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Links 29/04/2022: Lakka 4.2, Redox OS 0.7.0, and FreeBSD 13.1 RC5

Posted in News Roundup at 2:22 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

  • GNU/Linux

    • Desktop/Laptop

      • GamingOnLinuxA 4th Gen Kubuntu Focus M2 laptop is out now

        Looking for top Linux support, along with KDE Plasma out of the box and you need a new laptop? Perhaps have a think on the new fourth generation Kubuntu Focus M2.

      • LiliputingKubuntu Focus M2 Linux laptop now available with Intel Core i7-12700H Alder Lake-H

        The Kubuntu Focus M2 is a high-performance laptop that ships with the Kubuntu operating system pre-installed. The first version of the laptop was released in 2019, and since then the makers of the Ubuntu-based Linux distribution have worked with their hardware partners on several updates.

        The latest version is powered by a 12th-gen Intel Core i7-12700H processor and NVIDIA RTX 30 series graphics. The Kubuntu Focus M2 Gen 4 is now available for purchase for $1895 and up and the laptop should begin shipping to customers May 9, 2022.

    • Server

      • Frontiers, fsGroups and frogs: the Kubernetes 1.23 release interview

        One of the highlights of hosting the weekly Kubernetes Podcast from Google is talking to the release managers for each new Kubernetes version. The release team is constantly refreshing. Many working their way from small documentation fixes, step up to shadow roles, and then eventually lead a release.

        As we prepare for the 1.24 release next week, in accordance with long-standing tradition, I’m pleased to bring you a look back at the story of 1.23. The release was led by Rey Lejano, a Field Engineer at SUSE. I spoke to Rey in December, as he was awaiting the birth of his first child.

    • Applications

      • PostgreSQLPostgreSQL: pg_ivm 1.0 released!

        Incremental View Maintenance (IVM) is a way to make materialized views up-to-date in which only incremental changes are computed and applied on views rather than recomputing. pg_ivm provides a kind of immediate maintenance, in which materialized views are updated immediately after a base table is modified.

      • GNUNew free program needed

        The world urgently needs a free program that can subtract background music from a field recording.

        The purpose is to prevent censorship of people’s video recordings of how cops treat the public.

      • TSDgeos’ blog: Poppler finally has support for embedding fonts in PDF files!

        Poppler has had the feature of being able to fill in forms, create annotations and more recently add Digital Signatures to existing PDF files.

        This works relatively well if you limit yourself to entering ‘basic’ ASCII characters, but once you go to more ‘complex’ characters, things don’t really work, from the outside it seems like it should be relatively simple to fix, but things related to PDF are never as simple as they may seem.

        In PDF each bit of text is associated with a Font object. That Font generally only supports one kind of text encoding and at most ‘only’ 65535 characters (65535 may seem a lot, but once you start taking into account non latin-based languages, you quickly ‘run out’ of characters).

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • Fedora MagazaineFedora Magazine: From ifcfg to keyfiles: modernizing NetworkManager configuration in Fedora Linux 36

        One of the changes in Fedora Linux 36 is that new installations will no longer support the ifcfg files to configure networking. What are those and what replaces them?

      • Linux Handbook[Solved] Curl Downloading HTML Instead of Actual Zip File

        Curl is an excellent tool for downloading files in the Linux terminal.

      • Installation and Review of Lubuntu [Lightweight Distro]

        Linux (or the family of Linux OSes) is one of the most popular operating systems on the planet, – although dwarfed by Windows and Mac OS X in its desktop usage numbers exclusively. Many of the familiar nerds among us are quick to make a decision for a new distro but as a new user with a myriad of options presented, it can quickly become overwhelming.

        If you’re in the market for a new OS, why not give Lubuntu a try? A Linux flavor based on Ubuntu and the LXQt desktop environment, Lubuntu is a soft touch for those of us keen on GNOME or KDE feature-laden environments. Don’t get me wrong; there are perks to this orientation; after all the ability to choose are the required prereqs for any real Linux user.

