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schestowitz1493035965274894336 ䷉ #nitter | more in 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:50] <schestowitz> Nat is afraid of you talkingFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:50] <schestowitz> so he blocked youFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:50] <schestowitz> Miguel wrote about me at least twice yesterdayFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:50] <schestowitz> I never interacted with NatFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:50] <schestowitz> Miguel and I were on a radio show at the same timeFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:50] <schestowitz> around 2006Feb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:50] <Source> I don't think he cares. I don't think a lot of people careFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:51] <Source> I've been in tech for xxxxxxx years. The sexual harassment never stopsFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:51] <schestowitz> my wife can tellFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:51] <schestowitz> like a colleague of mine staring at herFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:51] <schestowitz> she didn't tell me until years laterFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:52] <Source> oh god, I had an xxxxx year old employee invite me to an orgy when  I was xxxxFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:52] <Source> I got fired of courseFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:52] <schestowitz> Microsoft did the sameFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:52] <schestowitz> sort ofFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:53] <schestowitz> e.g. and 15 04:13
-TechBytesBot/ | Microsoft Refuses to Comment About (Deny) the Sex Parties, Drug Use | TechrightsFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:53] <Source> well, you've probably seen the Apple websiteFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:53] <schestowitz> which site?Feb 15 04:13
-TechBytesBot/ | Microsoft Corporation: Sex, Drugs, and Corruption | TechrightsFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:55] <Source> the one collecting all the harassment storiesFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:56] <schestowitz> I did not see thatFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:56] <Source> 15 04:13
-TechBytesBot/ | #AppleTooFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:56] <Source> looks like they took the stories downFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:57] <Source> she's been pretty vocalFeb 15 04:13
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes- ( status 400 @ )Feb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:59] <schestowitz> the sad thing isFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:59] <schestowitz> some people self-vanishFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:59] <schestowitz> I had such a case last weekFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:59] <schestowitz> someone asked not to be namedFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[23:59] <schestowitz> because of peer pressureFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[00:00] <Source> I'm not 100% ready to exit, but I haven't been working and focusing on investments.Feb 15 04:13
schestowitz[00:00] <Source> It's made the pressure easierFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[00:01] <schestowitz> well, this stuff needs daylightFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[00:01] <Source> Not sure if they'll let me back in at this pointFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[00:01] <schestowitz> thank you for relaying so much infoFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[00:02] <schestowitz> I've just opened my emailFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[00:02] <schestowitz> I will not respond by email for privacy reasonsFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[00:03] <Source> understood. glad I found this channelFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[00:05] <schestowitz> you might want to get some contextFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[00:05] <schestowitz> and understand the past of MonoFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[00:06] <schestowitz> we wrote 32,000 blog posts almostFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[00:06] <schestowitz> it's hard to tidy it all up, the wiki can help a bitFeb 15 04:13
schestowitz[00:06] <Source> sure, I might see some names I recognize Feb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:08] <schestowitz> 15 04:14
-TechBytesBot/ | Canonical Neglects Tomboy (Mono) | TechrightsFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:09] <schestowitz> 15 04:14
-TechBytesBot/ | Gnote is a Lot Faster and a Lot Lighter Than Tomboy | TechrightsFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:09] <schestowitz> 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:09] <schestowitz> 15 04:14
-TechBytesBot/ | Tomboy is Afraid of Gnote, Its Mono-free Sibling | TechrightsFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:10] <schestowitz> 15 04:14
-TechBytesBot/ | Red Hat Replaces Tomboy with Gnote, Removes Mono Dependency | TechrightsFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:10] <schestowitz> 15 04:14
-TechBytesBot/ | Did Tomboy Learn from TomTom? Project Forked, Moves Away from Microsoft ‘Standards’ | TechrightsFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:10] <schestowitz> and so onFeb 15 04:14
-TechBytesBot/ | Announcement: Mono-Free Tomboy Replacement (Gnote) Releases Version 0.2.0 | TechrightsFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:10] <Source> oh yeah... I do have this message where Alex calls Tomboy his life's workFeb 15 04:14
