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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: March 28th, 2009 – Part 1

Posted in IRC Logs at 5:04 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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MinceR gn Mar 28 01:12
twitter Thanks for pointing out that child porn article.  There’s a lot to be furious about these cases.  The victims of such prosecution are completely embarrassed for what they thought was a private communication and the prosecution is guilty of the crime they allege because they PUBLISH the images and share them with the court. Mar 28 01:22
oiaohm Here there are a lot of rules over how child porn cases have to be handled. Mar 28 01:23
twitter The victims are only guilty of trusting their telecommunications overlords. Mar 28 01:24
twitter The rules are wrong, as these perverse cases prove. Mar 28 01:24
twitter The violator is MySpace and the phone company. Mar 28 01:24
oiaohm Even if they trade photo person to person same rules apply here. Mar 28 01:24
twitter They inspect what should be private. Mar 28 01:25
oiaohm twitter: if you want stuff private don’t send it not encrypted. Mar 28 01:25
twitter Spying costs money and should be against the law for everyone’s good. Mar 28 01:26
oiaohm Displaying stuff on the internet not encypted is classes as displaying it in a public place or writing a message on a post card. Mar 28 01:26
oiaohm Simple fact people don’t want to accept the truth about it. Mar 28 01:26
oiaohm Then kick and scream when they get caught. Mar 28 01:26
twitter MySpace pretends things are private, then sell their victims to the highest bidder.  The prosecutors, in this case, are just another bidder. Mar 28 01:26
oiaohm Read the MySpace agreement. Mar 28 01:27
oiaohm Again people don’t. Mar 28 01:27
oiaohm You agreed to allowing your items to be inspected for illegal content. Mar 28 01:27
oiaohm If you don’t read the licence of the service you are using who fault is that. Mar 28 01:28
twitter Who wants to read pages and pages of fine print to understand that the large print is a lie? Mar 28 01:28
twitter People who make “agreements” like that are liars. Mar 28 01:28
oiaohm MySpace is stuck between a devil and deep blue sea. Mar 28 01:28
oiaohm Don’t inspect the content they can be charaged with harboring if legal content is found on there servers. Mar 28 01:29
twitter MySpace exists because ISPs don’t let people share. Mar 28 01:29
twitter They block ports and do other obnoxious things. Mar 28 01:29
oiaohm Now why don’t ISP let people share. Mar 28 01:29
oiaohm The same reason in most cases. Mar 28 01:30
twitter They do this for the benefit of big publishers and M$. Mar 28 01:30
oiaohm You are using there services they are party responsable for your actions. Mar 28 01:30
twitter Big publishers want a captive, helpless and dependent audience. Mar 28 01:30
oiaohm If people did not do illegal things there would be no need for ISP to be restricting. Mar 28 01:31
oiaohm Basically everyone is bring restrictions on themselfs. Mar 28 01:31
twitter There’s nothing illegal about running a web server but most ISPs forbid it. Mar 28 01:31
twitter People who are forbidden to run their own web servers are not responsible when those who are violate them. Mar 28 01:31
oiaohm That is in your agreement with them again. Mar 28 01:32
oiaohm Most ISP you can pay more for web server usage allowance. Mar 28 01:32
twitter I don’t have a choice but to “agree” with them if there are no other providers. Mar 28 01:32
oiaohm And there is a tech reason for it.  It called traffic controll. Mar 28 01:32
twitter Open Spectrum should solve this problem on the side of freedom. Mar 28 01:32
oiaohm If as a ISP I am turning all users into 1 ip number on the internel. Mar 28 01:33
oiaohm internet Mar 28 01:33
twitter Fuck ISPs like that, I want my freedom. Mar 28 01:33
oiaohm And I let uses run a http server.  You end up with multiable machines connected to the same port numbers. Mar 28 01:33
twitter Open Spectrum will solve “traffic” problems. Mar 28 01:33
oiaohm IP6 opens up more ips Mar 28 01:34
oiaohm So IP stacking should not be needed. Mar 28 01:34
twitter http://www.reed.com/OpenSpectrum/ Mar 28 01:34
oiaohm Yes you get a cheaper connection price if your connection can be stacked on to a single IP. Mar 28 01:34
twitter With Open Spectrum, there will be no bandwith scarcity and people will be able to share whatever they want in whatever manner they wish. Mar 28 01:35
twitter Telco and broadcasters will be a thing of the past and there will be true freedom of press. Mar 28 01:35
oiaohm LOL Mar 28 01:36
oiaohm There is always bandwith scarcity. Mar 28 01:36
twitter Reed and Bose know what they are talking about and they say bullshit. Mar 28 01:36
tessier I’m not sure there necessarily has to be…at least not for a certain amount of bandwidth. Mar 28 01:36
tessier If we all had 10Mb we could all do video. Mar 28 01:36
tessier Any more than that isn’t really necessary although of course it would be nice. Mar 28 01:37
twitter Broadcasters and publishers are soaking up the world’s spectrum with antiquated tech.  Even cable modems could provide orders of magnitude more bandwith if they were not wasting so much of it on broadcasting crap all day. Mar 28 01:37
tessier The big issue is that if something like what he advocates happens censorship will be much harder and probably impossible. Mar 28 01:38
tessier And all you have to do is say “child porn!” and it’ll all be over. Mar 28 01:38
tessier Because child porn isn’t worth freedom of any sort to most people. Mar 28 01:38
tessier We would all live in Soviet Russia if it could stop child porn. Mar 28 01:38
twitter The real bandwith of the usable spectrum is effectively infinite compared to demand. Mar 28 01:38
tessier Of course it can’t because people would be corrupt in those circumstances. Mar 28 01:38
tessier twitter: Especially over small areas. Mar 28 01:38
tessier Which you then multiply… Mar 28 01:39
twitter Soviet Russia had child porn and more exploitation than you can shake a stick at.  Exploitation comes when power is concentrated. Mar 28 01:39
tessier What is the bandwidth of the entire cell network? Mar 28 01:39
tessier twitter: Indeed Mar 28 01:39
tessier How many mobile phones are there out there? Mar 28 01:39
tessier Actually, how many mobile phone base stations and how many phones can each one support? Mar 28 01:39
tessier That would be the bandwidth of the current system. I bet it is massive. Mar 28 01:39
oiaohm Problem here I can talk about real world tests of the idea of unlimited radio space. Mar 28 01:39
schestowitz Fox slammed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X… Mar 28 01:40