      • Its FOSSHow to Install h.264 decoder on Ubuntu Linux

        When you start using a fresh installed Ubuntu system and try to open an MP4 file to play videos, it may show you an error that reads:

        H.264 (High Profile) decoder is required to play the file, but is not installed.

      • How to Install LAMP Apache, MySQL, PHP in Ubuntu 22.04

        How to Install LAMP Apache, MySQL, PHP in Ubuntu 22.04. In this guide you will learn how to install Apache2, MySQL and PHP 8.1.

        You will also install some common PHP extensions and adjust the PHP configurations. Install PhpMyAdmin and finally you will secure your setup with Let’s Encrypt SSL and configure HTTPS redirection.

        This setup is tested on Google cloud, so it will work on all cloud hosting services like AWS, Azure or any VPS or any dedicated servers running Ubuntu 22.04.

      • ID RootHow To Install Android Studio on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Android Studio on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, Android studio is a popular tool for android application development. It provides the facility to create virtual devices to run and test your applications. Android studio is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Chrome OS.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the Android Studio development environment on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish). You can follow the same instructions for Ubuntu 22.04 and any other Debian-based distribution like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Pop!_OS, and more as well.

      • ID RootHow To Install Podman on Rocky Linux 8 – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Podman on Rocky Linux 8. For those of you who didn’t know, Podman is a free and open-source daemon-less container engine that was developed by RedHat. It supports multiple container image formats, including Docker images and OCI container images. Also, Podman supports managing pods and groups of containers.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the Podman container management tool on Rocky Linux. 8.

      • TecAdminInstall or Upgrade KDE 4.12 on Ubuntu 14.04, 13.04, 12.10, 12.04 LTS

        KDE is an international team co-operating on development of opensource software for desktop computing. K Desktop Environment (KDE) was founded in 1996 by Matthias Ettrich. KDE community is producing an integrated set of cross-platform applications designed to run on Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, OS X and Microsoft Windows systems.

        Kubuntu comes with a preloaded KDE Desktop environment, which is a combination of Ubuntu + KDE Plasma Desktop.

      • TecAdminHow to Configure Static IP Address on Ubuntu 22.04 – TecAdmin

        After installing Ubuntu 22.04 the default network interface assigns an IP address using the DHCP server. Also, the wireless network will be active and enable the networking over the wifi network.

        You can also configure the network interface with static IPv4 addresses. Ubuntu 22.04 uses the Netplan as a network manager.

        This tutorial helps you to configure network interfaces on Ubuntu 22.04 Desktop and Server versions. The desktop users can use any one of the below methods but the server users that have CLI only access use the second method to edit network interface configuration files.

      • Linux Shell TipsHow to Replace Whitespaces with Tabs in a File

        For some reason, acquiring some unique skills and tweaks in your Linux operating system experience will positively boost your Linux administration resume and portfolio, especially for users involved in continuous projects.

        One unique skill set to add to your Linux resume and portfolio is replacing whitespaces with tabs in a file.

        If you are a programmer or a user that has had some exposure to various Linux-supported code editors, then you will relate to the frustrations of dealing with whitespaces.

      • Linux CapableHow to Install Notepad++ on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
      • Linux CapableHow to Install NotepadQQ on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
      • Linux CapableHow to Enable & Disable AppArmor on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
      • How to Install and Use Busybox in Ubuntu
      • UNIX CopHow to install the build essential tools in Ubuntu 22.04

        On Linux, we will be able to compile programs ourselves from source code, but we have to install some vital tools on the system. These tools not only allow us to compile large applications, but are also used by other programs or configurations.

        Some of these packages include gcc which is the C language compiler that GNU has created. Another such tool is g++ which is also a GNU compiler but for C++.

        But not only them, also many others like make which also allows us to configure the compilation of the application.

    • Games

      • OMG UbuntuSteam is Now on the Snap Store — And You Can Help Test It

        Following an announcement at LAS Canonical says it’s “going all in” to improve the Linux gaming on Ubuntu. As part of that effort they want to simplify and smooth out the bumps currently involved in getting a gaming setup set up on Ubuntu.

