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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: March 10th, 2009 – Part 2

Posted in IRC Logs at 6:38 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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schestowitz $700bn can buy big illusions Mar 10 16:44
schestowitz Like Big Lies. Mar 10 16:44
twitter enough of those big lies can ruin a currency. Mar 10 16:44
schestowitz Economists are criticising this bailout, which doesn’t mean that there is no short-term gain. Mar 10 16:44
twitter what a nasty punch that will be.  Fat cats suck up all the money, but it becomes valueless due to overprinting. Mar 10 16:45
schestowitz The dollar declines Mar 10 16:46
twitter Of course it does.  What does the US produce now but imaginary property? Mar 10 16:46
schestowitz My understanding of this is that China won’t pay for it, so they just lower the currency (bad for trade) for a lifeline Mar 10 16:46
schestowitz tessier: Arms Mar 10 16:46
schestowitz if bankrupt{}, then for 1=0:100000 {sellArms(i)}; Mar 10 16:47
schestowitz Like they fueled Afghanistan back in the days… and Iraq too. Mar 10 16:47
twitter did you see that groklaw has an article on the tomtom case? Mar 10 16:50
schestowitz Lora Bentley seems to have quit F/OSS blogging http://www.itbusinessedge.com/cm/blogs/… Mar 10 16:50
schestowitz Moved to politics and corruption instead Mar 10 16:50
schestowitz Timey Mar 10 16:50
schestowitz Timely Mar 10 16:51
schestowitz twitter: yes, but it’s old Mar 10 16:51
schestowitz Computer Recycling- UK business fraud < http://community.zdnet.co.uk/blog/0,10… > Mar 10 16:52
balzac Jon Stewart Rips Into Jim Cramer Again (VIDEO) Mar 10 16:59
balzac http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/03/1… Mar 10 16:59
balzac WATCH: Jim Cramer Defends Himself: “A Comedian’s Attacking Me!. Mar 10 16:59
balzac http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/… Mar 10 16:59
balzac Roy, I really liked that quote from tienman (sp) on Microsoft being a ponzi scheme Mar 10 16:59
balzac I heard it here first though Mar 10 17:00
balzac I read a blogger who claimed that Jim Cramer was manipulating stock values on his CNBC show and his friends were shorting the same stocks Mar 10 17:01
balzac A lot of weasels are being exposed lately. I hope Microsoft is not spared. Mar 10 17:01
twitter gotta go for while. Mar 10 17:02
schestowitz zoobab01: Input #0, rm, from ‘/home/roy/tmp/kde-roy/kaffeinegsVNba.tmp’: Mar 10 17:02
schestowitz   Duration: 00:00:00.0, start: 0.000000, bitrate: -2147483 kb/s Mar 10 17:02
schestowitz     Stream #0.0: Video: RV30 / 0×30335652, 320×240 [PAR 0:1 DAR 0:1], 84 kb/s, 12.00 tb(r) Mar 10 17:02
schestowitz     Stream #0.1: Audio: sipr, 16000 Hz, mono, 16 kb/s Mar 10 17:02
schestowitz   Resize: 320×240 => 384×288 Mar 10 17:02
schestowitz No video or audio stream found. Mar 10 17:02
*DontTaseMeBro has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Mar 10 17:03
schestowitz balzac: Cramer is an idiot Mar 10 17:04
balzac no kidding Mar 10 17:04
schestowitz Part of the whole MONEY MONEY MONEY frenazy Mar 10 17:04
schestowitz I never liked him Mar 10 17:04
schestowitz Watch his image in MarketWatch (IIRC) Mar 10 17:04
schestowitz “MAD MONEY” Mar 10 17:04
balzac apparently, he used to live in his car with a pistol under the seat, now he has his own show Mar 10 17:04
*schestowitz atches the idiot holding money Mar 10 17:04
schestowitz These are the idiots who drove up the market by asking even housemaids to invest in stocks Mar 10 17:05
schestowitz It became fashionable, like cellphone Mar 10 17:05
balzac Mad Money can be a teeny bit entertaining for about 5 minutes, but only if you know he’s trying to clown his audience Mar 10 17:05
schestowitz Remember what stocks were about to begin with Mar 10 17:05
schestowitz It’s about cpital for small businesses Mar 10 17:05
schestowitz Not a pyramid scheme that pays commission to the likes of Cramer Mar 10 17:05
schestowitz The NBC people are hilarious Mar 10 17:05
schestowitz They are so afraid of showing people who say the truth Mar 10 17:06
balzac At least Madoff has some dignity about his crookedness. Jim Cramer is a buffoon. Mar 10 17:06
schestowitz Their career depends on the imaginary wealth Mar 10 17:06
balzac manipulating group psychology with broadcast media for fun and profit Mar 10 17:06
schestowitz Yes Mar 10 17:07
schestowitz Been like this for ages Mar 10 17:07
balzac manipulating stock value while your friends short them Mar 10 17:07
schestowitz It’s like Casono Mar 10 17:07
balzac The first guy to accuse Jim Cramer was the CEO of Overstock.com Mar 10 17:07
schestowitz But people have ignored them until it collapsed Mar 10 17:07
balzac the first prominent guy to really get on his case Mar 10 17:07
schestowitz Hehe. I’m listening to the “Comedian” part Mar 10 17:07
schestowitz Hold on. Mar 10 17:07
balzac Stewart clowned him hard Mar 10 17:08
schestowitz Ouch! Mar 10 17:08
schestowitz He’s speechless Mar 10 17:08
schestowitz HAha!! Mar 10 17:08
schestowitz Priceless! Mar 10 17:08
schestowitz His face. Mar 10 17:08
balzac yeah, his squeaking voice to Mar 10 17:08
schestowitz LOL Mar 10 17:08
schestowitz Jimmy phones friends to share their profits Mar 10 17:09
balzac i pity the fool Mar 10 17:09
schestowitz “Hey! I drove it up for ya matey!” Mar 10 17:09
schestowitz CNET too was earning Mar 10 17:09
schestowitz Creating optimism out of nuthin’ Mar 10 17:09
schestowitz Hehe Mar 10 17:09
schestowitz Tnhey close it on the low note with MAD cramer humiliated Mar 10 17:09
balzac I think maybe Cramer and his Wall St buddies were jealous of some of the new money in IT-oriented stocks Mar 10 17:10
balzac So they figured, we’ll talk their stock value down and have our friends short them. Mar 10 17:11
schestowitz Hehe Mar 10 17:12
schestowitz Stewart Mar 10 17:12
schestowitz Bartiromo[sic] Mar 10 17:12
schestowitz The optimism Gang Mar 10 17:12
balzac slapped the clown-shoes on him Mar 10 17:12
schestowitz Balrog_: if it can happen, it will Mar 10 17:13
schestowitz Always been known Mar 10 17:13
schestowitz But no-one complained becyas the market climbed Mar 10 17:13
schestowitz Honor de Balzac: “Behind every great fortune there is a crime.” Mar 10 17:13
schestowitz Anthony J. D’Angelo: “If you believe that discrimination exists, it will.” Mar 10 17:14
balzac I worked a contract at a company across the st from the Bear Stearns building. A big empty sky-scraper causing anxiety all around. Mar 10 17:14
balzac Then Lehman Brothers went down while I was there. It wasn’t a comfortable work-environment with everyone feeling like reality-show contestants before a tribal meeting. Mar 10 17:16
*easy (n=tim@user-54469337.lns5-c12.dsl.pol.co.uk) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 17:16
schestowitz http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/ar… Mar 10 17:17
schestowitz I’ll also show this to my dad :-) Mar 10 17:17
schestowitz “I wonder if M$ is still buying Unix licenses from SCO so the can inter operate….. Bwwwaaahahahahahaha! “ Mar 10 17:19
schestowitz http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_sto… Mar 10 17:19
balzac Not much babble from Darl McBride lately Mar 10 17:20
balzac What a name: Darl Mar 10 17:20
schestowitz Some people call him Daryl, no idea as to why. Mar 10 17:22
balzac I upgraded to Jaunty Jackelope Mar 10 17:24
balzac so I could run conkeror (not conqueror) Mar 10 17:24
balzac conkeror is based on gecko and has a UI like emacs. I like it a lot. Mar 10 17:25
schestowitz Conficker is based on bad engineering Mar 10 17:26
balzac Microsoft Windows is like an eager beaver, just waiting for trojans, virii, etc Mar 10 17:27
balzac The botnets which have been DOS attacking the Swedish file sharing servers are almost certainly botnets of compromised windows computers. Mar 10 17:28
schestowitz In a land that’s rocky, you use rocks Mar 10 17:29
