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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: March 26th, 2009 – Part 2

Posted in IRC Logs at 5:16 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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schestowitz Re: Comes exhibit, says a friend of mine: “[this reminds me of Ballmers' baiting of Google, eg their web suite isn't a real Office suite. In other words please needlessly expend energy on the desktop while we 'innovate' in the cloud.. purr of evil ]“ Mar 26 17:32
*ushimitsudoki1 (n=ushimits@p1145-ipad02yosemiya.okinawa.ocn.ne.jp) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 26 17:33
_Hicham_ I just got an Ubuntu CD from Canonical Mar 26 17:34
_Hicham_ for how long would they maintain the shipit service? Mar 26 17:35
schestowitz Madoff data can be extradited back to US < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009… >. They hunt the small fish. Those involved are many and some worked for the Federal Reserve and international banks. They let it all happen. Mar 26 17:35
schestowitz _Hicham_: good question, I dunno. But ShipIt gave them the momentum Mar 26 17:36
schestowitz Had it not been for their CDs, I would probably never install it Mar 26 17:36
_Hicham_ it is a great initiative Mar 26 17:36
_Hicham_ but u told me that the Ubuntu way is risky Mar 26 17:36
_Hicham_ why? Mar 26 17:36
schestowitz The police is using “child-molesting terrorists” (Excuse) to stop Wikileaks from publishing truths http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009… Mar 26 17:37
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 26 17:39
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 26 17:40
schestowitz Reason for many migration to GNU/Linux this week (before the storm): http://www.theregister.co.uk/2… ;-) Mar 26 17:41
schestowitz BoycottNovell grew a lot since the site update on Friday. We’re getting over 4GB/day (traffic) quite consistently. Mar 26 17:43
schestowitz Oh, so my instinct was right. IBM layoffs really means “offshoring” http://online.wsj.com/article/S… Mar 26 17:51
schestowitz Novell too will offshore many jobs Mar 26 17:51
*_Hicham_ has quit (“Leaving.”) Mar 26 17:52
*ushimitsudoki has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Mar 26 17:56
trmanco http://simplecomplexity.net/2009/03/2… Mar 26 17:56
trmanco look at windows live Mar 26 17:57
*amarsh04_ (n=amarsh04@ppp121-45-134-152.lns11.adl6.internode.on.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 26 17:57
schestowitz trmanco: it’s hardly live, it’s dying. Google gains the quickest, IIRC Mar 26 17:58
schestowitz AOL and Hotmail = legacy. Mar 26 17:58
schestowitz All MS can do not is use IDG to twist, jump &shout whenever GMail falls over or coughs for a moment Mar 26 17:59
PeterF schestowitz, gmail has done that? Mar 26 17:59
schestowitz Like… whenever BN goes offline there’s some troll making up some plot about evil things happening and policeman storming over some house Mar 26 17:59
trmanco lol Mar 26 18:00
trmanco what can we do… just ignore them Mar 26 18:00
schestowitz I don’t see them Mar 26 18:00
schestowitz By I have Google Alerts Mar 26 18:00
schestowitz *But Mar 26 18:00
schestowitz *sigh* Digg is the br0ken Mar 26 18:01
*Omar871 (n=omar@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 26 18:01
schestowitz Just viewing pages there leads to timeouts sometimes Mar 26 18:01
wtfyan i’m tired of boycotting novell, wanna run openoffice writer for no particular reason Mar 26 18:02
wtfyan i know how to fix dat, i will just run it and close right away XD Mar 26 18:03
Omar871 schestowitz: Your posts have made me hate Microsoft pathologically. Mar 26 18:04
wtfyan didn’t you hate m$ before? Mar 26 18:04
Omar871 wtfyan: Of course I did hate it before. But now is more than ever. Mar 26 18:05
wtfyan i hate it as an idea Mar 26 18:06
PeterF I started to really hate M$ after got into Linux. Mar 26 18:06
*amarsh04 has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Mar 26 18:06
wtfyan that’s why i never pay for m$ products Mar 26 18:06
wtfyan but use them at home widely Mar 26 18:06
PeterF I nice OS makes one hate the weak ones. Mar 26 18:06
Omar871 schestowitz: Right now, almost the only thing in my mind is that I’m dying to fly all the way to Redmond, grab Gates and Ballmer by their nicks, and smash their heads together like two eggs.. >< Mar 26 18:06
PeterF M$ have a lot of losers working for them. Mar 26 18:07
wtfyan that’s weak dude, you better spread the truth and don’t pay for it Mar 26 18:07
wtfyan it hits them more Mar 26 18:08
wtfyan the more people know what m$ is the less power they have against our minds XD Mar 26 18:08
Omar871 But what makes things worse, is that M$ has got almost all the Marketing, all the Business advantages, all the money they need to buy reputation and competitive leadership. Mar 26 18:08
schestowitz Omar871: ballmer’s skulls will hur billg’s more Mar 26 18:09
schestowitz *skull will hurt Mar 26 18:09
trmanco I would love to get myself one of these -> http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/… Mar 26 18:09
*zer0c00l has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 26 18:09
schestowitz It’s like The Stooges Mar 26 18:09
schestowitz Wait… I want to find the da da da video Mar 26 18:09
Omar871 In other words, all black magic they need to hypnotize the entire industry.. Mar 26 18:10
Omar871 all *the* black magic.. Mar 26 18:10
schestowitz here, it’s comical: http://www.youtube.com/watch?… Mar 26 18:10
wtfyan it’s not even black magic, Omar871 Mar 26 18:10
schestowitz Omar871: so organise to spread information Mar 26 18:11
wtfyan it’s just lies, unfair ultimatums, bribes and other mean things Mar 26 18:11
schestowitz Marketing is against information, by definition Mar 26 18:11
schestowitz it’s about making people make misinformed choices Mar 26 18:11
schestowitz Else PR is not needed, naturally. Mar 26 18:11
schestowitz So imposed illusion is what Microsoft buys Mar 26 18:11
schestowitz “Gates” ‘Foundation’, Surface BS, letters from dead people who ‘support’ Microsoft Corp. Mar 26 18:12
Omar871 wtfyan: This is why I call it black magic. It’s all lies. Mar 26 18:12
wtfyan black magic is much more Mar 26 18:12
schestowitz An American in BN called it “United States of Advertising” Mar 26 18:12
schestowitz Made me LOL Mar 26 18:13
Omar871 lol Mar 26 18:13
schestowitz “We’re rich, we’re huge….. we’re……… 11 trillion dollars  in debt?!?!” Mar 26 18:13
Omar871 lol Mar 26 18:13
schestowitz trmanco: do you need 8TB? Mar 26 18:14
schestowitz I have just 1.4TB at home Mar 26 18:14
wtfyan i will personally like 8tb hdd ova here Mar 26 18:14
schestowitz Actually, no… more like1 Mar 26 18:14
wtfyan it’s 1.1tb here Mar 26 18:15
schestowitz Better to have 2 of 4GB… for backup/redundancy Mar 26 18:15
schestowitz *gb-tb Mar 26 18:15
wtfyan but i delete plenty of foolish torrents to make space Mar 26 18:15
wtfyan in case i have 8tb i won’t delete until only 1tb left Mar 26 18:15
trmanco schestowitz, not really, just to showoff Mar 26 18:16
trmanco 1 TB would be enough Mar 26 18:16
wtfyan 8tb… dreaming Mar 26 18:16
trmanco well, I only have about 380 GB Mar 26 18:16
trmanco total Mar 26 18:17