-TechBytesBot/ | In Fedora, Tomboy and Banshee Depend on Winforms | TechrightsFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:10] <schestowitz> those are oldFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:10] <schestowitz> the site was a lot younger back thenFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:10] <schestowitz> now we do deeper investigationsFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:10] <schestowitz> seems like Friedman set him him for richnessFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:11] <schestowitz> by funnelling Microsoft shareholders' moneyFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:11] <schestowitz> make this companyFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:11] <schestowitz> do this thingFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:11] <schestowitz> I will tell my bosses (CEO of a 'slave' company of Microsoft)Feb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:11] <schestowitz> and we'll give you lots of sharesFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:11] <schestowitz> maybe securities fraudFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:11] <schestowitz> he instructs the employer to pay an old mateFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:12] <Source> "Or the times I was robbed of my life’s work and the millions of dollars that went with it?"Feb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:12] <schestowitz> tomboy as software is junkFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:12] <schestowitz> nothing special about itFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:12] <schestowitz> which makes senseFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:12] <schestowitz> high school dropoutFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:12] <Source> "I know pain. I know it real well."Feb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:12] <Source> I've seen his codeFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:13] <Source> very procedural Feb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:13] <schestowitz> gnote rewroite it in beter languageFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:13] <schestowitz> he mocks you gfor JSFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:13] <schestowitz> like Mono is something specialFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:13] <schestowitz> it's crapFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:13] <Source> I'm a solid programmerFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:13] <Source> I have other ambitions Feb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:14] <schestowitz> his whole program was RE-written as a hobbyFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:14] <schestowitz> in C++ Feb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:14] <schestowitz> and then it run MUCH fasterFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:14] <schestowitz> details in the above linksFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:14] <Source> "He is so insecure" "Full of doubts and strong opinions" "Fun to be around, but also very self destructive"Feb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:14] <Source> -Miguel on AlexFeb 15 04:14
schestowitz[00:15] <schestowitz> haFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:15] <Source> "Please ignore his angry rants.   Nobody is a real@programmer, he is trying to hurt you" Feb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:15] <schestowitz> re " I've sent you an email regarding Nat Friedman. I'd love to discuss it with you. "Feb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:15] <schestowitz> It's controlled by MicrosoftFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:15] <Source> like many women, I write easy to read code that is well organized and get underestimated for itFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:16] <schestowitz> any interaction on their platform will be leveraged by themFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:16] <schestowitz> they spy on meFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:16] <schestowitz> email and "social" (control) media works against its usersFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:16] <Source> yeah, I saw you said you don't use linkedin afterFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:17] <schestowitz> some find out when it's too late to undoFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:18] <Source> Based on his code, Alex is the kind of engineer that doesn't understand easy to read doesn't mean it's simpleFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:18] <schestowitz> yeahFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:18] <schestowitz> like I said, sse what "fig" didFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:19] <schestowitz> he rewrote the whole programFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:19] <schestowitz> in another languageFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:19] <schestowitz> C++Feb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:19] <schestowitz> the technical improvements were vastFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:19] <schestowitz> alex is insecure but (now) well connected Feb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:19] <Source> I suspect that Alex and Nat share darker secrets Feb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:20] <schestowitz> ask aroundFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:20] <schestowitz> they know my nameFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:21] <schestowitz> and would not divulge any info to meFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:21] <schestowitz> miguel mightFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:22] <Source> I don't even understand why Alex is working. His net worth in BTC is around $200mFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:22] <Source> if that was at all the truthFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:26] <schestowitz> it's fakeFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:27] <schestowitz> I always laugh at thoseFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:36] <Source> seemed reasonable. I'm not special and have some Feb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:37] <Source> I know this other guy that's living in a bus and is secretly quite wealthy from cryptoFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:37] <Source> I've known him longer and he has no reason to lie to me about it b/c he's gayFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:38] <Source> But in regards to Github, the Github hate community has already been in touch on twitterFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:38] <Source> mostly in regard to the ICE stuffFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:48] <schestowitz> back with coffeeFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:49] <schestowitz> GitHub does worse than ICEFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:49] <schestowitz> Also see 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:50] <schestowitz> daemonfc is gay btwFeb 15 04:15
-TechBytesBot/ | Microsoft: Nationalism As A Service (NaaS) | TechrightsFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:50] <schestowitz> just to add some context in there...Feb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:56] <Source> ok lolFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:56] <schestowitz> otherwise you might find him offensive, without knowing this...Feb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:57] <schestowitz> he helped us a low when we exposed the Gates home arrestFeb 15 04:15
schestowitz[00:57] <schestowitz> maybe you never heard thatFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[00:57] <schestowitz> media suppressed thatFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[00:57] <Source> yeah something with some prostitutes Feb 15 04:16
schestowitz[00:57] <schestowitz> we got 2,900 pages from Seattle PoliceFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[00:57] <schestowitz> no, arrest for pedophiliaFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[00:58] <Source> I saw something about it when the divorce was in the newsFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[00:58] <Source> oh... okFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[00:58] <Source> interesting Feb 15 04:16
schestowitz[00:58] <schestowitz> one of dozens of parts: 15 04:16
schestowitz[00:58] <schestowitz> we have all the police recordsFeb 15 04:16
-TechBytesBot/ | Release: Several Police Reports About Searching the Home of Bill Gates’ Engineer (Stockpiles of Child Pornography Found Along With Illegal Firearm) | TechrightsFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[00:58] <Source> That clip of him squirming in an interview when someone asked him about meeting with Epstein Feb 15 04:16
schestowitz[00:59] <Source> ""Feb 15 04:16
schestowitz[00:59] <schestowitz> more recent: 15 04:16
-TechBytesBot/ | Gates Foundation Critique - TechrightsFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[00:59] <Source> "well, he's dead" *folds hands sheepishly*Feb 15 04:16
schestowitz[00:59] <schestowitz> he might be next in line for FBI after 'prince' AndrewFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:00] <schestowitz> reports said he had faintedFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:00] <schestowitz> when this came out 15 04:16
-TechBytesBot/ | Bill Gates Met With Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past - The New York TimesFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:00] <schestowitz> it's also when his wife approached the divorce lawyersFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:00] <schestowitz> they use RMS as a decoy:Feb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:00] <schestowitz> 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:01] <schestowitz> 15 04:16
-TechBytesBot/ | Mansion of Pedophilia – Part II: Dr. Stallman Defamed in the Media One Day After Request Made for King County Sheriff’s Office to Divulge Information About Pedophilia in Home of Bill Gates | TechrightsFeb 15 04:16
-TechBytesBot/ | The Gates Press (GatesGate) — Part VI: Sunsetting for Now | TechrightsFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:01] <schestowitz> media suppression exampleFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:02] <Source> I know my twitter writing is terrible, but this thread might be helpful [...]Feb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:05] <Source> it just makes me said that the only joy in life these people have is exploiting othersFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:06] <schestowitz> ewwwwFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:07] <Source>'s hard to explain how I let all this slideFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:08] <Source> the nature of gaslighting Feb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:08] <schestowitz> yeahFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:08] <Source> this isn't some sort of racist group is it?Feb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:08] <Source> I'm all for open source stuff, but I'm not into this reverse racism stuffFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:09] <schestowitz> daemonfc?Feb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:09] <schestowitz> he's a league of his own and I constantly tell him not to do itFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:09] <schestowitz> he thinks his gayness makes it acceptableFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:09] <Source> him and Alex have something in commonFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:09] <schestowitz> many of us put him on muteFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:10] <schestowitz> inclduing meFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:11] <schestowitz> when you get to use a native irc client, mute himFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:11] <Source> yes lolFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:11] <schestowitz> we only censor if people make threatsFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:11] <schestowitz> which is rareFeb 15 04:16