balzac Apparently the “security” contractors hired by media conglomerates to interrupt file-sharing communities are paying hackers for botnets composed of broken windows machines. Mar 10 17:29
schestowitz TOo risky Mar 10 17:29
schestowitz I remember whiner Liberman suggesting that there was a scheme to DDOS his site Mar 10 17:30
balzac you think they have some kind of “legitimate” DOSS system they built? Mar 10 17:30
balzac I call Lieberman “Croaking Toad” Mar 10 17:31
schestowitz :-) Mar 10 17:33
schestowitz It was high load from visitors, that’s all. Mar 10 17:33
schestowitz So said the investigation anyway, assuming you can trust it Mar 10 17:34
schestowitz There was fraudulent accusations against Groklaw Mar 10 17:34
schestowitz Saying it had DDOSed sys-con Mar 10 17:34
schestowitz sys-con denied this BS as well, but the fake story lives on. Mar 10 17:35
balzac So many bloggers despise Joe Lieberman. Mar 10 17:35
schestowitz No-one beats Georege and Dick though Mar 10 17:36
balzac Bush’s illegitimate pResidency caused so much chaos Mar 10 17:38
balzac Look at the fall out, and this is with a soft landing Mar 10 17:38
schestowitz “Researchers say that American college girls drink heavily in order to get the attention of the opposite sex, but that this is backfiring as US college boys actually prefer a less boozy ladyfriend.” < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/03/… > Mar 10 17:38
balzac Imagine if we’d succeeded in impeaching the m*****f*****s Mar 10 17:38
schestowitz There was an attempt to dethrown Clinton Mar 10 17:39
schestowitz *throne Mar 10 17:39
schestowitz But not war criminals. Mar 10 17:39
balzac well, Eric Holder better roast Bush & Cheney over an open fire Mar 10 17:39
balzac Obama’s campaign derailed Kucinich’s impeachment efforts Mar 10 17:40
schestowitz “I didn’t inhale” Mar 10 17:40
balzac now Obama has to deliver Bush’s head Mar 10 17:40
schestowitz “I did not have sex with that woman Mar 10 17:40
balzac or else, we’ll always wonder what could have been Mar 10 17:40
*Omar87 (n=omar@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 17:40
schestowitz “It can come in the form of a mushroom” Mar 10 17:40
Omar87 Hi all Mar 10 17:41
schestowitz Hey Mar 10 17:41
balzac hey Mar 10 17:41
Omar87 Check out this old post about the bloated “Zune” thing: http://blog.wired.com/gadgets/200… Mar 10 17:41
balzac David Brooks made fun of Michelle Obama’s sleeveless gowns Mar 10 17:42
schestowitz Michelle=bribe breakfasts in my mind. Mar 10 17:42
schestowitz Have you seen this leak? http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/… Mar 10 17:42
balzac the name “zune” kills me Mar 10 17:42
Omar87 balzac: In what way? Mar 10 17:43
schestowitz Omar87: Zune is a horrible name. It means many bad things. “Vista” too Mar 10 17:43
balzac it’s so funny Mar 10 17:43
schestowitz Z – always at the bottom Mar 10 17:43
schestowitz [A]pple on top Mar 10 17:43
balzac this guy got a zune tattoo Mar 10 17:43
schestowitz *NIX comes before Apple Mar 10 17:43
Omar87 schestowitz: Oh! okay. :) Mar 10 17:44
balzac http://www.mediabistro.com/agencys… Mar 10 17:44
schestowitz Balrog_: it’s good. This lad is a PR disaster Mar 10 17:44
schestowitz Oops. balzac Mar 10 17:44
schestowitz Sorry about that Mar 10 17:44
balzac the look on his face says “Ain’t I a sorry bastid? Laugh if you will, but be warned, I may cry.” Mar 10 17:45
Omar87 lol! Okay this guy is totally retarded..! :D Mar 10 17:45
schestowitz Zune where it belongs: http://www.roughlydrafted.com/2008/05/09… Mar 10 17:45
balzac I’d call it an ironic tattoo Mar 10 17:47
Omar87 But, does the word “Zune” really have a certain meaning? Mar 10 17:48
schestowitz Not really. Mar 10 17:48
schestowitz MSBBC reports on downtime for gmail Mar 10 17:49
schestowitz Omar87: zune means “a fuck” in Hebrew Mar 10 17:50
schestowitz But maybe there’s more to the name Microsof chose Mar 10 17:50
schestowitz Let’s check Wikipedia Mar 10 17:50
schestowitz Vista means “whore” or something like that in Malta Mar 10 17:50
Omar87 Yeah, probably. :D Mar 10 17:50
schestowitz So people there can’t say it without laughing Mar 10 17:50
Omar87 ROFLMHO! Mar 10 17:50
schestowitz Wikipedia doesn’t say anything about the name Mar 10 17:51
balzac If I see software called “whore”, I’ll probably download it. Mar 10 17:51
schestowitz Its original anyway Mar 10 17:51
schestowitz balzac: the software expires after one time Mar 10 17:51
schestowitz It may also contain  lot of viruses. Mar 10 17:52
balzac well, if it has a good license… Mar 10 17:52
schestowitz It has none Mar 10 17:52
Omar87 By the way, today on my way home, I was chatting with a friend of mine who tried Vista 7. Mar 10 17:52
schestowitz It’s like BSD Mar 10 17:52
schestowitz aka “the rape” me licence Mar 10 17:53
schestowitz *the “rape me” Mar 10 17:53
schestowitz Omar87: those who try it early are fans Mar 10 17:53
Omar87 And I got shocked when he told me that it has the exact same features as compiz! Mar 10 17:53
schestowitz So all those who try Vista7 early are preconditioned Mar 10 17:53
schestowitz They are fans. Mar 10 17:53
schestowitz They judge based on faith therefore Mar 10 17:53
balzac I think that’s a BDSM license, but it’s only fantasy and includes “safety words” Mar 10 17:54
Omar87 No, this guy doesn’t really mind at all. Mar 10 17:54
schestowitz Omar87: Compiz is miles ahead Mar 10 17:54
schestowitz And it’s stable Mar 10 17:54
schestowitz It has been out for years Mar 10 17:54
Omar87 He participated with us at the Linux installation festival. Mar 10 17:54
schestowitz That’s good Mar 10 17:54
schestowitz Open mindedness Mar 10 17:54
schestowitz Leaning towards software that can be controlled. Programmer in particular like that. Mar 10 17:54
schestowitz To program for Windows is to pray Microsoft doesn’t change the APIs and ‘pull a Vista’ on your program (i.e. make it ‘expire’) Mar 10 17:55
Omar87 Plus, yeah I know compiz is waaaaa..aaaay much better, but what freaked my out is how frankly and openly Microsoft stolen the exact technology..! Mar 10 17:55
schestowitz Look what they do for the illusion of clash of civilisations: Security Theater Scare Mongering < http://www.schneier.com/blog/archive… > Mar 10 17:56
Omar87 And it’s not the part about including compiz-like features in Windows that freaks me off, it’s how they’re gonna simply claim that it’s they’re making, and they invention!! Mar 10 17:56
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TH… skip to minute 7. It’s all deliberate. Make culture wars to loot countries Mar 10 17:56
schestowitz Say the Rockefeller Mar 10 17:57
schestowitz Omar87: Apple had visual effects since the early part of this decade Mar 10 17:58
schestowitz But nothing to sophisticated Mar 10 17:58
Omar87 Yes, that’s right. Mar 10 17:58
schestowitz OpenGL-enhanced/accelerated Mar 10 17:58
Omar87 Exactly. Mar 10 17:58
schestowitz Microsoft did just fade effects and fli mode Mar 10 17:58
schestowitz Not enough time to test more Mar 10 17:59
Omar87 Really? Mar 10 17:59
Omar87 But the guy told me he saw the multiple desktops on Vista 7! Mar 10 17:59
schestowitz Fehhhhh..  http://edition.cnn.com/2009/CRI… People are trampled on, so of course they don’t like it. They should look at foreign policy, not the symptons. Mar 10 18:01
schestowitz Omar87: multiple Windows existed in Win2000 too Mar 10 18:01
schestowitz With addons Mar 10 18:01
Omar87 oh, really? Mar 10 18:01
schestowitz Yes. Mar 10 18:01
schestowitz I saw it Mar 10 18:01
schestowitz Colleague’s machine Mar 10 18:02
schestowitz If you don’t mind nag screens and potential stability issues. Mar 10 18:02
Omar87 So, all this hype about how “Incredible(.. NOT!!)” Vista 7, is merely stupid marketing, and a filthy hypnosis technique.. Mar 10 18:03
schestowitz I see that Windows sites are citing figures of OSes from the US only as though these are global Mar 10 18:03
schestowitz How dishonest or morally corrupt, just like the company they peddle this for. Mar 10 18:04
