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Linux Foundation: We Came, We Saw, We Plundered

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Sep 25, 2023

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Several days ago I wrote about the Linux Foundation rejecting Linux and rejecting Open Source. I cited new examples from last week. This is important because words and names can be misleading; the term "Open Source" is constantly thrown around by the Linux Foundation and the word "Linux" is in its name. In practice, however, Linux Foundation staff uses neither Linux nor Open Source. They're essentially using, exploiting, piggybacking goodwill gestures (altruism of volunteers) while paying themselves 6-figure salaries in $9,000,000 per annum (to rent) office space in central San Francisco.

The Web site has been broken for nearly a week already (no kidding!) and the latest "stories" in it are just links, not stories, boosting the proprietary Web site of the Linux Foundation (it dumped WordPress last year). They're effectively promoting 5 things that are not Linux [1-5]. As an openwashing front, what have they got to offer? Their event is named "Open Source Europe", but it's not European and not Open Source. They have Microsofters there and the media partners [6] are also sponsored by Microsoft.

This is foreign interference.

Free software has its spokespeople. Open Source arguably had some too, but they got driven out and replaced by Microsoft employees who can't even specify their gender (don't try; you can never get is right, ever!). The situation is getting so out of hand that Mastodon's so-called "communities" now eat their own and the only cohesion is among large corporations with shared/overlapping interests. They want the community out of their way and the Linux Foundation helps troll communities into self-destruction. The only thing that comes close to communities is, to them, unpaid volunteers (or slaves, but you cannot say that word, or so they insist). The modus operandi will be expanded upon in the future.

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  2. Linux Foundation and ETSI Further Collaborate to Drive Harmonization Across Open Source and Open Standards
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  6. Best of Open Source Summit Europe 2023: The State of the Open Nation [Ed: Big proprietary corporations in "open" clothing]
    TechRepublic Premium was at the Linux Foundation’s Open Source Summit Europe 2023, held in Bilbao, Spain, September 19-21. The event is for open source developers and technologists to share information and solve problems, all in the name of innovation and improving their knowledge.

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