schestowitz[01:12] <schestowitz> that's our policyFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:12] <schestowitz> notice nobody replies to himFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:12] <Source> I will say Alex and I got into this bizarre debate about what it means to be a libertarian  Feb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:13] <schestowitz> ah...libertarians...Feb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:13] <schestowitz> a bit of a cultFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:13] <schestowitz> macho and pseudo-machosFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:13] <Source> I have some of my own origin story there, but I've distanced myself from the labelFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:13] <schestowitz> in a moment I'll wash away the nonsense from ryan (daemon)Feb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:14] <schestowitz> I finish my work shift in 2 minsFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:14] <Source> anyways, Nat also considers himself a libertarian Feb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:15] <Source> he tweets about Austrian econ sometimesFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:15] <Source> I suspect he's related to the seasteading guy Patri FriedmanFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:16] <Source> but Alex thinks that being a libertarian means you can say whatever you want and nobody can get offendedFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:16] <Source> and getting offending is a free speech restrictionFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:17] <schestowitz> Austrians do have a reputation for thisFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:17] <schestowitz> Mises etc.Feb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:17] <schestowitz> Kinsella is one that I followFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:17] <schestowitz> but some are too k00ky to meFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:17] <schestowitz> scapegoating "big gov"Feb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:17] <Source> yeah... but those guys are all polite Feb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:17] <schestowitz> I still trust govs more than corporationsFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:17] <schestowitz> or corporations-dominated govsFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:18] <Source> generally. some are assholesFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:18] <schestowitz> you cannot vote out corporationsFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:18] <Source> can you vote out politicians? Feb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:18] <schestowitz> sometimesFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:18] <Source> who enforces the patents?Feb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:21] <Source> I hardly care anymore. I mostly just want to be able to live my life without someone trying to ruin me because I won't fuck themFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:22] <schestowitz> hacker culture in the coding sense focuses more on engineeringFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:22] <schestowitz> sounds like alex was just a nutjob of sortsFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:23] <schestowitz> so he compensated with connection and faking it "till you make it"Feb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:23] <schestowitz> like the bitcoin charlatan thingFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:23] <schestowitz> regarding patents, we write a lot on this subjectFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:24] <schestowitz> as impediment to all programmersFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:24] <schestowitz> not just free software codersFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:24] <Source> I'm familiar with Kinsella's writings on the matterFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:24] <schestowitz> ah, goodFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:24] <schestowitz> I follow his blog, he knows me...Feb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:25] <schestowitz> but he became less relevant in recent yearsFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:25] <Source> but libertarian spaces are not for women or POCFeb 15 04:17
schestowitz[01:25] <Source> frankly, the racists got a lot louder about 8 years agoFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:25] <schestowitz> 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:26] <schestowitz> yes, racists became "Great Again"Feb 15 04:18
-TechBytesBot/ | Famous ‘IP’ Lawyer Argues Against Patent and Copyright Law (Video) | TechrightsFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:26] <schestowitz> and then racist corporations started pretending to be "Woke"Feb 15 04:18