schestowitz Omar87: yes Mar 10 18:04
schestowitz Dvorak, who typically defends Linux, is the latest to be disapointed with Vista7 Mar 10 18:04
schestowitz Let me find it Mar 10 18:04
schestowitz http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0… Mar 10 18:05
schestowitz Some Microsoft fans feel the same way Mar 10 18:05
schestowitz “My initial evaluation of Windows 7 shows that it’s really just Vista with a fresh coat of paint.” –Randall Kennedy, IDG/IDC Mar 10 18:05
schestowitz Game on ;-) Linux on PS3s Runs Old-School Emulators < http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/vi… > Mar 10 18:07
schestowitz Ecuador’s migration to GNU/Linux still coming along nicely: http://www.tradingmarkets.com/.sit… Mar 10 18:09
balzac Old game roms and porn encoded in proprietary codecs – these are things I find difficult to let go of Mar 10 18:10
schestowitz Old game ROMs run in Linux Mar 10 18:11
schestowitz You can get decent emulators Mar 10 18:11
balzac exceptions I’d like to make to free software discipline for myself Mar 10 18:11
balzac I know, but they’re still proprietary software Mar 10 18:11
balzac on day maybe nintendo will release the source code for super mario Mar 10 18:13
schestowitz Yay. Good news: Mar 10 18:13
schestowitz Is Microsoft’s nightmare coming true (and x86 coming to an end)? Analyst sees ARM CPUs in most netbooks by 2012 < http://www.eetimes.com/news/latest… > Mar 10 18:14
balzac sweet Mar 10 18:14
Omar87 schestowitz: Cool! Mar 10 18:15
schestowitz Intel and Microsoft toll. Two bird in one stone Mar 10 18:15
schestowitz *birds with Mar 10 18:15
balzac let there be tears, Microsoft tears Mar 10 18:16
schestowitz What a great start for Linux this year. Mar 10 18:17
Omar87 Man, if this is true, then MS is really deep s**t.. Mar 10 18:17
Omar87 is really *in* deep s&%t.. Mar 10 18:17
balzac that is what they get for so many years of stifling innovation – they’ve forgotten how it’s done. Mar 10 18:18
schestowitz Hahaha. Reports: Microsoft Cripples Windows 7 Starter Edition in Hopes of Netbook Upgrades < http://www.dailytech.com/Reports+Micr… > Mar 10 18:18
schestowitz Not to way to sell a product, is it? Mar 10 18:19
Omar87 balzac: That’s if they’ve even known what “innovation” means.. Mar 10 18:19
schestowitz They just don’t know how to make money from Windows anymore Mar 10 18:19
Omar87 rofl! Mar 10 18:20
schestowitz And Linux gets superior all the time (compared to self, it long ago surpassed Windows) Mar 10 18:20
schestowitz Mac OSX would be a better challenger Mar 10 18:20
schestowitz Because Mac fans would be willing to pay for the Apple logo Mar 10 18:20
Omar87 Probably. Mar 10 18:20
schestowitz Viusta7-4-ARM? Mar 10 18:20
schestowitz Hehe. Will it /run/? Mar 10 18:20
schestowitz 500MHz. Mar 10 18:20
schestowitz 64/128MG of RAM… Mar 10 18:21
balzac I don’t mind lower specs. Mar 10 18:21
schestowitz Maybe Microsoft will try to bloat up ARM like it did with Intel… and end up with over-sub-notebooks whose battery life is 3 hours Mar 10 18:21
balzac You can do lots of interesting things with a 500mhz cpu Mar 10 18:21
schestowitz Instead of the $199 netbooks ASUS originally promised Mar 10 18:21
balzac Microkraap Mar 10 18:21
schestowitz The issue is power Mar 10 18:22
Omar87 Conclusion: There isn’t anything to wary about from Vista 7 anymore.. It’s just another new old Windows with a new old stupid look. :) Mar 10 18:22
schestowitz You’d think that making stronger processor would help Vista Hog Edition 7 Mar 10 18:22
schestowitz But it just drains the battery Mar 10 18:22
schestowitz It also drives up wieight and cost. Requires R&D ($$) Mar 10 18:22
schestowitz Omar87: it’s Vista with PE Mar 10 18:23
schestowitz *PR Mar 10 18:23
schestowitz Like Mojave Mar 10 18:23
schestowitz Did Mojave have nice wallpapers? Mar 10 18:23
trmanco today is patch tuesday Mar 10 18:24
Omar87 PE? Mar 10 18:24
Omar87 PR? Mar 10 18:24
trmanco the day all Msofties need a reboot Mar 10 18:24
Omar87 trmanco: And defragmentation too. ;) Mar 10 18:25
schestowitz ================================== ======================================= Mar 10 18:26
schestowitz | ERROR: can’t open a fouth process`                                      | Mar 10 18:26
schestowitz | Mar 10 18:26
schestowitz ================================= ======================================== Mar 10 18:26
schestowitz *fourth Mar 10 18:26
trmanco looool Mar 10 18:26
schestowitz trmanco: oh noes, skype might go down Mar 10 18:26
balzac can’t open a fourth process – how chickensh*t can you be? Mar 10 18:27
balzac That is hilarious. Mar 10 18:27
schestowitz http://www.istartedsomething…. Mar 10 18:27
trmanco schestowitz, no that is too fancy, the OS will throw a yellow screen instead Mar 10 18:27
schestowitz Balloon? Mar 10 18:27
trmanco they use Windows Mar 10 18:28
trmanco ahhh, good thing I don’t use skype Mar 10 18:28
schestowitz WTF does the LF doing sitting down/inviting Linux-suing scum? http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29612847/ Mar 10 18:31
schestowitz “For the first time, the Linux Foundation, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems will sit down at one table to debate the future of the respective operating systems. Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin will moderate the discussion, which will include Sam Ramji…” I’ve heard bad things about this infiltrator Mar 10 18:31
schestowitz Why does the LF invite them? Mar 10 18:31
MinceR lol @ message box Mar 10 18:31
schestowitz Microsoft is suing them. Mar 10 18:31
balzac Because maybe they’re eager beavers to sell out? Mar 10 18:33
schestowitz Charity PR bozos (bezos): http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505_… Mar 10 18:34
schestowitz When will people realise that they are scammed? Mar 10 18:34
schestowitz They are robbed and then showed PR on television to  brainwash the admire the very same people who rob them and build pyramids. Mar 10 18:34
schestowitz balzac: no kidding, Novellsoft has influence in the LF, which is why it can’t be trusted like the FSF Mar 10 18:35
schestowitz The LF is there to make its funders do one thing: make money Mar 10 18:35
schestowitz If this involved kissing the behinds of criminal organisations, then so be it. The principles there are aligned with the same interests that promote sw patents (IBM for example) Mar 10 18:36
balzac The “open source” people are selling out, as they indicated they would. Mar 10 18:36
balzac They’re in a hurry to save money for a comfortable retirement. Mar 10 18:36
schestowitz Arrogance + Inexperience = shutdown, no matter how good the original idea, or how great the software team. < http://www.cringely.com/2009/03/… > Mar 10 18:37
balzac They were always trying to stop RMS from flying his freak flags, and now they’re like baby-boomer ex-hippies who work for insurance companies. Mar 10 18:37
balzac Some people, the Clintons, for example, wore clownish hippy clothes and long hair, but it was only fashion. Mar 10 18:38
balzac They turned out to be moderate Reaganite Republicans. Mar 10 18:39
balzac So it is with “open source” people who rallied behind ESR and LT. Mar 10 18:39
balzac They kept saying “RMS is on an ego-trip. His freak flags are scaring investors away”. Mar 10 18:40
balzac Now they’re like Dennis Hopper or Hillary Clinton – once they were hippies, now they are sell outs. Mar 10 18:40
balzac Selling insurance and doing PR for Republican war criminals respectively. Mar 10 18:41
balzac Except in this case, making bridges to Microsoft, knowing everyone will get shafted, but it’s worth it for some quick cash to live comfortably on. Mar 10 18:41
balzac Man, I should have a high-profile blog, don’t you think? Mar 10 18:42
balzac In software, however, it’s hackers, not hippies. Mar 10 18:43
schestowitz Yes, why don’t you ask Kos? ;-) Mar 10 18:43
balzac ESR is the Dennis Hopper of hackers – a poser for the most part. Mar 10 18:44