oiaohm The theory of OpenSpectrum works well on paper. Mar 28 01:40
oiaohm Does not work in real world. Mar 28 01:40
twitter works well as 802.11B too Mar 28 01:40
oiaohm There is a problem. Mar 28 01:40
twitter yeah, it’s that broadcasters are lying to you. Mar 28 01:41
oiaohm 1 incorrect placed transmitter can act as a jammer Mar 28 01:41
oiaohm On a lot of others. Mar 28 01:41
twitter jammers can and should be fined. Mar 28 01:41
oiaohm due to refections of other items in the envorment. Mar 28 01:41
oiaohm That is the noise source. Mar 28 01:41
twitter don’t BS me.  malice can wipe out the current broadcasters too Mar 28 01:42
oiaohm More transmitters you have the more refections of items you have the higher the background nosie is. Mar 28 01:42
oiaohm Sorry I know first hand from highly dencity 802.11 wireless network debuging. Mar 28 01:42
twitter that’s not what happens with 802.11 Mar 28 01:42
oiaohm It does happen in 802.11 Mar 28 01:43
oiaohm Starts at when you get about 60 inside a block area. Mar 28 01:43
oiaohm And progressively gets worse. Mar 28 01:43
oiaohm That paper completely over looks the cause of noise. Mar 28 01:44
oiaohm Now if he was talking about optical links it would work. Mar 28 01:44
twitter The two shared frequencies of 802.11 are more than adequate to serve people’s short distance needs.  If people could use the rest of the spectrum, there would be no problem at all. Mar 28 01:44
oiaohm It all depends what its echoing off. Mar 28 01:44
twitter I’m sorry, oiaohm, I’m going to trust Reed and Bose before you. Mar 28 01:44
oiaohm Have you ever built echo airals. Mar 28 01:45
oiaohm Where they recive a signal and transmit on a different freq completely. Mar 28 01:45
twitter That’s not what Open Spectrum is all about. Mar 28 01:46
oiaohm Just due to they way they are designed. Mar 28 01:46
oiaohm It what brings the idea to it knees twitter Mar 28 01:46
oiaohm There is a max desintiy. Mar 28 01:46
twitter Open Spectrum uses random time outs, packet communication and frequency hopping. Mar 28 01:46
oiaohm If all buidling and other items were built to be sure that there are no echos then the idea would work. Mar 28 01:47
twitter These techniques overcome problems of brain dead “echo aerials” Mar 28 01:47
oiaohm If you are generating nosie too strong over come techniques fail. Mar 28 01:48
twitter There are ways around your problems, oiaohm.  You are not going to convince anyone that broadcast is a better use of frequency or cable. Mar 28 01:48
oiaohm air base optictal avoids the problem. Mar 28 01:48
oiaohm But is more complex to setup. Mar 28 01:48
twitter The spectrum should be delicensed. Mar 28 01:48
oiaohm opticial internlinks don’t require a licence. Mar 28 01:49
twitter Line of sight short range communications can overcome your imagined problems too. Mar 28 01:49
oiaohm I know from syndey and perth here. Mar 28 01:49
oiaohm They have large wireless networks. Mar 28 01:50
oiaohm So that idea has been real world tested. Mar 28 01:50
twitter I think people like Bose and Reed can design a network that’s free and avoids your problems without needing any one to one optical linds Mar 28 01:50
twitter *links Mar 28 01:50
twitter No country has delicensed their spectrum. Mar 28 01:50
schestowitz Vote-stealing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=… Mar 28 01:51
twitter looking Mar 28 01:51
oiaohm Ok the best way to think of radio is water in a pond.  You see watter ripples reflect of particular things. Mar 28 01:52
oiaohm Throw in 1 rock it simple to track what is going on. Mar 28 01:52
oiaohm Throw in multiable it gets harder. Mar 28 01:52
twitter Yes, reed uses the analogy too.  The waves pass through each other, “interference” is local. Mar 28 01:53
oiaohm At a particular point it becomes too hard to make sence of. Mar 28 01:53
twitter light beams can intersect, the information from each comes out of the intersection intact. Mar 28 01:53
oiaohm There is a limit on transmitter desnity based on what objects are in the local area reflecting things. Mar 28 01:53
twitter there is no limit on transmitter density if you don’t limit frequency use. Mar 28 01:54
twitter There are practical limits to frequency use, but these are well beyond what anyone can expect to ever use. Mar 28 01:54
oiaohm Problem is there is a flat line limit. Mar 28 01:54
oiaohm There are objects out there that basically refect everything. Mar 28 01:55
twitter Read Reed. Mar 28 01:55
oiaohm Its not unlimited as Reed claims. Mar 28 01:55
twitter I have you and I have Reed.  Reed wins. Mar 28 01:55
oiaohm Reed leaves out causes of interfince. Mar 28 01:56
oiaohm Real world its confusing as hell. Mar 28 01:56
twitter no it’s not. Mar 28 01:56
oiaohm Like someone turns on a cb radio Mar 28 01:56
oiaohm And a wireless network drops out. Mar 28 01:56
twitter :) Mar 28 01:56
oiaohm Just because it was in the right place. Mar 28 01:56
oiaohm His idea purely depends on the fact that transmitters signal will stay on the same freq. Mar 28 01:57
oiaohm Real world radio noise is crossing freqs. Mar 28 01:57
oiaohm a radio freq is just a particular wave osslocation speed. Mar 28 01:58
oiaohm In the same media. Mar 28 01:58
oiaohm That is why a pond is such a good example of it twitter Mar 28 01:59
oiaohm Right kinds of echos freqs change. Mar 28 01:59
oiaohm Radio freqs are the artificial constuct twitter Mar 28 02:00
twitter shestowitz, is that voter fraud video for real? Mar 28 02:04
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schestowitz Enough videos for me :-() http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=… Mar 28 02:11
schestowitz twitter: yes, it’s real. Mar 28 02:11
twitter Got a link to another news source?  The audio does not seem to match the video for me. Mar 28 02:14
twitter I believe the charges, I’m not sure about this video. Mar 28 02:14
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oiaohm twitter remember light is in the same pond as radio.   Reson why light works is transmitters and recievers are setup highly directional. Mar 28 02:16
schestowitz Staged? Mar 28 02:16
schestowitz Or cooked? Mar 28 02:16
twitter cooked, like they put a different audio on top of the video. Mar 28 02:16
twitter The allegations are real enough.  I’m just not sure anyone would get them in front of the US Congress like that. Mar 28 02:17
schestowitz Yeah.. Mar 28 02:22
schestowitz gn Mar 28 02:22
tessier Optical links are just another form of radiation. Mar 28 02:23
tessier The spectrum is HUGE. Mar 28 02:23
oiaohm The spectrum is huge yes. Mar 28 02:23
oiaohm But not to nuke the spectrum direction of signal is kinda critical. Mar 28 02:23