-TechBytesBot/ | Stephan Kinsella: The Case Against Intellectual Property Rights | TechrightsFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:26] <schestowitz> while employing predatorsFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:26] <Source> yepFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:26] <Source> I'm kind of noticing a trendFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:27] <Source> seems like POC and being pitted against "white women"Feb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:27] <Source> white women are enemy #1 right nowFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:27] <Source> it kind of looks like a disinformation campaignFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:28] <schestowitz> not just whiteFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:28] <Source> like a white woman using her privilege to hurt a POC is one thingFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:29] <Source> But I keep hearing this theme that white women basically need to shut up about feminism until WOC have rightsFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:29] <schestowitz> btwFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:29] <schestowitz> we wrote many things about those issues as wellFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:30] <schestowitz> it's a partisan and polarity issueFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:30] <schestowitz> in rotting society, sectarian conflict is a thingFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:30] <schestowitz> FB and Twitter inflame thatFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:31] <Source> yeah... like the chapelle vs transwomen thing seems like a distractionFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:31] <Source> the special was bad. and he's wrongFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:32] <schestowitz> yesterday I saw them weaponising these things against usFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:32] <schestowitz> because someone in the channel mentioned itFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:32] <schestowitz> I think daemonFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:32] <schestowitz> and then miguel et al try to latch onto it to call us namesFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:33] <Source> armchair activist that oneFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:33] <schestowitz> who? miguel?Feb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:33] <Source> miguel Feb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:33] <schestowitz> opportunists who stabbed many backsFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:33] <schestowitz> for personal gainFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:34] <Source> but yeah, I think Chapelle and transwomen have a common enemyFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:35] <Source> it's a bunch of disenfranchised groups fight over for the one chair on the table that's not reserved for white menFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:35] <Source> and depending on the table the connected white menFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:36] <schestowitz> it's so weird a controversy to meFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:36] <schestowitz> OWS is activismFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:36] <schestowitz> this drama over a comedy skit? sigh.Feb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:37] <schestowitz> Twitter props up phony issuesFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:39] <Source> oh god, looking for the tweets you mentioned and someone's accusing Miguel of being in the closetFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:40] <schestowitz> someone said this to me 15 years agoFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:40] <schestowitz> not that I careFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:40] <schestowitz> it's unrelatedFeb 15 04:18
schestowitz[01:41] <schestowitz> his abuses are the focusFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[01:41] <Source> yeah, seems pettyFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[01:41] <schestowitz> also unfair to gay peopleFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[01:41] <schestowitz> when it's used as an insultFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[01:41] <schestowitz> and likely false imoFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[01:42] <Source> the only reason I brought Alex's comments up was he used it as a defense for saying something hurtful to lesbian friends of mineFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[01:45] <schestowitz> :(Feb 15 04:19
schestowitz[01:46] <Source> but, yeah... Miguel is very performative and it's annoying. Feb 15 04:19
schestowitz[01:47] <Source> I don't think Nat pretends to care about human rights unless his employees are upsetFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[01:51] <schestowitz> grew up with moneyFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[01:51] <schestowitz> learned to make more moneyFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[01:51] <schestowitz> c.f. bill gatesFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[01:51] <schestowitz> Miguel is a class/career climberFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[01:51] <schestowitz> social climber alsoFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[01:54] <Source> yeah... if Alex was ever honest with me at all, he seemed a bit envious of the world outside of that circleFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[01:55] <Source> because he's essentially a loser in that groupFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[01:55] <Source> we went and looked at the Porsche 9/11 and he almost let out tears over not being able to afford it Feb 15 04:19
schestowitz[01:56] <Source> btc was like 3K at the time. I was always super confused about his money situationFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[01:56] <Source> he had the fake mastercard blackcardFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[01:57] <Source> it's like $500 annual fee. I could have one if I felt like wasting moneyFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[01:58] <Source> some things he said, it sounded like they would bully him for dating someone like me seriously. it's very weird brand of toxic masculinityFeb 15 04:19
DaemonFCschestowitz, Maybe they should mention to Miguel that they pretty much disappeared Hispanic/Latino people in the Super Bowl ads this year, as well as Asians.Feb 15 04:19