schestowitz Hackers was renamed crackers dna vice versa Mar 10 18:44
schestowitz They daemonise what’s called hacker this wat Mar 10 18:44
schestowitz Mess with code= bad Mar 10 18:44
balzac Kos is a tool Mar 10 18:44
schestowitz McAfee and the likes do this too Mar 10 18:44
schestowitz They say that crackers use “open sourcE” methods Mar 10 18:44
balzac but you know how I feel Mar 10 18:44
schestowitz Like.. sharing code Mar 10 18:44
schestowitz Oh God! The sharing Mar 10 18:44
schestowitz Stop the sharing Mar 10 18:44
schestowitz The MAFIAA is now spreading papers about P2P promoting terrorism Mar 10 18:45
schestowitz they really have no shame, these weasels :-) Mar 10 18:45
*amarsh04_ (n=amarsh04@ppp121-45-35-16.lns10.adl2.internode.on.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 18:45
MinceR i’ve seen that some wise guys titled Multi-Ripper a “cracker tool” and “spyware” Mar 10 18:46
MinceR and it was removed from the author’s website Mar 10 18:46
MinceR i managed to get it from archive.org though Mar 10 18:47
schestowitz With Print Dying, Online Newspapers Herald the Future < http://www.pcworld.com/article/160962/wi… > Mar 10 18:47
schestowitz MinceR: archive.org is child pr0n, says IWF Mar 10 18:48
schestowitz It must be killed, killed, killed Mar 10 18:48
MinceR lol Mar 10 18:49
schestowitz Like killer virgins (Wikipedia too is a pedo site) Mar 10 18:49
MinceR what’s IWF? Mar 10 18:49
MinceR those bastards in UK? Mar 10 18:49
schestowitz Some stupid British ‘body’ Mar 10 18:49
MinceR ic Mar 10 18:49
schestowitz People who apparently surf the Web looking for pedo material Mar 10 18:49
balzac Roy, I only expect the digital totalitarians/authoritarians to get worse with each decade until it’s like a scary sci fi novel Mar 10 18:49
schestowitz Then flagging sites like Wikipedia illegal Mar 10 18:49
MinceR ironically, in the end Multi-Ripper didn’t run in wine so i got someone else’s ripper tool that runs on linux. Mar 10 18:49
schestowitz First you redefine your target and change vocabulary Mar 10 18:49
schestowitz Then you ‘fit’ it to evidence. Mar 10 18:50
balzac Unless we really clown the hell out of them before they get a chance to build their digital nightmare to imprison everyone… Mar 10 18:50
schestowitz That’s how to criminalise attempt to escape corporcoracy Mar 10 18:50
schestowitz Because in the US, for example democracy is the #1 threat Mar 10 18:50
schestowitz People ask for democracy Mar 10 18:50
schestowitz And that’s too dangerous Mar 10 18:50
schestowitz You must give them too pseudo options once in 4 years Mar 10 18:50
schestowitz And if some Ron Paul says the truth about the invasion, then put him down Mar 10 18:51
schestowitz Likewise with Nader Mar 10 18:51
schestowitz So they have two factions for the same party Mar 10 18:51
MinceR i think “corpocracy” would be easier to say and type :> Mar 10 18:51
balzac Roy, you always forget Kucinich Mar 10 18:51
schestowitz Party = Rockefeller et al Mar 10 18:51
balzac He was the main guy for impeachment Mar 10 18:51
MinceR not just democracy — in the usa, freedom is the #1 threat Mar 10 18:51
balzac the only guy to really make an effort for impeachment Mar 10 18:51
schestowitz MinceR: yes, I can mistype it too usually. Mar 10 18:51
schestowitz Polyarchy is another one Mar 10 18:52
schestowitz Some professor (Dole?) called it that Mar 10 18:52
schestowitz The rule of many aristocrats Mar 10 18:52
schestowitz And people with a binary button Mar 10 18:52
*amarsh04 has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host)) Mar 10 18:52
schestowitz Red and Blue… Mar 10 18:52
balzac kakistocracy Mar 10 18:54
schestowitz Choose between “stay in Iraq” and “don’t leave I]raq just yet” Mar 10 18:54
balzac or choose between kiss Bush’s ass (Hillary), and pretend it’s all good until the election is won (Obama) Mar 10 18:55
schestowitz :-) Mar 10 18:55
schestowitz The choice id yours. For your convenience, ‘spurious’ choices like Nader shalt be moved out of the way. Mar 10 18:56
schestowitz More fight against the Internet (eBiz): http://techdirt.com/articles/2… < Is It Trademark Infringement To Resell A Product You Legally Bought? > Mar 10 19:04
schestowitz Should Bloggers Be Afforded The Same Rights Granted To Journalists? < http://techdirt.com/articles/200… > Mar 10 19:05
schestowitz “Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at www.linuxtoday.com.” Mar 10 19:07
Balrog_ rumors abound about a possible apple ‘netbook’ Mar 10 19:07
schestowitz probably false some sources say Mar 10 19:08
schestowitz But it would make sense for Apple Mar 10 19:08
schestowitz Esp. now Mar 10 19:08
Balrog_ and others say touch panels have been ordered Mar 10 19:08
Balrog_ several sources say this so it’s possibly true Mar 10 19:08
Balrog_ yeah…I’d like to see something in the 400-600 price range (would probably be closer to 600 though) Mar 10 19:09
schestowitz Won’t do ARM Mar 10 19:09
Balrog_ well the iphone is ARM Mar 10 19:10
schestowitz http://videos.zdnet.co.uk/… Mar 10 19:10
schestowitz I see… Mar 10 19:10
Balrog_ but making such a system ARM would require programmers to recompile apps (for macos) Mar 10 19:10
Balrog_ there already is ppc and x86 Mar 10 19:10
Balrog_ and arm for iphone Mar 10 19:10
schestowitz Could Apple get away with it without leaks to the press? Mar 10 19:11
Balrog_ so we’re looking at a ‘netbook’ (a) running an up-scaled iphone OS on an ARM cpu or (b) running OS X on an x86 chip Mar 10 19:11
schestowitz What stage is this rumoured to be in? Mar 10 19:11
schestowitz Also, Apple won’t want to cannibalise iBook sales. Mar 10 19:11
schestowitz Microsoft learned this too Mar 10 19:11
Balrog_ not ibook, macbook Mar 10 19:11
schestowitz Yes. Mar 10 19:12
Balrog_ but it’s possible they aren’t really interested in keeping the plastic macbook around for much longer Mar 10 19:12
schestowitz Layoffs are said to be happening there. Mar 10 19:12
Balrog_ The rumurs say that Apple is working with Wintek and Quanta Mar 10 19:12
schestowitz Sales people maybe Mar 10 19:12
Balrog_ yeah, at least that way engineering doesn’t suffer Mar 10 19:13
Balrog_ rumors * Mar 10 19:13
MinceR they have engineering? :> Mar 10 19:13
Balrog_ yeah, or you wouldn’t have OS X or unibody Mar 10 19:14
Balrog_ among other things Mar 10 19:14
schestowitz MinceR: Marketing engineers Mar 10 19:17
MinceR oh. Mar 10 19:17
MinceR i didn’t know they’ve introduced that synonym for ‘marketing’ already Mar 10 19:17
schestowitz Gotta go. bbl Mar 10 19:21
Balrog_ someone posted recent apple job postings Mar 10 19:26
Balrog_ most were engineering related Mar 10 19:26
Balrog_ not marketing Mar 10 19:26
MinceR i’m sure they believe they’re “engineering” while they copy some BSDL code and put a shiny-retarded mess of a GUI on it Mar 10 19:29
MinceR and then they proclaim proudly that once again they’ve build a stable and secure OS Mar 10 19:29
MinceR s/ild/ilt/ Mar 10 19:31
*easy has quit (“Leaving”) Mar 10 19:33
Balrog_ what about a metals engineer…? that was one of them Mar 10 19:47
*MinceR shrugs Mar 10 19:55
*NeonFloss (n=imsorry@rdsl-0591.tor.pathcom.com) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 20:05
PetoKraus Balrog_: aluminium alloy casing? Mar 10 20:19
*NeonFloss has quit (“Going!”) Mar 10 20:20
Balrog_ I believe so Mar 10 20:43
Balrog_ Just heard that RMS will be here later this month Mar 10 20:43
Balrog_ I’ll likely have the chance to speak with him Mar 10 20:44
MinceR RMS will be here this week Mar 10 20:46
Balrog_ cool. Mar 10 20:47
Balrog_ seems quiet around here :/ Mar 10 20:48
*Casperin (n=Casperin@h11n7-m-kr-gr100.ias.bredband.telia.com) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 21:03
balzac Balrog_: where is that? Mar 10 21:27
*mib_l3daul (i=5ab874ee@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-65e06db707d96e5e) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 21:41
*mib_l3daul (i=5ab874ee@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-65e06db707d96e5e) has left #boycottnovell Mar 10 21:42