Omar871 schestowitz: Everytime I listen to Steve Ballmer talking, I feel like smashing my laptop against the wall! Mar 26 18:17
trmanco including an external hard drive Mar 26 18:17
wtfyan i will spend 320x320x320x320 for raid0 Mar 26 18:17
Omar871 He just gets on my nerves!! Mar 26 18:17
wtfyan and all the other for torrents and backup Mar 26 18:17
trmanco I would love to manage a free software mirror Mar 26 18:18
wtfyan me too Mar 26 18:18
trmanco but I don’t have the resources for it Mar 26 18:18
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 26 18:18
trmanco maybe some day I will provide a free software mirror Mar 26 18:18
Omar871 But the man who egged him back in Hungary, he’s a champion! Mar 26 18:18
trmanco at least* Mar 26 18:18
trmanco 1 at least* Mar 26 18:18
schestowitz How to resolve Conficker? “Linux-only HoneyPoint GUI. You can download the zip file from here.” http://www.itworld.com/security/65031… Mar 26 18:19
wtfyan trmanco, for all platforms? Mar 26 18:19
schestowitz Omar871: smash it. Mar 26 18:19
schestowitz Maybe they’ll send you a new one Mar 26 18:19
schestowitz But only if you write a good review of Vista7 Mar 26 18:20
trmanco wtfyan, something like a GNU/Linux distro mirror Mar 26 18:20
schestowitz Else they’ll throw you out like they did with Kennedy Mar 26 18:20
Omar871 schestowitz: LOL! Yeah!. :) Mar 26 18:20
schestowitz he didn’t get his freebie MS laptop Mar 26 18:20
Omar871 Kennedy? Mar 26 18:20
schestowitz Omar871: the Hungarian dude was misportrayed by the press Mar 26 18:21
schestowitz The ‘business press’ would say nothing about Microsoft’s crimes there Mar 26 18:21
schestowitz it’s only those who ‘dare’ to protest Mar 26 18:21
schestowitz Business suit = good Mar 26 18:21
Omar871 schestowitz: Of course. Mar 26 18:21
schestowitz Poor guy = bad Mar 26 18:21
schestowitz Ship with cannons =good Mar 26 18:21
schestowitz Small dingy and hand rifle = bad Mar 26 18:22
Omar871 schestowitz: What freaked me out are those bastards around him who made look like an idiot. Mar 26 18:22
schestowitz Well, they attended Mar 26 18:22
schestowitz So they think like, “wow, if only  I was like pearlyG” Mar 26 18:22
Omar871 schestowitz: But you know what? They are the a morons. Mar 26 18:23
schestowitz Remember that classic western education says, the greater the bank balance, the better the person Mar 26 18:23
wtfyan just recall who founded usa Mar 26 18:24
wtfyan plenty of thieves, murderers, other criminals Mar 26 18:24
schestowitz Typical ZDNet. Tom Steinert-Threlkeld didn’t hear about China’s $98 netbook that runs GNU/Linux. http://blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/?p=15244 Mar 26 18:27
*twitter (n=willhill@ip72-203-149-158.br.br.cox.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 26 18:28
schestowitz wb, twitter Mar 26 18:28
trmanco oh that twitter Mar 26 18:29
trmanco :-P Mar 26 18:29
twitter hello Mar 26 18:29
trmanco I thought the website was down Mar 26 18:29
trmanco hello Mar 26 18:29
twitter this twitter is a happy twitter :) Mar 26 18:30
trmanco :( and never goes down :-P Mar 26 18:31
trmanco oops :)* Mar 26 18:31
Omar871 Well, just to wrap things up: “Money can buy fame, reputation, competition, market share… etc. But there’s one thing that money can never buy, and that is.. Immortality.” Mar 26 18:32
schestowitz Yes Mar 26 18:32
schestowitz And you can’t take your money with you when you die Mar 26 18:33
Omar871 Exactly. Mar 26 18:33
schestowitz Well, you can turn it to cash and put it in your coffin ;-) Mar 26 18:33
schestowitz If that seems like good fun. Mar 26 18:33
twitter So, the crooks enjoy spending your money as fast as they can. Mar 26 18:33
schestowitz Spend =export to Helvetica Mar 26 18:33
wtfyan what’s helvetica besides font? Mar 26 18:34
twitter Or the largest private yacht in the world Mar 26 18:34
Omar871 And.. if M$ still think they can defeat FLOSS through business, then I don’t believe there should be anything to worry about. ;) Mar 26 18:34
twitter SS M$ has a hole larger than the Titanic’s.  The French National Police example is fantastic. Mar 26 18:35
twitter http://bayimg.com/daoeBAABe Mar 26 18:38
schestowitz wtfyan: I meant Helvetia Mar 26 18:38
schestowitz They stash in in bank accounts in safer havens where it’s ‘more’ guaranteed to be extractable Mar 26 18:39
schestowitz Which means the banks in the US will die, screwing the small guys Mar 26 18:39
schestowitz The way banks work, they operate OK on the assumption that not everyone will come demanding the money _at the same time_ Mar 26 18:39
schestowitz So, when the wealthy people reach panic and send it over to Switzerland, then the banks have no real money that they can lend Mar 26 18:40
schestowitz The savings which were use to borrow money leave a hole Mar 26 18:40
schestowitz What to do? Mar 26 18:40
schestowitz Loot the public Mar 26 18:40
schestowitz Take people’s whole waves through extreme taxation Mar 26 18:40
schestowitz extreme taxation=stimilus Mar 26 18:40
twitter Get off, while you can!  The sooner the better.  http://bayimg.com/DADCdAABP and http://bayimg.com/caDcHaABp Mar 26 18:41
schestowitz stimulus=euphemism Mar 26 18:41
schestowitz stimulus=we take lots of money from a vacuum now, the public will fill it later, over time Mar 26 18:41
schestowitz This way the banks can make up for the money that goes offshore Mar 26 18:41
twitter The loot! Kipling had a little verse or two about “the loot” Mar 26 18:41
schestowitz But the banks are totally AWOL Mar 26 18:41
schestowitz They just can’t say it to the public Mar 26 18:41
wtfyan what’s awol? Mar 26 18:41
schestowitz Panic leads to escape, leading to more panic and so the cycle goes Mar 26 18:42
twitter Away WithOut Leave, to be shot on sight. Mar 26 18:42
twitter Banks are already bankrupt. Mar 26 18:42
schestowitz I couldn’t find that funny cartoon where Obama the milkman comes to the thin cow called US treasury and holds buckets that say “AIG, GM, etc. Mar 26 18:42
schestowitz VERY funny Mar 26 18:42
schestowitz And Obama is all smiley there Mar 26 18:42
schestowitz The cow is scared Mar 26 18:42
schestowitz It can’t produce milk, it’s totally boney Mar 26 18:43
twitter for ten years, they have been investing in these derivatives and other fraud securities.  If there’s a real run, they are sunk. Mar 26 18:43
schestowitz Not really Mar 26 18:43
schestowitz They have stashs Mar 26 18:43
twitter The stashes are worthless. Mar 26 18:43
schestowitz So the destruction they caused is hardly paid by *them* Mar 26 18:44
schestowitz That’s the brilliance of it Mar 26 18:44
schestowitz Inflate the market Mar 26 18:44
schestowitz Milk up this aartificial inflation Mar 26 18:44
schestowitz If a bubble bursts , fuel the econmy some more Mar 26 18:44
schestowitz Go to war if necessary (or unnecessary rather) for money to flood the system Mar 26 18:44
twitter It won’t be artificial if China and Russia decide to dump the dollar. Mar 26 18:44
schestowitz At the end, run away quickly Mar 26 18:44
schestowitz Let mom and pop think the Dow Jones is just having a bad mood Mar 26 18:45
schestowitz It’ll be back above 10,000pts in 2009. Sure, sure.. Mar 26 18:45
schestowitz Cramer: I believe in Bear Stearns… buy buy… Mar 26 18:45
twitter Mom and pop have watched their savings go to 40% their “peak” value. Mar 26 18:45