schestowitz[01:59] <Source> I don't think Miguel personally feels that way but he looks the other way to fit inFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[02:00] <-- Source (~42443e0b@q8ban9vyag5t6.irc) has left this server (Quit: ajax IRC Client).Feb 15 04:19
-TechBytesBot/ | - Easy and fast Webchat in your browserFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[02:54] <source> Hi, it's tomboy's ex again. I'm done for the night but thanks for hearing what I have to say. Personal ethics + exploiting software patents to concentrate power is a noble cause, and i get it.Feb 15 04:19
schestowitz[02:54] <schestowitz> thanks for returningFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[02:54] <schestowitz> I thought I may have said something offensiveFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[02:55] <schestowitz> I finished my work shiftFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[02:55] <source> Closed my tab accidentallyFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[02:55] <schestowitz> didn't end up recording the video about switzerlandFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[02:55] <source> I don't think I've found anything offensive about techrights yet[02:56] <source> I do worry because freedom oriented spaces tend to tolerate bigotry and misogyny [02:56] <schestowitz> there are subtle way to handle theseFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[02:56] <schestowitz> within crushing peopleFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[02:57] <-- source (~xxxxxxxxxxxxxxd9tvs44uyg5y6.irc) has left this server (connection closed).Feb 15 04:19
schestowitz[03:06] <schestowitz> pingFeb 15 04:19
schestowitz[03:08] <-- source (~xxxxxxxxxxxxxxd9tvs44uyg5y6.irc) has left this server (Ping timeout: 2m30s).Feb 15 04:19
DaemonFCNobody white, Hispanic, or Asian buys insurance or cars or opens credit card accounts anymore, or buys furniture, or goes on vacation, since 2020.Feb 15 04:20
DaemonFCIt's amazing, really.Feb 15 04:20
DaemonFCWe don't even drink soda. We've stopped cold.Feb 15 04:21
DaemonFCIt's amusing because if you know any Mexicans, you know how they knock back Cokes like it's going out of style.Feb 15 04:21
DaemonFCYet, they've been deleted from Coke and Pepsi ads.Feb 15 04:21
schestowitzhmmm...Feb 15 04:22
schestowitzbut waitFeb 15 04:22
schestowitzis this about race or class?Feb 15 04:22
schestowitznot the same thingFeb 15 04:22
schestowitzafter the pandemic, which has not stopped BTW (!), we've not gone out muchFeb 15 04:22
schestowitzno gym, not much reason to hang outFeb 15 04:23
schestowitzand masks make it less fun and things don't feel as safe anymoreFeb 15 04:23
DaemonFCThe only things we do spend much money on anymore are healthcare, rent, utilities, car repair, insurance, and legal bills.Feb 15 04:24
DaemonFCThe cat will have an expensive vet bill coming up.Feb 15 04:27
DaemonFCThat dental cleaning and while she's under, I'm going to have them take that cyst off.Feb 15 04:27
DaemonFCWe're pretty sure it's just a cyst, but I want to have it removed now when it's just a "small growth".Feb 15 04:28
DaemonFCRather than find out it's something nasty and aggressive later.Feb 15 04:28
schestowitzI see...Feb 15 04:39
schestowitzwell, that's a health billFeb 15 04:39
schestowitznot sure if they do pet insurance thereFeb 15 04:40
schestowitzif you have fish you wouldn't go to a vetFeb 15 04:40
schestowitzunless it is a very special and dear fishFeb 15 04:40
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schestowitzx 15 14:08
-TechBytesBot/ | How and why to switch from Google to Bing | PCWorldFeb 15 14:08
schestowitzx 15 14:10
-TechBytesBot/ | What M&A Game Should Tech Giants Hunt Following Microsoft's Moves? - VarietyFeb 15 14:10
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schestowitz"Feb 15 19:47
schestowitzThanks Dennis, roy, Fla, Lukas and all involved. :)Feb 15 19:47
schestowitzFlaFeb 15 19:47
schestowitzFla - about 6 hours agoFeb 15 19:47
schestowitz@Doc Edward Morbius (defunct account) @Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊) guys, seriously?! Okay, I’m usually the kind of nice guy, trying to understand others, being always polite etc. But wth are you doing right now? It’s the very first time since 12 years that I’m using diaspora* that I’m actually about to loose my calm.Feb 15 19:47
schestowitzWhy are you writing things like "The bottom line is, we’ve quite likely found a new “podadmin” ", even worse, publicly?!Feb 15 19:47
schestowitzWhere on earth did you read that Denis would take over joindiaspora? He won’t, and joindiaspora will be closed, as planned. What the foundation (not only Denis, stop pointing one person when we’re a community) is offering right now, is to help Lukas fixing the bad state of joindiaspora so that exports can be made. As you understand from the discussion above, the state is so bad that it will take more that 15 days to do this, this is why Dennis Feb 15 19:47
schestowitzsaid the closing won’t be the 1st March. He is not saying at all that the close won’t happen, nor that he is taking over as the new podmin.Feb 15 19:47
schestowitzSeriously, you guys are pushing everyone to the limits right now… Why are you speculating on everything?Feb 15 19:47
schestowitzFlaFeb 15 19:47
schestowitzFla - about 6 hours agoFeb 15 19:47
schestowitzJust to be clear, because Denis indeed proposed 3 years ago to take over joindiaspora: this offer isn’t valid anymore.Feb 15 19:47
schestowitzFlaFeb 15 19:47
schestowitzFla - about 6 hours agoFeb 15 19:47
schestowitz@Doc Edward Morbius (defunct account) The change log is usually only for users, if you need more technical information check on github: 15 19:47
-TechBytesBot/ | Release diaspora* · diaspora/diaspora · GitHubFeb 15 19:47
schestowitzThe changes to the format of the archive include the removal of the chat_enabled info, and the addition of blocked users ;)Feb 15 19:47
schestowitzSalinger 3Feb 15 19:47
schestowitzSalinger 3 - about 4 hours agoFeb 15 19:47
schestowitzMerci pour la clarification…Hope they could fix it.Feb 15 19:47
schestowitzDoc Edward MorbiusFeb 15 19:47