PetoKraus Nah, you can have a negative percent chance of succeeding in a task. For example, if you have a -5% chance of succeeding, not only will you fail every time you make an attempt, you will also fail 1 in 20 times that you don’t even try. Mar 10 21:46
PetoKraus :D:D Mar 10 21:46
schestowitz Wow! Mar 10 21:51
schestowitz I’m sorry to say that download.opensuse.org will be unavailable for some Mar 10 21:51
schestowitz time. Mar 10 21:51
schestowitz Its storage array broke down once again, and we have no backup. Mar 10 21:51
schestowitz (We are in need of hardware since ever; if anyone would be able to Mar 10 21:51
schestowitz sponsor some, we would be very glad about it.) Mar 10 21:51
schestowitz This affects stage.opensuse.org as well (same box). Mar 10 21:51
schestowitz I can’t give a timeline yet, but expect it to be offline for one to Mar 10 21:51
schestowitz several days. Mar 10 21:51
schestowitz Thanks, Mar 10 21:51
schestowitz Peter Mar 10 21:51
schestowitz benJIman: comment? Mar 10 21:51
trmanco http://blog.banditdefense.com/2009… Mar 10 21:51
trmanco secure you wordpress installs Mar 10 21:52
trmanco your* Mar 10 21:52
*PetoKraus np: Pink Floyd – Learning To Fly (A Momentary Lapse Of Reason) Mar 10 21:52
schestowitz Mine is long-term suppor Mar 10 21:52
schestowitz 2.0.11 Mar 10 21:52
benJIman schestowitz: On what? Mar 10 21:52
schestowitz So it’s the latest. Mar 10 21:52
PetoKraus back to work! Mar 10 21:52
*MinceR is listening to: Alice Deejay – Who needs guitar anyway – I can see Mar 10 21:52
balzac Maybe OpenSuSE is trying to imply that they’re getting no love from Novell so they should be welcomed back into the community after Novell goes out of business. Mar 10 21:52
schestowitz benJIman: OpenSUSE has no hardware? Mar 10 21:52
schestowitz Is Novell shafting them? Mar 10 21:52
balzac I don’t have a problem with that, if the openSuSE community still exists after Novell is bankrupt Mar 10 21:52
MinceR i’d guess they’re merely neglecting opensuse Mar 10 21:53
schestowitz “Sponsor” a server? Mar 10 21:53
benJIman Not no hardware, but the redirector situation is ridiculous. It has been a single point of failure for literally years. Mar 10 21:53
schestowitz What is this? Reduced to charity? Mar 10 21:53
benJIman Community members already pay for some openSUSE hosting. Mar 10 21:53
benJIman Not for redirector though. Mar 10 21:53
balzac Probably they’ll take the money, give it to Microsoft, and it will go towards a bottle single glass of champagne for Paul Allen Mar 10 21:54
balzac jk Mar 10 21:54
balzac -bottle Mar 10 21:54
MinceR or they’re just going bankrupt Mar 10 21:54
MinceR and they’re drawing money away from the parts that are less important to them Mar 10 21:54
benJIman There’s no real way to donate to openSUSE as there’s no openSUSE foundation yet. Mar 10 21:55
benJIman So everything is organised a bit ad-hoc atm. Mar 10 21:55
MinceR (first opensuse, then suse, then everything that’s left and isn’t about FUD or legal) Mar 10 21:55
schestowitz I want Novell to fail, not opensuse Mar 10 21:55
schestowitz What is Novell doing? Mar 10 21:55
schestowitz And why no fallbacks for so long? Mar 10 21:55
schestowitz Cause it’s not SLED? Mar 10 21:55
schestowitz No revenue and patent tax for SteatyB? Mar 10 21:56
benJIman I’m not sure what you mean. Mar 10 21:56
MinceR i don’t find opensuse likely to survive if novell dies Mar 10 21:57
MinceR (and i won’t miss them anyway) Mar 10 21:57
schestowitz The engineers will be employed by Red Hat, I reckon Mar 10 21:58
schestowitz I’ve heard about it Mar 10 21:58
benJIman MinceR: We’ll see. At present that’s probably true, although we’re getting towards the stage where it can be self sufficient. Mar 10 21:58
balzac Roy, if OpenSuSE fails, that’s not necessarily bad. It just means the members of their community have seen the badness of Novell’s influence and have found other distro/communities to join. Mar 10 21:58
schestowitz Novell and Microsoft will have Netware and BOB Mar 10 21:58
schestowitz Hovsepian will have some tens of millions of dollars. Mar 10 21:58
balzac OpenSuSE failing would speed the decline of Novell, demonstrating they have no community support. Mar 10 21:58
schestowitz Like McBride (maybe) Mar 10 21:58
schestowitz They got payrises after the bankruptcy Mar 10 21:59
MinceR they have community support? Mar 10 21:59
schestowitz benJIman: they should pressure Novell Mar 10 21:59
schestowitz They make the bread and butter of Novell’s wannabe future Mar 10 21:59
benJIman schestowitz: Who is “they”? Mar 10 21:59
schestowitz OpenSUSE developers Mar 10 21:59
MinceR i mean, apart from the 4 microsoft fanboys who believe the ‘m$ supports floss’ lie Mar 10 21:59
schestowitz Those who do the hard work Mar 10 21:59
balzac Of course I would prefer if the OpenSuSE community (however small it may be), would denounce Novell and renounce any code from Novell which includes patent-trolling material. Mar 10 22:00
schestowitz Not those who ‘spam’ YouTube with adverts that have CG lizards. Mar 10 22:00
MinceR ic Mar 10 22:00
balzac Then I would want OpenSuSE to succeed. Mar 10 22:00
MinceR balzac: that would be a step ahead Mar 10 22:00
schestowitz That’s why Novell was bad news to SuSE right from the start Mar 10 22:00
MinceR (even then, *suse would be crap :> ) Mar 10 22:00
schestowitz And other people said the same at the time Mar 10 22:00
schestowitz Greedy backstabbing company takes over a local European one Mar 10 22:00
schestowitz MinceR: SUSE used to be great Mar 10 22:01
schestowitz It was probably one of the best (if not ‘the’ b est) at the time Mar 10 22:01
schestowitz It had YaST Mar 10 22:01
schestowitz And it was ALL KDE Mar 10 22:01
schestowitz No f*ing de Icazaism Mar 10 22:01
schestowitz GNOME by default in SLE Mar 10 22:01
schestowitz And f*ing mono and that you can barely remove Mar 10 22:01
benJIman That’s putting rather an unresaonable spin on things. Considering before Novell bought SUSE it had non-free components, development was completely closed, suse was on the brink of bankruptcy for some time. Mar 10 22:01
benJIman Things have improved considerably for the better since Novell took over. Mar 10 22:02
schestowitz SuSE told for about $.3 bn, IIRC Mar 10 22:02
balzac benJIman: in what sense? Mar 10 22:02
MinceR and no daemon that makes the keyboard unusable? Mar 10 22:02
MinceR no netinstall that’s a pain to use? Mar 10 22:02
balzac suse has improved in its capacity as a vehicle for Microsoft’s attacks against computer user’s freedom Mar 10 22:03
benJIman lol Mar 10 22:03
balzac lol? Mar 10 22:03
schestowitz lol? Mar 10 22:03
balzac benJIman: may I ask your opinion of the FSF? Mar 10 22:03
MinceR “lol?”? Mar 10 22:03
schestowitz Maybe like Ballmer laughing at iPhonme Mar 10 22:04
schestowitz $500??? $500?? Mar 10 22:04
balzac Do you agree or disagree with the stated goals of the FSF? Mar 10 22:04
MinceR except in Nebraska Mar 10 22:04
schestowitz “I smack me[sic] kids for using Google” (fake) Mar 10 22:04
balzac Do you have a different idea of what freedom is for computer users? Mar 10 22:04
benJIman Most of the fsf philosophy I agree with. Some of their campaigns like badvista are so fail it’s embarrassing though. Mar 10 22:04
schestowitz He loves Visual Studio, so… Mar 10 22:04
schestowitz And Windows for some things. Pragmatic(C) Mar 10 22:05
balzac benJIman: how did the badvista campaign fail? Mar 10 22:05
trmanco badvista wasn’t a fail Mar 10 22:05
schestowitz It didn’t Mar 10 22:05
schestowitz People spoke about it Mar 10 22:05
balzac of course it didn’t Mar 10 22:05
schestowitz It become a spic Mar 10 22:05
schestowitz *epic Mar 10 22:05
*mib_xvyavk (i=5496d485@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-ab5502c77f3ec660) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 22:05
balzac benJIman: I was wondering your opinion though, even though I’ve preemptively disagreed… Mar 10 22:06