tessier Bandwidth, range, power, noise. Pick three. Mar 28 02:23
oiaohm That is basically the problem. Mar 28 02:24
oiaohm You missied on. Mar 28 02:25
oiaohm one. Mar 28 02:25
oiaohm Lack of directinally creates noise that interferes with Bandwidth and range. Mar 28 02:25
oiaohm Adding more power to transmission makes echos worse. Mar 28 02:26
oiaohm Using low power gives you bugger all range. Mar 28 02:26
oiaohm Everything is interlinked. Mar 28 02:26
oiaohm Reed leaving noise out his maths leaves out a critical real world problom. Mar 28 02:27
oiaohm problem. Mar 28 02:27
oiaohm Reason why I said it looks good on paper until you take it into the real world and find the writer has missed something kinda critical. Mar 28 02:27
oiaohm Lower bandwidth is more resistance to noise. Mar 28 02:29
oiaohm Higher bandwidth more noise is a problem. Mar 28 02:29
oiaohm Can you see the missing factor in reeds paper now tessier Mar 28 02:30
tessier Pick three is just fine by me. Mar 28 02:31
oiaohm Your three you cannot pick three. Mar 28 02:31
oiaohm range is linked to power and bandwidth. Mar 28 02:32
oiaohm bandwith is linked to noise and power. Mar 28 02:32
oiaohm power is linked to noise bandwith and range. Mar 28 02:33
oiaohm They are all linked to each other. Mar 28 02:33
twitter This is getting repetitive oiahom. Mar 28 02:34
oiaohm twitter the pond.   Everything in the specutrim is linked. Mar 28 02:34
oiaohm Its not a unlimited thing. Mar 28 02:35
oiaohm Yes it has a huge limit but it is not unlimited. Mar 28 02:36
oiaohm Radios are basicaly just filters on something we don’t fully understand.  Closest item we have that we can see and touch that acts about the same is the surface of water. Mar 28 02:40
oiaohm Reed added some very key presumes that are not backed up by real world expermentations. Mar 28 02:43
oiaohm One of the most common presumes in radio is that radio travels in straight lines.   Radio signals can be bent just like a water wave going threw an obstical..   Base level of the electromagic spec things get a lot more complex. Mar 28 02:45
oiaohm twitter I have played with radios for a very long time. Mar 28 02:48
oiaohm Reed docs completely left out a transmitter interfering with itself at reciever due to relection. Mar 28 02:50
oiaohm You can have two radios inside 20 metters of each other and unable to talk. Mar 28 02:50
oiaohm Even that they are on the same freq. Mar 28 02:50
oiaohm The pure fun of invistaging radio black spots. Mar 28 02:51
twitter gn Mar 28 03:11
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zer0c00l network outrage yesterday Mar 28 03:31
zer0c00l :( Mar 28 03:31
zer0c00l thought of posting comment in BN Mar 28 03:32
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amarsh04 PetroKraus, our local orchestra did a Pink Floyd tribute and released a double cd: http://www.aso.com.au/season0… Mar 28 03:59
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zer0c00l schestowitz: last night network outrage Mar 28 04:06
zer0c00l cant post the comments Mar 28 04:06
zer0c00l the whole network is now utilizing backup 1 Mbps connection Mar 28 04:07
zer0c00l :( Mar 28 04:07
zer0c00l too slow and lot of delay Mar 28 04:07
oiaohm Ok someone did not think threw there plan b. Mar 28 04:24
zer0c00l damn msp morrons are fighting back Mar 28 04:35
zer0c00l http://gracelyne.wordpress.com/2009/03/23/h… Mar 28 04:35
zer0c00l BN is not even loading :( Mar 28 04:44
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*tessier is BORED Mar 28 05:41
tessier I hate it when I can’t sleep but I’m tired Mar 28 05:41
tessier More recently, Riches has attempted to intervene as a plaintiff in the Madoff investment scandal, claiming that he “met Bernard Madoff on eharmony.com in 2001″ and taught Madoff identity theft skills.[19] Mar 28 05:47
tessier http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/… Mar 28 05:47
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tessier hahaha Mar 28 05:47
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zer0c00l the girl now talks about software patents :D lol Mar 28 06:02
zer0c00l http://gracelyne.wordpress…. Mar 28 06:03
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mib_n35ppj :( Mar 28 06:32
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zer0c00l BN down? Mar 28 06:56
zer0c00l any performance issues there? Mar 28 06:56
zer0c00l cant load BN here Mar 28 06:56
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Omar87 So, guys what do you think of the latest hype about Red Hat’s story with patents? Mar 28 07:07
oiaohm Redhat patents are nothing new. Mar 28 07:08
oiaohm Just some closed source guys are getting worried redhat might use them against them. Mar 28 07:09
Omar87 oiaohm: Yeah. Mar 28 07:09
Omar87 oiaohm: But, is it a good thing in your opinion? Mar 28 07:09
oiaohm Closed source guys threaten open source guys with patents all the time. Mar 28 07:09
oiaohm In one way its a good thing. Mar 28 07:10
oiaohm Teach them the patent system is not just to there advantage. Mar 28 07:10
oiaohm Might get more closed source companies anti-patent. Mar 28 07:10
Omar87 That’s right. Mar 28 07:10
oiaohm Redhat has a formal agreements saying they will not use patents against open source. Mar 28 07:11
Omar87 Patents do have some good things to offer after all. ;) Mar 28 07:11
oiaohm Really not. Mar 28 07:11
oiaohm Patents can be used to enforce a openstandard. Mar 28 07:12
Omar87 Wouldn’t it be great to use M$’s weapom against them? Mar 28 07:12
oiaohm Abused Patents are far more risky. Mar 28 07:12
Omar87 weapon* Mar 28 07:12
oiaohm Remember a weapon is a weapon. Mar 28 07:12
Omar87 yes Mar 28 07:12
oiaohm It can always land on the wrong target. Mar 28 07:12
Omar87 for sure. Mar 28 07:13
oiaohm IBM aquiring SUN.  Could be a really bad thing. Mar 28 07:13
Omar87 But, this doesn’t mean that its evil, just because it’s being used by evil people. Mar 28 07:13
oiaohm The patent the final company will hold basically can shut the computer computer industry down. Mar 28 07:13
oiaohm With the legal skill to know how to use them. Mar 28 07:14
Omar87 I personally can’t imagine SUN being any other thing that itself. Mar 28 07:14
oiaohm SUN holds lots of the key techs used in motherboards. Mar 28 07:14
Omar87 than* Mar 28 07:15
oiaohm IBM held enough techs to build a Motherboard that works without SUN patents. Mar 28 07:15
oiaohm Both merged you are stuffed. Mar 28 07:16
oiaohm Closed source worrying about redhat is a laugh. Mar 28 07:16
oiaohm there are bigger more possiabley killing things to worry about. Mar 28 07:17
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balzac another great night at the strip club Mar 28 08:15