        And top of their list is bringing Steam to the Snap Store.

        The new Steam Snap app is packaged by Canonical and not Valve (no word on whether Valve is interested in officially supporting it if it’s successful).

      • GamingOnLinuxEasy GE-Proton installer ProtonUp-Qt now shows Steam Deck compatibility | GamingOnLinux

        ProtonUp-Qt is great. A very simple application that allows you to download extra compatibility layers for Linux desktops and the Steam Deck and now it’s even better. This tool helps you install GE-Proton (formerly Proton-GE) and Luxtorpeda for Steam, plus it also helps with Wine-GE for the game managers Lutris and Heroic Games Launcher.

      • GamingOnLinuxAbsolute classic Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries gets a new upgrade | GamingOnLinux

        Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries, an absolute classic strategy game originally from Enlight Software that released in the 90s and later become open source just had a surprise update. While you can buy it from stores like GOG and Steam, it’s not needed since the open source release includes the game data too. The open source release is far more advanced too, and cross-platform.

      • GamingOnLinuxMistlands in Valheim will have strange structures — and Hares | GamingOnLinux

        As work continues on the major Mistlands update for Valheim, Iron Gate have given us another teaser of what’s to come for their co-op survival game.

        Firstly, a video they did earlier this month that I missed, is that Valheim will have Hares hopping around in the Mistlands.

      • GamingOnLinuxFirst-person zombie co-op shooter Projekt Z is up on Kickstarter | GamingOnLinux

        Projekt Z from German studio 314 Arts is now live on Kickstarter, with an ambitious plan to release a free to play shooter that’s supported on Linux.

        A game that I’ve followed for quite some time, as their early development blog videos were pretty impressive and they definitely left the impression of knowing what they’re doing. It will be interesting to see how the crowdfunding goes, especially since they’re asking for funds for what will be free to play.

      • GamingOnLinuxOwlboy gets a nice upgrade, should now work great on the Steam Deck | GamingOnLinux

        Owlboy, a rather sweet story-driven platformer developed by D-Pad Studio has been updated and it’s quite a major change for the tech behind it that will make it run nicely on the Steam Deck. Currently, the game has an “Unsupported” rating but this should hopefully move it over to Verified.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC/Qt

        • KDE Plasma Mobile 22.04 Mobile Platform Available

          KDE Plasma Mobile 22.04 Mobile Platform Available, Published release KDE Plasma Mobile 22.04 , based on the mobile edition of the Plasma 5 desktop, the KDE Frameworks 5 libraries, the ModemManager communication framework Telepathy. Plasma Mobile uses the kwin_wayland composite server to display graphics, and PulseAudio is used for sound processing. Simultaneously, the release of the Plasma Mobile Gear 22.04 set of mobile applications, which is formed by analogy with the KDE Gear. To create the application interface, Qt is used, the Mauikit framework Kirigami from the KDE Frameworks, which allows you to create universal interfaces suitable for smartphones, tablets and PCs.

          The package includes applications such as KDE Connect to pair your phone with your desktop, Okular music player VVave image viewers, Koko and Pix note calindori calendar-scheduler Index file manager buho application manager Discover , program for sending SMS Spacebar , address book plasma-phonebook , interface for making phone calls plasma-dialer , and plasma-angelfish browser messenger Spectral .

    • Distributions

      • Redox OS 0.7.0 – Redox – Your Next(Gen) OS

        A lot has changed since release 0.6.0! First thing, it is impossible to collect all the changes that happened since December 24, 2020 into one set of release notes, so this will focus on the highlights.

        It was very important to me that this be a release targeting the foundations of Redox OS. This includes, the bootloader, the filesystem, the package manager, the kernel, the drivers, and much more. The focus was on enabling Redox OS to boot on the widest set of hardware possible.

        bootloader: The bootloader was completely rewritten so that both the BIOS and UEFI versions share most of the same code, and are both predominantly written in Rust. This has led to greatly improved hardware support, and allowed for RedoxFS to be improved.