balzac how did badvista fail in it’s purpose? Mar 10 22:06
benJIman balzac: I didn’t say it did. The whole concept was terrible. Mar 10 22:07
balzac you were speaking some new net-speak grammar Mar 10 22:07
balzac campaigns like badvista are so fail it’s embarrassing Mar 10 22:07
balzac I can’t grasp your intended meaning Mar 10 22:08
balzac it’s not that it failed, it _is_ fail, is that a correct reading? Mar 10 22:08
benJIman fail as in failblog.org Mar 10 22:09
balzac Well, I like it myself Mar 10 22:09
balzac yeah, I like that site Mar 10 22:09
balzac I like badvista from a branding perspective Mar 10 22:09
MinceR the concept of daring to speak ill of Holy Microsoft’s latest glorious product is terrible ;) Mar 10 22:09
trmanco O liked the broken Windows badvista had as their logo Mar 10 22:09
trmanco Window* Mar 10 22:09
balzac it’s directly confrontational Mar 10 22:09
balzac Linus Torvalds complained about it Mar 10 22:10
benJIman I’m all for legitimate criticism. Campaigns like badvista just discredit everyone though. Mar 10 22:10
balzac how so benJIman ? Mar 10 22:10
MinceR badvista is legitimate Mar 10 22:10
trmanco it was just spreading the other part of Vista (non eye candy) Mar 10 22:10
benJIman It’s almost as accurate as boycottnovell.com Mar 10 22:10
balzac Please don’t take my questions as any kind of pressure, but I’m always trying to understand the reasoning behind opinions I don’t agree with Mar 10 22:11
MinceR balzac: this time there’s no reasoning, there’s only religion Mar 10 22:11
balzac benJIman: can you explain _how_ badvista discredits everyone? Mar 10 22:11
schestowitz If a campign called badcriminal.org was launch , would you oppose it? Mar 10 22:11
schestowitz Is it unethical to “confront” bad behaviour? Mar 10 22:11
trmanco what about the “Get the facts complain”? Mar 10 22:12
benJIman balzac: Because their materials (most of which have now been taken offline) were full of technical inaccuracies. Mar 10 22:12
schestowitz Law and ethics are intertwined issues. Mar 10 22:12
trmanco http://www.microsoft.com/canada/getthe… Mar 10 22:12
schestowitz benJIman: good for badvista than, BN is pretty accurate Mar 10 22:12
benJIman It’s like people who say that linux is less vulnerable to viruses & malware. Mar 10 22:12
schestowitz Considering the fact that many hostile eyeballs nitpick all the time Mar 10 22:12
balzac benJIman: I can’t argue with you if the links are gone. Maybe the google cache has them… Mar 10 22:12
balzac I like to argue BTW. Mar 10 22:12
balzac I wish more people critical of the ideas and attitudes expressed on BN would chat here Mar 10 22:13
schestowitz trmanco: Linux personas was worse Mar 10 22:13
balzac I love a good argument Mar 10 22:13
schestowitz Microsoft is insulting Linux people Mar 10 22:13
MinceR oh wait, it _is_ less vulnerable to viruses and malware Mar 10 22:13
schestowitz They also call them names off the records Mar 10 22:13
trmanco can we prepare ourselves for Bad Se7en? Mar 10 22:13
schestowitz Microsoft employees, not campaigners Mar 10 22:13
MinceR badvista7 Mar 10 22:13
MinceR Sa7an? Mar 10 22:14
balzac benJIman: give us some URLs to chew on Mar 10 22:14
trmanco lol Mar 10 22:14
schestowitz lol Mar 10 22:14
schestowitz Saa7an Mar 10 22:14
benJIman balzac: For what? Mar 10 22:14
schestowitz Like Diablo Mar 10 22:14
benJIman Btw the term URL is deprecated ¬_¬ Mar 10 22:14
trmanco Bad Sa7aNik Mar 10 22:14
balzac URLs to give substance to your assertions so we can have a more specific discussion/argument Mar 10 22:14
schestowitz Fau7t Mar 10 22:14
MinceR afaik URL is still relevant as long as you really want to be able to locate the resource Mar 10 22:15
balzac FYI, I disagree with Mark Shuttleworth’s opinion that we should be looking for more agreement and cooperation Mar 10 22:15
MinceR with whom? Mar 10 22:15
schestowitz he’s being ‘diplomaitic” Mar 10 22:15
schestowitz I’m against negotiating with criminals Mar 10 22:15
balzac I say let disagreements exist, and then crush a slice of lime on top of it Mar 10 22:15
schestowitz First they need tio prove they are not criminals anymore Mar 10 22:15
balzac make it sting! Mar 10 22:15
MinceR i’m against negotiating with criminals too Mar 10 22:15
schestowitz With OOXML around the corner, it’s clear that Microsoft is an orgy of white-collar criminals Mar 10 22:15
schestowitz They can’t change Mar 10 22:16
MinceR with such a history of lies, proof isn’t going to be easy Mar 10 22:16
schestowitz First they fueled SCO Mar 10 22:16
schestowitz Now they sue Linux Mar 10 22:16
schestowitz They also bribe people Mar 10 22:16
schestowitz They smear competitor Mar 10 22:16
schestowitz Disparage critics Mar 10 22:16
balzac Mark comes off as very mature and composed. Perhaps he’s the best natural leader in the Free/Open Source community Mar 10 22:16
schestowitz Look at Chemberlain Mar 10 22:16
schestowitz He was negotiating Mar 10 22:16
schestowitz With Hitler Mar 10 22:16
balzac But still, I prefer disagreements and controversy. Mar 10 22:17
schestowitz They were good buddies shaking hands Mar 10 22:17
schestowitz Same with Rumsfeld and  Saddam Mar 10 22:17
MinceR schestowitz: someone will call Law of Godwin on that :> Mar 10 22:17
schestowitz [when he still gave them oil] Mar 10 22:17
balzac MinceR: good one. Mar 10 22:17
schestowitz MinceR: it’s the truth, apart from the analogy Mar 10 22:17
MinceR indeed Mar 10 22:17
schestowitz The point is, people can play nice Mar 10 22:18
schestowitz Only to be raped Mar 10 22:18
schestowitz Watch Novell Mar 10 22:18
balzac compromising can quickly lead you into the wilderness Mar 10 22:18
schestowitz Dying quite badly Mar 10 22:18
schestowitz Despite being Microsoft’s slaves Mar 10 22:18
schestowitz Helping OOXML, promoting .NET, etc. Mar 10 22:18
MinceR how many chances did m$ get already anyway? Mar 10 22:18
schestowitz They also got EU reghulators off MS’ back Mar 10 22:18
schestowitz Maybe that’s why they cut back Mar 10 22:18
schestowitz Novell is the PR department of MS now Mar 10 22:18
schestowitz They get paid for it Mar 10 22:18
schestowitz Plenty Mar 10 22:18
schestowitz MinceR: the ‘new’ Microsoft Mar 10 22:19
schestowitz Like the scorpion and the frog Mar 10 22:19
schestowitz The ‘new” Microsoft Mar 10 22:19
schestowitz When Gates steps down after massive losses Mar 10 22:19
schestowitz and then come his lunattic friend to head the company Mar 10 22:19
schestowitz Shillobyist frenzy ensues Mar 10 22:19
MinceR then there was the antitrust case in the USA Mar 10 22:20
schestowitz Yes Mar 10 22:20
schestowitz Novell saved Microsoft Mar 10 22:20
MinceR and their “promise” concerning “standards” Mar 10 22:20
schestowitz Ha. Mar 10 22:20
schestowitz Yeah… even FAT Mar 10 22:20
schestowitz Mooooooono Mar 10 22:20
MinceR i don’t think they deserve another chance Mar 10 22:21
schestowitz They never did Mar 10 22:21
schestowitz You can’t change ways of criminal-minded people if they do it for 20 years Mar 10 22:21
MinceR indeed Mar 10 22:21
schestowitz At some point you send them to do time Mar 10 22:21
schestowitz Maybe after some reform (not just a deposition) they’ll think they can accept change Mar 10 22:21
MinceR and if they’ve said ‘things are going to be different now’ n+1 times already with no change, there’s no reason to believe them anymore Mar 10 22:22
schestowitz As it stands, the ISO puppets sent the world the message that crime pays off. Mar 10 22:22
schestowitz it’s dangerous to send out this message Mar 10 22:22
schestowitz What will kids be taught? Mar 10 22:22
schestowitz That bribing people is good if you can whitewash? Mar 10 22:22
MinceR i wouldn’t send them to jail, i’d send them to propel generators, then i’d feed them to pigs once they can’t do that Mar 10 22:22
schestowitz There is CHANGE Mar 10 22:22
schestowitz Better PR Mar 10 22:22
schestowitz More whitewashing Mar 10 22:22
schestowitz Beetter ways to hide guns like Jonathan Zuck Mar 10 22:23
schestowitz Concealing the blackmailing in Africa Mar 10 22:23