balzac and I’ll have another night there tomorrow!! Mar 28 08:15
balzac feelin on their booties… Mar 28 08:16
PetoKraus :) Mar 28 08:22
PetoKraus yeah Mar 28 08:22
PetoKraus i’m gonna spend the night supporting Holland Mar 28 08:22
PetoKraus in Holland v Scotland match Mar 28 08:22
PetoKraus (i’m in Glasgow) Mar 28 08:22
PetoKraus if i don’t come here tomorrow, neds ate me. Mar 28 08:22
balzac cool Mar 28 08:25
balzac I scored tonight in a different way Mar 28 08:26
balzac I tossed a crumpled dollar and it landed right above this stripper’s ass Mar 28 08:26
balzac that’s a goal in a strip club Mar 28 08:26
balzac when she’s on her hands and knees, booty in the air, to land a crumpled bill in the small of her back Mar 28 08:27
balzac it’s not anything sexist, it’s just how some people make a bit of sport out of the transactions Mar 28 08:28
balzac girls throw crumpled bills to each other as well Mar 28 08:29
balzac as a sign of appreciation Mar 28 08:29
balzac first time my friend threw a crumpled bill on a girl, I thought it was a diss and she’d be offended, but it’s not considered disrespectful if you have the social status in the establishment to pull it off Mar 28 08:30
balzac now would be a good time for someone to say “you’re the man now dog”. Mar 28 08:33
PetoKraus :P Mar 28 08:33
PetoKraus it’s not gonna happen Mar 28 08:33
balzac Well, it was two chicks acting out some lesbian fantasy Mar 28 08:33
balzac sucking each others nipples Mar 28 08:34
balzac one girl even kissing the other’s cooch Mar 28 08:34
balzac And my dollar landed right on top of that Mar 28 08:34
PetoKraus bah Mar 28 08:34
balzac so it was a pretty great acheivement Mar 28 08:34
PetoKraus it should’ve been at least a fiver Mar 28 08:34
balzac true Mar 28 08:34
balzac but then it got better Mar 28 08:34
balzac one girl started humping and bumping this other girl Mar 28 08:35
balzac I mean really thumping her booty Mar 28 08:35
balzac so I slipped a ten into her top Mar 28 08:35
PetoKraus you know Mar 28 08:35
PetoKraus this makes a nice breakfast reading :D Mar 28 08:35
balzac I had to ask this hot ukranian girl to get off my lap so I could properly reward the behavior I saw Mar 28 08:36
balzac sorry Mar 28 08:36
PetoKraus np Mar 28 08:36
PetoKraus i’m laughing Mar 28 08:36
balzac it was dry humping, just for theatric effect, but it was quite nice Mar 28 08:36
balzac It’s like DnD Mar 28 08:37
balzac you can gain or lose hit points Mar 28 08:37
balzac well, my last couple of trips to the strip club, I’ve made big gains in pimp points Mar 28 08:37
PetoKraus right Mar 28 08:37
balzac last time, a double lap-dance by to tall black girls with man-crushing thighs Mar 28 08:37
PetoKraus now you can say “wherez my bichez” Mar 28 08:37
balzac one on each knee Mar 28 08:37
balzac arms resting on their booties, sippin my beer Mar 28 08:38
balzac till some jealous chav came up and farted like a terrorist Mar 28 08:38
PetoKraus :D Mar 28 08:38
PetoKraus you know Mar 28 08:38
PetoKraus the difference between chavs and neds is Mar 28 08:38
PetoKraus chavs are funny Mar 28 08:38
balzac i’m using the word “chav” loosely here because I’m in NYC Mar 28 08:38
PetoKraus neds are sad Mar 28 08:38
balzac I mean a chump, because I’m the pale guy Mar 28 08:39
balzac who dresses like a chav Mar 28 08:39
*oiaohm (n=oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 28 08:39
balzac i’ll have to look up “ned” Mar 28 08:39
balzac i work hard for the money i spend on these girls Mar 28 08:40
balzac it’s not like many guys have a right to be jealous of me Mar 28 08:41
oiaohm http://www.groklaw.net/article.php…  Ok SCO has a case this time. Mar 28 08:45
balzac oiaohm: good topic to bring up Mar 28 08:47
balzac I said before that when SCO was ordered to pay Novell, it was just Microsoft transferring cash from one proxy to another Mar 28 08:47
balzac M$ was just recycling their money which is allocated in their anti-GNU/Linux war-chest Mar 28 08:48
oiaohm Look at what novell tried to claim in costs balzac Mar 28 08:48
balzac yeah Mar 28 08:48
oiaohm Lot of things you should never dare claim. Mar 28 08:48
balzac how much? Mar 28 08:48
oiaohm 50 000 Mar 28 08:48
oiaohm Not much in costs but claiming video syncing. Mar 28 08:49
oiaohm Come on if you cannot record stuff right it is your fault. Mar 28 08:49
balzac yeah, reminds me of a bad ISP who charges for spam filtration for each email account separately Mar 28 08:50
oiaohm Ie 50 000 is the disputred ammount. Mar 28 08:50
oiaohm So the bill is a lot larger than that. Mar 28 08:50
balzac 10 dollars a month per email account, 5 dollars more for spam protection for each account Mar 28 08:50
balzac on top of monthly fees for bandwidth Mar 28 08:51
balzac that was how badly this ISP was leeching on a charity for pediatric cancer Mar 28 08:51
balzac And the guy from this ISP had the nerve to give me attitude when I disputed the amount they claimed the charity owed them. Mar 28 08:52
balzac I should have gone to his office in person Mar 28 08:52
schestowitz *LOL* http://www.youtube.com/watc… Mar 28 08:53
balzac she really had that word stuck in her mouth Mar 28 08:54
oiaohm Yep she is not going to live that down any time soon. Mar 28 08:54
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/wat… Mar 28 08:55
oiaohm News must be slow schestowitz Mar 28 08:58
balzac heheh Mar 28 08:58
balzac Roy deserves a break Mar 28 08:58
schestowitz Many more like it…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZgusJB… Mar 28 08:59
schestowitz oiaohm: I’m just doing something else now Mar 28 08:59
balzac it doesn’t all have to be about Novell and Microsoft’s dirty deeds 24/7 Mar 28 08:59
oiaohm Anyone else noticed the numbers of computer mags that have disappeared from print. Mar 28 09:00
balzac not me because I basically never buy computer magazines Mar 28 09:02
balzac maybe I ought to pick a good one to subscribe to Mar 28 09:02
schestowitz FAUX http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAc… Mar 28 09:02
balzac if there were a GNU-centric magazine, I might subscribe Mar 28 09:02
oiaohm At the rate they are disappearing by the time you get around to it they might not be any balzac Mar 28 09:02
oiaohm Most are going to online format only. Mar 28 09:02
balzac man, J-lo should have sent someone to deliver a beat-down to that guy from Fox Mar 28 09:04
balzac shep Mar 28 09:04
balzac Maybe I’ll go and pimp-slap him if that particular fox-studio is in NY Mar 28 09:04
balzac I confronted a guy in a bar for talking trash about Paris Hilton Mar 28 09:05
balzac he said she was scum in a loud voice Mar 28 09:05
balzac I called him a douche bag from across the bar Mar 28 09:05