schestowitz twitter: China suffers too Mar 26 18:45
schestowitz It made bad loans to Land of the Dreams Mar 26 18:45
twitter Yes, they got ripped off. Mar 26 18:46
twitter But they have all the factories now. Mar 26 18:46
schestowitz Yes, Mar 26 18:46
schestowitz Self-sustaining economy Mar 26 18:46
schestowitz All they need is oil Mar 26 18:46
twitter and they have plenty of power with what they are owed. Mar 26 18:46
twitter they are getting oil from Africa. Mar 26 18:46
twitter Russia Mar 26 18:47
schestowitz That’s why the US needs the strategic zone, the spigots in the mid-east Mar 26 18:47
schestowitz Yes, Africa too Mar 26 18:47
schestowitz Oppression Mar 26 18:47
schestowitz We give you electricity, you give us your minerals Mar 26 18:47
schestowitz Like the UK in Burma Mar 26 18:47
schestowitz So the US will carry on daemonising CHina Mar 26 18:48
wtfyan china itself is a daemon Mar 26 18:48
twitter The US will have to use force to keep that oil flowing if the dollar goes to hell.  Iran has already moved off the dollar.  If others follow, the US will collapse into hyper inflation. Mar 26 18:48
schestowitz For doing exactly what the US does (e.g. censorship and brainwash). Hypocrisy again. Mar 26 18:48
*amarsh04_ is now known as amarsh04 Mar 26 18:48
schestowitz wtfyan: just China? Mar 26 18:48
wtfyan mostly Mar 26 18:48
twitter China is evil. Mar 26 18:48
schestowitz A world-wide survey of perceptions showed China to be about the same as the USA Mar 26 18:49
wtfyan i’m not even talking about judaism-related people Mar 26 18:49
schestowitz I watches a video about it… a talk in DC Mar 26 18:49
schestowitz Could be biased Mar 26 18:49
schestowitz wtfyan: many are “Evil” Mar 26 18:49
schestowitz But those with more fortune tend to be less desparate Mar 26 18:50
wtfyan this world is evil by itself Mar 26 18:50
twitter Dude, I might be blacklisted here for the things I say.  In China, I’d be an organ donor in prison. Mar 26 18:50
schestowitz That’s why Scandinavia has less crime Mar 26 18:50
schestowitz They also keep population size low Mar 26 18:50
schestowitz Thus no conflicts over water and such. Mar 26 18:50
twitter Bullshit. Mar 26 18:50
twitter People stealing the world’s oil and water live here with us. Mar 26 18:51
*Balrog (n=BRBT@livecd.ist.temple.edu) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 26 18:51
twitter They abuse their power, regardless of population. Mar 26 18:51
schestowitz That too Mar 26 18:51
schestowitz wb, Balrog ! Mar 26 18:51
schestowitz I thought you had ditched us cause of the Apple powwow Mar 26 18:51
schestowitz twitter: money education Mar 26 18:52
zer0c00l apple marks audacity as “freeware” http://www.apple.com/downloads… Mar 26 18:52
wtfyan lol… apple marks smth as freeware… Mar 26 18:52
schestowitz When one’s status is judged by numbers (=bank balance), then greed knows no bounds Mar 26 18:52
schestowitz “greed knows no bounds” –MS lawyers, 2006 Mar 26 18:52
schestowitz zer0c00l: Like BSD? Mar 26 18:53
zer0c00l :-) Mar 26 18:53
schestowitz BSD should mark Apple “freetard” Mar 26 18:53
*mib_zywtg2 (i=58e7ed41@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-58f205d924689a31) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 26 18:53
twitter People with power are able to create ignorance and poverty, and their victims are more easily manipulated. Mar 26 18:53
*mib_zywtg2 has quit (Client Quit) Mar 26 18:53
schestowitz Or freee riders Mar 26 18:53
schestowitz twitter: like in South and Latin America? Mar 26 18:54
schestowitz Colombia for example? Mar 26 18:54
twitter Yes, but the same thing can be done in places like the US and UK. Mar 26 18:55
schestowitz They pay their liars well Mar 26 18:55
schestowitz O’Reilly, Beck, and so on. Mar 26 18:55
schestowitz The talking point of the PentaWhitehouse Mar 26 18:55
*amarsh04 has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 26 18:58
twitter The UK has privatized some of it’s water supply, from what I read.  What could be more owned than that? Mar 26 19:00
schestowitz Can’t contain/control oxygen yet… Mar 26 19:03
schestowitz It’s global too :-) Mar 26 19:03
schestowitz g2g bbl Mar 26 19:03
balzac xanax > schestowitz Mar 26 19:04
balzac jk Mar 26 19:04
*amarsh04 (n=amarsh04@ppp121-45-134-152.lns11.adl6.internode.on.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 26 19:04
*amarsh04 has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Mar 26 19:04
balzac really, just a dumb joke Mar 26 19:04
twitter Dumb joke, http://bayimg.com/cAgoAaaBl Mar 26 19:06
twitter based on reality, http://yro.slashdot.org/article.p… and http://tech.slashdot.org/articl… Mar 26 19:06
PeterF Twitter, the online service, is like a middle-ware for all Web 2.0 things. Mar 26 19:34
PeterF Now: Facebook connects to LinkedIn, Slashdot, Myspace, MSN, KDE4, Freenode, etc. Mar 26 19:35
PeterF twitter, your nick just made me realize that. Mar 26 19:35
*NeonF|oss (n=imsorry@rdsl-0145.tor.pathcom.com) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 26 19:49
twitter interesting Mar 26 19:49
twitter my nick has nothing to do with the micro blog, but online services should connect to other online services through reasonable protocols Mar 26 19:50
MinceR facebook connects to KDE4? Mar 26 19:51
*MinceR connects to twitter through reasonable protocols Mar 26 19:51
MinceR IRC! Mar 26 19:51
MinceR ;) Mar 26 19:51
twitter KDE has a quality list and other feedbacks, it should not be hard to make a box on people’s facebook or any other “web 2.0″ blog service Mar 26 19:53
twitter I’m still waiting for Web 3.0, the original “world of ends” concept. Mar 26 19:54
twitter We should all be able to run these kinds of services on our own and preserve privacy and dignity. Mar 26 19:54
twitter The centralized control and fake privacy offered by Facebook, mySpace and other owned by M$ services give me the creeps. Mar 26 19:55
trmanco “tha flat troll” is harassing schestowitz around Mar 26 19:58
trmanco on COLA, did he write something on BN that could really piss of Microsoft? Mar 26 19:58
twitter “flatfish”? Mar 26 20:00
trmanco yes Mar 26 20:01
*NeonFloss has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Mar 26 20:06
trmanco http://blogs.computerworld.com/do_linu… -> this is non sense Mar 26 20:10
trmanco I never paid ANYTHING to Microsoft, at least directly Mar 26 20:11
trmanco buy some hardware and build you’re own machine from scratch Mar 26 20:11
*PeterF is now known as PeterFA Mar 26 20:21
twitter I just noticed that people are moderating the “Enter the IRC channel now” entry. Mar 26 20:29
twitter Two of them have rating of 3.3, LOL. Mar 26 20:30
twitter averaged over 4 votes. Mar 26 20:31
trmanco Mar 26 20:31
twitter does anyone really read through a whole day’s worth of IRC logs and take the time to rate it?  Nuts. Mar 26 20:33
Balrog it’s the detractors giving low ratings Mar 26 20:35
twitter well yeah, but how dumb do they think people are? Mar 26 20:36
twitter tagging an IRC conversation is rather transparent. Mar 26 20:36
MinceR (old) http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/… Mar 26 20:37
*amarsh04 (n=amarsh04@ppp121-45-134-152.lns11.adl6.internode.on.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 26 20:40
Balrog http://www.roughlydrafted.com/2009/03/26/ridic… Mar 26 20:40