schestowitz Meeting journalists in IDG who run official denial stories. Mar 10 22:23
schestowitz So that Microsoft can point at them and say “see? It never happeened” Mar 10 22:23
trmanco http://www.remote-exploit.o… Mar 10 22:23
trmanco Ars Tecnica is not what is use to be Mar 10 22:27
trmanco Mar 10 22:27
schestowitz Why not? I’m not a fan ot it BTW. Mar 10 22:29
schestowitz I’m sure they game Digg a lot Mar 10 22:29
trmanco The news these days, it not the same anymore Mar 10 22:31
trmanco it’s Mar 10 22:31
trmanco http://www.itwire.com/content/vi… Mar 10 22:34
trmanco Patch Tuesday -> http://www.computerworld.com/action/article… Mar 10 22:36
*Balrog (n=Balrog@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 22:36
*Balrog has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 10 22:36
*Balrog (n=Balrog@pool-68-238-234-58.phil.east.verizon.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 22:36
Balrog hello everyone Mar 10 22:37
trmanco hello Balrog Mar 10 22:40
Balrog still quiet….? Mar 10 22:40
trmanco don’t know why Mar 10 22:46
*mib_xvyavk has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Mar 10 22:48
schestowitz The criminals from Intel called “guilty”: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/36… Mar 10 22:49
schestowitz How much money have they made by bribing, mewonders? Some site ought to look closely at what they do. They are another menace to IT and society Mar 10 22:50
schestowitz Tiscali in trouble after sale collapse < http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2009/… > Mar 10 22:53
*oiaohm (n=oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 22:53
schestowitz Given Clarke is provoking Linux again Mar 10 22:56
schestowitz The Register was transformed by appointments after the Microsoft deal Mar 10 22:56
oiaohm So attempting to get quick ratings ? schestowitz Mar 10 22:57
schestowitz Gavin? Mar 10 22:57
oiaohm Ie the Register that is. Mar 10 22:57
oiaohm Yep Mar 10 22:57
oiaohm The one thing about insulted Open Source guys it does quicky increase numbers of people visiting site. Mar 10 22:57
schestowitz That’s what they do, yes. Mar 10 22:58
schestowitz Inquirer also Mar 10 22:59
trmanco oh great AMD is going to stop supporting R400 based chips in their closed driver, good thing I made the move to the FOSS driver some months ago Mar 10 22:59
MinceR are they going to keep their old driver updated like nvidia does? Mar 10 22:59
trmanco I don’t think so Mar 10 23:00
trmanco I never really used their driver though Mar 10 23:00
trmanco just tried it *only* on Hardy Mar 10 23:00
trmanco the FOSS driver never let me down, I still remember the days that I would play tremulous and open arena with compositing affects enabled and at full screen, maxing out my monitor’s resolution, playing at a average 80 FPS, this in Feisty :-P Mar 10 23:03
Balrog this is ATI, right? Mar 10 23:03
Balrog the FOSS nvidia driver is barely usable with 2D Mar 10 23:04
Balrog and there’s no 3D at all with it. :( Mar 10 23:04
MinceR there’s nouveau but i don’t know how usable it is Mar 10 23:05
oiaohm trmanco: AMD plan long term is to stop the closed source ATI driver completely. Mar 10 23:05
oiaohm They moved a little be ahead of time table stopping R400 and R500 support. Mar 10 23:05
trmanco oiaohm, it would be better just to release the hole driver as open source Mar 10 23:05
oiaohm They cannot trmanco Mar 10 23:06
trmanco at least for the non supported chips Mar 10 23:06
trmanco oiaohm, why? copyright? Mar 10 23:06
MinceR the usual patent/code from outside crap? Mar 10 23:06
oiaohm ATI/AMD don’t own all the code inside the closed source driver. Mar 10 23:06
oiaohm S3 and NVidia own some of it. Mar 10 23:06
MinceR they should buy whoever owns it :> Mar 10 23:06
oiaohm Yes there is cross ownership inside all the video card drivers. Mar 10 23:07
schestowitz Yahoo More Popular Than Google In Japan < http://www.webpronews.com/topnews… > Mar 10 23:07
MinceR then they should get together and agree on a date when they all release all their code Mar 10 23:07
trmanco then, lets make a company to buy all those fragmented corporations into one and release the stupid driver in a open source license :-P Mar 10 23:07
oiaohm NVidia / Mar 10 23:07
oiaohm ? Mar 10 23:07
trmanco schestowitz, read this -> http://blog.softwarelivre.sapo.pt/2009/03/1… Mar 10 23:07
oiaohm you got to be dreaming MinceR Mar 10 23:07
MinceR or they could be forced to do so :> Mar 10 23:08
oiaohm S3 joined AMD in the opensource effort. Mar 10 23:08
trmanco there are some interesting facts about a portuguese PR person Mar 10 23:08
oiaohm AMD and S3 want to be free of the mess. Mar 10 23:08
MinceR didn’t nvidia say they want to do that too? Mar 10 23:09
oiaohm Nop Mar 10 23:09
oiaohm Nvidia will not sue people making open source drivers or using them. Mar 10 23:09
oiaohm They will not provide any other support. Mar 10 23:09
oiaohm AMD and S3 both are releasing documentation as they legally can. Mar 10 23:10
oiaohm That is the other problem even there internal docs have turned out to be tainted with stuff they cannot release. Mar 10 23:10
oiaohm So of that Microsofts Direct X internals. Mar 10 23:11
oiaohm So/Some Mar 10 23:12
MinceR gn Mar 10 23:13
trmanco schestowitz, did you read it Mar 10 23:15
schestowitz I hate the Golgle Toolbar Mar 10 23:15
schestowitz Googlebar was better Mar 10 23:15
schestowitz I can’t find a translate button Mar 10 23:15
schestowitz Thanks, got it Mar 10 23:17
trmanco what? the translate button? :-P Mar 10 23:18
schestowitz I will write about it tomorrow Mar 10 23:19
schestowitz No, the toolbar is junk Mar 10 23:19
trmanco ok Mar 10 23:19
trmanco I hate toolbars Mar 10 23:19
schestowitz The old one Firefox refuses to install Mar 10 23:19
schestowitz FF3 cites “security” Mar 10 23:19
trmanco I need as much vertical space as possible Mar 10 23:20
schestowitz Reminds me of Apple with Jususfone Mar 10 23:20
schestowitz I like toolbars :-) http://j-walkblog.com/images/to… Mar 10 23:21
trmanco lol Mar 10 23:22
oiaohm http://www.phoronix.com/scan.ph…  Now of they would get working on link time optimisation gcc might be good. Mar 10 23:23
schestowitz What da…? Mar 10 23:24
schestowitz Microsoft Cuts Software Leasing Costs to Retain Companies < http://www.pcworld.com/article/16098… >. But Microsoft is ALWAYS leasing software. Windows can’t be owned Mar 10 23:24
schestowitz They try to lock in those who leave, just like in EDGI Mar 10 23:24
schestowitz MicrosoftIncentives.com. = Microsoft dumping Mar 10 23:26
schestowitz Incentive to bribery is what “credit” is to “loan” and “stimulus” is to “public looting” or “looting” Mar 10 23:26
schestowitz “PR” to “PRopaganda” also. They renamed it around the 30s because it got a bad connotation (Nazi propaganda). Before the 30s the literature used the term “propaganda” openly to descrde marketing, even of procusts.. In a meeting, Bernays suggested the term “public relations” after much thinking Mar 10 23:28
schestowitz Later came CFR Mar 10 23:28
oiaohm PR for Public Relations is a older term. Mar 10 23:29
oiaohm Than Propaganda = PR Mar 10 23:29
schestowitz President Obama lifts stem cell research ban  < http://www.itwire.com/cont… > Mar 10 23:29
schestowitz It’s not Mar 10 23:29
oiaohm Public Relations use to be the support desk equal. Mar 10 23:29
schestowitz PR was conceived in the 1930 Mar 10 23:29
oiaohm Not media. Mar 10 23:29
schestowitz It was a new name for “propaganda” Mar 10 23:29
oiaohm Dig back threw the history jobs of Public Relation officers.   It has changed massively over time. Mar 10 23:30
schestowitz http://www.prwatch.org/node/8263 “After it was revealed that the floundering American International Group (AIG) had hired Burson Marsteller (B-M) as one of its PR advisers, Rachel Maddow, the host of “The Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC, wondered who else the firm had worked for.” Mar 10 23:30