balzac he came up, 6’5″, over 200lbs, all huffy Mar 28 09:06
balzac I barely even acknowledged him because I wasn’t worried about such a country-club cu Mar 28 09:07
balzac chump Mar 28 09:07
balzac the girl behind the bar sent him out and I stayed after the bar closed Mar 28 09:07
balzac yeaaahhhhh. Mar 28 09:07
balzac Roy, I hope you leave my best bar and strip-club stories in the IRC logs you publlish Mar 28 09:13
balzac some of these deserve to be immortalized on a regal site like BN Mar 28 09:13
schestowitz You’re trying to drive up the ‘ratings’ Mar 28 09:17
balzac with the celebrity mentions? Mar 28 09:17
balzac well, you guys chose to be directly confrontational with Novell and MS Mar 28 09:18
balzac that drew the ire of their trolls Mar 28 09:18
balzac it’s a great news resource for those who are waiting for baited breath for bad news for MS Mar 28 09:19
schestowitz balzac: no, not their trolls Mar 28 09:20
schestowitz Most readers (vast majority) are just proponents of Linux Mar 28 09:20
balzac I’m one of those who eagerly awaits the demise of MS’ monopoly Mar 28 09:20
schestowitz Some read it for the Microsoft coverage Mar 28 09:20
schestowitz Not trolling Mar 28 09:20
balzac well, I read it for the fact that it’s the most directly confrontational and active Mar 28 09:20
schestowitz We cover story that the Wintel press won’t cover… or aspects of the stories it conveniently ignores Mar 28 09:20
balzac yeah, and stories which people who prefer to focus exclusively on positive or feel-good content choose to ignore Mar 28 09:21
schestowitz People get tired from the “Why Linux is better than Windows” posts Mar 28 09:21
balzac it’s old-fashioned, muck-raking journalism Mar 28 09:21
balzac like Greg Palast or Michael Moore, except for about software Mar 28 09:21
*Eruaran (n=quassel@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 28 09:23
balzac Linus Torvalds and even Mark Shuttleworth set a bad example by advising against confrontational rhetoric and disagreement within the community. Mar 28 09:23
schestowitz balzac: I was thinking more like ouTube Mar 28 09:23
schestowitz One issue is people like Red Hat’s (new) CEO Mar 28 09:24
balzac him too Mar 28 09:24
schestowitz His remarks are being spun and turned against Linux Mar 28 09:24
schestowitz Imagine Ballmer saying such things. Mar 28 09:24
schestowitz He too had his words interpreted as Vista sucks Mar 28 09:24
balzac yep, he’s like Bill Clinton, more eager to be friends with those whom he is expected to oppose Mar 28 09:24
schestowitz What was said though is that desktop profitability is over Mar 28 09:24
balzac more friendly with the opposition than the base Mar 28 09:25
schestowitz For Windows too Mar 28 09:25
schestowitz It’s not practicability of desktop Linux Mar 28 09:25
schestowitz It’s a question of business sense Mar 28 09:25
schestowitz You wouldn’t try to sell torrent clients Mar 28 09:25
balzac pretty soon Obama better act like he’s hangin some brain, or else he’ll be like another Clinton Mar 28 09:25
schestowitz People get these for free Mar 28 09:25
schestowitz The honeymoon for those who sell overpriced softwarae is over Mar 28 09:25
schestowitz Desktop included Mar 28 09:25
schestowitz Apple sells computers Mar 28 09:25
schestowitz OS X is an addon more or less Mar 28 09:25
balzac Ballmer talks trash and has less than zero respect for people like us Mar 28 09:26
schestowitz IBM sells servers Mar 28 09:26
schestowitz Linux is complimantary Mar 28 09:26
schestowitz Same with Intel Mar 28 09:26
schestowitz And likewise H-P Mar 28 09:26
schestowitz That’s why Microsoft is dying Mar 28 09:26
schestowitz It sells hardly sany h/w Mar 28 09:26
schestowitz It LICENCES an archaic OS Mar 28 09:26
schestowitz So it relies only on lockin (sometimes habitual) Mar 28 09:26
balzac and meanwhile, Whitehurst acts like a total wimp Mar 28 09:26
schestowitz Acts? Mar 28 09:27
balzac well, he’s not really a wimp Mar 28 09:27
balzac he’s just cuddly with Ballmer Mar 28 09:27
balzac a guy like Whitehurst will show he’s not a wimp if confronted by those whom he is supposed to be commercially-aligned with Mar 28 09:27
balzac he’d be a tough guy to you or me, but a wimp to a microsoft exec Mar 28 09:28
balzac ok, I’m getting carried away again Mar 28 09:28
balzac I’m so accustomed to talking trash about important people, it comes too easily now Mar 28 09:29
balzac but he ought to clam up whenever he wants to say GNU/Linux isn’t good enough Mar 28 09:29
balzac it makes me wonder if he’s running OSX or Windows instead of Fedora at home Mar 28 09:30
balzac or maybe he doesn’t even bother to have a computer at home Mar 28 09:30
balzac Maybe he’s one of those guys who only has a computer in his office Mar 28 09:30
schestowitz No, he has one at home Mar 28 09:31
schestowitz He offered Roblimo that he’d install Feodra for him Mar 28 09:31
schestowitz Cause he ran Ubuntu Mar 28 09:31
balzac well, apparently he’s no software conniseur Mar 28 09:32
balzac or else he wouldn’t be saying windows is better for home users Mar 28 09:32
balzac and he’s not concerned with privacy or autonomy for home users Mar 28 09:32
balzac i guess he thinks of computer users in the way corporatists think of people – as “consumers” Mar 28 09:33
balzac who cares if they’re getting shaken down by the Microsoft protection racket of anti-virus software? Mar 28 09:33
balzac Just so long as RedHat’s shareholders get their expected quarterly results and Redhat maintains its position in the servers. Mar 28 09:34
balzac nevermind freedom… Mar 28 09:34
balzac and it’s funny how Linus shaved that one guy from AU Mar 28 09:35
balzac it’s the squares against the freaks Mar 28 09:35
balzac Whitehurst is a square, so is Linus Mar 28 09:35
balzac Linus would probably shave RMS’ beard if he got the chance Mar 28 09:35
schestowitz It would be a good idea Mar 28 09:36
schestowitz Though RMS would not be recognisable without it Mar 28 09:36
balzac no way Mar 28 09:36
schestowitz It becomes a symbol Mar 28 09:36
balzac you can’t shave the gnu-father’s beard off Mar 28 09:36
schestowitz It would be foolish for him to change the appearance now Mar 28 09:36
balzac he trimmed it, and that’s fine Mar 28 09:36
schestowitz There would be old RMS and new RMS Mar 28 09:36
schestowitz Yes, he did Mar 28 09:36
balzac my dad is an old hippy Mar 28 09:37
balzac he gets his hair trimmed, but he’ll always have long hair and a beard Mar 28 09:37
schestowitz So he’s not a fan of the invasion fo Iraw, then. Mar 28 09:37
balzac it’s a symbol of not being beholden to any establishment Mar 28 09:37
balzac hell no Mar 28 09:38
balzac Well, if a man who has African ancestry can become president of the USA, there’s no reason a long-haired “freak” can’t take over the software scene and humble old Bill Gates. Mar 28 09:39