Balrog there are problems with those numbers Mar 26 20:40
Balrog it’s all with the way ‘market share’ is calculated, and how rescuecom used ‘market share’ for their statistics Mar 26 20:40
MinceR yes, the problem is that they don’t show apple in a good light ;) Mar 26 20:41
MinceR how dare they Mar 26 20:41
Balrog yes, macs do break, but certainly not as much as most other systems …. though there are a few other good manufacturers Mar 26 20:41
Balrog MinceR: you complain when MS uses flawed market share numbers (and statistics in general) to support their business model but you like when groups use those same flawed statistics to make apple look bad … see the problem? Mar 26 20:43
Balrog it’s still FLAWED STATISTICS Mar 26 20:43
MinceR i don’t know how market share numbers affect apple, after all they do manage to sell their hw with their stuff preinstalled Mar 26 20:43
MinceR it’s an entirely different case from m$ keeping PC OEMs in their grip Mar 26 20:44
Balrog market share numbers were used to calculate the statistics that rescuecom put out … that’s how it ‘affects’ apple here Mar 26 20:44
MinceR that explains nothing Mar 26 20:44
MinceR hm, i think i know how Mar 26 20:45
MinceR by reporting lower numbers for apple market share, the number of complaints seems greater Mar 26 20:45
Balrog not only … release schedules are a big part Mar 26 20:46
Balrog apple released new hardware right at the beginning of Q1 09 Mar 26 20:46
Balrog read the roughlydrafted article, it’s not really biased … Mar 26 20:47
Balrog also those statistics include calls for help transferring data Mar 26 20:47
Balrog Milman also stated that “quite a few of the calls we get are for data recovery or to transfer data from an older computer to a newer one,” Mar 26 20:47
MinceR i definitely am not going to read the paragraph where the words run together because of crappy formatting Mar 26 20:47
Balrog << quote Mar 26 20:47
Balrog words run together? which one? Mar 26 20:47
MinceR the one in bold Mar 26 20:48
MinceR i’m sure they don’t in your browser Mar 26 20:48
Balrog what browser? Mar 26 20:48
MinceR well, roughlydrafted should learn how web standards work Mar 26 20:48
Balrog this is wordpress, btw Mar 26 20:48
MinceR opera Mar 26 20:48
Balrog what version? it renders properly in opera here… Mar 26 20:49
Balrog ?? Mar 26 20:49
Balrog here it’s 9.6.2 Mar 26 20:50
*amarsh04 has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Mar 26 20:52
NeonF|oss we all know MS is horrible Mar 26 21:02
NeonF|oss what about apple? Mar 26 21:02
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 26 21:03
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 26 21:04
MinceR apple is little microsoft Mar 26 21:07
NeonF|oss I know, but anything specific? Mar 26 21:08
MinceR Balrog: 9.27 Mar 26 21:08
MinceR NeonF|oss: they push sw patents and DRM, rip off FLOSS and profit from it while trying to kill FLOSS (with sw patents, for example), use unethical business tactics (including patent FUD) and harm the freedom of their users Mar 26 21:10
MinceR they also never miss a chance to show their contempt for their users, but that might not necessarily bother you :> Mar 26 21:11
MinceR and that’s only how apple is evil; their products also suck Mar 26 21:11
NeonF|oss thanks Mar 26 21:13
MinceR np Mar 26 21:16
MinceR see also http://boycottnovell.com/category/apple/ Mar 26 21:17
MinceR (offtopic) http://img.thedailywtf.com/images/2… Mar 26 21:18
twitter LOL, that’s easy security. Mar 26 21:27
twitter Looks like Windoze, so it’s all for show anyway. Mar 26 21:27
twitter Might as well have said, “There are two users of this computer.  The other user, your wife, chose the same password.  Would you like to see her chat history?” Mar 26 21:28
twitter “We sure enjoyed it.” Mar 26 21:29
twitter Non free software – what you can’t verify should never be trusted. Mar 26 21:29
*_Hicham_ (n=hicham@adsl196-218-21-217-196.adsl196-9.iam.net.ma) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 26 21:38
twitter http://bayimg.com/EAjCLAaBH Mar 26 21:38
twitter artwork created by M$ tool, modified and used without permission. Mar 26 21:39
trmanco nice image Mar 26 21:39
_Hicham_ nice Mar 26 21:39
_Hicham_ I really liked it Mar 26 21:39
_Hicham_ thank u twitter Mar 26 21:40
twitter thanks.  I thought the “license to run nothing” was way over the top. Mar 26 21:40
schestowitz trmanco: you link to the Gralla shill Mar 26 21:41
schestowitz He’s an anti-Linux guy. Ignore him. Mar 26 21:41
trmanco Mar 26 21:41
trmanco didn’t know Mar 26 21:42
schestowitz trmanco: abuse from the trolls means they’re nervous Mar 26 21:43
schestowitz Otherwise they sit back and ignore the opposition Mar 26 21:43
trmanco yeah I get that Mar 26 21:44
*oiaohm (n=oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 26 21:46
*schestowitz looks at Gary’s attack in G2 Mar 26 21:47
_Hicham_ wb oiaohm Mar 26 21:47
schestowitz He’s a total fool. He’s only promoting the site. Is the guy out of his mind? Oh wait, it’s a rhetorical question. Mar 26 21:47
_Hicham_ what is the website Roy? Mar 26 21:48
balzac Roy, did I raise ante on them or what? Mar 26 21:48
_Hicham_ hi balzac Mar 26 21:49
schestowitz I found three news thread that attack me. Started by the same Munchkin this afternoon. Mar 26 21:49
schestowitz brb Mar 26 21:49
balzac hello _Hicham_ Mar 26 21:49
twitter They think they have defeated Slashdot. Mar 26 21:51
twitter As more readers come to BN, they will target you more. Mar 26 21:51
oiaohm I have found a way to set off a exposion of MS people trying to change topic.  Point out NTFS Write Behind error. Mar 26 21:54
_Hicham_ oiaohm : can u explain more this error? Mar 26 21:54
oiaohm NTFS writing to disk with update location for a directory struct is point on disk before writing the directory struct. Mar 26 21:55
oiaohm Reason why removing a non synced NTFS USB key something ends up playing blank. Mar 26 21:55
oiaohm Agree that makes the recent EXT4 opps look minor. Mar 26 21:56
twitter NTFS is the FS equivalent of M$ Word.doc, complicated, anti-competitive and insane Mar 26 21:56
oiaohm EXT4 was only nuking files that you renamed. Mar 26 21:57
twitter NTFS has a reputation for breaking completely. Mar 26 21:57
twitter Why do you want to use or talk about it? Mar 26 21:58
oiaohm Its the reponse I have seen so far when I point out on a blog. Mar 26 21:58
oiaohm Very quicky you get over 200 resoponses trying to change the topic. Mar 26 21:58
oiaohm Transaction mode in Vista NTFS is ment to prevent that problem.(Note ment) They fixed one problem and added another. Mar 26 22:00
twitter I’m glad someone out there knows about that kind of thing. Mar 26 22:01
oiaohm I do data recovery so I have to twitter Mar 26 22:02
schestowitz The symbolic prince: http://rss.cnn.com/~r/rss/cnn… ( Obama answers handful of 104,000 Web questions) Just PR routines Mar 26 22:02
twitter cool, but it is depressing to see so many failures isn’t it? Mar 26 22:02
oiaohm I really hate doing large business data recovery because of NTFS. Mar 26 22:03
twitter then, when you try to point out the causes, the answer is not, “thanks” but “STFU” Mar 26 22:03
oiaohm Normally its either make the data recovery or over 30 000 people lose there jobs. Mar 26 22:03