      • Top 5 Privacy Focused Linux Distributions in 2022 to Keep You Safe [Compared]

        A list of five privacy centric Linux distribution of 2022 with their feature comparison, advantages and download details.

      • New Releases

        • Lakka 4.2 release

          New version of Lakka has been released!

          We are happy to announce the new and updated version of Lakka.

        • Lakka 4.2 Released, a Linux distribution for creating game consoles – LinuxStoney

          Lakka distribution kit 4.2 , allowing you to turn computers, set-top boxes or single-board computers into a full-fledged game console for running retro games. The project is a modification of distribution LibreELEC , originally designed to create home theaters. Lakka builds are generated for i386, x86_64 (Intel, NVIDIA or AMD GPUs), Raspberry Pi 1-4, Orange Pi, Banana Pi, Hummingboard, Cubox-i, Odroid C1/C1+/XU3/XU4, etc. platforms. To install, just write the distribution to an SD card or USB drive, connect a gamepad and boot the system.

      • BSD

        • FreeBSDFreeBSD 13.1-RC5 Now Available
          [REVISED]: Added change list between RC4 and RC5.
          The fifth RC build of the 13.1-RELEASE release cycle is now available.
          This is expected to be the final RC build of the 13.1-RELEASE cycle.
          Installation images are available for:
          o 13.1-RC5 amd64 GENERIC
          o 13.1-RC5 i386 GENERIC
          o 13.1-RC5 powerpc GENERIC
          o 13.1-RC5 powerpc64 GENERIC64
          o 13.1-RC5 powerpc64le GENERIC64LE
          o 13.1-RC5 powerpcspe MPC85XXSPE
          o 13.1-RC5 armv6 RPI-B
          o 13.1-RC5 armv7 GENERICSD
          o 13.1-RC5 aarch64 GENERIC
          o 13.1-RC5 aarch64 RPI
          o 13.1-RC5 aarch64 PINE64
          o 13.1-RC5 aarch64 PINE64-LTS
          o 13.1-RC5 aarch64 PINEBOOK
          o 13.1-RC5 aarch64 ROCK64
          o 13.1-RC5 aarch64 ROCKPRO64
          o 13.1-RC5 riscv64 GENERIC
          o 13.1-RC5 riscv64 GENERICSD
          Note regarding arm SD card images: For convenience for those without
          console access to the system, a freebsd user with a password of
          freebsd is available by default for ssh(1) access.  Additionally,
          the root user password is set to root.  It is strongly recommended
          to change the password for both users after gaining access to the
          Installer images and memory stick images are available here:
          The image checksums follow at the end of this e-mail.
          If you notice problems you can report them through the Bugzilla PR
          system or on the -stable mailing list.
          If you would like to use Git to do a source based update of an existing
          system, use the "releng/13.1" branch.
          A summary of changes since 13.1-RC4 includes:
          o A fix had been implemented to correct boot failures with ZFS+GELI.
          o A fix had been implemented to correct pkg(8) symbolic links for
            on-disc packages.
          o An update to allow if_bnxt(4) interfaces to allow vlans.
          o A fix to arm64 to stop using kmem for PCPU memory.
          o A fix to correct the ABI in libcxxrt.
          o A fix to xhci(4) to ensure data toggle is properly reset.
      • SUSE/OpenSUSE

        • SUSE’s Corporate BlogSUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Service Pack 4 Public Release Candidate!

          We are thrilled to announce this important milestone for SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Service Pack 4 labeled as PublicRC-202204.

          Please check our Public SLE 15SP4 webpage out for download and other informations.

          Since the Public Beta, we have been working on fixing more than 120 P1 or P2 bugs and while we are now in the Release Candidate phase, this means that we are enforcing our internal rules for submission and integration of codes and as a matter of fact, only P1 or CVE related issues will be considered for integration in the GA release in end of June.