balzac down-size his ego… Mar 28 09:39
balzac and all the nay-sayers who say he needs to make himself more presentable by shaving – these people will tell him to wear pancake make-up when he goes on TV Mar 28 09:40
balzac I gave Markos Moulitsas a ration of sh_t for wearing pancake make-up for a TV appearance. Mar 28 09:40
balzac what kind of self-respecting blogger who is “crashing the gates” puts on pancake make-up like a geisha to go on TV? Mar 28 09:41
balzac Did Genghis Khan wear eye-liner? Did Attila the Hun wear a corset? Mar 28 09:41
balzac I like Keith Olbermann, but he ought to ditch the pancake make-up and insist on having different lighting if he wants to look good. Mar 28 09:42
balzac i’ve already decided, if I’m going on TV, I’ll insist on having no kleig lights that will make me look like a corpse, but I sure as hell will never wear pan-cake makeup no matter what Mar 28 09:43
balzac Just some flat, neutral light that doesn’t make a bald head shiny Mar 28 09:43
balzac that’s good enough Mar 28 09:43
schestowitz Hehe. Mar 28 09:50
schestowitz Got a video of that iTV nterview ? Mar 28 09:50
schestowitz *TV interview Mar 28 09:50
schestowitz http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/arch… Mar 28 09:51
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 28 10:01
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 28 10:02
trmanco wine hit the digg FP :D Mar 28 10:09
oiaohm There is no such thing as 100 percent bad advertisment. Mar 28 10:25
PetoKraus i successfully managed to troll everyone at work by wearing white trousers :D Mar 28 10:45
trmanco hun? Mar 28 10:45
trmanco just got FF 3.0.8 :D Mar 28 10:51
trmanco http://www.google.com/intl/en/earthhour/2009/ Mar 28 10:52
schestowitz PetoKraus: where did you get white pants? Mar 28 10:58
PetoKraus :D home Mar 28 10:59
PetoKraus made from flax or how do you call it Mar 28 11:00
*mib_n8p4j1 (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-25c1d484ac7d2e77) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 28 11:07
*mib_n8p4j1 has quit (Client Quit) Mar 28 11:08
schestowitz Just done some Windows posts Mar 28 11:09
schestowitz I think it’s your fault, PetoKraus Mar 28 11:09
schestowitz I did some “eye on Microsoft” posts and you asked for more Mar 28 11:09
PetoKraus :D Mar 28 11:10
PetoKraus yeah Mar 28 11:10
PetoKraus well to disappoint you Mar 28 11:10
PetoKraus i didn’t read BN in ages :/ Mar 28 11:10
PetoKraus i simply didn’t have time Mar 28 11:10
PetoKraus i had this 11k word long project on my neck. Mar 28 11:10
schestowitz yes, I know. Mar 28 11:14
schestowitz Other people read it though. There’s thirst for the lesser covered story that the media omits Mar 28 11:14
PetoKraus it’s not that I don’t care anymore Mar 28 11:15
PetoKraus i think my opinion on this matter is formulated clearly enough Mar 28 11:15
schestowitz 2004: Sun and Linux, Sun and IBM < http://peteryared.blogspot.com/2004/04/… > Mar 28 11:22
PetoKraus interesting. Mar 28 11:26
PetoKraus hmm Mar 28 11:52
PetoKraus could you help me find the article on /. about the AC power without wires? Mar 28 11:55
schestowitz I don’t read that site Mar 28 11:56
*kentma (n=user@host81-157-148-54.range81-157.btcentralplus.com) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 28 11:57
PetoKraus i know Mar 28 11:57
PetoKraus it was just a long shot Mar 28 11:58
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=… Mar 28 12:08
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 28 12:09
*zer0c00l_ (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 28 12:17
zer0c00l_ hey Mar 28 12:17
zer0c00l_ i posted a comment in BN Mar 28 12:18
zer0c00l_ http://boycottnovell.com/2009/03/16/i… Mar 28 12:18
*zer0c00l_ has quit (Client Quit) Mar 28 12:21
zer0c00l Network outrage last night Mar 28 12:21
zer0c00l :( Mar 28 12:22
zer0c00l more comments http://gracelyne.wordpress.com/2009… Mar 28 12:25
zer0c00l aaahh i am tired answering morons :-( Mar 28 12:29
schestowitz Yes, you feed the indoctrinated Mar 28 12:34
schestowitz Microsoft acts like some political movement there, bribing people for consent Mar 28 12:34
zer0c00l did you see the last comment by Mr.RaSh :P Mar 28 12:38
zer0c00l he is the one who gets more from M$ i guess Mar 28 12:38
zer0c00l he writes more :P Mar 28 12:39
Omar87 Hey guys. Check this load of crap out: http://blogs.techrepublic.com.c… Mar 28 12:43
zer0c00l :D Mar 28 12:43
Omar87 load of “bull crap”, to be more accurate. Mar 28 12:43
Omar87 What do you think Mar 28 12:44
Omar87 ? Mar 28 12:44
zer0c00l reading Mar 28 12:44
zer0c00l Jack Wallen Mar 28 12:45
Omar87 Yeah, Jack Wallen seems to have totally lost the remaining bits of his mind. Mar 28 12:45
schestowitz zer0c00l: Microsoft pays bloggers in India Mar 28 12:53
schestowitz To write favourably about Microsoft Mar 28 12:53
schestowitz I’ll give you the link (it’s AstroTurfing) Mar 28 12:53
zer0c00l yeah, probably RasH might have got some CaSh :P Mar 28 12:54
schestowitz http://thoughtsprevail.blogspot.com/2007/0… Mar 28 12:56
Omar87 schestowitz: So what do you think of this? Mar 28 12:58
zer0c00l Microsoft bribes student,faculties , bloggers, politicians Mar 28 13:01
zer0c00l :( Mar 28 13:01
trmanco http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/… Mar 28 13:02
schestowitz Omar87: Wallen was maybe semi-joking Mar 28 13:03
schestowitz He dislikes Microsoft Mar 28 13:03
zer0c00l trmanco: thats cool Mar 28 13:04
trmanco zer0c00l, indeed Mar 28 13:04
*_Hicham_ (n=hicham@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 28 13:05
_Hicham_ Hi guys Mar 28 13:05
trmanco hello _Hicham_ Mar 28 13:05
_Hicham_ how r u doing trmanco? Mar 28 13:09
trmanco I’m fine Mar 28 13:09
*trmanco lunch time Mar 28 13:09
_Hicham_ where are u living? Mar 28 13:09
Omar87 schestowitz: Yeah, but if he’s semi-joking, what’s the point in wasting his time in writing an entire meaningless article? Mar 28 13:14
zer0c00l schestowitz: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/03/16/… Mar 28 13:17
schestowitz Omar87: that’s exactly what *I* though. I didn’t read it carefully though Mar 28 13:18
_Hicham_ India did a great anti novell sit in last year Mar 28 13:19
_Hicham_ people were arrested Mar 28 13:19
zer0c00l _Hicham_:yes, i read it happened in kerala Mar 28 13:22
schestowitz _Hicham_: not arrested Mar 28 13:24
schestowitz That’s the lie some anti-BN people spread Mar 28 13:24
schestowitz They were just asked to leave and then removed forcibly (at least one person) Mar 28 13:25
schestowitz The trolls lied to make it seem like a crime Mar 28 13:25
schestowitz It was a peaceful protest with leaflets Mar 28 13:25