schestowitz Got this by E-mail from someone who lurks in OOLA: “stalking trolls… I just saw the following message in COLA: bcj9r5bvbxy$.1636tvqn40fc5.dlg@40tude.net It’s by “Doctor Smith” [flatfish] and quotes “Dan O’Brian”.  It kind of makes me wonder if “Dan O’Brian” is the same person as “Doctor Smith”.  Another coincidence is that they both seem to come from Massachusetts.” Mar 26 22:03
oiaohm I don’t do it because I like MS twitter.  Someone has to do it. Mar 26 22:04
Balrog just got a Realtek 8187 wireless device Mar 26 22:04
schestowitz “Re the “boycott boycott novell” thread, I like the posts from Ian and JohnD except that they should also criticise posters like “Dan O’Brian”.  After all, he pretty much admitted, when he mentioned that he is not interested in “boycottnovell” except to post claims that it is inaccurate, that he does not post for any constructive purpose.” Mar 26 22:04
schestowitz “Sometimes he is right, but then again, a stopped clock is also sometimes right.  With his negative tone, he discredits himself better than anyone else could.  Largely ignoring him is probably the best way to go. Just my speculations or 2 pence worth …” Mar 26 22:04
Balrog full FOSS drivers available :) Mar 26 22:04
twitter I understand, oiaohm.  The world will be a better place, however, when 30,000 jobs don’t hang on NTFS. Mar 26 22:04
trmanco http://toastytech.com/evil… Mar 26 22:05
schestowitz Balrog: good that you chose a driver/device from a company that respects you. Mar 26 22:05
twitter The world needs plumbers but no one needs Windows. Mar 26 22:05
schestowitz Some people switch over from Windows and blame Linux for bad manufacturers Mar 26 22:05
schestowitz All my h/w has always worked with Linux Mar 26 22:05
schestowitz I’m not familiar with problems, except my current Web cam needs the next kernel or else I need to put the driver in it (recompoling). It does capture, not streams. Mar 26 22:06
oiaohm Some of the big companies I deal with stayed with WIndows but moved all filestorage to a Linux file server. Mar 26 22:06
twitter I’ve got a nasty little wireless device on my desktop that I’ve never made work. Mar 26 22:06
_Hicham_ oiaohm : so ext3 is more reliable than NTFS? Mar 26 22:06
oiaohm Ext3 is way more reliable than NTFS Mar 26 22:06
oiaohm Ext4 when it gets production ready will also be better than NTFS. Mar 26 22:07
twitter Ext2 and maybe FAT are more reliable than NTFS. Mar 26 22:07
trmanco Active Update complete Mar 26 22:07
trmanco While you were reading this page IE automatically updated your computer Mar 26 22:07
trmanco KBytes added: 45,134,313 Mar 26 22:07
trmanco Bugs removed: 1954 Mar 26 22:07
trmanco Bugs added: 9172 Mar 26 22:07
twitter Is there anything worse than NTFS? Mar 26 22:07
oiaohm Ext2 not that reliable Mar 26 22:07
trmanco twitter, FAT Mar 26 22:07
oiaohm Ext2 and Fat are equal in data reliablity Mar 26 22:07
oiaohm Both sux compared to NTFS or EXT3 Mar 26 22:08
trmanco FAT16 Mar 26 22:08
twitter No way?  I thought EXT2 had more redundancy. Mar 26 22:08
twitter like lots of extra nodes Mar 26 22:08
oiaohm EXT2 Has no journal and the oldest of drivers does not have write order. Mar 26 22:08
oiaohm So it could snap badly. Mar 26 22:08
twitter Yeah, no journal but there was lots of redundant information anyway. Mar 26 22:09
twitter That’s got to be better than FAT. Mar 26 22:09
oiaohm FAT has a correct write order option. Mar 26 22:09
oiaohm And if drivers work to spec FAT has equal ammount of redundant information as EXT2 Mar 26 22:09
oiaohm PS MS Windows Fat driver don’t work to spec. Mar 26 22:10
twitter I’ve got EXT2 drives that are seven years old.  They never needed defrag and never failed. Mar 26 22:10
oiaohm EXT2 has fragmentation resistance. Mar 26 22:10
oiaohm That is not data loss protection. Mar 26 22:10
trmanco FAt sucks Mar 26 22:11
trmanco see the limitations and compare them with ext2 Mar 26 22:11
oiaohm FAT never nuked its base directory off face of earth. Mar 26 22:11
oiaohm Like NTFS can. Mar 26 22:11
twitter yeah, but if M$ never wrote the redundant info and FAT had to be defragged all the time, FAT was going to blow out way faster than ext2 – a prediction that matches most people’s experience. Mar 26 22:12
trmanco FAT is not posix complaint, no filesystem modes… Mar 26 22:12
oiaohm For the disadvantages of FAT and Ext2.   NTFS has more protection features.  Yet NTFS kicks it self in nuts. Mar 26 22:12
twitter M$ stuff typically does that Mar 26 22:13
twitter users feel it. Mar 26 22:13
oiaohm Fat kicks it self in fragmentation and lack of permissions. Mar 26 22:13
schestowitz It starts. “A specific attack on the LSE has been organised on activist site Indymedia UK. “Disrupt the traders whose financial egomania perpetuates global injustice: let’s shutdown trading for the day. Meet outside the London Stock Exchange,” the call to action says.” http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/0… Mar 26 22:13
oiaohm NTFS kicks user where it hurns in the data. Mar 26 22:14
schestowitz Gavin Clarke promotes Linux patent infection and Silver Lie. Surprise surprise. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/03/26… Mar 26 22:14
oiaohm Nvidia is threating to under mine the Silver Lie. Mar 26 22:14
oiaohm Ie video card does the video decoding. Mar 26 22:15
schestowitz Balrog: Asus pulps Apple in hardware reliability survey < http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2009… >. Maybe picking on Apple gives this more publicity? Like Greenpeace attacking Apple products for PR? Mar 26 22:15
oiaohm By by Closed source MS codecs. Mar 26 22:15
oiaohm Either MS wants there codecs video card accelerated or they don’t. Mar 26 22:15
oiaohm exfat ie the MS upgrade to fat is way more data stable than NTFS as well. Mar 26 22:16
schestowitz The INQUIRER has slown down. I think it’s dying as a publication Mar 26 22:16
trmanco this is our future -> http://en.wikipedia.org/w… Mar 26 22:16
schestowitz They lost many writers too Mar 26 22:16
oiaohm NTFS needs to be retired or fixed or replaced. Mar 26 22:16
schestowitz The good ones… Mar 26 22:16
schestowitz A shame… they have many pro-FOSS articles Mar 26 22:17
schestowitz Or had… Mar 26 22:17
schestowitz trmanco: not just for servers? Mar 26 22:17
oiaohm Please MS pick on of my 3 options for you so I can have more peace and do more less presure jobs. Mar 26 22:17
schestowitz Like oracle DBs? Mar 26 22:17
schestowitz tessier is excited by btrfs Mar 26 22:17
oiaohm btrfs has everything a filesystem should from a data protection point of view. Mar 26 22:18
trmanco schestowitz, evertbody can have a home server with Linux Mar 26 22:18
trmanco everybody* Mar 26 22:18
trmanco :-P Mar 26 22:18
oiaohm Its going to make MS restore points look like the hack they are. Mar 26 22:18
trmanco it’s still in heavy dev though Mar 26 22:18
oiaohm Oracle designers are behind btrfs Mar 26 22:18
schestowitz trmanco: aye Mar 26 22:18
oiaohm If anyone can pull of a data protecting filesystem its them. Mar 26 22:19
trmanco don’t forget ZFS… it aim to beat it’s ass Mar 26 22:19
schestowitz oiaohm: one from Novell too Mar 26 22:19
schestowitz On btrfs Mar 26 22:19
schestowitz Chris Mason is the main one, IIRC Mar 26 22:19
trmanco butler filesystem :-P Mar 26 22:19
schestowitz Maybe I remembered his name wrong Mar 26 22:19