        • SUSE’s Corporate BlogSUSECON is Back! (BYOB)

          SUSECON is back! And once again (hopefully for the final time!) it will be a virtual conference. While many of us would love to be back together in person, there are some real benefits to hosting the conference virtually. One of these benefits is that there are no artificial limits on content, such as hotel room space, break times, etc. In a virtual conference, we can offer virtually unlimited learning possibilities!

      • Slackware Family

        • Eric HameleersChromium 101 for Slackware – ungoogled variant follows soon

          Earlier this week, Chromium 101.0.4951.41 was released according the announcement on Google’s releaseblog.

          As usual, this release addresses several vulnerabilities of which some have the criticality label “high” – meaning it can crash your browser but not compromise your computer. Interesting again to see an impressive list of high/medium/low vulnerabilities (a total of 30 this time) for which Google paid bounties of over 80,000 dollars in total to their individual reporters.

      • IBM/Red Hat/Fedora

        • TechRepublicThe future of Linux: Fedora project leader Matthew Miller weighs in

          I think, fundamentally, the problem is that there’s not a mass-market for operating systems at all. Some people, of course, find technology at this level fascinating — probably a lot of the folks interested in reading what you and I have to say about it. But, relative to even other geeky pursuits which have become mainstream (hello, grown-ups who build cool LEGO things! hello, fellow D&D nerds!), caring about your operating system at all is pretty esoteric.

          There is certainly a market for operating systems at a corporate level, in the enterprise and for millions of different technology use cases businesses need to solve. Something has to power the cloud, and there needs to be a platform for all the software that a modern electric car needs to run. Those markets have actually already decided that the answer is Linux, and those are definitely markets with a lot of money at stake.

        • Enterprisers ProjectDigital transformation: 3 outdated tips to ignore

          If you’re taking on a big, complicated project that could get hopelessly tangled up with one wrong move, it pays to seek out advice. You’d talk to every expert you knew before building a custom home, for example, and you’d probably read everything in sight before embarking on a 30-day bike trip across the western United States.

          CIOs overseeing digital transformation projects have been advised by the best and the brightest – everyone from analysts to consultants to colleagues to peers – and most would say the counsel they’ve received has been helpful. But occasionally, a tip gets passed along that’s outdated or just plain wrong. While it may have made sense at one time, it would steer them off track if they pursued it today.

        • Remi Collet: PHP version 8.0.19RC1 and 8.1.6RC1

          Release Candidate versions are available in testing repository for Fedora and Enterprise Linux (RHEL / CentOS / Alma / Rocky and other clones) to allow more people to test them. They are available as Software Collections, for a parallel installation, perfect solution for such tests, and also as base packages.

        • Fedora ProjectCPE Weekly Update – Week 17 2022 – Fedora Community Blog

          This is a weekly report from the CPE (Community Platform Engineering) Team. If you have any questions or feedback, please respond to this report or contact us on #redhat-cpe channel on libera.chat (https://libera.chat/).

        • SDTimesRed Hat Application Foundations launches to accelerate cloud-native development – SD Times

          Red Hat is introducing a new set of connected applications services that will help accelerate the adoption of containerized application development and delivery. Red Hat Application Foundations enables companies to quickly build application and data services.

          This new platform will bring key services and components that will complement Red Hat OpenShift. Red Hat OpenShift is a platform for modernizing applications, building cloud-native applications, streamlining development, and more.

        • VideoRed Hat Connecting Clouds: The Test – Invidious

          The software developers supporting scientific research on the International Space Station need to know their code will work as well in space as it does in a test environment.

        • VideoTechnically Speaking (E13): Building a foundation for AI models – Invidious

          Why can’t we build and reuse AI models? Mo data, mo problems? Learn how AI foundation models change the game for training AI/ML and join Red Hat CTO Chris Wright and IBM Research AI VP Sriram Raghavan to explore foundation models, an emerging approach to machine learning and data representation.

      • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

        • Linux Foundation’s Site/BlogThe Future of Banking is Open [Ed: They're just calling everything "open" now, even banksters]

          The banking sector is facing rapid and irreversible changes across technology, customer behaviour, and regulation. While customers are demanding ever higher levels of service and value and regulations are impacting business models and economics, technology can be a potent enabler of both customer experience and effective operations.

          The banking industry will look radically different in the near future as new banking models will bring a lot of product and service innovation. There is a new wave of digital-only banks across the globe challenging traditional banking players. The digital-only banks are tightening the competitive landscape and the competition would create the impetus for banks to do more with technology and provide better customer services. In this quickly shifting landscape, financial institutions of all shapes and sizes need to find every possible way to respond and compete. This is where technology and innovation matters – having an open and flexible technology architecture driving business agility.

          Open source technologies and open innovation have the potential to level the playing field and accelerate the pace of digital business transformation enabling financial institutions to get products and services to market faster and help solve the challenges facing the financial services industry.

        • UbuntuOpen source solutions that drive logistics sector’s digital transformation | Ubuntu

          As with organisations in many other industries, logistics services are under intense pressure to remain competitive to face severe market disruption. Disruptive innovation has reached this industry, which is currently experiencing strong inflexion points. The logistics sector is being forced to innovate as rapidly and quickly as possible. Therefore, organisations need to stay competitive and drive innovation processes. Given that multiple innovations exist, it is crucial to identify the relevant innovation areas that fit based on business needs

          Focusing on customer excellence is one of the keys to understanding market competitiveness. In the journey towards customer centricity, it is essential to use technologies that can help accelerate the organisation’s innovation. In this realm, open-source technologies can play a vital role. However, it is not enough that enterprises and businesses only have the mindset and technology; transformational work is necessary to change every thriving organisation’s culture and working methods.

    • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

      • OMG UbuntuWireless Ear Buds Powered by Open Source? Sounds Good To Me!

        A pair of high-end in-ear wireless headphones called PineBuds are on the horizon. These includes features most would expect in 2022, like ambient and environment noise cancellation, and a lengthy battery life. The earbuds will also be end-user flashable, opening up a world of possible uses.

        But first things first: as with other products produced by Pine64 the story starts with developers.

      • Productivity Software/LibreOffice/Calligra

      • Programming/Development

        • OpenSource.comAn open source developer’s guide to systems programming | Opensource.com

          Programming is an activity that helps implement a model. What is a model? Typically, programmers model real-world situations, such as online shopping.

          When you go shopping in the real world, you enter a store and start browsing. When you find items you’d like to purchase, you place them into the shopping cart. Once your shopping is done, you go to the checkout, the cashier tallies up all the items, and presents you with the total. You then pay and leave the store with your newly purchased items.

          Thanks to the advancements in technology, you can now accomplish the same shopping activities without traveling to a physical store. You achieve that convenience by having a team of software creators model actual shopping activities and then simulate those activities using software programs.

        • OpenSource.com5 tips to avoid these common agile mistakes | Opensource.com

          Many IT companies do not pay attention to training employees. Many trainers say that they have worked hard to train employees only to have employees get poached by competitors. Should this happen, a company should reflect: Why can’t I keep excellent talent?

          On the surface, employees are a company’s greatest asset, but enterprises regard them as components that can be replaced at any time. Software development is a design process that faces uncertainty, variability, and is not like moving bricks. Developers are not producers, but designers. The replacement cost is relatively high for the designer.

        • Python

          • How to Generate Dummy Data with Python Faker

            Any application requires dummy data to be tested. Manually inserting dummy data for testing purposes takes a long time. Using the Python Faker module, this process is fairly simple. Using this software, a significant volume of bogus data of various sorts may be easily entered into the database. This article demonstrated how to install and use the Python Faker library.

  • Leftovers

    • My Buick’s computer does not like Gates. – BaronHK’s Rants

      My Buick’s computer does not like Gates.