_Hicham_ but there was a police intervention Mar 28 13:26
*mib_g0uvi7 (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-d43ac11eb7bf9b96) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 28 13:32
*twitter (n=willhill@ip72-203-149-158.br.br.cox.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 28 13:51
schestowitz _Hicham_: I think it’s more like civil servants Mar 28 13:54
zer0c00l http://boycottnovell.com/2009/03/16/i… the post is getting heat Mar 28 14:05
*_Hicham_ has quit (“Leaving.”) Mar 28 14:07
zer0c00l who is Dan O brian? Mar 28 14:08
zer0c00l watch tail  http://boycottnovell.com/2009/03… Mar 28 14:18
zer0c00l :D Mar 28 14:18
schestowitz It’s a Novell apologist Mar 28 14:25
schestowitz Microsoft too Mar 28 14:25
schestowitz De Icaza wannabe Mar 28 14:25
trmanco : Mar 28 14:25
oiaohm I just posted a comment on that one. Mar 28 14:31
oiaohm Simple point open source world is design open standard so users don’t need either flash or silverlight. Mar 28 14:31
zer0c00l oiaohm: html5? Mar 28 14:34
zer0c00l oiaohm : can you enlighten me in this regard? Mar 28 14:35
trmanco <_Hicham_> where are u living? – Portugal Mar 28 14:35
trmanco ah crap, he isn’t here Mar 28 14:35
oiaohm html5 includes video play back. Mar 28 14:36
zer0c00l video tag? Mar 28 14:36
oiaohm And control from streams. Mar 28 14:36
oiaohm yep. Mar 28 14:36
schestowitz Does it really include <video> eventually? Mar 28 14:36
oiaohm SVG intergration into html is currently being done. Mar 28 14:36
schestowitz I’ve not been following the fallout from Apple/Nokia lobby Mar 28 14:36
oiaohm Yes it does schestowitz. Mar 28 14:36
schestowitz SVG is already good in Firefox Mar 28 14:36
schestowitz Not in IE, IIRC Mar 28 14:37
trmanco they refuse to support it Mar 28 14:37
zer0c00l SVG means? Mar 28 14:37
oiaohm SVG tags inside a html file schestowitz Mar 28 14:37
trmanco scalable vector graphics Mar 28 14:37
schestowitz zer0c00l: google for demos Mar 28 14:37
zer0c00l yes Mar 28 14:37
zer0c00l :-) Mar 28 14:37
trmanco wikipedia uses lots of svg’s Mar 28 14:37
schestowitz Like pages with SVG. It can achieve nice things Mar 28 14:37
schestowitz SVG is not new Mar 28 14:37
schestowitz Microsoft tried to substitute it with its own ‘standard’ that it controls Mar 28 14:38
oiaohm SVG in what you see is different files. Mar 28 14:38
schestowitz It never got ISO prooval, BUT… Mar 28 14:38
oiaohm Like being able to use a SVG gradenit inside a table box. Mar 28 14:38
schestowitz The OOXML corruption led to it being inserted as part of OOXML Mar 28 14:38
trmanco what is it called Mar 28 14:38
oiaohm Ie html and svg as 1. Mar 28 14:38
oiaohm That adds a nice new twist to what you can do with a website. Mar 28 14:38
schestowitz VML Mar 28 14:38
trmanco ew Mar 28 14:39
schestowitz http://connect.microsoft.com/IE/fee… Mar 28 14:39
schestowitz They can’t accept standards Mar 28 14:39
schestowitz It make them puke Mar 28 14:39
schestowitz gates is strongly opposed Mar 28 14:39
schestowitz it’s the crooks at the top of the company who do this Mar 28 14:39
schestowitz The programmers don’t care much Mar 28 14:39
schestowitz They get a fixed wage Mar 28 14:39
schestowitz So they would rather comply with standards Mar 28 14:39
MinceR there are programmers at m$? :> Mar 28 14:39
schestowitz The greedy bastards at the top won’t let them Mar 28 14:40
schestowitz MinceR: yes,, naive ones from college Mar 28 14:40
MinceR j0 Mar 28 14:40
schestowitz Like Novell’s Friedman Mar 28 14:40
schestowitz Miguel wanted to work there too Mar 28 14:40
schestowitz Now they work for Microsoft from Waltham Mar 28 14:40
MinceR oh, inexperienced ones without any scruples :> Mar 28 14:40
oiaohm VML does not have svg shading ablitys. Mar 28 14:40
schestowitz The paycheck comes from  Novell, but Novell is paid by Microsoft, so… Mar 28 14:40
schestowitz They develop MSMoonlight Mar 28 14:41
schestowitz And other ‘Windows’ toys Mar 28 14:41
schestowitz it’s funny when you see the Mono camp meeting Microsoft shills/employees in blogs Mar 28 14:44
oiaohm http://www.whatwg.org/specs/web-apps…  << quite a few codec formats are supported in html5 schestowitz Mar 28 14:44
zer0c00l SVG  samples they are cool :D http://croczilla.com/svg/samples/ Mar 28 14:44
schestowitz They think alike, defend each, other, and so on. Like Dan O’Brian and group….. it’s almost like they love Microsoft and you can’t help wondering if they use Linux at all. Mar 28 14:45
schestowitz No image: http://croczilla.com/svg/samples… Mar 28 14:46
oiaohm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Googl…  <<I always like this picture Mar 28 14:48
zer0c00l I am playing: :D http://croczilla.com/svg/samples/sv… Mar 28 14:49
schestowitz oiaohm: caption: the rack the wrecked Microsoft Mar 28 14:50
MinceR nice Mar 28 14:51
oiaohm Its one of the first true linux clusters. Mar 28 14:53
oiaohm Right down the the idea o well I don’t care if a bit fails. Mar 28 14:53
oiaohm They are cheep so I will just replace. Mar 28 14:53
*_Hicham_ (n=hicham@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 28 14:57
schestowitz oiaohm: is that so? Nothing from IBM yet? When did Oracle hop on? 1999? Mar 28 14:59
schestowitz Google’s first logo was designed with the GIMP, I think. It sure looked like it anyway. Mar 28 14:59
schestowitz But wasn’t the GIMP conceived a long time after Google was born? (a few years) Mar 28 15:00
schestowitz Google had some other name — BackRub. Mar 28 15:00
schestowitz Logo of a masseuse… photo rather Mar 28 15:00
schestowitz BackRub =old name for PageRank concept Mar 28 15:00
_Hicham_ GIMP is a little bit old Mar 28 15:00
oiaohm schestowitz there were other uni level clusters.  I should have been more correct first commerical usage on the internet of a cluster. Mar 28 15:01
oiaohm Before that most were single unit things. Mar 28 15:01
schestowitz oiaohm: some people can’t help promoting Microsoft: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/03/16/i… Mar 28 15:02
schestowitz New talking point: Microsoft support Ogg, so use Silverlight Mar 28 15:02
zer0c00l :D Mar 28 15:02
zer0c00l Dan No brian Mar 28 15:02
schestowitz It’s iike saying, go to India to have curry. Mar 28 15:03
schestowitz Why use Ogg? Mar 28 15:03
zer0c00l :D Mar 28 15:03
schestowitz use Silverlight Mar 28 15:03
zer0c00l lol Mar 28 15:03
schestowitz Put ogg in there. Mar 28 15:03
schestowitz Encapsulate it all in binaries Mar 28 15:03
_Hicham_ great joke Mar 28 15:05
oiaohm http://www.khronos.org/openkode/  << read this and you know what khronos is upto with 3d support in webbrowsers Mar 28 15:19
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    Reprinted with permission from Ryan