schestowitz butter -> betterFS Mar 26 22:20
oiaohm Sun ZFS is good but license suxs. Mar 26 22:20
trmanco yeah, I was just joking Mar 26 22:20
schestowitz Holds your bread and btr Mar 26 22:20
trmanco ZFS is good foi super computers Mar 26 22:20
trmanco for* Mar 26 22:20
oiaohm Would be if there were any suppers running solarais. Mar 26 22:21
oiaohm Solarias has a cpu scaling problem compared to Linux these days. Mar 26 22:21
trmanco wtf -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki… || Greedy G Mar 26 22:21
oiaohm Yes google has one too. Mar 26 22:21
schestowitz Dentist Can Proceed With Lawsuit Against Yelp Reviewers < http://www.pcworld.com/article/161997/… > Mar 26 22:22
oiaohm No off the self filesystem was good enough to run the google network trmanco Mar 26 22:22
schestowitz So putting a name online and allowing people to rank it can get you sued Mar 26 22:22
schestowitz oiaohm: your typing habits have you type Solarias many times Mar 26 22:23
trmanco oiaohm, I guess not, but still, a lot of people would love to have a peak Mar 26 22:23
schestowitz peek Mar 26 22:23
trmanco :| Mar 26 22:23
trmanco oops Mar 26 22:23
trmanco ah, we already have an alternative -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hadoop Mar 26 22:24
oiaohm I have got it down to a extra a.  Problem is it passes spell checker. Mar 26 22:24
schestowitz oiaohm: did you see the company from Sleepycat founder? Mar 26 22:25
schestowitz They make Free software clouds Mar 26 22:25
schestowitz Maybe they use Hadoop. I can’t recall Mar 26 22:25
schestowitz They made their OWN Linux distro Mar 26 22:25
schestowitz Cloudera Mar 26 22:25
oiaohm Have not see that one. Mar 26 22:25
schestowitz oiaohm: Solarias sounds good Mar 26 22:25
schestowitz Good name for a girl. Mar 26 22:25
schestowitz There seems to be a lot of botspam in twitter.. https://twitter.com/search?q=boycot… Mar 26 22:29
oiaohm Solaria is a name of a solar panel provider I need to type right for remote sites. Mar 26 22:30
oiaohm Ie two names too close to each other for my own good. Mar 26 22:31
schestowitz http://www.sutor.com/newsite/blog… <— it’s funny that IBM and Microsoft are listed /first/ by OSCBC’s press release. Neither company is open source !! Mar 26 22:31
schestowitz oiaohm: typing patterns then. Mar 26 22:32
schestowitz I find it hard to type ‘linus’ Mar 26 22:32
oiaohm Dyslexia creates some of my typing patterns. Mar 26 22:32
oiaohm Once I have a word right for something important it pays to leave errors in other places alone. Mar 26 22:33
oiaohm If I correct suns os name all the time I end up stuffing up typing else where. Mar 26 22:33
oiaohm Yes it suxs to have a missed wired language processing center. Mar 26 22:34
schestowitz Some dude from Mixx links to http://www.whale.to/vaccine… Mar 26 22:34
schestowitz The title was interesting, but then I saw “alex jones” and looked way Mar 26 22:35
schestowitz oiaohm: language doesn’t matter much at the grammatical level Mar 26 22:35
schestowitz Ideas matter Mar 26 22:36
oiaohm My grammar is also evil. Mar 26 22:36
schestowitz Antoher thing is structuring of arguments Mar 26 22:36
schestowitz Not sentences Mar 26 22:36
oiaohm I use rare language patterns of english from time to time. Mar 26 22:36
schestowitz So one person can get across the idea clearly. Mar 26 22:36
schestowitz Nothing to do with grammar Mar 26 22:36
oiaohm Stuff you present to PHD students to see them nuts. Mar 26 22:36
schestowitz Organisation of points rather Mar 26 22:36
oiaohm Like implied nowns in a sentence. Mar 26 22:37
oiaohm Yes I made the stupid mistake of thinking learn more about english would improve my english problems. Mar 26 22:37
schestowitz Languages are a human skill, innate.. Mar 26 22:38
schestowitz Strctures are almost the same Mar 26 22:39
schestowitz .. the way the human mind works… and gravitates towards. Mar 26 22:39
oiaohm schestowitz dyslexia.  I had none of the innate skills. Mar 26 22:39
schestowitz Or so goes the most accepted theory.. if you compare languages. Mar 26 22:39
oiaohm I have built what skill I have. Mar 26 22:39
schestowitz The guy I did the phd with has minor dyslexia and he got an OBE Mar 26 22:40
schestowitz So it’s probably exaggerated Mar 26 22:40
oiaohm I started with out the means to speek in normal form for many years. I had phonic scrambling. Mar 26 22:40
schestowitz Speech is a very complex processs Mar 26 22:40
schestowitz If humans didn’t have it, that would change a lot in studying and passing education Mar 26 22:41
oiaohm Ie you would understand me but the sounds would be all in the wrong orders. Mar 26 22:41
oiaohm So it would confuse the hell out of anyone I was talking to until they got use it it. Mar 26 22:41
schestowitz People can talk sensible and make a complex task without even thinking about what they say (maybe doing motoric functions) Mar 26 22:41
oiaohm Really one of the guys I know is studing some of my old speech patterns trying to work out how human brain process brain. Mar 26 22:42
schestowitz You can deconstruct sentences like PLs in cpmputing Mar 26 22:42
oiaohm Opps last brain/sound. Mar 26 22:42
schestowitz It’s intresting to see how the mind processes it Mar 26 22:42
schestowitz Compared to a CPU Mar 26 22:42
schestowitz Computer languages are the same Mar 26 22:42
schestowitz Esp. declarative ones Mar 26 22:43
oiaohm That a person can say every phonnic sound in every word in the wrong order and still the person on the other end can understand it perfectly as long as its in a sentence is interesting. Mar 26 22:43
_Hicham_ we have a linguistic professor inside our brain Mar 26 22:43
_Hicham_ precessor Mar 26 22:43
schestowitz Yes Mar 26 22:43
oiaohm It 100 percent for sure is not 1 core. Mar 26 22:44
schestowitz Women’s vocabulary is said to be better Mar 26 22:44
_Hicham_ that is the term used by linguists Mar 26 22:44
schestowitz Don’t know what studies were done. Mar 26 22:44
oiaohm Its like as if we look up word by there sound fragments. Mar 26 22:44
oiaohm Then context can correct errors. Mar 26 22:44
schestowitz Sound->picture Mar 26 22:45
schestowitz Associations Mar 26 22:45
schestowitz That’s how you can also control people’s thought by changing language Mar 26 22:45
oiaohm Basically brain had build in sound decryption. Mar 26 22:45
schestowitz To a lot of people, when you say “terrorist” the mental image is a Muslim person. Strange, but true… Mar 26 22:45
schestowitz In the past it translated to something else Mar 26 22:46
schestowitz Like some bandit with a bomb or something Mar 26 22:46
oiaohm That terrorist image cause police a lot of problems. Mar 26 22:46
schestowitz SCO->lawsuit Mar 26 22:46
schestowitz Linux->cheapT Mar 26 22:46
schestowitz To most people Mar 26 22:47
schestowitz Miicrosoft is practicing with people to make it so Mar 26 22:47
oiaohm Because a true terrorist normally avoids looking like a Muslim. Mar 26 22:47
schestowitz Apple has a strong brand Mar 26 22:47
schestowitz People think of good hrdware and rich hip boy” Mar 26 22:47
schestowitz “Hello, I’m a Mac” Mar 26 22:47
*Eruaran|alphates (n=quassel@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 26 22:48
schestowitz oiaohm: let me find a link from Schneier Mar 26 22:48
schestowitz http://www.schneier.com/blog/arch… Mar 26 22:48
