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Allegation: Organisation Close to Microsoft ‘Unlimited Potential’ (EDGI) Helps Derail GNU/Linux in Russian Schools

Posted in Asia, Europe, GNU/Linux, Microsoft, Windows at 7:06 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Train station in Russia

Summary: New anonymised paper is produced to make a case against GNU/Linux in schools and government corruption is said to influence decisions on operating systems

ON MANY occasions in the past we explained how Microsoft was preventing Russian schools from moving to GNU/Linux as planned. We last summarised this in March and one year ago we wrote about the "manuals" trick. Someone dropped some information and links for us last night. It concurs with what we learned before, but there is new evidence which is concrete. Below we have the raw logs.

mpak hi all Jul 21 03:22
mpak a couple of news from Russia Jul 21 03:22
mpak Russian project of free software for school is endangered by a “group of experts” claiming that Linux and free software are not suitable for schools Jul 21 03:23
cubezzz3 why unsuitable? Jul 21 03:24
mpak they published a report where they claim that: Jul 21 03:24
mpak - it is too difficult to install and setup Jul 21 03:24
mpak - qualified techs needed to support and maintain it Jul 21 03:25
cubezzz3 ridiculous Jul 21 03:25
mpak - MFD and printers are not well supported Jul 21 03:25
mpak - some software doesn’t work well Jul 21 03:25
cubezzz3 my installs from 2004 are still fine Jul 21 03:25
cubezzz3 MFD from HP are fine, others I’m not sure Jul 21 03:26
mpak - no educational guides were made by the ministry of education Jul 21 03:26
cubezzz3 anyways, I avoid MFD Jul 21 03:26
mpak - existing educational guidelines are not aligned with the free software Jul 21 03:26
mpak - MS office documents cannot be opened correctly Jul 21 03:26
cubezzz3 it is a huge problem mpak Jul 21 03:27
cubezzz3 so don’t use MS file formats :) Jul 21 03:27
cubezzz3 very simple Jul 21 03:27
mpak - teachers need additional training to use new software Jul 21 03:27
mpak - etc Jul 21 03:27
cubezzz3 how about some reasons on the other side? Jul 21 03:27
cubezzz3 Microsoft -> Giving money to a U.S. company Jul 21 03:27
mpak whole report is available here: http://www.infox.ru/infox/expert_judgement.pdf Jul 21 03:27
TechrightsBot Title: Not a web page! Aborting application/pdf type .::. Size~: 0 KB Jul 21 03:27
cubezzz3 that can’t really be too popular right? :) Jul 21 03:27
cubezzz3 OK Jul 21 03:28
mpak can you see the link? Bot complains on me Jul 21 03:28
cubezzz3 yes Jul 21 03:28
mpak the report is in Russian, of course, it is 3mb pdf Jul 21 03:28
mpak there is an article with a preliminary analysis of the report Jul 21 03:28
mpak http://tiny.cc/v0a7f — Rus-to-Eng translation of the article Jul 21 03:29
TechrightsBot Title: Google Translate .::. Size~: 1.01 KB Jul 21 03:29
cubezzz3 ok, mpak first of all Jul 21 03:29
cubezzz3 consider what the schools did _before_ MIcrosoft came along Jul 21 03:29
cubezzz3 obviously they functioned OK right? Jul 21 03:29
cubezzz3 so it’s definitely wrong to say you have to use MIcrosoft Jul 21 03:29
mpak yep. Jul 21 03:30
mpak so the article says that the report is largely “anonymous” Jul 21 03:30
mpak people didn;t bother to put their names on it Jul 21 03:30
cubezzz3 yeah :) Jul 21 03:30
ender2070 meaning they didnt want to Jul 21 03:30
cubezzz3 they don’t want backlash Jul 21 03:30