  15. [Meme] António Campinos Wants to Be F***ing President Until 2028

    António Campinos insists he will be EPO President for 10 years, i.e. even longer than Benoît Battistelli (despite having appalling approval rates from staff)

  16. European Patent Office Staff Losing Hope

    The EPO’s management with its shallow campaign of obfuscation (pretending to protect children or some other nonsense) is not fooling patent examiners, who have grown tired and whose representatives say “the administration shows no intention of involving the staff representation in the drafting of the consultant’s mandate” (like in Sirius ‘Open Source’ where technical staff is ignored completely for misguided proposals to pass in the dark)

  17. IRC Proceedings: Thursday, January 26, 2023

    IRC logs for Thursday, January 26, 2023

  18. Sirius Relegated/Demoted/Destined Itself to Technical Hell by Refusing to Listen to the Technical Staff (Which Wanted to Stay With Asterisk/Free Software)

    In my final year at Sirius ‘Open Source’ communication systems had already become chaotic; there were too many dysfunctional tools, a lack of instructions, a lack of coordination and the proposed ‘solution’ (this past October) was just more complexity and red tape

  19. Geminispace Approaching Another Growth Milestone (2,300 Active Capsules)

    The expansion of Geminispace is worth noting again because another milestone is approached, flirted with, or will be surpassed this coming weekend

  20. [Meme] Cannot Get a Phone to Work... in 2022

    Sirius ‘Open Source’ wasted hours of workers’ time just testing the phone after it had moved to a defective system of Google (proprietary); instead of a rollback (back to Asterisk) the company doubled down on the faulty system and the phones still didn’t work properly, resulting in missing calls and angst (the company just blamed the workers who all along rejected this new system)

  21. [Meme] Modern Phones

    Sirius ‘Open Source’ is mistaking “modern” for better; insecurity and a lack of tech savvy typically leads to that

  22. The ISO Delusion: Sirius Corporation Demonstrates a Lack of Understanding of Security and Privacy

    Sirius ‘Open Source’, emboldened by ISO ‘paperwork’ (certification), lost sight of what it truly takes to run a business securely, mistaking worthless gadgets for “advancement” while compelling staff to sign a new contract in a hurry (prior contract-signing scandals notwithstanding)

  23. Links 26/01/2023: LibreOffice 7.4.5 and Ubuntu Pro Offers

    Links for the day

  24. Links 26/01/2023: GNU poke 3.0 and PipeWire 0.3.65

    Links for the day

  25. IRC Proceedings: Wednesday, January 25, 2023

    IRC logs for Wednesday, January 25, 2023

  26. Companies Would Collapse Upon Abandoning Their Original Goals (That Attracted All the Productive Staff)

    Staff with technical skills won't stick around in companies that reject technical arguments and moreover move to proprietary software in a company that brands itself "Open Source"

  27. [Meme] Listen to Your Workers, Avert Disaster

    Companies that refuse to take input from staff are doomed to fail

  28. The ISO Delusion: When the Employer Doesn’t Understand the Company's Value Proposition (Building Systems) and Rejects Security

    Sirius ‘Open Source’ has failed to sell what it was actually good at; instead it hired unqualified people and outsourced almost everything

  29. Links 25/01/2023: NuTyX 23.01.1 and GNU Guile 3.0.9 Released

    Links for the day

  30. Links 25/01/2023: Stratis 3.5.0 and Many Political Links

    Links for the day

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