oiaohm Wounder how many people are going to turn up a Linux conforence to pound the MS guy.  IBM does produce a lot of good documentation about the internels of the Linux kernel. Mar 26 22:48
schestowitz “Maine Man Tries to Build a Dirty Bomb : No one cares, probably because he isn’t Muslim. White supremacist terrorism just isn’t sexy these days.” Mar 26 22:48
schestowitz Which conference, oiaohm Mar 26 22:49
schestowitz Microsoft knows just the meaning of document (Office), not documentation Mar 26 22:49
*Eruaran has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Mar 26 22:49
schestowitz That’s a secret sauce Mar 26 22:49
oiaohm http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/s…  Opps OSBC Mar 26 22:50
oiaohm IBM is a reason why I have turned up a Linux confs in the pasted.  There doc writers are brillant. Mar 26 22:50
oiaohm One thing rarer than programmers in the Open Source world.  Good doc writters. Mar 26 22:51
schestowitz Ah, OSBC Mar 26 22:52
schestowitz Did you see BN post? Mar 26 22:52
schestowitz Another one coming soon. Mar 26 22:52
oiaohm Yep Mar 26 22:52
schestowitz I just accumulate the story Mar 26 22:52
schestowitz Then sort the arguments worth making Mar 26 22:52
schestowitz Rather than write and then find refs that are supportive I always do it in reverse Mar 26 22:52
oiaohm When MS is at a Opensource conference there are bets if they will walk out before the end of conference or not. Mar 26 22:52
schestowitz Collect evidence, then seam it together and explain. Mar 26 22:53
schestowitz oiaohm: each year they drive away the resistance Mar 26 22:53
schestowitz See the “66 page of evilness” doc Mar 26 22:53
schestowitz They drive away the Microsoft antagonist… each year Mar 26 22:53
oiaohm Basically IBM and MS were first on list because they would attract the most attentants. Mar 26 22:53
schestowitz Until they ‘own’ OSBC Mar 26 22:53
schestowitz oiaohm: doesn’t matter Mar 26 22:54
schestowitz One of the trolls has just coined a word: “BNers” Mar 26 22:54
oiaohm It gets more fun IBM and SUN people go out of there way to attend the MS one to pull MS to bits. Mar 26 22:54
schestowitz Meaning people who support BN, I guess. Mar 26 22:54
schestowitz “The problem is that Roy and the other BNers…” Mar 26 22:55
oiaohm Most of the time MS ends up giving up because they end up looking worse. Mar 26 22:55
schestowitz Like OSBC 2008 Mar 26 22:55
oiaohm Its funny watching a MS personal trying to distance him self from the very company he is employed by. Mar 26 22:55
schestowitz People resent them Mar 26 22:55
schestowitz Even those who pretend to be tolerant Mar 26 22:55
schestowitz Inside themselves they want to burst Mar 26 22:55
schestowitz But Microsot puts ‘fronts’ Mar 26 22:55
schestowitz It uses straw people. Mar 26 22:56
schestowitz So that you can’t punch — metaphorically speaking– the real anti-Linux bullies. Mar 26 22:56
schestowitz Microsoft sends its women to war :-) Mar 26 22:56
schestowitz While the man stay at home Mar 26 22:56
schestowitz *men Mar 26 22:56
schestowitz Who would shoot a woman? Mar 26 22:56
oiaohm Yep same thing is pointed out every time. Mar 26 22:56
oiaohm Otehr woman. Mar 26 22:57
oiaohm Because both teams men stayed home. Mar 26 22:57
schestowitz The men stay at home to take care of the… patents :-) Mar 26 22:57
oiaohm IBM don’t send there top guys. Mar 26 22:57
oiaohm It is there low ones they send in to beat up the MS guys. Mar 26 22:58
oiaohm Not like any more is needed. Mar 26 22:58
schestowitz You know what I realised when I was away? I think Microsoft Jack or out or something Mar 26 22:58
MinceR gn Mar 26 22:58
schestowitz maybe retired now Mar 26 22:58
schestowitz I used to see his ‘articles’ showing up every week or so… nothing for months now Mar 26 22:58
oiaohm Same time MS stoped paying as much. Mar 26 22:59
oiaohm Maybe he is unemployeed Mar 26 22:59
schestowitz The small, compact, energy-efficient chips give Linux a real lift: http://www.linuxjournal.com/co… Mar 26 23:00
schestowitz oiaohm: could be Mar 26 23:00
schestowitz He moved to blogging Mar 26 23:00
schestowitz But it can be too handy for them Mar 26 23:00
schestowitz let me check Mar 26 23:00
schestowitz http://www.guardian.co.uk/profile/j… Mar 26 23:01
schestowitz Still active Mar 26 23:01
schestowitz http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=… Mar 26 23:01
oiaohm Notice his topics schestowitz since then. Mar 26 23:02
oiaohm I supect jack is not getting any MS money to write MS bits. Mar 26 23:02
oiaohm So he is writing other stuff. Mar 26 23:02
oiaohm Ie returned to a general new footing. Mar 26 23:03
oiaohm I am seeing this quite a bit.  Bias’s are disappearing from a lot of reportters as MS money drys up. Mar 26 23:04
schestowitz Seems like all my COLA posts end up here: http://www.s5h.net/2008/02/ Mar 26 23:04
schestowitz oiaohm: yes, agreed Mar 26 23:04
schestowitz But he also bashed Google, Apple, and Linux Mar 26 23:04
schestowitz Geerally, the MS party line Mar 26 23:04
schestowitz Like Rob Enderle and Preston Gralla Mar 26 23:05
schestowitz MS puppets in ‘journo’ hat Mar 26 23:05
oiaohm MS need money to run its PR machine. Mar 26 23:05
oiaohm No money PR drops. Mar 26 23:06
schestowitz 4bn/year Mar 26 23:07
schestowitz Marketing at MSFT, last time I heard anyway….. Mar 26 23:07
schestowitz Margins get smaller, profits too. PR is needed in more areas due to diversity… Mar 26 23:08
schestowitz That domain  < http://www.s5h.net/ > seems to contain my 30k posts or so that are tagged [news] Mar 26 23:08
schestowitz No attribution, but it’s not important. The Linux advocacy gets spread Mar 26 23:09
schestowitz “Since the financial crisis began, the corporate and philanthropic foundations and donors who gird most think tanks have become stingier about their grants,” reports David Weigel.  http://www.prwatch.org/node/8294 Mar 26 23:10
trmanco it looks like a spam blog for me Mar 26 23:10
schestowitz Think tanks are often corruption; likewise for many charities of wealthy man. Mar 26 23:10
schestowitz trmanco: it does look like it Mar 26 23:10
schestowitz He aggregates COLA [news] Mar 26 23:10
schestowitz it’s Ed Mar 26 23:10
trmanco Ed? Mar 26 23:11
schestowitz Since I’ve been happy about this since he began around 2006 or 2007, that’s cool. Mar 26 23:11
schestowitz Neville. He used to post in COLA… a lot less now. Mar 26 23:11
schestowitz Sometimes he comments in BN which he reads also Mar 26 23:11
schestowitz http://www.prwatch.org/node/8293 (Australian Police Unspun) Mar 26 23:12
oiaohm Happens. Mar 26 23:14
oiaohm Its not the worse found here. Mar 26 23:14
oiaohm One stage one of the biggest drug providers in 1 city was the drug enforcement arm for that city. Mar 26 23:14
oiaohm Ads new meaning to police protection. Mar 26 23:15
schestowitz Not only does IBM cut jobs today: Google To Cut 200 Jobs In Sales And Marketing < http://www.paidcontent.org/entry/419-g… > Mar 26 23:17
oiaohm Not really that product of a arm of google.  Most marketing work is already done for them. Mar 26 23:17
_Hicham_ google doesn’t need marketing at all now Mar 26 23:19
_Hicham_ the word google is the most famous word in the industry Mar 26 23:19
schestowitz We’ve just made front pages of LinuxToday Mar 26 23:20