cubezzz3 we didn’t even use MIcrosoft when I was at school Jul 21 03:31
cubezzz3 we used Commodore PETs Jul 21 03:31
cubezzz3 Russia has good programmers Jul 21 03:31
DaemonFC hmmm, the latest Chrome dev build truncates downloads to the first 40 MB :P Jul 21 03:32
mpak but the organization that made it works closely with Microsoft on their Unlimited Potential program Jul 21 03:32
mpak it* == report Jul 21 03:32
DaemonFC Chromium it is then Jul 21 03:32
cubezzz3 so there should be a healthy GNU/Linux or FOSS community in Russia I think Jul 21 03:32
ender2070 chromium > chrome Jul 21 03:32
cubezzz3 yeah so it’s basically bullshit :) Jul 21 03:32
DaemonFC cubezzz3: their government doesn’t frown on unlicensed sharing of Windows Jul 21 03:32
ender2070 think of it like this, chromium is debian, chrome is ubuntu Jul 21 03:32
DaemonFC so they probably all have Pirate XP user groups :) Jul 21 03:32
cubezzz3 well don’t break copy right law Jul 21 03:32
DaemonFC it’s Russia Jul 21 03:33
DaemonFC :P Jul 21 03:33
cubezzz3 well maybe, I don’t know Jul 21 03:33
cubezzz3 Lots of European Linux people Jul 21 03:33
ender2070 you kidding? Jul 21 03:33
ender2070 they almost threw a teacher into a gulag Jul 21 03:33
cubezzz3 Russia is a big part of Europe Jul 21 03:33
ender2070 for pirating microsoft products Jul 21 03:33
mpak guys, please see it this way: government in Russia is very corrupted Jul 21 03:34
cubezzz3 mpak, no text? Then I can use google translate Jul 21 03:34
DaemonFC doesn’t Russia have that big MP3 site the government won’t shut down Jul 21 03:34
DaemonFC that’s selling unlicensed music Jul 21 03:34
mpak they will use any means to get more money Jul 21 03:34
ender2070 thats gone Jul 21 03:34
cubezzz3 ok, so why give money to Microsoft? Save your money Jul 21 03:34
cubezzz3 easy :) Jul 21 03:34
mpak hah, it is a usual scheme Jul 21 03:35
cubezzz3 Canada isn’t any better Jul 21 03:35
cubezzz3 we are like Microsoft North here Jul 21 03:35
mpak you’re government official, you pay money from budget to some company to buy their products, this company pays you back 30% in cash Jul 21 03:35
mpak that’s how it works in Russia Jul 21 03:36
cubezzz3 ok, but that is still 70% to Microsoft Jul 21 03:36
cubezzz3 yeah, I get it Jul 21 03:36
mpak if Microsoft wins this school project, Microsoft will receive just 70% of money, and 30% will be stolen Jul 21 03:36
cubezzz3 we didn’t have that problem before Jul 21 03:37
mpak 30% is just an example. in real life it could be 10% to company and 90% stolen Jul 21 03:37
cubezzz3 yes, that is a problem Jul 21 03:37
cubezzz3 many many systems better than Microsoft though Jul 21 03:37
mpak if the organization that made the report will convince government to push MS-oriented program Jul 21 03:37
cubezzz3 why pick the worst? Jul 21 03:38
mpak they will receive more money and wil be able to steal a half Jul 21 03:38
cubezzz3 see, that is not a philosophical problem like open source/ closed source Jul 21 03:39
cubezzz3 it is a social problem Jul 21 03:39
cubezzz3 a people problem Jul 21 03:39
cubezzz3 well you can complain to the government I suppose Jul 21 03:39
DaemonFC Microsoft even made it so that Windows 7 ultimate will accept any language pack Jul 21 03:39
DaemonFC it’s practically gift wrapped for pirates :P Jul 21 03:40
mpak i will complain to the government that the government steals money? :) Jul 21 03:40