schestowitzDoc Edward Morbius - about 2 hours agoFeb 15 19:47
schestowitz@Fla Please note that you’ve been tagging my old account (on Joindiaspora). I’m generally using these days. (Which I’m using to write this.) That’s You’ll find acknowledgement of this move at my @Doc Edward Morbius (defunct account) (Joindiaspora) account user page.Feb 15 19:47
schestowitzYour point on who’s committed to what is well taken. I’d not made the claim in question.Feb 15 19:47
schestowitzClaritiy in communications and not making inaccurate or unsupported claims is a large part of what I’m advocating from those involved here, and is why I’ve been calling strongly for clear and regular statements as to status, even where that status is “unknown”.Feb 15 19:47
schestowitz"Crisis communications" is a A Thing. Principles apply, even to Free Software and Federated Social Network projects.Feb 15 19:47
schestowitzDoc Edward MorbiusFeb 15 19:47
schestowitzDoc Edward Morbius - about 2 hours agoFeb 15 19:47
schestowitz@Fla @Dennis Schubert There’s a good nutshell guide to crisis communications in the sense I have in mind in this January 2022 interview with Zeynep Tufekci on pandemics as a communications emergency (NY Times). Edting lightly for clarity:Feb 15 19:47
schestowitz    [A] pandemic is a communication emergency. You have to be right. You have to be first. You have to be credible. [Y]ou have to be out there with the information … and you have to be right about it. [That] could be “we don’t know”. [The] idea is not that you [provide] false comfort to people. You say, “all right, we got Omicron. It looks like antibody evading could probably cause breakthroughs. We don’t know about severity. But here’Feb 15 19:48
schestowitzs what we need to do for the three different possibilities”…Feb 15 19:48
schestowitzThose principles largely apply here:Feb 15 19:48
schestowitz    Provide regular updates.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitz    Provide accurate information.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitz    Address specific concerns.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitz    If the answer is “we don’t know”, then say “we don’t know”.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitzI’d suggest that the goal here should be for people to plan and execute effectively:Feb 15 19:48
schestowitz    Will I be able to continue using JoindiasporaCom? THE SAFEST ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION NOW IS NO, YOU CANNOT.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitz    Related: who will take over the Pod if it is to continue operation? Presently: nobody.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitz    If not, when should I move off the pod? THE SAFEST ANSWER IS “AS SOON AS POSSIBLE”.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitz    How do I export my data? Use the Profile Settings /user/edit link.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitz    If I am unable to export my data, what assistance process is there? PRESENTLY: NONE.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitz    Will there be an attempt to publicly archive JoindiasporaCom? I’ve tried to alert the ArchiveTeam about this, I’ve yet to hear back. They’d be interested in tools for effectively spidering the entire site, and potential pitfalls which might occur.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitz    What happens to old content, and will it remain visible where it’s been federated, and interactive (new likes, comments, reshares) or not? I’m unsure of this, though suspect non-deleted data will remain visible but cannot be interacted with.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitzBased on the recent-actives, I’m presuming that roughly 500 – 1,000 profiles are likely of interest to be preserved, though that count might go higher. I’m presuming that most of the 300k or so accounts never had appreciable traffic. Some groups, such as the Internet Archive and Archive Team take a “preserve everything” approach, my own philosophy is somewhat more pragmatic.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitzThere’s a question of how the site will respond to heavy spidering, and whether or not a dump of public content and transfer to one of the Internet Archive’s Collections might be more appropriate. I raise this possibility. Given responses to date I doubt that’s in the cards, but I’m open to pleasant surprises.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitzI’ve stated my own actions in my planning comment above.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitzI strongly encourage others now on JoindiapsoraCom to do likewise:Feb 15 19:48
schestowitz    Create a new Diaspora* or Fediverse profile elsewhere, immediately.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitz    Announce this from your current JoindiasporaCom profile, both in posts and in your profile biography.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitz    If you can export data, do so. If not … hope for the best but anticipate that those data will be lost. (Regular backups and archives are useful for a reason…)Feb 15 19:48
schestowitz    Reconnect with your followers. That’s a fairly manual process, but in most cases goes smoothly.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitz    Continue on with life.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitzOn data archival, tools to automate external extracts from Joindiaspora* might prove useful and I’ll look into that possibility myself. A challenge is that basic site functionality requires Javascript, so that simple web-scraping approaches … don’t quite work.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitzTilting at windmills is a great deal of fun, and I engage in this myself. Sometimes we simply need to do the needful, however, and focus on what can be accomplished, and do all we can to accomplish that. Recognise when you must let go of things, and then let go of them.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitzDennis SchubertFeb 15 19:48