_Hicham_ and google.com is the most visited website Mar 26 23:20
schestowitz _Hicham_: fair poiint, BUT Mar 26 23:20
schestowitz Microsoft is tarnishing their brand Mar 26 23:20
schestowitz They have lobbies not only in DC Mar 26 23:20
schestowitz To smear Google Mar 26 23:20
schestowitz And to force Google to drop the algo Mar 26 23:20
schestowitz Like reduce retention time Mar 26 23:20
schestowitz If they can outdo Google, then they try to use the law to sabotage their performance Mar 26 23:21
schestowitz Portray Google as evil… Mar 26 23:21
oiaohm Ie Google does not need marketing. Mar 26 23:24
oiaohm It needs it legal department Mar 26 23:24
schestowitz zoobab01:  http://opendotdotdot.blogspot.com/20… Mar 26 23:28
schestowitz oiaohm: yes, they tried lobbyists too. Yuck. Mar 26 23:28
schestowitz In Europe also Mar 26 23:28
schestowitz The systems are too polluted and clogged up for shills/spiners Mar 26 23:29
balzac Why does Redhat’s CEO keep talking-down GNU/Linux on the desktop? Mar 26 23:29
schestowitz *spinners Mar 26 23:29
schestowitz balzac: he uses Fedora Mar 26 23:29
balzac I like Michael Tienman, but I’m annoyed by the CEO of Redhat Mar 26 23:29
schestowitz But he’s not a Linux guy per se Mar 26 23:29
schestowitz And Red hat wants to make money Mar 26 23:29
schestowitz Not to spread Free sofwtare on the desktopo Mar 26 23:29
schestowitz balzac: yes, I’m in good relationship with Michael Mar 26 23:29
balzac He ought to tell him to SYFPH Mar 26 23:30
schestowitz Shuttleworth says many bad things too Mar 26 23:30
schestowitz About Linux Mar 26 23:30
schestowitz And then they use him against Linux Mar 26 23:30
schestowitz Shuttleworth is befuddled by Apple marketing Mar 26 23:30
schestowitz I wonder if he even use one at all. Mar 26 23:31
balzac I read Tienman’s profile page and he’s got great free-software credibility and history. Plus he wasn’t mincing words last time he spoke about Microsoft. He gives me some confidence in the Open Source Initiative. Mar 26 23:31
schestowitz Yes, he is Mar 26 23:31
schestowitz GNU person Mar 26 23:31
schestowitz GCC Mar 26 23:31
schestowitz C++ Mar 26 23:31
schestowitz ESR is trouble Mar 26 23:32
balzac But the CEO is a bit of an empty-suit, it seems. Mar 26 23:32
schestowitz Just uttered bad things Mar 26 23:32
oiaohm Redhat has reasons for talking down the desktop. Mar 26 23:32
schestowitz In some conference Mar 26 23:32
schestowitz Defending BSD Mar 26 23:32
schestowitz Pooo-pooed the GPL Mar 26 23:32
oiaohm It keeps MS eyes of what Redhat is really upto. Mar 26 23:32
schestowitz /s/conference/LUS/ Mar 26 23:32
schestowitz *LUG Mar 26 23:32
schestowitz oiaohm: +1 Mar 26 23:32
balzac I don’t have a problem with ESR defending the “masturbating monkeys” of BSD, but rather with his misrepresentation of the history of the Free Software Movement with CATB. Mar 26 23:33
oiaohm Redhat core project is ovirt.org Mar 26 23:33
oiaohm part of that does include control of desktops. Mar 26 23:34
oiaohm Yet in a completely new way. Mar 26 23:34
oiaohm Means to suspend you programs on one machine and restart on another like nothing has happened. Mar 26 23:34
oiaohm Compared to what Redhat is developing the current desktop model is old hat. Mar 26 23:35
oiaohm Nothing is fast. Mar 26 23:35
schestowitz [hat tip Mar 26 23:36
schestowitz The Oreilly Radar Web site has been utter cr*p for a few months now Mar 26 23:37
schestowitz Useless links and a potpourri of different topics from arbitrary people Mar 26 23:37
schestowitz Next week it’ll go to the trash unless it makes something useful. I think Tim Oreilly hardly posts there anymore, so it’s just a garbage dump for unpublished|able stuff Mar 26 23:37
trmanco http://philosecurity.org/2009/03/23… Mar 26 23:39
schestowitz Those who thought that Linux-powered OLPCs are over should think again: http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news… Mar 26 23:41
oiaohm Next generation OLPC most likely will have to be Linux no x86 processor. Mar 26 23:43
schestowitz trmanco: pirates use guns Mar 26 23:44
schestowitz oiaohm: ARM Mar 26 23:44
schestowitz Nick has said it’s likely inevitable Mar 26 23:44
trmanco I like the joke Mar 26 23:44
schestowitz He said yesterday that costs would come down Mar 26 23:44
schestowitz Some ARM netbooks are around $150 Mar 26 23:44
schestowitz Nick urged Microsoft to port XP to ARM, but that might not happen Mar 26 23:45
schestowitz Microsoft will just hope that OLPC dies Mar 26 23:45
schestowitz Euthanasia Mar 26 23:45
schestowitz The ‘new’ Microsoft… Mar 26 23:45
*Balrog_ (n=Balrog@pool-68-238-235-164.phil.east.verizon.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 26 23:47
oiaohm Reactos has a port to Arm. Mar 26 23:49
schestowitz Could run Sugar, I suppose Mar 26 23:50
schestowitz Depending on whether Fedora has many hacks Mar 26 23:50
schestowitz Is reactos ‘heavy’? I didn’t try it Mar 26 23:50
schestowitz I remember it being light and simple Mar 26 23:50
oiaohm Reactos is extreamly light. Mar 26 23:51
schestowitz OLPC enables Fedora to fast-boot. ReactOS just doesn’t have Linux features….. Mar 26 23:51
oiaohm Mostly because its missing the crap MS has added over the years. Mar 26 23:51
schestowitz Wifi drivers…. and Marvell.. Mar 26 23:51
schestowitz oiaohm: you call DRM ‘crap’?? *gasp* Mar 26 23:51
oiaohm Worse Mar 26 23:51
schestowitz It’s for security… Mar 26 23:52
schestowitz Of Hollywood’s piggybank Mar 26 23:52
oiaohm Reactos what secuirty at moment. Mar 26 23:52
oiaohm Everything currently runs at equal to system. Mar 26 23:52
Balrog_ I tried it … it’s worse-than alpha quality code, IMO Mar 26 23:53
Balrog_ (even nouveau is many times better) Mar 26 23:53
oiaohm Nothing is worse than alpha code Balrog_ Mar 26 23:53
oiaohm Its the worst rating you give to code that kind runs. Mar 26 23:53
Balrog_ there are different levels of alpha Mar 26 23:53
Balrog_ Reactos is at the bottom :/ Mar 26 23:54
oiaohm There is lower than Reactos I can find. Mar 26 23:54
oiaohm Early hurd alphas Mar 26 23:54
oiaohm The bugger would lock up every 5 seconds. Mar 26 23:54
schestowitz A true rarity: http://techdirt.com/artic… (Austalian ISP Stands Up For Users In Court — Claims They’re Not Violating Copyright) Mar 26 23:55
oiaohm Reactos you do at least stand a chance of doing a few things. Mar 26 23:55
Balrog_ I see…. hurd was really that bad? Mar 26 23:55
Balrog_ yeah, at least reactos doesn’t crash right away. Mar 26 23:55
oiaohm hurd is a really strong microkernel design.  Lets say a little too strong. Mar 26 23:55
oiaohm It was going into crash loops off the start line. Mar 26 23:55
oiaohm Of the thread manager. Mar 26 23:56
Balrog_ heh… Mar 26 23:56
Balrog_ hows its progress so far? Mar 26 23:56
oiaohm Thread manager comes up make a task work.  Crashed fault detection kicks in Thread manager restarted and back around the loop again. Mar 26 23:56
oiaohm Yep crashloops Mar 26 23:57
oiaohm System still runs but limping really badly. Mar 26 23:57
Balrog_ I see. No one’s working on it anymore? Mar 26 23:57
schestowitz Oh no. It’s back… http://www.adjb.net/post/SC-34-Me… Mar 26 23:57
oiaohm People still do work on it. Mar 26 23:57
oiaohm Hurd is really complex to debug. Mar 26 23:57
oiaohm Nothing just stops. Mar 26 23:58
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