 23:35
trmanco http://gizmodo.com/5121822/official-fi… Dec 31 23:35
trmanco http://ml2mst.googlepages.com/nomono.png << LOL Dec 31 23:38
MinceR they always have an explanation Dec 31 23:43
MinceR what they don’t have is reliable products Dec 31 23:43
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