      No, not Creepy Uncle Bill Gates, but rather Gates gas caps. I bought one on Amazon going “Hey, it’s $8.47 and it says it works on the 2008 Buick LaCrosse CXL.” because my Driver Information Center (DIC) said that I needed to “Check Gas Cap”.

      The woman who owned the car before me somehow found a way to lose the OEM gas cap from Buick, even though it’s tethered for morons who drive off without their gas cap. (Which has somehow never happened to me in over 20 years of driving a car, even though I’ve never had a tethered gas cap before.).

      So she bought a Gates gas cap. Nowhere on the cap does it say “Gates” on it, but when I examined it by request of the computer (and because you can’t pass emissions here with a loose or broken gas cap), I saw that the Gates cap on the Buick did not actually fit the filler neck properly. So I ordered the Gates gas cap from Amazon, and I ended up with the exact same cap as was on there. I put it on and drove the car around, and “Check Gas Cap” on the DIC displayed again.


      On Techrights IRC, Roy laughed and said Bill Gates would be jealous of me because I’m riding a 14 year old (car, that is!).

      (Bill Gates is a prolific sex pervert and was a friend of Jeff Epstein that throws his money around to control what is said about him.)

    • Integrity/Availability

      • Proprietary

        • Pseudo-Open Source

          • Openwashing

            • Linux Foundation’s Site/BlogHow Project Lura is Improving APIs [Ed: LF is openwashing evil companies like Uber now, using the "Linux" brand or misusing it]

              APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) provide exponential growth opportunities for what the web and its data and applications can do for us. Since APIs allow for sharing of data between applications, doors open to what is possible as the strengths of disparate systems are combined into a new one.

        • Security

          • Security WeekMany Internet-Exposed Servers Affected by Exploited Redis Vulnerability | SecurityWeek.Com

            Rapid7 security researchers have identified 2,000 internet-exposed Linux servers that appear to be impacted by a Redis vulnerability that has been exploited in attacks.

            Tracked as CVE-2022-0543, the security hole has a CVSS score of 10 and is described as an insufficient sanitization in Lua. While Redis statically links the Lua Library, some Debian/Ubuntu packages dynamically link it, leading to a sandbox escape that can be exploited to achieve remote code execution.

          • Privacy/Surveillance

            • PurismPrivacy Washing: Do As I Say, Not As I Do – Purism

              People care about their privacy. Some have doubted this in the past, pointing to the amount of personal information people willingly shared, often in exchange for free software or services. Yet I’ve long thought that many people simply were not aware of the privacy implications of sharing their data and how it could be misused and abused. Those who did understand the implications often didn’t feel empowered to do anything about it given the vast resources of Big Tech companies.

              These privacy abuses couldn’t stay hidden forever. With the help of documentaries, the Cambridge Analytica scandal, US congressional hearings and regulatory threats from the European Union, most people today have some awareness of the ways Big Tech abuse their privacy. Big Tech noticed. Apple saw this trend earlier than most, and realized that a big differentiator between them and their main competitors (Facebook and Google in particular) was that their competitors were primarily funded by selling customer data. Privacy became a big keyword in Apple marketing, and Google and Facebook quickly followed suit.

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    It has now been about 2 years since lock-downs in the world's Western nations were first loosened or lifted; we've thankfully taken advantage of all that commotion (persistent flux; we've not solved the underlying issues) to expand beyond and Web and become self-hosted wherever possible

  7. IRC Proceedings: Friday, July 01, 2022

    IRC logs for Friday, July 01, 2022

  8. EPO Steering Off the Road, Just Like the Drunken Son of António Campinos, Who Crashed the Car and Begged for Impunity

    With the EPO rapidly turning into a corrupt dynasty of rogue politicians, lawyers and bankers (not scientists) we must turn to constitutions and treaties that they knowingly violate with impunity

  9. Koch Operatives Working to Shape Patent Law in Favour of Monopolies and Oligarchs

    Patent systems are being hijacked by monopolists and plutocrats for their financial gain and protectionism; it's a longstanding issue because it begets constitutional violations (glossed over by bought or installed "Justices", which is another creeping threat, especially in light of recent developments in the US Supreme Court and patently, manifestly illegal actions by Team UPC)

  10. At the EPO, “Online” Means Microsoft Windows Only (“Unitary Patent” Also Limited to Microsoft Customers!)

    The EPO's "special" (corrupt) relationship with Microsoft is a major liability for Europe; does one need to adopt back doors and US surveillance to interact with the EPO?