cubezzz3 I complained to CBC, government of Canada and my municipal government too :) Jul 21 03:40
cubezzz3 heh Jul 21 03:40
cubezzz3 sure complain to the newspapers Jul 21 03:41
cubezzz3 complain to the radio stations Jul 21 03:41
cubezzz3 I fixed my councilman’s computer one time so he had to listen to me Jul 21 03:41
cubezzz3 at least they used pdf Jul 21 03:41
mpak oh, i need to fix someone’s computer then :)) Jul 21 03:42
mpak it is not them, it is a newspaper that get the report Jul 21 03:42
mpak the report was in paper form Jul 21 03:42
DaemonFC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtHiut6hzTg Jul 21 03:42
TechrightsBot Title: YouTube- KEEP YOUR STUPID KIDS OFF THE INTERNET .::. Size~: 105.16 KB Jul 21 03:42
DaemonFC Windows 7 Ultimate with Canadian language pack Jul 21 03:42
*DaemonFC hands one to cubezzz3 Jul 21 03:42
DaemonFC eh? Jul 21 03:42
*cubezzz3 sits on it Jul 21 03:43
*mpak puts a cup of coffee on it Jul 21 03:43
cubezzz3 dude, I’m the last person on the planet to use windows 7 Jul 21 03:43
DaemonFC cubezzz3: You love Windows 7 Jul 21 03:43
DaemonFC and you know it Jul 21 03:43
cubezzz3 I’ll tell you what Jul 21 03:43
mpak yeah, hypnotize him Jul 21 03:43
cubezzz3 you make it work on my 486 and I’ll use it Jul 21 03:44
cubezzz3 no cdrom drive :) Jul 21 03:44
DaemonFC but it DOES work on a 486 Jul 21 03:44
*DaemonFC waves his hand in front of cubezzz3 Jul 21 03:44
ender2070 overclock it to 800mhz Jul 21 03:44
ender2070 give it 512 mb ram Jul 21 03:44
DaemonFC This is the operating system you’re looking for Jul 21 03:44
ender2070 it’ll work then Jul 21 03:44
cubezzz3 even windows 2 sucked Jul 21 03:44
DaemonFC you WILL buy new hardware Jul 21 03:44
cubezzz3 and every version after that Jul 21 03:44
cubezzz3 jedi tricks don’t work on me, only money! Jul 21 03:44
DaemonFC you HAVE money Jul 21 03:45
ender2070 what if you received a free legit copy? Jul 21 03:45
cubezzz3 yeah but I don’t spend it on Microsoft products Jul 21 03:45
mpak http://tiny.cc/j8uwb Jul 21 03:45
*DaemonFC dumps out his monopoly box set and hands the money to cubezzz3 Jul 21 03:45
DaemonFC you guys use that stuff up there, right? Jul 21 03:45
mpak sorry about the previous link Jul 21 03:46
cubezzz3 lol Jul 21 03:46
mpak it was http://tinyurl.com/2arjpgf Jul 21 03:46
TechrightsBot Title: korobkin: Forefront Security for what it is worth .::. Size~: 31.52 KB Jul 21 03:47
*DaemonFC wonders if the Canadian serial killers are polite Jul 21 03:47
DaemonFC shame this isn’t 1990, I could get a Canadian hitman for half price Jul 21 03:47
DaemonFC have him whack the neighbors Jul 21 03:47
DaemonFC with a hockey stick Jul 21 03:47
DaemonFC or maybe let his hockey hair devour them whole Jul 21 03:47
DaemonFC bones and all Jul 21 03:47
DaemonFC :D Jul 21 03:47
mpak ok, have a good day guys Jul 21 03:48
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  1. Needs Sunlight said,

    July 21, 2010 at 8:09 am


    Even the most cynical of you would not believe the effort made to prevent skilled people from even getting near the project and the tricks used to delay and undermine the feeble efforts that were allowed. It’s a lot like the OOXML scandals used to fight ODF and not limited to Russia.

    The original plan was that by 2009, all computers in Russian schools are to be run on Linux

    Dr. Roy Schestowitz Reply:

    They didn’t know what they were up against (Microsoft, not Windows).

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