schestowitz Cigarettes are an early example Mar 10 23:31
schestowitz After PR Mar 10 23:31
schestowitz Teaching people that they should smoke Mar 10 23:31
oiaohm 1930 is the point were PR meaning changed. Mar 10 23:31
schestowitz “Torches of freedom” was the publicity stunt Mar 10 23:31
schestowitz It was covered in papers even intenationally. Mar 10 23:31
schestowitz oiaohm: yes, politics embraced the methods too Mar 10 23:31
schestowitz With the help of the product marketing people Mar 10 23:32
oiaohm I read a lot of old documents on lot of old milling machines. Mar 10 23:32
schestowitz “A Florida company called “Smoking Everywhere” has been aggressively marketing a cigarette-like smoking device of the same name in shopping-mall kiosks nationwide, and has now reportedly enlisted help from steroid-tainted baseball player Jose Canseco to plug the device.” http://www.prwatch.org/node/8264 Mar 10 23:32
oiaohm That is where I found the change in meaning of PR Mar 10 23:32
schestowitz I found out in some documentaries Mar 10 23:33
schestowitz And speeches Mar 10 23:33
oiaohm One from the 1920~ had Public Relations as the address to contact for tech issues.  Until I found out that Current day meaning and historic don’t match it was like what the. Mar 10 23:33
oiaohm Because no way today would you call Public Relations with a tech problem. Mar 10 23:34
oiaohm Words change there meanings over time. Mar 10 23:34
schestowitz +1 Mar 10 23:36
oiaohm Before 1930 Propaganda was the job of the Advertising department. Mar 10 23:36
schestowitz It’s making it hard to study history Mar 10 23:36
schestowitz Like, if you read literature from old dayss Mar 10 23:36
schestowitz Or videos Mar 10 23:36
schestowitz When “gay” meant happy Mar 10 23:36
schestowitz And “hacker” didn’t mean “Cracker” Mar 10 23:36
oiaohm Yep town here still has a char named gay dan.  With gay=happy. Mar 10 23:37
schestowitz Bernays wrote the book “Propaganda” or “on Propaganda”. it was about marketing. He was Freud’s nephew. I think he died only recently. Mar 10 23:37
oiaohm Now does that confuse vistors. Mar 10 23:37
schestowitz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki… Yes, he died at the age of 103 Mar 10 23:38
oiaohm The other thing.  People in jobs that get hated normally change there name to something else that was not evil. Mar 10 23:38
oiaohm Ie there name of job. Mar 10 23:38
oiaohm So over time people who use to do a job that was good get grouped in with people who did a job that was evil because people forget the divide. Mar 10 23:39
schestowitz Blackwater for example Mar 10 23:39
schestowitz PRWattch keeps track of many corrupt companies that do this Mar 10 23:39
oiaohm Hacker and Cracker is a current day example. Mar 10 23:40
oiaohm In words. Mar 10 23:40
schestowitz It’s horrible, isn’t it? You can’t follow the books Mar 10 23:40
schestowitz Same with Compaq Mar 10 23:40
schestowitz I’m gonna publish lots of them in BN later this year Mar 10 23:40
schestowitz But it’s part of HP now Mar 10 23:40
oiaohm If a person said they were a Cracker they would get basically spat on. Mar 10 23:40
oiaohm So they started saying they were Hackers instead ie incorrect title. Mar 10 23:40
oiaohm And media picked it up. Mar 10 23:40
schestowitz I c…. Mar 10 23:41
oiaohm So tainting everyone using the name Hacker. Mar 10 23:41
schestowitz Well, some people clean it up a bit Mar 10 23:41
schestowitz FSF says “hackers” Mar 10 23:41
schestowitz In WordPress we have the wp-hackers list Mar 10 23:41
schestowitz Just people who develop Mar 10 23:41
oiaohm Reistance. Mar 10 23:41
schestowitz The main/only dev list in fact Mar 10 23:41
oiaohm Percentage resist the change. Mar 10 23:41
schestowitz Correct them Mar 10 23:41
schestowitz Same with “IP” Mar 10 23:41
oiaohm In 30 years time if the Reistance is not strong enough old meaning of hacker will be lost for good. Mar 10 23:42
oiaohm With public releations the Reistance was not strong enough so it got completely taken over. Mar 10 23:42
schestowitz I see the the Gralla MS shill is making another round at Linux Mar 10 23:43
schestowitz Studying it to break it and slur. Mar 10 23:43
oiaohm Another thing that repeats and repeat threw history.   Start of take over of word.  Transission stage where both means of words.  Then winner that is basically how it works. Mar 10 23:44
schestowitz Why can’t they just shove it? If they have bad intent when trying free software, then they can piss off. Unlike Beranger, they don’t know what they talk about anyway Mar 10 23:44
schestowitz I’ve seen people vilifying Linux for not having ctrl+alt+del for task manager Mar 10 23:44
oiaohm Oldest meaning of word change I know is the world world. Mar 10 23:44
oiaohm first world/word Mar 10 23:44
oiaohm Its more lack of kernel mode switching is that ctrl+alt+del one. Mar 10 23:45
oiaohm And yes they are right to vilify Linux for it if you are trying to use it as a desktop.  No way out of a crashed graphical envorment is a bad thing. Mar 10 23:46
oiaohm Only option Linux privides at moment is kill everything on the desktop.  Not the best solution. Mar 10 23:46
oiaohm good bit that will disappear hopefully in this 12 months for good. Mar 10 23:46
schestowitz I see the yanks have kicked in daylight savings already Mar 10 23:46
schestowitz In KDE there’s CTRL+ESC Mar 10 23:47
schestowitz The problem is that they assume things must be identical Mar 10 23:47
oiaohm schestowitz: do you know the oldest meaning of world (its kinda important when reading the stories of from the old testment) Mar 10 23:47
schestowitz Recall the origin of ctrl+alt+del: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zADyh0JQh8 Mar 10 23:48
schestowitz oiaohm: go ahead Mar 10 23:48
schestowitz Healthy used to mean fat (sometimes Mar 10 23:48
oiaohm The oldest means is as far as you can see. Mar 10 23:48
schestowitz Interesting. Mar 10 23:48
oiaohm So noah flood is not that large. Mar 10 23:48
schestowitz People’s percetption of their surroundings vary Mar 10 23:49
schestowitz Like that video about the sun that I posted here yesterday Mar 10 23:49
schestowitz And some people believe there’s a god above and hell below Mar 10 23:49
schestowitz Still. Mar 10 23:49
oiaohm Hell below could be more than true. Mar 10 23:49
schestowitz We take for granted what we now know about the Solar system and astronomy. The work of many centuries of research…… Mar 10 23:50
schestowitz oiaohm: true assuming napalm is hell Mar 10 23:50
schestowitz Or magma Mar 10 23:50
oiaohm Hell is a mistranslation. Mar 10 23:51
oiaohm Yes it made me laugh in chruch before. Mar 10 23:51
oiaohm Hell closest correct translation is garbage dump. Mar 10 23:51
oiaohm Ancient style of a garbage dump were people burnt it off. Mar 10 23:52
schestowitz or S.H.I.T. Mar 10 23:53
PetoKraus midnight again Mar 10 23:56
PetoKraus :/ Mar 10 23:56
PetoKraus and I didn’t manage to finish my chapter. Oh well. Mar 10 23:56
oiaohm Gehenna – A Greek term (borrowed from a literal burning dump near Jerusalem) that always refers to hell – a place of torment.    Even the translation into greek is close.  But not dead on. Mar 10 23:56
oiaohm Now if the Greeks did not brorrow the location every who is going to hell is going to get stuck near jerusalem. Mar 10 23:57
schestowitz PetoKraus: chapter 11? Mar 10 23:57
oiaohm Yes over the years Hell has had many names. Mar 10 23:58
schestowitz Look how underpopulated ‘Novell’s’ event was: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iTMNui811o Mar 10 23:58
PetoKraus schestowitz: :) not yet Mar 10 23:58
schestowitz Las Vegas… GWAVACon instead of BrainShare. It’s embarrassing to watch the attendance Mar 10 23:59
oiaohm Also some sections of the greek bible even use the word hades for hell. Mar 10 23:59
schestowitz Sodomy is an example Mar 10 23:59
schestowitz Called after a place from the old testament Mar 10 23:59
schestowitz Also Armageddon. Mar 10 23:59
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