schestowitzDennis Schubert - about 2 hours agoFeb 15 19:48
schestowitz    Folks, chill. The diaspora* project’s core team is actively engaging, and we will make sure that nobody will loose access to their data.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitz    At the moment, there are no details to be announced because we’re still working things out. We will announce the plans as soon as they are ready. We don’t need any help with funding or anything else. If there is any input from y’all required, we will explicitly ask for that via a channel you will not miss.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitz    Don’t worry about the March 1st timeline - even if our preparations are not done by then, everything will be fine. Please refrain from spamming Lukas, me, or anyone else. That doesn’t make things go any faster.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitz    Make yourself a hot chocolate or something and relax.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitzThat is all I have to say at this point in time.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitzStop mentioning me, you’re starting to get on my nerves. As I said multiple times already, there will be an update once there is something to update. And as also said multiple times, I am not going to engage in any kind of speculation about what “might” happen until the team knows what will happen.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitzDoc Edward MorbiusFeb 15 19:48
schestowitzDoc Edward Morbius - 21 minutes agoFeb 15 19:48
schestowitzThose who don’t care to be mentioned can … probably help the situation by not mentioning that they don’t care to be mentioned. We’re aware you’ll check back on Saturday, and really, unless something absolutely explodes, that is fine and sufficient.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitzThey might also consider potential enhancements for Diaspora* itself which make such crisis communications more viable and less annoying.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitzThis is in fact a crisis, and there’s going to be a lot of communication and discussion. Much of it will be noisy. The point is to minimise the pain around this point.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitzDuring the peak of the Google+ exodus, in which I also played an informational role, I was seeing upwards of 200 notifications per site on Diaspora*, Google+, and Reddit, per day. Yeah, that got a bit old.Feb 15 19:48
schestowitzMy approach was to note (usually in a post to my profile) when I’d hit saturation and simply cleared out notifications, declaring “notification bankruptcy”. I also made heavy use of Diaspora*'s ability to clear by type of notification. Likes, reshares, and comments aren’t so important, direct mentions I would at least try to take a look.Feb 15 19:49
schestowitzI suspect Diaspora*'s design intent is not as a crisis communications tool. Design intent and actual use frequently diverge. See Desire Paths.Feb 15 19:49
schestowitzAnd to be clear: no response is expected or necessary.Feb 15 19:49
schestowitz"Feb 15 19:49
schestowitz 15 19:49
-TechBytesBot/ # Hello JoinDiaspora there is some unfortunate news to share. Feneas will be dissolved and as Joindiaspora is one of the services. JD will also be shut down on 1 March. This is unless we can find someone who wants to take over the service. If you think you can handle the task please contact us via []( You can find the original post below or via 15 19:49
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | meetings/agm-minutes-2021-12-09.txt · master · Feneas / association · GitLabFeb 15 19:49
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | meetings/agm-minutes-2022-01-04.txt · master · Feneas / association · GitLabFeb 15 19:49
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Feneas · GitLabFeb 15 19:49
schestowitzTony MacDonell (@tmtek): ""Most Tweeters don&#x27;t post things like this"??? Which dataset is this AI working off of? All I see is posts like this on here =)&quot; | nitter ⚓ ䷉ #nitter | more in 15 19:50
-TechBytesBot/ | Tony MacDonell (@tmtek): ""Most Tweeters don't post things like this"??? Which dataset is this AI working off of? All I see is posts like this on here =)" | nitterFeb 15 19:50
-TechBytesBot/ | Social Control Media PostsFeb 15 19:50
schestowitz 15 19:52
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@Gonzalo_VC23: @schestowitz Money ruins everythingFeb 15 19:52
schestowitz 15 19:52
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@JamesSm28954246: @schestowitz Biden is a neo-con and his backers need a justification for US military spending now that Afghanistan is overFeb 15 19:52
schestowitz 15 19:53
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@aral: @schestowitz Mozilla is so full of shit.Feb 15 19:53
schestowitz\Feb 15 19:53
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@aral: @schestowitz No shit, Twitter. Tell me something I don’t already know. 15 19:53
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@aral: @schestowitz No shit, Twitter. Tell me something I don’t already know. 15 19:53
schestowitz 15 19:53
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@lasombra_br: @aral @schestowitz You can only be passive agressive and dish veiled threats. Anything without nuance is out. :)Feb 15 19:53
schestowitz 15 19:53
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@Scott_Matter: @aral @schestowitz 🙃Feb 15 19:53
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Failed connect to; Operation now in progress ( status 0 @ )Feb 15 19:53
schestowitz 15 19:53
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@alanlangford_ca: @aral @schestowitz I bet I can say that Mozilla is full to the brim with excrement and not get a warning...Feb 15 19:53
schestowitz 15 19:53
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@alanlangford_ca: @aral @schestowitz Yup.Feb 15 19:53
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