  11. Microsoft GitHub Exposé — Part XXII — 'Mr. GitHub Copilot' Balabhadra (Alex) Graveley Pleads Guilty After Assaulting Women

    Balabhadra (Alex) Graveley from Microsoft GitHub (the man behind the GPL violation machine called “Copilot”) has “pled guilty to get deferred sentence”

  12. Links 01/07/2022: Russians Switching to GNU/Linux, New WINE Release

    Links for the day

  13. Links 01/07/2022: More Widespread Calls to Delete GitHub

    Links for the day

  14. [Meme] President Crybaby

    EPO President António Campinos, who constantly assaults the EPO’s staff, has portrayed himself as a poor victim of “hostile” staff (reversal of narratives)

  15. People Are Very Angry That Campinos Was Left in Positions of Power Without Any Competition and in Spite of Failing to Fulfill Essential Goals

    As predicted, people are infuriated by the decision of the Administrative Council to give Campinos several more years to destroy the EPO and its reputation (while moreover pushing a totally illegal and unconstitutional patent court system, which severely harms the image of the European Union)

  16. Microsoft Windows is a 'Burning Platform' (Both on the Server Side and the Client Side)

    'Burning platform' is a derogatory term from Microsoft's Elop; ironically, today's 'burning platform' is actually Windows, even if the corporate media isn't talking about that

  17. Links 01/07/2022: Nitrux 2.2.1 and Raspberry Pi Pico W Chatter

    Links for the day

  18. Links 01/07/2022: Wayland 1.21.0 and SteamOS 3.3 Beta

    Links for the day

  19. IRC Proceedings: Thursday, June 30, 2022

    IRC logs for Thursday, June 30, 2022

  20. [Meme] EPO Election (Auction)

    The corruption at the EPO did not end with Benoît Battistelli‘s departure; it’s still deepening

  21. Links 01/07/2022: Condres OS 1.0 and Microsoft Losing More Share in Web Servers

    Links for the day

  22. Published 10 Minutes Ago: IRCNow by Aaron Lin

    This talk was uploaded moments ago. “Of the users, by the users, for the users…”

  23. Links 30/06/2022: PostgreSQL 15 Beta 2

    Links for the day

  24. Links 30/06/2022: Pine64 Has RISC-V-Based Raspberry Pi Rival, Pico W Introduced

    Links for the day

  25. IRC Proceedings: Wednesday, June 29, 2022

    IRC logs for Wednesday, June 29, 2022

  26. It's 2022 and Installing Software in GNU/Linux Has Never Been Easier

    GNU/Linux is easy to use and extend; the above demonstrates how new software gets installed, removed, and updated in KDE Neon

  27. Sitting Down Less

    Avoiding long periods of sitting down is important for one's health, especially in sedentary lifestyles or jobs

  28. Microsoft Windows Market Share in Russia in 2022: Down From 55% to 50% in 5 Months

    As June ends (last day today) let’s examine the rapid demise of Windows in Russia, even before the exodus media speaks of this week (an ongoing story)

  29. European Patent Office is a Kakistocracy Illustrated

    Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos aren’t just a “dark era” for the EPO; they might in fact be the end of the EPO, having made corruption the “new normal” or “new ways of working”

  30. [Meme] EPO Rewarding Corruption Instead of Upholding the Law and Protecting the European Patent Convention (EPC)

    Wednesday proved that the EPO actively guards corruption and protects Team Battistelli from scrutiny; instead of standing for patent law the EPO under António Campinos stands for overt violations of the law; national delegates are fine with it as long as they’re personally rewarded for complicity

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